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Utopia Rock!

11-11-2003, 16:40
Today, just outside the Famiconian capitol city, Utopia City, hundreds of thousands young people assembled for what is to be the largest Metal Festival the region of Witloof en Spruitjes has ever seen. Among the headliners are System of a Cow, a great new band coming all the way from Hell Bovines, Cradle of Bodom and Iron Priest, two Draztonian bands.

Lefty's Revenge, a thrash metal band with their roots right here in Utopia city, will open.
11-11-2003, 16:41
(OOC: if you want to participate as an audience member, just start posting. If you want to RP a band, first say so OOCly so I can announce you.)
11-11-2003, 17:21
Yo dont mind if Cantashions the biggest band in my nashion join in this band :) . Cos were needing the fame in other nashions. will you consider my offer.
11-11-2003, 18:01
Sure, they can play right after Lefty's Revenge ... but of course, my announcer is gonna need some info.
11-11-2003, 18:13

The members are
Seth saffire main singer plays gutar age 26
Lee Saffire brother of seth bace gutar age 26
Cleo backing volickels and violenist age 25
Dantie drumer cussen to lee and seth age 27
squall gutaristand brother to cleo age 25

is that enough
11-11-2003, 18:47
Lefty's Revenge started their gig with their version of the Famiconian National Anthem, Strife against the world. The crowd went wild, and most Famiconians raised their voices and sang along with the heavy, fastpaced incarnation of their anthem. After that, they played their hitsingle Paralysed. But of course, they remained true to their roots, and that is those of a cover band. Heavy Metal covers were played one after another. Ride the Lightning(Metallica), Metal Daze(Manowar), Mr. Torture(Helloween), The Apocalypse(Oceans of Sadness), they were all there.

"Now we've got a surprise for you guys", Alexei Buy said. "We'r gonna play a few songs from our new album!"

And with that, the bass player pulled off an amazingly rapid solo, after which the guitars and drums filled in and started new track Black Roses. The crowd roared, and many mosh pits were started in this extremely fast and aggresive song. Experts in the scene predict this to be the new cult hit in Thrash Metal.

Six minutes and fourty-two seconds later, the instruments stopped. Alexei Buy moved to the edge of the stage and sat down. "This next song we're gonna play", he said, "is not just a regular song. There's a story attached to it. It's about something that happened a long, long time ago, in a land far away, called Americana. In the twentieth century after christ, an event occured that shocked the world. Through a conspiracy amongst the highest citizens, a chimp was made president."
Alexei waited for the crowd to utter its obligatory boo-ing, and then the bassist and guitarist kicked in Undemocratically Elected. After the song ended, the guys thanked the audience for their enthousiastical response to their music and left the stage. It was time for the next band to play.

(OOC: I might write a lyric for Undemocratically Elected some day :D)
11-11-2003, 18:50

The members are
Seth saffire main singer plays gutar age 26
Lee Saffire brother of seth bace gutar age 26
Cleo backing volickels and violenist age 25
Dantie drumer cussen to lee and seth age 27
squall gutaristand brother to cleo age 25

is that enough

that's not really what I meant, but I can use it. I meant what style they play and stuff, you hafta RP the set yourself
11-11-2003, 19:33
heviy metal
11-11-2003, 19:35
(OOC: ok, please learn to spell or use a spellchecker or something, or I'm not announcing you.)
12-11-2003, 10:46
The crowd was waiting anxiously for the next band to arrive. Roadies were getting the stuff from Lefty's Revenge off of the stage and putting the next band's instruments on it. Audience members without a planning leaflet wondered who the next band was, and waited for the announcer.
12-11-2003, 17:38
sorry for my spelling mistake it should of bin

Heavy Metal
14-11-2003, 13:08
(OOC: yeah, I know. I think I'll give you a chance.)

The announcer got up on the stage.

"The next band is a small Heavy Metal band from Kirkwall. We are proud to announce ...

Cantashions !!!!"

The crowd cheered, and the bandmembers got on the stage.

(OOC: the rest is your job ;) )
14-11-2003, 17:05
Thanks :)

Seth= people of this great nashion. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!!

Crowed goes willd


And then Cantashions No 1 chart single starts to play Small Town, Big Love.

When the song ended the band seth anounced

Seth= Thanks for having us and we hope to play here in this nashion again thankyou and goodnight!!!

And the band walked off the stage.
15-11-2003, 11:12
The crowd was left with kind of a double feeling. On the one hand, they had gotten the opportunity to get to know a good new band. But on the other hand, the gig had been too short to really get to know them, and if this ad been just one gig, they would surely get their well-earned money back. But anyway, there were plenty of bands still coming, so all in all they were still happy.
15-11-2003, 11:39
How about this band:

Lead Vocal and Guitar: Johann Metz
Lead Guitar and Vocals: Viggo Szygany
Bass and Vocals: Messalina
Keyboard and Vocals: Gorvi Varagine
Drums: Yuri Berg

The style has elements of Guns N' Roses; they do a good floor show and Szygany sometimes plays electric violin. Messalina is leaning towards doing more solo stuff, but when she's with the band she does duet stuff as some women have when performing with Meatloaf. She can be very rude and raunchy.
The band was formed in part to finance the resistance movement in Turgosheim, which suffers under an oppressive regime...
15-11-2003, 11:59
We will send Deaf Guardian, a native band, presenting their last record, "A day in the theater".
15-11-2003, 12:07
We will send Deaf Guardian, a native band, presenting their last record, "A day in the theater".

(OOC: :lol: :lol: :lol: They're my favourite band :D)
15-11-2003, 12:10
We will send Deaf Guardian, a native band, presenting their last record, "A day in the theater".

