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World Cup 10 team rosters

11-11-2003, 04:58

The team.

******* = a player who has been in the team since WC3
****** = a player who has been in the team since WC4
***** = a player who has been in the team since WC5
**** = a player who has been in the team since WC6
*** = a player who has been in the team since WC7
** = a player who has been in the team since WC 8
* = a player who has been in the team since WC9

Ariddia's colours:
Home: red top with a black slash going from the left shoulder to the right hip, and the same on the back.
Shorts are entirely black. Socks are red. We have declined to have sponsors mucking up our suits.

Away: the exact reverse. Black top, red slash, red shorts, black socks.

Goalkeeper: Dark green top, with the same black slash. Pale, apple-green shorts. Black socks.

This year, with the establishing of an Ariddian Federation, the three Ariddian States are presenting a joint team. The players will still be wearing the colours of the PDSRA, but the flag flown will be the Federal one (three vertical strips, dark blue, light blue, dark blue, with twenty small green circles on the first strip), and the Federal anthem will be played. ( Players will, however, be wearing a small patch of their home State flag on their left shoulder.

Most of the players are from the PDSRA, but three are from West Ariddia (Andes, Edge and Mayantar) and two from North-West Ariddia (Schwarzwald and Wu). Andes and Edge are new to international playing, while Mayantar played the two previous cups as part of West Ariddia’s team. Schwarzwald and Wu were already part of NWA’s national team, but that team has never played in international events.

Ranjit Khan, now forty-six years of age, is captaining the team for the last time.

GK: David al-Jibai (11)*****
DEF: Yves Sylvain (9)****, Wn Wahd (20)***, Rod Schwarzwald (13), Wesley Davidson (1)**
MID: Ranjit Khan (7, capt)*******, Luc N’tula (12)****, Jules Andes (19), Luke Wu (15)
ATT: Aurélien Clair (22), Tiffany Edge (23)

GK: Lily Mayantar (3), Don Evermore (2)*
DEF: Jean-François Cocher (21)**, Julian Xi (16)*, Abdel Dupont (4)*, Sofia Borg (17)
MID: Samuel Pasteur (8 )****, Kazushi Tomson (5)**, Victor Menuisier (14)**, Karim Li (18 )**
ATT: Abel Bond (10)*, Bjørn Reath (6)

Ranjit Khan
Number: 7
Position: Mid, Captain
First joined: World Cup 3

Khan, the team’s captain, has proved his proficiency in a variety of abilities, able to press forward attacks or defend. He’s grown to be a favourite with supporters through his solid good playing, seeming to be omnipresent in the pitch. This is the eighth Cup he participates in, an all time Ariddian record.

Khan's skin is brown. He's in his mid forties, and just starting to turn grey. He wears startling bright green eye lenses, and supporters in the stadium can often be seen wearing similar ones.

David al-Jibai
Number: 11
Position: Goalkeeper
First joined: World Cup 5

al-Jibai’s skill has grown over the past Cups, allowing Ariddia to better its goal differences, and is a solid asset to the team.

al-Jibai is in his late thirties, and is a rather tall, skinny man of Arab origins. He keeps his dark hair quite long, reaching down to his shoulders. His eyes are brown.

Lily Mayantar
Number: 3
Position: Goalkeeper (substitute)
First joined: World Cup 10 (joined WA’s team in World Cup 8)

Mayantar is arguably the best football player from West Ariddia, and a good asset to the unified Ariddian team. She will no doubt be given several opportunities to display her talent, and alternate as goalkeeper with al-Jibai.

Mayantar is in her early thirties, fairly tall, and dark of skin. She keeps her hair cut shoulder-length.

Aurélien Clair
Number: 22
Position: Forward
First joined: World Cup 10

In Ariddia’s renewed forward formation. Clair carries much of the team’s hopes. He will have to play very well to join his predecessors (Singh, the Fords, Kim. . .) in the hearts of supporters, however. . .

Clair is twenty-three years of age, tall and fairly skinny, his hair a very pale brown, almost blond.
11-11-2003, 05:02
The Bureaucratic Tribune

WC X preparations
World Cup X released to public

By Bill Christmas

OGLETHORPIA (BT) -- The Oglethorpian Wonderteam roster has seen no changes; save for the departure of World Cup IX defender Bruce Corwin. Said the defender, "i'm going to pursue a career in sports commentation; that's where the money's at. Besides, i'd probably be replaced anyways for World Cup X."

Replacing Bruce Corwin's position in the 3-4-3 is Louis Oswald of the Sheffingham Rovers, Corwin's old club prior to his retiring from the international and club futebol scene.

Guy Picciotto is proud of his the Wonderteam's preformance in World Cup IX; their first, since the previous squad was involved in a drunken debacle culminating in their firing from Oglethorpian World Cup futebol. "It's sad to see Bruce Corwin go, but with the squad largely the same, i'm sure we'll put forth a good effort in World Cup X."

The World Cup X roster is as follows.

Oglethorpian Wonderteam Roster
World Cup X

Coach: Guy Picciotto (50)
Formation: 3-4-3

# Player Pos. Age Club
1 Ken'Ichi Yamamoto GK 26 Los Polverines FC
2 Louis Oswald DF 25 Sheffingham Rovers
3 Mike Brown DF 23 Lundcastle Guardians
4 Samson Grey DF 23 Los Polverines FC
5 Francisco Green MD 24 Real Tripoli
6 Jerome Furukawa MD 25 Los Polverines FC
7 Floyd Black MD 24 Lundcastle Guardians
8 Baltasar Gray MD 23 Villa Arica FC
9 Kirk Calhoun FR 28 AC Los Polverines
10 Jorge White FR 26 Villa Arica FC
11 Torrence Black FR 25 Real Tripoli


As stated before, Bruce Corwin's departure is the only difference to this World Cup X Wonderteam. Guy Picciotto will still be leading the Wonderteam on playing in a 3-4-3, depending on the striking skills of Jorge White and Torrence Black to score the goals when needed.

"I think we've got a good team this year," said Torrence. "Kick ass good, i'd say."

The Wonderteam kits remain the same as well; used in World Cup VIII and World Cup IX.

Oglethorpian Wonderteam Kits

Good luck to Bruce Corwin with his TV broadcasting venture, and to the Oglethorpian Wonderteam on their World Cup X bid; Oglethorpia's seventh World Cup appearance, having made qualifying every Cup prior.

Here's to repeating that record.

More as it comes.


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Edit 2- edited in roster
Liverpool England
11-11-2003, 05:23
Reserved for LE team
12-11-2003, 02:31
12-11-2003, 02:32
Home Kit (
Away Kit (

Head Coach: Bob Gansler
Assistant Coach: Brian Bliss
Goalkeeper Coach: Tim Mulqueen


Name Position

Mike Davis Goalkeeper # CAPTAIN

Carey Garcia Defender #

Nick Talley Defender #

Jack Zavagnin Midfielder #

Diego Burciaga Jr. Defender

Juan Gutierrez Midfielder #

Francisco Vazquez Midfielder

Jorge Gomez Midfielder #

Brian Tunison Midfielder #

Wolde Conrad Defender #

Jimmy Harris Forward***
{Has announced this is his last World Cup}

Kerry Jawsbury Midfielder/Forward

Stephen Wolff Forward #

Josh Armstrong Midfielder/Forward #

Eric Klein Midfielder

Kevin Brunt Defender

Chris Quill Midfielder

Igor Simutenkov Forward #

Chris Friedland Defender

Davy Arnaud Midfielder

Alex Zotinca Defender

Bo Oshoniyi Goalkeeper

Taylor Graham Defender

Taly Goode Goalkeeper

# Denotes Starter
12-11-2003, 02:49
(see top of page 2)
12-11-2003, 09:31
With the immense problems selecting the players who will start in WCIX, the managers and directors of the national team have vowed that the players who will be playing WCX are going to be announced here.

In Goal:
Cheevers, Gerry

Provonost, Marcel
Laviolette, Jack
Laroche, Wildor
Clancy, Francis
Leduc, Albert

Conacher, Roy
Gillies, Clark
Joliat, Aurele
Lesieur, Arthur

Goulet, Michel
Malone, Joe (extra attacker)

Team Manager: Mario Lemieux
Commerce Heights
15-11-2003, 03:35
Team Roster
” – denotes Cup as coach
‘ - denotes Cup as assistant coach
* - denotes Cup as starter
^ - denotes Cup on squad
. - denotes Cup of inactivity
Coach: Cliff Broquard””
Assistant Coach: Tony Medeiros*..‘
Goalkeeper: Dirk Vojtilo*** (01)
Defenders: Antonio Gryglewska-Cebrat (10), Kent Walkup* (11), Paul McCormick^^* (12), Ede Burns*** (13)
Midfielders: Farhan Wallace^^* (20), Hamagami Hufschmidt (21), Jerry Cahalane*** (22)
Forwards: Kevin Decker*** (30), Billy Quigley*** (31), Creighton Deppiesse* (32)

Goalkeeper: Alvaro Yago^^ (02)
Defenders: Toby Templin^ (14), Parit Peng (15), Luke Barthelet^ (16), Tomasz Meehan (17)
Midfielders: Eric Lojkovic^ (23), Kirk DeGraffenreid^ (24), Mateus Quoted^^ (25)
Forwards: Michael McCormick^^ (33), Junetsu Marchionni (34), Thomas Stratton^ (35)
15-11-2003, 04:09
For the first time in a long time and for the first team since Kerla become a Socialist Union, the Kerlan National Team will play in the World Cup.

Home: Gold shirt with a red star in the middle. Above the star is the words "Socialist Union" in small print and "Kerla" in larger print. All the words are in red print. The number is on the botton right. Red shorts with black trim at the bottom. Our socks are black and have red on top.
Away: Red shirt with the word "Kerla" going across the middle in big print and gold lettering. The number is on the bottom right (same as home). Black shorts with gold trim. Socks are red with gold trim going across the top.
Goalie:Black shirt with word "Kerla" going across the top in red print and in medium print (smaller then the regular home unis). Gold shorts with gold trim on the top and red trim on the bottom. Red socks with no trim.

