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TIME : Eye on Taiwan

11-11-2003, 12:11

Population: Around 1 billion
Age Structure: 0-14 years: 30%; 14-64 years: 55%; 65 years and over: 15%
Life Expectancy: Male 71 years, Female 74 years
Ethnic Groups: Chinese 98%, Taiwanese 1.5%, Other 0.5%.
Religions: Christianity 76%, Islam 6%, Other 18%.
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese
Literacy Rate: 98%.


Conventional form: The Republic of Taiwan, still referred to as Republic of China
Colloqial form: _Taiwan
Government Type: MMP Democracy
Capital: Taipei
Independence: 6th April 1998
President: Chen Shui Bian
Elections: Per 3 years
Political Parties: KMT (Kuomintang), DPP (Independence Party), Republican, Christian China, Greens.


Trade: Member of United China Economic Union
Primary Exports: Computers, semiconductors, automobiles
Primary Imports: Food, timber, oil
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar, with a planned 2004 intro of the United China Dollar.
1 $US = 22 $NT


Military Age: 9 months between 18 and 30

The military of Taiwan is divided into 3 sections; the ROCAF, the ROCN, and the ROCA. Total enlisted active personnel is around 1 million, with around 12 million in reserves. In the event of invasion, a total of 150 million may be called into service.


In 1949, the KMT withdrew to Taiwan and formed the Republic of China, then known as Formosa after losing the mainland to Mao Tse Tung's People's Liberation Army. Chiang Kei Shek led the ROC under martial law for the next ten years and masterminded an economic boom, with GDP per capita reaching $35,000. For the next half a century, the ROC remained under martial law under various leaders.

In 1995, martial law was lifted by the KMT and held it's first election. The KMT retained a massive majority on the back on economic success. In 1998, Pro-independence Chen Shui Bian of the DPP took advantage of KMT infighting and led his party to a landslide victory, winning over 54% of the vote and forming a one-party government.

Three months after Chen's victory, The ROC declared independence from the mainland and changed its name to Republic of Taiwan. A nuclear showdown followed, with China eventually backing down after widespread international condemnation. Both sides are working towards the normalising of relations. (OOC: This was actually Rped by Perfect China.)