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Capsule Corporation Enhances Their Colonies

11-11-2003, 10:38
CCNN Report:

Stretching from Triton (Sol) to The Galactic Core, there are over 35 Capsule Corporation claimed planets, 12 of which have colonies over 500,000 in population.

The Capsule Corporation has begun construction of building more complex space ports at these colonies, capable of Housing entire Battlegroups of ships. The Spaceports will actually be constructed on the surface, and will be big enough to house any Capsule Corporation ship within its holds. For visitors and allies, some of these colonies may build open-ended spacedocks in orbit.

Current plans put a Capsule Corporation Spaceport at every 5000 light years from Triton to Capsule's fastest-growing colony on Zarahemla, formerly known as PQ-288, at a whopping 45,000 light years away, in the delta quadrant's corner of the Galactic Core. Zarahemla has over 20,000,000 colonists right now, and is fixed near a wormhole to Andromeda, the Milky Way's closest neighbor. Zarahemla is an active trading planet, especially useful for gathering alien technology, as well as gathering allies to fight The Red Dragon, a force in their galaxy which has set its sights on the Milky Way.

Naturally, because of this wormhole near Zarahemla, a heavy Defense platform has been erected, with a network of Farad Satellites and a growing array of plantary defemse weaponry. A city similar to Triton City is under construction, but the M-Class planet has little need for enclosed structures to contain atmosphere, thus the city has been spread out. A space elevator runs up from the Capitol to a very large space station in orbit, with size comparable to Triton City's shipyards. 2 Capsule Corporation battlegroups have been stationed at Zarahemla.

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11-11-2003, 18:33
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