Here is the rooster for your Socialist Union of Kerla National Team:
** Denontes captain
* Denotes associate captains
Head Coach: Jim Young
Assistant Coaches: Jack Ruby,Mike O'Neil
GK: John Middleton (2)
Defense: Jack Mitchell (5) Brett Devin* (16) Nick O'Connel (9)
Midfield: Ryan Correl (11) Mitch Ryan* (33) Alan McNeil (25) Brian Perkins (45)
Offense: Sid "Bulldog" Crusier** (1) Jonathan "Mouse" Hudson (50) Alex Myers (9)

GK: Jen Brook (6)
Defense: David Myers (44) Jon Sebastian (32) Peter Wier (13) Nate Cream (8)
Midfield: Fred Masters (42) Jake Olan (18) Miles Niles (28) Rich Testen (4)
Offense: Dan Masters (19) Henry Wu (21)

The team is rather young. The average age is 27. However the team has a lot of potential.

OOC: I wonder if I am gonno be chasisted for going 3-4-3. I like to have lots of speed and have a balanced team. :)
Snub Nose 38
16-11-2003, 13:33
The World Cup 10 Hooligans

The Minister of Athletics, Olympics, and Alcoholic Beverages for the Frost-Free Borderlands of Snub Nose 38 today released the official Roster of the Snub Nose 38 International Football Side, “THE HOOLIGANS”, for World Cup 10. Players with an asterisk following their name (*) have been designated by the team manager as the starting eleven.

Home Kit - Red Shorts, Blue Jersey with Gold Crown on left breast
Away Kit - White Shorts with Red stripe on legs, White Jersey with Blue stripe on sleeves, and Gold Crown on left breast

Manager – Ben Dover (Sal Manela -disappeared)
Ass't Manager & Offensive Coach – Eileen Dover (Sally Forth - disappeared)
Ass't Manager & Defensive Coach - Justin Case (Ivan Tabytcha -disappeared)


Hanratty(7) *
Ichabod (26)

Knuckles(10)* (Captain)
Bevis(18 )
Tecumsah (33)

Ishmael (34)
Frangiapani (35)

Retired since WC9
Yodel (8 ) - Defender
Brady(22) - Midfielder
Neanderthal(3) -Midfielder
Tank(12) - Forward
Paddy(16) - Forward

The Snub Nose 38 International Football side, the Hooligans, first participated in international competition in World Cup 3. The Hooligans have participated in every World Cup tournament since then. The Hooligans were ranked 25th after WC3, and have since been ranked 39th after WC4, 20th after WC5, 6th after WC6, 10th after WC7, and 20th after WC8, for an overall average rank of: 20th. Isn't it interesting, then, that Bi Kikere, Once and Future Manager of the Tanah Burung Crocs, refers to the Hooligans as "Snub Nose 20"?

The Minister is chagrined to say that the Hooligan Cheerleaders are also likely to be involved in World Cup 10.
The Belmore Family
16-11-2003, 13:43
World Cup 9 Line Up

Way it will be set out
(5)-Played in World Cup 5 --shirt no.-- --name-- (number)No. of caps
(6)-Played in World Cup 6 --name--(number)No. of caps
(7)-Played in World Cup 7--name--(number)No. of caps
(8 )-Played in World Cup 8 --name--(number)No. of caps

Head Coach--(5, 6, 7, 8)Alan Belmore
Goal Keeper
(7, 8, 9)1.William Edwards (29)

(5, 6, 7, 8, 9)2.Thomas Belmore(49)
(7, 8, 9)4.Daniel Belmore (29)
(8, 9)3.Alec Belmore (28)
(9)5.Kshitz Ghandi (15)

(5,6,7,8,9)6.John Goshawk (64)
(7,8,9)11.Fred Parkinson (21)
(5,6,7,8,9)10.Alex Dunner (66)
(9)8. Daniel Price (2)

(5,6,7,8,9)7.Alan Belmore(Not the head coach) (66)
(6,7,8,9 )9.Laurence Welldon (46)

Jack Belmore

Kallum Smithers
Tariq Taki
Hanz Belmore
Hanf Galzon

Daius Slohe
Fimion Belmore
Harry Belmore

Takin Gasmir
Fosam Smith
Kaze Progressa
16-11-2003, 23:07
*WARNING* this post is long. Not Lemmitania-long, but long *WARNING*

Official Kaze Progressa squad for WC10 with analysis from Chares Catrar, former manager:

1. Eaka Palera (Kaza X-Teem) (Goalie)

Goalkeeper since WC7. Now 36, this is likely to be his last World Cup campaign. Famously kept a clean sheet against Liverpool England in the historic WC9 qualifier which KP won 1-0.

2. Aeuwal Maurto (Kaza X-Teem) (Centre back)

The youngster was forced into the limelight following his super-sub winner against NSA in WC8. Loves to get forward for corners, and a handy tackler as well.

3. Jaruna Jaff (Kaza X-Teem) (Right wing back)

The legendary wing-back gets forward frequently to whip in the crosses but never forgets his defending role. 35 now, and age is catching up with him, especially playing in such a demanding position.

4. Eauam MacKazie (Kaza X-Teem) (Centre/left centre back)

The legendary defender has already declared his retirement from international football after this World Cup. Lacks the pace he once had, but makes up for it with superb judgement of the type only experience brings.

5. Fek Inhea (Kaza X-Teem) (Centre/left centre defensive midfield)

Kaza X-Teem's defense is legendary. But when even they need help, Inhea will rush back to help them. That's if he hasn't bossed the midfield with his power, pace and fitness.

6. Naurew Manuweli (Quarua Mountain) (Left wing back)

Mountain kept five straight clean sheets at the start of last season; Manuweli was the biggest reason why. In his four games out through injury later in the season, Mountain let in ten goals.

7. Huqi Vaiwalo-Mua (Farela City) (Left midfielder/winger)

He's been losing right-backs for seemingly an eternity, but he's only 26. With his pace, passing and ball control, he is unquestionably a key player. His father Rirzab was a right-winger for KP until WC8, but the two never played together.

8. Aqizen Muqlin (Quarua Lakeside) (Centre/right centre midfield/attacking midfield)

Muqlin never seems to lose control of the ball. That's because he doesn't. His passing is also excellent, providing Irafma and Waulino with great service for club and country.

9. Raq Failez (Chedar-Edma) (Right midfielder/winger)

The fastest man in Progressan football. Represented KP at under-18 level in the 200m before Chedar-Edma spotted his footballing talent and signed him. At 24, he is seen as the man to lead the Progressans to better things in the future.

10. Faiwe Irafma (Quarua Lakeside) (Centre/right centre striker)

Scored the winner against Liverpool England, the last-gasp winner against Soviet Haaregrad that sent KP to WC9, and 268 goals in 284 matches for Quarua Lakeside. Progressan football's all-time top scorer for club and country, and a national icon.

11. Ekazen Waulino (Quarua Lakeside) (Centre/left centre forward/striker)

Scored Kaze Progressa's first World Cup goal against Ravenspire, silencing nearly 200,000 fans in the process. Four years younger than Irafma, and an almost equally impressive strike rate - 161 in 188 games.

12. Quaza Garjeno (Paninara Kick) (Centre/left centre back)

Able to give plenty of effort right through the match, Garjeno's fitness and never-say-die attitude inspired Paninara's spectacular late run to a best-ever fifth place finish last season.

13. Ratin Hytaffi (Chedar-Edma) (Sweeper/centre back/centre defensive midfield)

Chedar-Edma let in fewer than anyone bar X-Teem last season, and young Hytaffi's electric pace - which kept Irafma in check in both meetings against Quarua Lakeside - was a key factor in this.

14. Elin Faeka (Farela City) (Goalie)

Has waited for eight years for his turn. Helped take Farela to the brink of their first title in nine years last season conceding less than a goal a game along the way.

15. Rigondo Ramatta (Quarua Lakeside) (Right midfield/attacking midfield)

Quarua Lakeside's great hope for the future. At just seventeen, he has an all-action style that has stunned many defenders already. With a bit of refinement, and improved fitness, could be a star in the making.

16. Maunkaj Jawelin (Kaza X-Teem) (Left forward/striker)

Standing over 2m tall (and he does intensive flexibility training to try and become even taller!) Jawelin was a small forward for Daurama Dunkers before becoming a big forward for Kaza X-Teem. Just who you want in the box as a cross comes in.

17. Ziaw Mawukal (Maunlik) (Sweeper/centre back)

Maunlik's ill-fated campaign against relegation would not have gone to the last day without Mawukal's charismatic presence and fierce tackling. At only 23, he could develop into an even more influential figure.

18. Raq Maailain (Chedar-Edma) (Centre/right centre attacking midfield/right winger)

Chedar-Edma's midfielders are seen as the future of Progressan football. At 22, Maailian is a key part of that future. Slams the ball in from distance just as well as he sets up others for somewhat easier chances. Look out for his funky cornrows.

19. Ertal Lubbarez (Islanders) (Centre striker)

Islanders made legendary entertainers Quarua Lakeside look defensively-minded last season - on average, there were ten goals in every three Islanders games. Lubbarez scored 17 in 22 games, causing a clamour for his inclusion into the KP squad.

20. Esitra Ritahau (Paninara Kick) (GK)

Conceded less than a goal a game last season and has received critical acclaim. A useful understudy for Palera and Faeka, and at only 24 has potential to be their successor.

21. Craita Weseydal (Chedar-Edma) (Centre striker)

Made his debut for Chedar-Edma at 16. Seemed to disappoint a bit after early hype. Then last season, he scored more than anyone bar Irafma - an amazing 21 in 24 games. Still only 20, is already dubbed 'The New Irafma'. There's no higher praise.

22. Niaq Lainwiay (Chedar-Edma) (Centre attacking midfield)

Another of Chedar-Edma's astounding young generation. At 18, he hasn't wasted any time in making his mark, scoring hat-tricks in two consecutive friendlies. Injury kept him out most of last season, but he's back in business now.

23. Futeri Cotaga (Chedar-Edma) (Left back/left defensive midfield)

For a defender, stupidly compact in frame - less than 5 feet tall and weighing under 50kg - but zippy and has great timing and ball control. At only 18, this local lad of the Chedar-Edma 'Cheese Valley' hasn't matured yet.

