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New threats!!!!!!(open rp)

12-11-2003, 03:26
The reporter stumbled on his words, he redirected the attention to some incoming vital news. We have just recieved news about a possible terrorist attack taking place within the next month.

Rowlin turned the t.v. off, he'd heard it all before, terror threats came and went never taken serious in his household. He looked to his father patiently sitting on a recliner reading the daily news. His mom was hussleing about the kitchen preparing dinner. His father began to chuckle,"Roll, can you believe it??? they think that the terrorist will crash trains when thier docked in thier stations" he tapped his aper in an attempt to straighten it out. He then continued, "Hope your not afraid about going on them now, Remember we have to go see your grandparents in a few days."

(ooc, Please add on another person, eventualy have thier paths meet at the station on this fateful day, You can be terrorist or w/e just have em meet)