(OOC: :lol: :lol: :lol: They're my favourite band :D)


Mine too. I'm a metal girl!, blame my boyfriend.
15-11-2003, 12:15
(OOC: why blame? rather THANK :D Metal is too underappreciated by the masses these days.)
15-11-2003, 12:40
OOC: Well I usually think that metal is actually having a good time right now. I said blame because before I met him, I ussed to listen to things more...romantic. Metal rules, anyway, but just some bands.
15-11-2003, 18:29
The announcer got on the stage. "We have another surprise for you. Due to a cancellation at an other gig, and because our previous band played so shortly, we are proud to announce you that we have a special guest for you. They come from Aelosia ..." The announcer waited a few moments for dramatical effect. "They play Power Metal inspired on Elvish Mythology ..." The announcer waited a few moments again, half of the audience had already put two and two together and cheered. "That's right, we bring you ...

16-11-2003, 17:02
Allright. Utopia Rock, wooo! I had come to Utopia City early on thursday, so I could see a bit of the final construction works, and to ensure I had a nice spot at the campsite. After sharing a few beers with fellow campers from all across the globe, we(me and some other reporters for www.metal-pwnz-j00.drz) set up camp.

The next day, we went to town so we could buy some liquor, because we had heard that Famicon's hard drinks were much better than its beers. By chance or by luck, not only did we find Koopa Corp. Brandy, we also bought a crate of Authentic Draztopolis Brew Import!

After eating our lunch in an authentic McKoopa burger joint, we headed back to the festival site, which was beginning to get quite full. Still holding my bottle of brandy(Jimbo666 had allready brought the crate of beer to our tent), we went to the mainstage for the opener. Lefty's Revenge, an underground thrash band recently gaining some more public appreciation, gave us a remarkably well-balanced set.
Song highlights were Strife Against the World and Undemocratically Elected. The covers were, as always, of excellent quality, but they're just that, covers. Paralysed, on the other hand, sounded bland, as if it had lost its edge. My personal opinion is that maybe the band has grown tired of this song. For now, the "The Drazster's Best Moshpit Award" goes to Black Roses, however the festival is far from over :wink: .

After Lefty's Revenge, I went to go grab a beer in anticipation of the next band, but I was shocked to find that their set was allready over when I returned with my Meas(which, I must say, is pretty bad beer compared to, say, Draztonian Stout or Ipsian Lager). Apparently they only played one song, and didn't put much effort into it either. Not much of a loss.

I'll be back later, but now I've got to return, my fav band is about to come on stage!

More in due time, this has been The Drazster, reporting for www.metal-pwnz-j00.drz
16-11-2003, 18:32
(OOC: excellent angle, I like it! and thanks for incorporating so many Koopa products :D )
16-11-2003, 18:44
Mary Versace, an agent sent by the BNFW to observe this festival that the Barbarians practiced and to give a full report to the Controller's Counsel. Mary had disguised herself in the fashions of a "metal fan" and had put her long blond hair into a ponytail, she thought of using contacts to disguise her violet eyes but chose not to, best to look somewhat descent.

For someone used to the popish-new age music that was the only brand anyone heard in the BNFW this was both a shock and a pleasure all on it's own as she jammed to the first two bands on stage. She then went to get something to drink, (the price of bottled water was ridiculous) then came back to hear the next set.
16-11-2003, 21:42
The Bocos, currently the only band in the world performing True Midgardian Wark Metal, will perform at your pitiful venue, and they will blow all the posers away. Literally.
22-11-2003, 13:02
The announcer stepped on the stage again, after an embaracing five minutes of silence. "My dear audience, Utopia Rock! is sad to announce that Deaf Guardian's private jet has crashed on their way to Famicon. Reports are unclear as to wether or not the band members are injured, but we have been assured that none of them were killed. But, as their management has let us know, they will not play this edition of Utopia Rock!, and will make up for it next year. So here is our next band ...

Knelsbach !!!"
26-11-2003, 15:28
After an embarisingly BAD set played by Knelsbach, the announcer announced the next band, The Bocos.

(OOC: yes, that's right. Next time a wanker wants to have a little fun and just post a name, never to return, your band gets a bad rep. Doesn't matter to me wether you care, it's about the principle.)
26-11-2003, 21:02
(ooc: but what if I want to join, but I have to be out of town for a while?)

Before the Warkiors of Midgard (a nickname the fans have given The Boco's) stepped on the stage, the intro to their current tour, World Wark One, played. It was "The Final Opening to Fantasy", also known as the Overture to Strife's Seventh Symphony.

John "Kweh" Barrett, the singer, stepped up to the mic.

"Allright UTOPIA CITY! Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to RAWK?? ARE YOU READY ... TO WARK??"

As the Overture reached its final notes the keyboardist started playing those nine notes, sampled from a popular video game, which were the signature of their most famous song, Victory in Battle. The bassline started immediately, with the guitarist playing accoustically for one verse, then kicking in the distortion when the chorus started.

After much warking and kwehing, and 7 songs later, the band performed their last song, Melodic Death, which featured a guest appearance from Etherothian singer Shiratori Emiko.

After the performance, the crowd went wild and asked for more, but alas, they were not true enough, and we had blown their mind to its fullest extent allready.


Victory in Battle
Black Mage Village
Messanger of Darkness
Chocobo Fly Free
The Potion of your Doom
Kuja would be Proud, your Gayness is Unrivaled
At the Gates of the Promised Land
Flash of the Masamune
Melodic Death
17-12-2003, 12:54
The end of the first day was nearing. The sun had already gone down over Utopia Valley. The crowd was gathering near the Main Stage. Soon, today's headliner would play. Roadies were running up and down the stage, putting equipement here and there, tuning guitars and checking microphones. In a mere half hour, Cradle of Bodom would play.