66. Fayu Owa (Quarua Lakeside) (Left/left centre/centre attacking midfield/forward)

A cult hero. His outrageous trickery and stunning long-range shots are astonishing to watch, but he lacks physical presence (his bundle of tricks were designed to atone for that). Can turn the game in a flash, typically after coming on from the bench.
16-11-2003, 23:23
Ravenspire Ravens

Colors: Black and crimson

Goalkeeper: Autumn Mistmarch* (7)
Defenders: Adam Spencer (7), Alex Wylde (9), Fox Lee* (7), Anthony Jeffers (new)
Midfield: Eileen Schiller* (9), Michael Matthew Maule (8 )
Strikers: Hikari Kitsu* (9, as sub), Amara Akizuki* (4), Kaede Kitsuki* (5), David Spencer (new)

Coach: Zhen Sui-Ling* (former striker WC3-9)

A *bullet indicates a female player. The parenthetical number indicates the first World Cup in which the player participated.

The major shift is the retirement of legendary striker Zhen Sui-Ling to a coaching position. She is replaced by David Spencer, whose offensive record with the Fal Dara Scorpions has been fairly strong, in an effort to add more offensive power to the Ravens' side. Hikari Kitsu has moved up from substitute to starter in the wake of the Arawn Frost debacle in WC9; her goal in the final against Europa Brittania cemented her new position. Finally, defender Karl Jacobsen retired from play due to an ankle injury in the domestic leagues, and is replaced by Sargard Cranes key defender Anthony Jeffers.
17-11-2003, 16:10
1: M. Pedder (GK, 24)
2: L. Branson (RB, 24, captain)
3: A. Willton (LB, 22)
4: N. Shearer (CM, 26)
5: C. Jackson (CB, 27)
6: J. Harrison (CB, 30)
7: T. Lever (RW, 29)
8: S. Dipper (CM, 34)
9: J. Willow (CF, 20)
10: W. Bury (CF, 28)
11: B. Goodwyn (LW, 31)
12: G. Kann (CF, 30)
13: R. Wilkins (GK, 32)
14: P. Ward (RB, 20)
15: D. Mill (RW, 21)
16: A. Alayami (LW, 37)
17: G. Angle (CF, 28)
18: G. Smith (CB, 24)
19: M. Sellar (CM, 32)
20: C. Lamb (CB, 30)
21: L. Blind (LB, 17)
22: A. Davis (GK, 32)
Kaze Progressa
17-11-2003, 21:38
Posted on behalf of the Jauranian Football Association.

Jaurania squad:
1. Ritez Futin (GK)
2. Garaz Zarli (SW)
3. Awnau Jawulan (D L/C)
4. Feritan Jaik (SW/D/DM C)
5. Butai Antarkah (D/DM C/R)
6. Sertal Feratano (D/DM/M R)
7. Ferital Mriatia (M L/C)
8. May Capon (M C)
9. Furitt Azzin (M/AM C/R)
10. Tieat Buzzitar (M/AM/F L/C)
11. Vav Cawyy (F C)
12. Surtavan Erit (GK)
13. Fatonza Ekinssi (SW/D C)
14. Rustka Gotales (D/DM/M C)
15. Sert Imab (M L/C)
16. Erit Vitori (M/AM C/R)
17. Erit Waquiyu (F C)

Of this 17-man squad, three (Garaz Zarli, May Capon and Vav Cawyy) represented Kaze Progressa in WC9.
17-11-2003, 22:52
The soccer association of the United Socialist States of USAnia is facing many problems, one of them is, that players tend to disappear without a trace, especially after games abroad, we can only provide the starting formation and even this is only provisional.

1. John Conte (New York Red Stars) (disappeared, replaced by
1a. Fred Longfellow (Spartak Atlanta) )

2. Marc Riser (Dynamo LA) (disappeared, replaced by
2a. Marc Greatland (Steel Pittsburgh) )
3. Pascal Sonderbergh (Steel Pittsburgh)
4. Garry Sharp (New York Red Stars) (currently in psychiatry due to 'social problems' replaced by
4a. Ian Cerano (BFC Salt Lake City) )
5. Simon Foreign (Washington Workers)(disappeared, replaced by
5a. Karl Liebknecht (Spartak Atlanta) )

6. Tom Brink (Dynamo LA)
7. Adam Miller (Miami Mighties)(disappeared, replaced by
7a. Sean Frankfurt (Dynamo Kansas))
8. John Frontier (Steel Pittsburgh)

9. Ian Smith (San Francisco Stars)
10. Quentin Belmore (New York Red Stars)
11. Jack Bush (San Francisco Stars)

EDIT: Kept track with unforseen roster changes :)
EDIT2: Once again.
EDIT3: Again.

OOC: The players dissappear like north-korean players IRL. They flee because of their oppressive government
19-11-2003, 19:28
(sorry about the length of this post. For those of you just interested in the roster, it's at the bottem. Anyhow, I hope this was the appropriate place to post this. If not, feel free to smack me one upside the back of the head. ;))

A sandy field
North of Oasis, Dianatran, the Commonwealth

“It’s really bloody hot here,” complained Sir Gregory, already sweating three minutes out of the shade.

“Yes, sir,” agreed Cunningham without thinking. “I’ll have them get on that right away!” Riveran rolled his eyes.

“What I don’t understand, Rivie,” continued Penns-McCormick, removing his hat and fanning himself with it. “Is quite what we’re doing down here in the most backwards hole-in-the-wall of the Commonwealth. Surely you don’t propose that we need some damn ra--”

“Underminister,” cut in Riveran suddenly, “I would reconsider your next word if I were you. I’m sure you can appreciate that Shieldians aren’t too well liked in this neck of the woods?”

“Well, yes, of course,” sputtered the rotund little bureaucrat, “All I was going to say was...”

“I know damn well what you were going to say, Greg, and I’m warning you not to. Around these parts, that’s a hangable offense. Besides, Conrad was our best defender in Healdsburg; we need him back on the team.” Penns-McCormick looked as if he were ready to retort, but bit back on his words. Meanwhile, the three men had come over a rise to a football field, albeit a poorly maintained one, where a group of Dianatranian children were having a pick up game.

“I certainly hope you don’t intend to recruit one of them!” muttered Penns-McCormick, replacing his hat. Below, all action stopped at the sight of the three Iansisleans, and an eerie silence fell over the area. Riveran swept his eyes over the assembled children, at last letting them rest on a dark-skinned fellow athletic-looking, perhaps twenty seven years of age, standing near one of the goals. The man looked back at him, then the two slowly approached each other.

“Hello again, coach,” said the dark-skinned man, with familiarity in his voice but not a trace of camaraderie. “It’s been a long time.”

“Hello, Conrad,” replied Riveran, subtly lowering the hand he had been preparing to shake with. “Too long, if you ask me.”

“Time always passes so much faster than we want it to,” agreed the man, without sounding as if he meant it at all, or even intended to hide his insincerity.

“I know the post has been a little unreliable in Dianatran since...” Riveran started after a moment’s silence.

“And I already know why you’re here,” cut off Conrad with a wave of his hand. “You’re getting the team back together. I didn’t respond because I don’t want any part of it.”

“Oh, come off it, Conrad!” said in the coach harshly. “You know as well as I do that most of the best football players in the Commonwealth don’t stick about. You did, and now we need your help in the World Cup!”

“I did because my family needed me!” snapped Conrad “I haven’t stayed because of any faith in parliament or love of King and country! Look around you, Riveran!” he exclaimed waving about the field. “This isn’t your comfy little home on the Shield! There are real people here; people who need me a lot more than your petty little world cup bid!” By now, a large group of Dianatranian natives had gathered about the argument, causing Penns-McCormick to inch closer to Riveran.

The playboy coach wasn’t impressed. Despite warning growls from some of Conrad’s heavier-set supporters, he advanced upon the man, leveling a finger at him. “Now see here! I know damn well what a load of heart-wrenching bull plop you just fed us --”

“Maybe we ought to leave,” whispered Penns-McCormick, eying their escape route being cut off. Riveran waved him off and kept talking.

“-- and it may fool others, maybe even yourself. But I know the real reason you’ve refused to join us again.” He paused there, flicking the forward brim of his fedora up and then resting his hands on his hips. “You’re afraid,” Riveran continued after a moment,his voice soft. “Afraid that you’ll lose face if you play poorly. Afraid to face the media again. Afraid to stick your neck out. In fact, Mr. Braunt, I think you’re nothing but a yellow-bellied coward!”

The gathered crowd fell into a eerie silence as Conrad regarded Riveran with fiery eyes. Slowly, the trim defenseman advanced on his former coach, until hardly an inch separated their noses. “You’ve a lot of nerve, Riveran, coming down here and insulting me in front of everyone I care about. In fact, I ought to kill you right now, with my bare hands. Just another Shieldian who wandered into the wrong part of town.”

“What are you hiding from, Conrad?” asked Riveran, refusing to back down from the Dianatranian’s face. The two continued to stare at each other for a moment, and at last Riveran shrugged. “So be it. Back in Healdsburg, I thought you were a real man. My thanks for dispelling that misconception.” The coach pulled his hat back down over his eyes and turned back the way he had come from. Penns-McCormick looked positively delighted at the prospect of escaping, and clung to Riveran’s back as he negotiated his way past the line of Conrad’s friends.

They had gotten perhaps thirty yards when he called for them. Riveran smiled knowingly, though Penns-McCormick had to muffle a groan. Conrad, alone this time, was trotting up behind them. Riveran tried to ignore him, but that was hard with the underminister and his assistant glancing backwards every few seconds and asking if they shouldn’t stop.

At last, Conrad caught up to them and grabbed Riveran by the shoulder. “Hey, coach!” With a small self-assured grin, Riveran turned slowly. The next thing he saw was Conrad’s fist. The blow sent him sprawling backwards into the arms of Penns-McCormick, who staggered under the unexpected weight. “No one,” Conrad said, his voice dangerous, “no one on this planet calls me a coward and gets away with it; not you, not the High King: no one.”

Riveran touched a finger lightly to the corner of his mouth. It came away slick with blood. “Practice is at two o’clock, Tuesday, at the West Ianapalis Football field.”

“I’ll be there.” And with that, Conrad Braunt turned his back at strode off.

Penns-McCormick still wore a look of astonishment as he helped up Riveran and handed him a handkerchief. “What wa-” he started to ask, but the coach waved away his questions.

“Don’t ask. Who’s next on the list?”

“Er, a midfielder - your old captain, it would appear.”

“David Westmore?” asked Riveran, returning the now-blood soaked handkerchief and patting the left side of his face. “That’s unusual - Dave was my most reliable man. I wonder why he wouldn’t reply to the letter?” Penns-McCormick shrugged at his rhetorical question, so Riveran decided to make an answerable one. “Where’s he living now?”

“#14 North Parks Avenue, Delton, Gadsan,” Cunningham rattled off at once.

“Well, to Delton, then.”

#14 North Parks Avenue
Delton, Gadsan, the Commonwealth

It wasn’t David Westmore, but rather an attractive-looking young woman who answered the door. No sooner had she appeared in the frame than Penns-McCormick and Cunningham had their hats off and were blushing deeply. Riveran, on the other hand, kept his face level. “I’m looking for David Westmore,” he said, tucking his hands into his pockets. “Is he in?”

“David?” she asked, looking them over. “Oh, you must be from that terrible underministry! Er, he’s not in!” And the door slammed in their face.

“Well, there you have it, then,” said Penns-McCormick, quickly replacing his hat and turning back to their rented Westerton.

“There you have nothing!” insisted Riveran, pounding on the door.

“Go away!” was the only reply.

“We just want to talk to him!” insisted Riveran, oblivious to the neighbors poking heads out to investigate the disturbance.

“He’s not in! Go away!”

“Where is he then!?”


Suddenly, a new voice cut in: “What’s going on, Marlene?”

“Nothing, David! I’ll be back in a minute!”

“Who’s at the door?”

“No one, David, don’t open --” started the woman’s voice, but it was too late. The heavy oak door swung open, and Riveran found himself staring at David Westmore’s face, which quickly broke into a broad smile. “Coach Riveran! It’s been much too long! Please, come in!”

However, Riveran simply continued standing where he was, staring at Westmore. Far behind him, Cunningham and Penns-McCormick were doing the same thing. Of course, one could hardly blame them:

David Westmore, star midfielder, captain, and best player of the 1997 Pan-Tilsitia Iansisle Ians, was sitting in a wheelchair, his kicking foot elevated and lifeless looking. It only took a few seconds for him to realize what was wrong.

“Oh.” He looked down at his foot. “Bit of a cock-up, really. Injured the damn thing out playing against Fort Jackson - it was a right mess! Still, modern medicine is some miracle, eh? The doctors say I’ll be able to play football again in a couple of years!”

Riveran broke out of his trance, suddenly, removing his hat and taking up Westmore’s invitation. Marlene stood towards the back of the foyer, glaring daggers at him; he smiled with brilliantly white teeth back at her.

“So, coach, what brings you up to Delton?” asked Westmore at last, after they had relieved themselves of the necessary social niceties.

“Well, David, I was actually here to inform you that Iansisle is putting together a side for the Tenth World Cup, and we’d have loved to have you back.” Riveran glanced again at the injured leg, “But it doesn’t seem you’ll be playing anytime soon.”

Westmore’s face fell a mile and a half. “Of all the rotten luck! We finally scrape together enough national pride to put a team in, and my ruddy leg has to go self-destruct!” He took a quick sip of tea to calm himself.

“And you’ll not be going anywhere that fool game again!” insisted Marlene, who had relaxed somewhat in RIveran’s presence. “It’s already all but taken your leg; who knows what’ll be next? Why don’t you take up a normal pursuit, like your brother?”

“What, you mean bird-watching?”

“The same!”

“Ah, David,” cut in Riveran before the two could get into what was clearly a tired old argument. “I may have an alternative - Sam Timlin’s not going to be joining us, and I will be needing a new assistant coach...”

Westmore’s eyes perked up at the suggestion. Before Riveran could even make the official offer, he had agreed - much to Marlene’s displeasure!

A third floor walk-up
Lakeriverwood, Gadsan, the Commonwealth

“Who lives here again?” asked Penns-McCormick, his voice coming out in gasps due to exhaustion from climbing the stairs.

“Benny Answorth. He was our goalkeeper back in Healdsburg,” explained Riveran in the sort of tired voice that indicated this wasn’t the first time he’d heard this question.

“The one who let in ten goals against Effit?”

“The same.”

“And...we want him back?”

“He’s better than that last game indicated, Greg. Effit was a strong team that year, and he got almost no defensive help.”

“I see,” replied Penns-McCormick, sounding for all the world as if he were blind. Riveran hoped at least he’d shut up for a moment, and rapped hard on the cheap wooden door. A few seconds later, it cracked open. Penns-McCormick nearly threw up at the smell that emitted from the room. When Answorth flung it open a second later, Sir Gregory did lose his lunch over the side of the balcony.

“Oh, coach, I was hoping it would be you!” gibbered Benny in excitement. Riveran was surprised to see that Benny was still in his P-T Cup uniform (a simple kit; the jersey consisted of a white field with two large diagonal bars running from the shoulders across the front and back, and the name and number in dark green), even if it was covered in stains of various disgusting types. His hair was matted and greasy, and he smelled like seven miles of bad road. “I think I’ve finally discovered what went wrong against Effit!”

“For Christ’s sake, Benny, it’s been six years, said Riveran, crinkling his nose.

“I know, coach, and I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! It actually just struck me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to explain it...wait, I still haven’t done that!” Benny bit his bottom lip and started hopping about in a panic. “Can you come back in a couple days, coach? I promise I’ll have it right by then, really I do!”

“Benny, I’m not here to chastise you for that game against Effit!” insisted Riveran, his eyes flashing. “We’re putting together a World Cup side, and we’d like to have you back for goalkeeper.” He glanced about Benny’s disaster area of an apartment. “Providing that you can clean yourself up a little!”

The expression on Benny’s face could best be described as that of a little boy who had just seen a pile of presents under the Christmas tree. “Oh, boy, coach! I can’t wait! Will the whole team be there? Will I be starting again? I can’t wait!” He started hopping about again, but Riveran put up a hand to stop the flood of questions.

“We’ll just have to see, Benny. Tuesday; two o’clock; West Ianapalis Football field.”

“I’ll be there with bells on, coach!”

“And a fresh coat of deodorant, Benny.”


“Only one name left on the list,” said Penns-McCormick optimistically as the trio drove towards Lakeriverwood’s aeroflyerdock. “A Mr. Leonard Flaherty of #11 Dunmore Street, Clyfton-on-Daldon, Iansisle. He’s listed as a striker; oh, he’s the one who scored that goal against Effit!”

Riveran gritted his teeth. “I forgot about him.”

“Anything wrong, Rivie?”

“No, nothing. I’m just remembering why I forgot him.”

#11 Dunmore Street
Clyfton-on-Daldon, Iansisle, the Commonwealth

“, as I’m sure my letter made explicitly clear, Lord Riveran, I have no intention of playing for the Ians again,” Leonard Flaherty was saying as he accepted a cup of tea from his servant. “Thank you, Owens. That will be all for now.”

“I understand that you’re declining because you’ve taken a transfer to a team in Ryansisle?”

“Indeed. Playing for these semi-pro misfit-groups here on the Shield has been fun enough, but I presently require more stimulation. A very prestigious team in Ryansisle offered me the opportunity to play with others of my caliber, for a not paltry sum, and I chose to take it.”

“‘To play with others of your caliber’, Leonard? You know as well as I do what’ll happen down there in Ryansisle - you’ll get to start maybe two or three matches, and spend the rest of your time as a sub. I’m offering you the chance not just to be a starter, but to be a star. Play for us in the World Cup.”

Flaherty didn’t look convinced, but he did seem concerned. “Well, I hardly think that’s the case...” he started.

“Do you remember John Collinson, Leonard?”

“I ... believe so. He was on the squad in Healdsburg, wasn’t he?”

“He was. Do you know where he is now? No? He’s with some third-rate team in Healdsburg, sitting on the bench and waiting for his next piddling, government supported pay check. Is that where you want to end up, Leonard?”

“Well, no, but I -”

“Two o’clock Tuesday at the West Ianapalis Football grounds. I expect to see you there.” With that, Riveran rose, collected his hat from Owens, and departed.

West Ianapalis Football Grounds -- Two o’clock Tuesday
Ianapalis, Iansisle, the Commonwealth

The turnout couldn’t possibly have pleased Riveran any more. Every player he had talked to, as well as some who weren’t on the team in Healdsburg, had showed up, from Braunt to Flaherty to Westmore. Riveran still hadn’t announced a team captain; no one was sure when he was going to do that.

Practice went as well as could be expected. Flaherty had put on a little extra weight since the Pan-Tilsitia Cup, and Riveran was determined to work it off. Benny seemed to be nothing but confidence in goal, and even looked fairly good all cleaned up. Westmore was proving to be a valuable assistant, especially in helping Conrad readjust to life on the Shield.

However, while the strikers were taking practice shots, Flaherty launched one of their only three balls clear over the goal, clear over the fence behind it, and plopped it down in the dark waters of Troobodia Bay.

Seeing that, Riveran leaned over to Westmore: “How long do we have before the World Cup starts?”

His assistant coach checked his watch, as if the countdown time were being measured in minutes rather than months. “Not nearly long enough.”


Iansisle Ians: World Cup X Team Starting Roster

#26 -- Benny Answorth -- 5’11” -- 156 lbs

#17 -- Conrad Braunt -- 5’9” -- 167 lbs
#42 -- Michael Longstreet -- 5’7” -- 155 lbs
#29 -- Steve Woolwood -- 5’8” -- 160 lbs
#18 -- Gary Matthews -- 6’0” -- 179 lbs

#22 -- Tom Ross -- 5’6” -- 159 lbs
#55 -- James Balme -- 6’1” -- 160 lbs
#2 -- Brian Park -- 5’7” 162 lbs

#1 -- Leonard Flaherty -- 6’0” -- 198 lbs
#32 -- John Copplestone -- 5’7” -- 160 lbs
#5 -- Mark Miller -- 5’8” -- 159 lbs

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Viscount Riveran
Assistant Coach: (#59) David Westmore
19-11-2003, 23:57
And Iansisle gets the award for Most Detailed Roster Post ever ;)

Looks good, though i've got to make up changes to my WCIX one...
20-11-2003, 01:10
Erm, I reserved my post -- so I didn't mean to re-post it here.
Cockbill Street
23-11-2003, 22:34
Cockbill Street Department
The Truth Has Got Its Boats On
Sports Extra!

World Cup Debutants Aim For Glory

Carrot Manager as Usual

Sixteen of the most athletic humans, dwarfs and trolls that Cockbill Street has fostered are about to engage in the nation's first World Cup campaign ever. Manager Carrot Ironfoundersson, who is also the coach of our beloved cricket Rats and the rugby Seagulls, was very optimistic before the tournament: "Although we are beginners to the game, Cockbill Street people have whacked a football around the park for centuries and we have had huge attendances for our national football leagues," he commented. "We hope to finish at least above the middle of our group, as the squad is yet young and unexperienced. Our long-term goal is to qualify for one of the next three World Cups."

Tactical worries

When asked about tactics, he admitted that the players were very tactically unschooled. "We have players with extreme technique in our squad, but they have the tendency to misposition themselves completely. In a number of league games, the scores have been way too high for professional football, but I hope to teach the players something." He had noticed that many teams who played a 3-4-3 formation had much success in the league, and given the player material, it would probably be the best tactic.

Tension Between Species

Star defender Peter Eversham wasn't as pleased however. He demanded that humans get a bigger representation in the squad. "It is a disgrace to our nation that dwarf and troll players who are clearly inferior to some human league stars should gain places in the squad." He named Johnny Peterson and Andrew Carter as two players who clearly should have been in the squad, as these two midfielders had been vital to their team's success. This team, coincidentally, is his own, which, also coincidentally, has a rigid no-dwarf and no-troll policy. Ironfoundersson dismissed the claim, saying that "I am confident that our squad consists of the twenty best players in Cockbill Street, regardless of species" When confronted with the Peterson and Carter cases, he merely said that "yes, they have been good, but look at Harald Axewielder and Granite - surely the most creative midfielders that play in the Cockbill Street league. I can't pick humans just because they're humans, just like I can't pick a certain amount of dwarves and trolls because they're dwarves and trolls. I have a job to do and that is to get Cockbill Street to the World Cup, and I can't do that unless I take the best players."

The announced squad of 20 will be contracted for this World Cup qualifying session. Changes may occur, and will be duly reported in the C-mail.

The World Cup Squad - exclusive C-mail profile


1. Rhomb-porphyry, aged 42, average C-mail rating in this year's league 5.63 (out of 8 )
13. Jorn Axewielder, aged 21, av rating 5.39


2. Peter Eversham, aged 26, av rating 6.62, full back
3. Andre McAlpine, aged 28, av rating 5.89, sweeper/central defender
5. Dolomite, aged 34, av rating 6.12, central defender
16. Peter Harmison, aged 19, av rating, 5.44, central defender
20. Carboniferous, aged 37, av rating 5.27, right back
18. Lars Golddevourer, aged 33, av rating 5.81. central/right defender


4. Adam Petisha, aged 23, av rating 6.22, defensive midfielder (anchor)
6. Bjorn Hammerhock, aged 22, av rating 6.55, right wing
7. Granite, aged 28, av rating 6.04, left wing
8. Harald Axewielder, aged 16, av rating 6.28, central midfielder
12. Ian Olsen, aged 26, av rating 5.74, central/attacking midfielder
15. Calcite, aged 22, av rating 5.91, winger
17. Thomas Lehrer, aged 18, av rating 5.22, central midfielder


9. Tor Stronginthearm, aged 19, av rating 6.11, striker
10. Chris Brashear, aged 22, av rating 5.75, forward
11. Alan Beaver, aged 30, av rating 5.85, forward
14. Tungsten-carbide, aged 27, av rating 5.55, striker
19. Simon Quier, aged 21, av rating 5.69, forward
24-11-2003, 00:03
Bedistan Lions
World Cup Ten Team Roster



29 - Diego Sanchez
Age: 34
Matches Played: 20
Hometown: Stidham, Novania
BFL Club: None
First World Cup: WC7 (Lemmitania/Audioslavia)

31 - Tabitha Morgan
Age: 33
Matches Played: 19
Hometown: Delano, Sonoma
BFL Club: None
First World Cup: WC7

38 - Karina Kucharski
Age: 25
Matches Played: 4
Hometown: Gardiner, Paruvia
BFL Club: Dennis Bears
First World Cup: WC9 (Ravenspire/Europa Brittania)

42 - Clinton Saravia
Age: 20
Matches Played: 3
Hometown: Dice, Highland
BFL Club: High Mountain Buffalo
First World Cup: WC9


45 - Darren Segawa
Age: 21
Matches Played: 1
Hometown: Uniondale, Palladia
BFL Club: Hampton Paladins
First World Cup: WC9

47 - Tyrone Hockensmith
Age: 19
Matches Played: 3
Hometown: Wales, Limpania
BFL Club: Brooklyn FC
First World Cup: WC9

50 - Kurt Brew
Age: 16
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: Navarre, Escambia
BFL Club: Hundon FC
First World Cup: WC10 (Giant Zucchini/One Red Dot)



32 - Claire Briscoe
Age: 31
Matches Played: 28
Goals Scored: 7
Hometown: Washington, Athalia
BFL Club: Graceville Salamanders
First World Cup: WC8 (Bedistan/Oglethorpia)

36 - Luis Bean
Age: 30
Matches Played: 2
Hometown: Maelstrom, Highland
BFL Club: Graceville Salamanders
First World Cup: WC8

37 - Walter Marley
Age: 31
Matches Played: 2
Hometown: Newborn, Neshoba
BFL Club: Dennis Bears
First World Cup: WC8


39 - Neil Palin
Age: 24
Matches Played: 1
Hometown: New Seoul, Commerce Heights
BFL Club: Hampton Paladins
First World Cup: WC9

43 - Pearlie Tenner
Age: 28
Matches Played: 2
Hometown: New Rochelle, Palladia
BFL Club: Columbia Sharks
First World Cup: WC9

51 - Christian Hanway
Age: 17
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: San Gabriel, Limpania
BFL Club: Columbia Sharks
First World Cup: WC10

54 - Rosalinda Heidelberg
Age: 28
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: Doctor's Landing, Lontorica
BFL Club: High Mountain Buffalo
First World Cup: WC10



40 - Darren Morlock
Age: 24
Matches Played: 18
Goals Scored: 14
Hometown: Midway, Neshoba
BFL Club: Washington Tigers
First World Cup: WC9

44 - Javier Lewey
Age: 27
Matches Played: 18
Goals Scored: 3
Hometown: Dallas, Palladia
BFL Club: Brooklyn FC
First World Cup: WC9

49 - Fernando Sippel
Age: 26
Matches Played: 20
Goals Scored: 6
Hometown: Massanutten, Salvana
BFL Club: Hundon FC
First World Cup: WC9


46 - Nannie Coder
Age: 29
Matches Played: 4
Goals Scored: 1
Hometown: Esom Hill, Palladia
BFL Club: Ilium Dragons
First World Cup: WC9

52 - Neil Barcelo
Age: 25
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: Bulger, Limpania
BFL Club: Hundon FC
First World Cup: WC10

55 - Ashley Boor
Age: 20
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: Oklee, Highland
BFL Club: Yuba United
First World Cup: WC10



10 - Chuck Mitchell - Captain
Age: 39
Matches Played: 27
Goals Allowed: 23
Hometown: Springfield, Palladia
BFL Club: None
First World Cup: WC5 (Tanah Burung)


53 - Tabitha Fukushima
Age: 21
Matches Played: 0
Hometown: New Seoul, Commerce Heights
BFL Club: Columbus FC
First World Cup: WC10


41 - Erik Oldenburg
Age: 26
Matches Played: 14
Goals Allowed: 9
Hometown: Washburn, Frontera
BFL Club: Ilium Dragons
First World Cup: WC9
Reason for being on Disabled List: Fell off an escalator a few weeks before the start of WC10 qualifying and fractured several ribs. It is not likely he will be available during WC10, but he is expected to return for WC11.
24-11-2003, 00:11
Bedistan's team uniforms for WC10:

(I put this in a second post because for some reason my previous post is only showing up in the topic review and not in the thread itself... :?)
24-11-2003, 05:51
New Montreal Times Sports Extra

(St-Andre) At the Ice Paladins training facility head coach Luc de Fabre announced the roster for WCX qualifing tournament.

*denotes starter

GK* (co-captain): #1 Joesph Pepin, 23, New Antioch (club)
GK: #98 Antoine Bellier, 26, Etiennebourg

D*: #25 Jean-Luc Picard, 20, St-Michel
D*: #39 Jean-Claude Roy, 24, St-Michel
D*: #31 Martin St-Pierre, 22, New Montreal
D*: #26 Michel Arnoit, 19, Ville-Marie
D: #10 Benoit Robepierre, 19, Etiennebourg
D: #90 Jean Dalton, 21, Patrie-du-Bois
D: #24 Ibrahim Abujabir, 22 New Byzantium
D: #11 Andre Bouchard, 27 St-Jean-De-L'Est

MF* (co-captain): #7 Fabrice Austin, 21, New Byzantium
MF*: #80 Remy Thibault, 18, Etiennebourg
MF*: #79 Jacques St-Marc, 25, Pointe-Alexandre
MF*: #40 Dominic Roy, 19, New Montreal
MF: #19 Morris Cuthbert, 26, Patrie-du-Bois
MF: #8 Damien Crutcher, 23, Ville-Marie
MF: #77 Maxime Beauchamp, 24, St-Jean-De-L'Est
MF: #28 Pierre Drolet, 18, St-Andre

F*: #12 Julien Lacroix, 22, New Byzantium
F*: #3 Johnny Sears, 20, Lachapelle
F: #00 Ives Jean-Baptiste, 27, Ville-Marie
F: #55 Henri Tessier, 19, New Antioch

Assistant Coaches: Paul Leveque, Robert Filion

Expectations are not that high heading into this first ever World Cup for the Ice Paladins, but still an aura of confidence pervades the camp.

"We have as good a chance as anyone," said co-captain Fabrice Austin. "Granted, we're young, but this will be anyone's game once the ball is in play. [Goaltender] Joesph [Pepin] was stopping it cold all season long, and he's really feeling good about himself right now."

Most fans would be happy with only one win. "I'd be thrilled just to see them pull off an upset," said fan Marc Moise. "Never mind if that's the only one they win."

Stifling defense is the trademark style of coach De Fabre, and his 4-4-2 layout mirrors that style. "All the coaches have been emphasizing defense first," says reserve midfielder Morris Cuthbert. "If the fowards get more than one or two goals in practice Coach gets mad at the defense for failing him. With Johnny [Sears] being the great player he is, it's certainly made us work harder."

Do we have a chance at making it? Only time will tell.
Commerce Heights
24-11-2003, 06:43
OOC: Both of the Bedistani players from CH are from New Seoul? :shock: :P

The CH uniforms are the same as in WC9, except that the end of the team captain's (Quigley) sleeves are gray instead of red at home and red instead of blue away and that each player participating in the TB-CH game has a orange-and-green star below the collar (each TB defeat of CH will earn the players an orange/green star, each CH defeat of TB will earn the players a red/blue star - it's a new method of motivating the players ;) ).

/me picks random substitutes out of a roster post ;)
Parit Peng (defender) is from Columbia, Bedistan and Junetsu Marchionni (forward) is from Sonoma City, Bedistan. Note the two different cities :P
24-11-2003, 15:04
OOC: Both of the Bedistani players from CH are from New Seoul? :shock: :P

OOC: Originally there was only going to be one from CH, but I came across Fukushima and decided she needed to be from an Asian-sounding city. :P
24-11-2003, 20:30
The RejistaniaFA now officially presents the world cup roster:

Name age position club (city)
Syku Hexen* 23 GK Hades Lavamje (KaMaRi Kali)

Raju Hisenha^ 29 GK Mikedi Omeh (Mikedi Kali)

Sen Ajil* 24 DF Jinhes Lines (Na-ovi)
Ji Jen* 25 DF Hanin Sekhika (KaMaRi Kali)
Lanhi Ijanhi* 26 DF Hetkali Hetlasane (Hetkali)
Xenex Tyru* 28 DF Jinhes Lines (Na-ovi)

Ila Iles^ 25 DF Najajara Ynu (Najajara)
Hana Yla^ 29 DF Karela Lines (KaMaRi Kali)
Kansu Kiru^ 23 DF KaMaRi Kaletri (KaMaRi Kali)
Kansu Sanan 20 DF Ihiri Relekhati (Ihiri)

Sil Hilat* 27 MF Hetkali Hetaki (Hetkali)
Exke Sines*C 30 MF Matix Veran (Matix)
Ji Raliu^ 26 MF Mikedi Veran (Mikedi Kali)
Xkelilko Susu* 24 MF Matix Kimi (Matix)

Mikven Ijen 17 MF Hetkali Hetaki (Hetkali)
Lyku Jaras 22 MF Hades Lavamje (KaMaRi Kali)
Ine Syku^ 23 MF KaMaRi Kaletri (KaMaRi Kali)
Inik Linkosa 18 MF Sen-La-Sa~o Redy (KaMaRi Kali)

Xeseja Su* 23 FW Karela Lines (KaMaRi Kali)
Syku Lyku* 22 FW Hetkali Hetlasane (Hetkali)

Mata Koleni^ 24 FW Hades Lavamje (KaMaRi Kali)
Sen I Ailn^ 28 FW Najajara Ynu (Najajara)

* denotes year as starter
^ denotes year as substitute
C denotes captain

As always, the substitutes are listed in the second paragraph for each position.

The RejistaniaFA and the entire rejistanian nation hopes, that the national team will not just carry on with their great performance, but this time also not miss qualification. The problem, the team is currently facing is, that nearly the entire midfield was not able to start again. Many newcomers like Mikven Ijen or Inik Linkosa (who is by the way the younger brother of Myk Linkosa, who was a substitute during the last world cup and played in the famous match against Ariddia)will surely get their chances to prove their class and to help the Orange-Blues to win.

Here are the Rejistanian world cup kits.
28-11-2003, 20:39
Renson Davis's
Kingsford National

This year, the Kingsford National has changed its uniforms away from the yellow and purple to the third and final color in the Kingsford flag, black. THe jerseys feature purple fields on the shoulders with yellow outline, a kingsford flag patch on the left shoulder, a kingsford national patch on the right shoulder, and an offset purple/yellow gothic K in the center. This is the first time that a football jersey in Kingsford has not featured the player number on the front. For the away jerseys, Davis said that he would stick with the Brazillico tribute, but add the patches on the shoulders. The new kits look like the following:

The lineup of the World Cup 10 Kingsford National will be as follows:

G: Mark Talisman
RD: Nate St. Peter
CD: Chris David
LD: Brian Axacoa
FRM: Winn Easton
NRM: Seth Delos
NLM: James Fick
FLM: Anil Patel
LF: Mike Odyssey
CF: George Talon
RF: Desypar

G: Jaques D'Avereaux
RD: Mikos Tullings
CD: Steve Tower
LD: Adam Kilno
FRM: Uli Sedakoi
NRM: Harry Stumms
NLM: Ilain Vogul
FRM: Zach LeBaron
LF: Simon the Canaanite
CF: Bruce Skaal
RF: Xavier David
Tanah Burung
29-11-2003, 01:11
Tanah Burung coach Bi Kikere annoucned her starting line-up, composed mainly of veterans of the last Cup when the Crocoldiels started their rebuilding effort, but with two new starters in the midfield. Rosa Bibere, the team's on-field leader, has announced this will be her last World Cup campaign. This line-up marks the first time the Crocodiles have had a female majority: only four of the eleven starters are men.

Goal Nino Konis* (age 21)
Defence Rosa Bibere**** (37, team captain)
D Alex Manupatty* (26)
D Violeta Horta* (24)
D Silvia Rumbiak* (22)
Midfield Canabe Livit** (30)
M Karena Gelap (17)
M Kareta Api (19)
M Zachary Alkatiri* (21)
Striker Yosepha Syahrir** (30)
Striker Taur Matan Ruak* (23)

Subs: Defenders: Tidak Bernama, Antara Gunung;: Mate Ke Moris, Uni Kristen, Striker: Siswandi.

* indicates number of world cups played.
29-11-2003, 01:53
Warnocks Wizards Roster:

1. Globtakh the Timid - GK, Angband Balrogs...9 caps
25. Ishhak the Smasher - GK, New Orthanc United...25 caps
13. Krumsnik the Paunch - GK, Isengard City...1 cap

3. Ghaztrak the Gouger - DL, Angband Balrogs...22 caps
20. Grimbrug the Basher - DL, New Orthanc United...11 caps
5. Mausnik the Cleaver - DC, Uruk’Hai United...23 caps/1 goal
6. Shagrukh the Strongclaw (c) - DC, New Orthanc United...28 caps
24. Akhburz the Straggler - DC, Barad-Dur Town...12 caps
17. Ghazukh the Burner - DR, New Orthanc United...32 caps/1 goal
2. Ufdush the Nasty - DR, Angmar Witches...14 caps/1 goal

8. Burzgob the Butcher - MC, New Orthanc United...0 caps
21. Gromdul the Gasher - MC, Uruk’Hai United...18 caps/1 goal
18. Bagdreg the Mauler - ML, Boromir Blades...32 caps/3 goals
12. Durbret the Choker - ML, Angband Balrogs...12 caps/2 goals
16. Akhklash the Emaciated - MR, Boromir Blades...25 caps/1 goal
4. Bublok the Destroyer - MR, Boromir Blades...19 caps
7. Ghazghash the Sleazy - AMC, New Orthanc United...29 caps/6 goals

11. Gabdul the Looter - SC, Boromir Blades...28 caps/5 goals
15. Ishklash the Snooty - SC, New Orthanc United...32 caps/16 goals
14. Globdreg the Destroyer - SC, Boromir Blades...18 caps/4 goals
9. Ashmazh the Tough - SC, Uruk’Hai United...20 caps/4 goals
19. Zagag the Sleak - SC, New Orthanc United...4 caps/2 goals

First strip: Red and white striped shirts, black shorts, red socks.
Change strip: Black shirts depicting the One Ring in gold , red shorts, black socks.
Home stadium: Fortress Warnock
Location: Mount Doom, Empire of Warnocks Wizards

Manager: Ufwurz the Furious
Assistants: Gutkrut the Wretched, Bazzag the Wicked
Team Psychiatrist: Skaialuk the Insane
Chairman of the National Football Federation: Globmazh the Mean
Minister of Sport: Ufhur the Hated

Name Changes
Globtakh the Timid, formerly known as Globtakh the Meek
Akhklash the Emaciated, formerly known as Akhklash the Paunch
Ishklash the Snooty, formerly known as Ishklash the Pug-nose

All Time Leaders

Leaders in Goals: Ishklash the Snooty 16, Ghazghash the Sleazy 6, Gabdul the Looter 5, Globdreg the Destroyer 4, Ashmazh the Tough 4, Bagdreg the Mauler 3.

Red Cards: Mausnik the Cleaver 3, Durbret the Choker, Ghazghash the Sleazy, Akhklash the Emaciated.

All Time Record
World Cup 8........2-2-6....8...12...19...77/92
Frosty Cup Invit...2-0-2....6....6....8....5/10
World Cup 9........7-3-4...24...19...16...34/82
Cup of Harmony.....4-1-0...13...11....4....1/8

Warnocks Wizards..15-6-12..51...48...47

Current World Ranking: 34
29-11-2003, 03:33
The Dominion of Nikea National Football Roster
* = denotes starter unless otherwise indicated, % denotes captain

Manager: Jaskelainen Tenerethitel
All Nikean football fans should remember 'Jaski'. He is a legend among the Nikean faithful, and his notoriety for bringing out the best in players is well-known. He is a former centre midfielder, and has since managed 3 different teams in the Nikean Premier League, bringing all three to the top 5 of the table. All fans love him despite his team affiliation, and his unique coaching style is perhaps what the team needs following their collapse in World Cup 8 qualifying.

*1. K. Quertel (GK, SF Miserias)
*2. L. Jaskertel (D, Interiu SA)
*3. K. Nereniel (D, SF Miserias)
*4. A. Strekiov (D, SF Queldas)
*5. A. Sakai (M, Straedias Atletiksi)
*6. T. Mortethel (M, Interiu SA)
*7. L. Neseriuene (M, SF Azuras)
*%8. K. Mersentel (M, Arieni Yukarim)
*9. A. Nistriel (M, Losenas SF)
*10. J. Istertel (F, Interiu SA)
*11. K. Irisiuene (F, SF Miserias)
12. O. Edhel (M, Lastobethio)
13. F. Okimatel (M, Rumeno)
15. L. Norstel (D, Arieni Yukarim)
16. J. Keseteretel (M, SF Miserias)
21. S. Serenitel (F, Orkinas)
22. E. Pilseniuene (D, Laseniu)
25. J. Jeresiuene (F, Interiu SA)
27. M. Torendel (M, Arieni Yukarim)
30. I. Kitase (F, SF Queldas)
32. D. Feretel (GK, Lastobethio)

Undressed Reserves[b]

A. Arkenitel
K. Orinitel


Home - the Nikean home strip consists of a red jersey. The collar and striping, which is down the sides of the jersey and comes up to the armpit, is navy blue, while there is a navy blue hem on the end of the sleeve, complete with a very thin red line surrounding it. The crest of the jersey appears on the left side of the jersey, over the heart. Names and numbers are written in navy blue. The shorts are navy blue, as are the socks.

Away - the Nikean away strip consists of a white jersey, with the same navy blue trimming. Names and numbers are also navy blue. The shorts and socks are both white.
One Red Dot
29-11-2003, 12:38
The One Red Dot Wolves Head Coach Alvin Ker is pleased to announce the team that will be taking on the World Cup.

The One Red Dot Wolves WCX Roster
[code:1:391ba51aab] WC Exp
No. Name Pos Age Team 6 7 8 9

#01 Stanley MATTHEWS GK 34 Natodrid FC X X X X
#02 Darren MAXWELL GK/ 30 King Mark FC X X X
#10 Jin KOIZUMI^ DE 33 Chisai’nihon FC X X X X
#18 Aki KUHIRAKU DE 33 Chisai'nihon FC X X
#24 Dazaki MIGIRAI DE 34 Chisai'nihon FC X X X
#28 Darryl KEATS DE/ 31 King Mark FC X X X
#16 Yutaro MORIKITSU MF 33 Chisai’nihon FC X X X X
#26 Leonard PRICE MF 34 Natodrid FC X X X
#29 Brendan MARTINS MF 30 King Mark FC X
#19 Minamoto BAKAKU MF/ 33 Chisai’nihon FC X
#04 Gary WHITEMAN SK 31 Natodrid FC X X X X
#20 Komoko GOHARU SK 33 Chisai’nihon FC X X X
#21 Arnold MARKS SK 34 Natodrid FC X X
#23 Chris JOHNSON SK 33 Natodrid FC X
#11 Okanaka NOHEI SK/ 31 Chisai’nihon FC X
#12 Daniel HAMILTON SK/ 27 King Mark FC X
#03 Kawanai MORITSUKA RE 25 Chisai’nihon FC
#05 Joey HAPINGTON RE 23 King Mark FC
#06 Isaac MACPHERSON RE 22 King Mark FC
#09 Presley LAVEN RE 21 Natofrid FC
#07 Anderson REYMAN RE 26 Natofrid FC
#13 Jonathan WEBB RE 25 King Mark FC
#14 Hashigo NAGAHEI RE 25 Chisai’nihon FC
#15 Kenneth NEWTONS RE 21 Natofrid FC
#25 Mitsu MINAKO RE 29 Chisai’nihon FC
#27 Yonai KURI RE 29 Chisai’nihon FC


No changes were done, much to the fact bcos i m lazy.
The Weegies
29-11-2003, 16:26
Yet again, here's the WC roster for The Weegies.

The Weegies strip is remeniscent of the national flag, being blue with a saltire cross on the front and rear of the strip. There is also a small badge of a red star with a football in it - the WFA badge.

All Weegies home games will be played in The People's Stadium, Mackintosh (home of Mackintosh Thistle Celtic, WP champions), except in exceptional circumstances where it will be played at the current runners up, (Mackintosh Armadillos) stadium, the Dear Green Place.

The Team Roster:


Stuart, John (27) (Easter House Islanders)
Weir, Ken (19) (Trams Union Utd)


Black, John (29) (Sauchiehall Utd)
Levinson, Jerry (30) (Hanover Town)
Mardot, Jack (21) (Trams Union Utd)
Thorpe, Gary (19) (Buchanan Haggises)
Hussain, Lemar (32) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
Rapier, Matt (25) (Jameston City)
Harris, Lyle (31) (Soothside Utd)
Zukikov, Yuri (30) (Mackintosh Armadillos)


Harris, Dennis (23) (Barras Heralds)
Ferguson, George (33) (Bellahouston City)
Whyte, Dave (21) (Mackintosh Armadillos)
McMenamin, Harry (29) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
Kincaid, Fred (30) (Barras Heralds)
Fletcher, Neil (16) (Mackintosh Armadillos)
Mahé, Steven (24) (Soothside Utd)
De Bruis, Peter (30) (Buchanan Haggises)


McDuff, Brian (23) (Jameston City)
Ferguson, Seamus (17) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
Quattro, Andy (30) (Bellahouston City)
Smith, Jamie(31) (Mackintosh Armadillos)

Coach is James Mackintyre.

Players removed from squad since WCIX:

McDonald, Kevin (34) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
Anderson, Lyle (33) (Bellahouston City)
Dickinson, Scott (33) (Mackintosh Armadillos)
Devopoulous, Tommy (35) (Mackintosh Thistle Celtic)
Lennison, Kenny (31) (Bearsden Pandas)
Jorgenson, Eric (29) (Mackintosh Armadillos)
Runaway Moose
30-11-2003, 06:06
Runaway Moose... yeah, we are still alive... will be putting up a roster when we can... sigh.
01-12-2003, 22:15
Halfassedstates squad for WC10.

Manager – Jarvis Smith
PA to the Manager - Margo

Noe Wayman (30) *** (Cenataurs)
Pat Jennung (20) * ^ (Platypi)
Bob Refeal (19) (Whogivesa City)

Joe King (30) *** ^ (Platypi)
Bob Francis (32) *** (Whogivesa City)
Vincent Jones (27) ** ^ (The Crew)
Jimmy Wall (27) * ^(Forest)
Ryan Empty (27) * ^ (Forest)
Ian Upton (22) (Cenataurs)
Julie Ducks (20) (Borderers)

Al Bundy (29) *** ^ (Cenataurs)
Mel Ward (31) *** (Platypi)
Hector Lecter (27) ** ^ (The Crew)
Joseph Soap (23) * ^ (Platypi)
Bobby Shields (25) * (The Crew)
Frank Le Madeer (24) * (Wellso)
Pete Perfect (17) (Whogivesa City)
Ewan Totti (17) (Cenataurs)

James Milton (27) ** ^ (Cenataurs)
Alf Gunnet (24) ** ^ (Whogivesa City)
Mark Time (23) * (Wellso)
George Doors (27) * (Platypi) (Out with torn hamstring)
Whoan Totti (19) (Cenataurs)
Freddy Crewgar (29) *** ^ (Orean Utd) {late replacement for Doors}
^ = Probable starting line-up
*** = in squad in WC7
** = in squad in WC8
* = in squad in WC9

Team colours (as always) will be;
(Home) Blue and Green quarters, green shorts and white socks.
(Away) White with a single blue and green band across the chest, blue shorts and socks.
GK Kit - Orange top with green shorts and socks
The team will be captained by Platypi midfielder Joseph Soap.

OCC: as this as taken a stupidly long amount of my time to post, RP'ing of the tremendous start to Halfassed's campaign will being tomorrow
PS. yes the tremendous start bit is sarcastic/ironic ;)
01-12-2003, 22:29
The Akbarland national team for world cup qualifying:
The starters
#1 Aminul Islam - (GK)
#2 Mahbub Alam - (DR)
#5 Adil Rahman - (DL)
#3 Hasan Mohammed - (DC)
#4 Zakir Ahmed -(DC)
#6 Khaled Assad -(ML)
#8 Mossadeq Chowdhury -(MR)
#7 Mohammed Rashid - (MC)
#11 Hamid Kabir -(AMCL)
#9 Zahid Mohammed - (ST)
#10 Samin Akbar - AM/F)
01-12-2003, 22:31
Double post
01-12-2003, 22:32
Triple post
02-12-2003, 00:56
SVECIA (Lightning)

Home - Yellow shirt with blue strip from top right to bottom left, svecian voetbal coat of arms on left chest; blue shorts, blue socks

Away - Black shirt with orange strip from top right to bottom left, svecian voetbal coat of arms on left chest; black shorts, white socks

Team Starters

Tomas Kristiansand
Karl Mayha
Hans Larsson

Gustav Mähler
Mikael Solkjaer
Arnold von der Rein
Olaf Swach
Etars Viernes

Francisco Carati
Hanan Belagt

Piet van Meer

Head Coach:
Tim Sweers
Dark Outcasts
03-12-2003, 13:41
The team is the same as last times however the team have benefitted from a new legal treatment called Common Sense Maximisation. This is a process in which the team tried to get more common sense, in which they aptly failed. The treatment was disbanned as a consquence.

The First Team is as follows:

GK: Tyrion Myasion 1
LB: Yorik Lassender 2
CB: Luke Hydrasia 3
RB: Oren Miko 5
LW: Michael George 6
ML: Rico Paulis 7
MR: Sanif Krekmalla 8
RW: Ben Torros 11
CFL: Anthony Roman 12
CF: Owen Harker 14
CFR: Karl Geddes15

Substitutions will be made from the following:

GK: Drascus Mordath
GK: Kevin Moerton


Johannas Beorn 4
Aslan Hiever 13
Uman Silverman 15
Paulo Sechenko1 6


Gregor Mistral 17
Francis Stafford 18
Teddy Coulthard 9
Michael Taylor 10
Justin Hancock 19


Justin Hancock 20
Michael Kemitt 21

Home colours: Black with white eagle motif
Away colours: White with black eagle motif
The Lowland Clans
06-12-2003, 02:54


Sir Ian Ferrel
Sir Lord Mackintosh

Starters - Forwards
4 - Quentin McHenry
Position: Left Wing

13 - Jack Petterely
Position: Center Left

9 - Kevin Mckeehan
Position: Center Right

29 - George Levi
Position: Right Wing

Starters - Midfielders
17 - Gavin Fleury (Captain)
Position: Center Half

19 - Jones Hallington
Position: Left Half

67 - Pepper Jones
Position: Right Half

Starters - Defenders
45 - Worther Hellen
Position: Left Defense

36 - Jeffery Mckay
Position: Center Defense/Sweeper

12 - Lester Preston
Position: Right Defense

Starters - Goalie
1 - Greg Devore (Assistant)
Position: Goalie

24 - Gessias Philipoussis
Position: Forward

93 - Mark Jeremy
Position: Right Wing

74 - Jessius Ptolomesi
Position Left Wing

34 - Lawrence Feren
Position: Center Half

87 - Chee Blackwing
Position: Right Half

7 - Ferrem George
Position: Left Half

11 - Heath Keller
Position: Center Defense/Sweeper

53 - Colin Henessy
Position: Left Defender

27 - Tom Jeckhert
Position: Right Defender

2 - Xaveir Churror
Position: Goalie
06-12-2003, 04:37
More on Ariddia's players:

Height: 1m84
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 30
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 1 son
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2
Position: Defence

Height: 1m87
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 24
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 1
Position: Substitute goalkeeper

Height: 1m74
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Dark
Age: 31
Marital status: Single
Nationality: West Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2 (for West Ariddia)
Position: Substitute goalkeeper

Height: 1m82
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Arab (pale)
Age: 25
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 1
Position: Substitute defence

Height: 1m78
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Oriental
Age: 28
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 2 daughters
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2
Position: Substitute mid

Height: 1m83
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 21
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Substitute forward

Height: 1m82
Hair colour: Black (greying)
Eye colour: Brown (natural), bright green (lenses)
Skin colour: Brown
Age: 46
Marital status: Divorced, 2 sons, 3 daughters
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 7
Position: Mid, Captain

Height: 1m79
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 37
Marital status: Married (to a man), 1 son (adopted)
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 4
Position: Substitute mid

Height: 1m80
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 38
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 1 son
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 4
Position: Defence

Height: 1m77
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 24
Marital status: Engaged (to a woman), 1 son
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 1
Position: Substitute forward

Height: 1m87
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Arab
Age: 39
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 1 son, 4 daughters
Nationality: Ariddian (by immigration)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 5
Position: Goalkeeper

Height: 1m79
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Dark
Age: 36
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 2 sons, 2 daughters
Nationality: Ariddian (by immigration)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 4
Position: Mid

Height: 1m79
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 26
Marital status: Single
Nationality: North-West Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Defence

Height: 1m81
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 28
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2
Position: Substitute mid

Height: 1m74
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Oriental
Age: 23
Marital status: Engaged (to a man)
Nationality: North-West Ariddian (by immigration)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Mid

Height: 1m72
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Oriental
Age: 23
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 1
Position: Substitute defence

Height: 1m70
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 20
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Substitute defence

Height: 1m78
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Oriental
Age: 30
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 2 sons
Nationality: Ariddian (by immigration)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2
Position: Substitute mid

Height: 1m80
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 22
Marital status: Single
Nationality: West Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Mid

Height: 1m81
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Brown
Age: 35
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 1 son
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth; Native Ariddian)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 3
Position: Defence

Height: 1m87
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 32
Marital status: Married (to a woman), 1 son
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 2
Position: Substitute defence

Height: 1m79
Hair colour: Pale brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 23
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Forward

Height: 1m70
Hair colour: Blond (half dyed blue)
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Caucasian
Age: 22
Marital status: Married (to a woman)
Nationality: West Ariddian (by birth)
Number Cups played so far (excluding WC10): 0
Position: Forward
07-12-2003, 21:28
Heron Teran-age 22-Goalie
Temia Regule-age 19-Midfielder
Aaron Keros-age 24-Defender
Peter Oron-age 26-Defender
Herod Jewel-age 23-Forwarder
Jerry Carot-age 22-Defender
Sarah Nemo-age 20-Midfielder
Samuel Jemun-age 23-Defender
Nomel Sems-age 24-Midfielder
Henry Core-age 25-Forwarder
Green Soren-age 87-Forwarder He's an elf.
Giant Zucchini
18-12-2003, 07:33
Home: Green with yellow trimmings, yellow shorts with green trimmings, GK:Yellow with green trimmings, green shorts with yellow trimmings

Away: Yellow with green trimmings, green shorts with yellow trimmings, GK: Green with yellow trimmings, yellow shorts with green trimmings

Giant Zucchini National Flag on left chest

Starting 11:
1-Oog (Prehistoric F.C.)
One of our most dependable players in the squad. Has incredible reach, has the ability to cover any inch of the goal in one dive. Rarely lets in any goals. Suffers from the occasional lapse of concentration.

2-Aargh (Prehistoric F.C.)
A solid right back who tackles with no fear. Has a danger of getting fouled.

3-Humm (Prehistoric F.C.)
A very solid centre back who will not let anybody past him without a good challenge. Another player who has a danger of getting fouled.

4-Quk (Rentruk Rovers)
A good clearer of the ball who makes runs up the field occasionally. His tackles are not as hard as Humm's or Aargh's, but he has the ability to clear the ball very quickly to the forwards.

5-Thunk (Earl United)
A solid left back with a fierce tackle. Plays the passing game well with Krak and Gung.

7-Kerrnigit (Marauding F.C.)
A quality right winger who can cross with accuracy, dribble with tight control over the ball, and shoot with a deadly curl. Our default free kick taker.

6-Poom (Marauding F.C.)
A centre midfielder with a good eye for passes. His ball control, although not as good as Kerrnigit, can still thread him past defenders. He also has an accurate shot, but it occasionally lacks power.

8-Krak (Earl United)
A centre midfielder with a good pass. Has great interplay with Gung and Thunk.

9-Gung (Earl United)
A left midfielder who makes the occasional run forward. Exhibits great passing with Krak and Thunk. His shots occasionally lack power.

10-Urk (Marauding F.C.) - Captain
Without doubt our best striker in the team. Has brilliant ball control and a devastating shot. However, his best weapon is his versatility. Can beat the keeper from way out, produce a breathtaking curler around the keeper, or simply dribble into the box and lob the ball over the keeper. Occasionally plagued with injury problems.

11-Phoot (Prehistoric F.C.)
A striker with good ball control and no fear of defenders. Has the ability to dribble the length of the field without losing the ball. Can also finish headers well. However, his shots occasionally lack accuracy and power.

12-Zonk (Alan City) - Forward
A striker who has yet to prove himself. Has passion for the sport, but slightly lacking in ability. Has decent ball control, but his shots lack accuracy and power.

13-Narf (Bill United) - Midfielder
A stable midfielder. Has good passing abilities. However, slightly lacking in fitness.

14-Throck (Prehistoric F.C.) - Defender
A stable defender. Usually subbed on when a more defensive style of play is called for. Has a good tackle and a good clearance.

15-Ppakkaddumm (Wurtherington Wanderers) - Midfielder/Forward
An attack minded midfielder who can also play upfront. Has a decent shot. However, slightly lacking in ball control.

16-Machterstrassefurtermorgannachttunggutsprechenbuchlungweighetvolkshvargenshtickshnoff (Dankeschoen F.C.) - Midfielder
A midfielder with a long name. Known to be able to inject flair into a game. Fairly comfortable over the ball. However, his passes lack accuracy and his shots are weak and inaccurate. Also lacking in fitness.

17-Furtermachtermorgstrasluwecragnavonchelsenntungkshvaghugtihetesprishtengckshnoff (Dankeschoen F.C.) - Forward
Machterstrassefurtermorgannachttunggutsprechenbuchlungweighetvolkshvargenshtickshnoff's compatriate in Dankeschoen F.C.. Has blistering pace and an accurate shot. However, he is low on fitness and ball control, his shots lack power, and he has a dreadful first touch of the ball.

18-Faard (Westinghouse-Armature F.C.) - Defender
Has good fitness, quick pace, strong in the air, and tackles hard. However, has poor control over the ball and a horrible shot. Most importantly, his passes are usually errant, which may provide chances for the opponents.

19-Shtaan (Simoleons United) - Forward
A striker with a wicked shot. Despite its speed and power, his shots are very inaccurate, and he usually ends his season with only about 10% of his shots on target. Has good ball control and passing, but lacks stamina and pace.

20-Plaat (Marauding F.C.) - Goalkeeper
Widely seen as the successor to Oog. Is very alert and anticipates rather well. However, he is rather small and his reach is limited. Prone to committing the occassional slip-up.

21-Xcavabar (Atlantis F.C.) - Forward
Plying his trade in Europa Brittania, this forward is strong testament to the strength of Giant Zucchini. An all out charging type striker, has brilliant speed as well as a great position and finishing sense. However, may be slightly lacking in experience and fitness. His long range shots also lack power.

22-Zurk (Wonkerman Wanderers) - Defender
Lately deported back from TnUI, this defender combines defensive grit with attacking flair. A young talent who shows great promise.

23-Woog (Wonkerman Wanderers) - Midfielder
A young talent which caught the eye of Mr Hurr in his first season in the Premiership. Blistering pace and stamina, but lacks experience and composure, and skews most of his shots wide, or straight to the keeper.

24-Messerschmittahugengrossenbiggenfattenheineapmudorischeronzonisonobuonioevrepique (Dankeschoen F.C.) - Defender
A young defender with good pace and a good tackle. However, his fitness is low, and has few attacking traits. His good passing makes up for his lack of positioning ability.

Head Coach: Mr Hurr
18-12-2003, 08:04
Head Coach: Mick Mickelson
Assistants: Lemma Mingstein, Henny Henneman

Starting eleven:

GK: Melanie “Melifluous Mel” Melsterson

Limmette “Lim” Loombacker
Lommie “Lom” Luggins
Lumetta “Lum” Limpster
Lambroche “the Lamb” Lambwhacker

Annette “Greta” Lemlem
Josie “Millicent” Mellem
Darla “the Sub-Human” Lydon

Willette Lemjones
Trixitica Lemsmith
Josephine “the Lemming” Lemspoobagganaggatoratorreador
19-12-2003, 01:25
George McDouglas on:

Where'd he go, man? I mean, one minute he was playing goal for the Lemmitanian team, and now he's dropped off the face of the Earth.

Man, that's too bad. He played a mean bass in his spare time.
28-12-2003, 05:56
George McDouglas on:

Where'd he go, man? I mean, one minute he was playing goal for the Lemmitanian team, and now he's dropped off the face of the Earth.

Man, that's too bad. He played a mean bass in his spare time.

Mr. Lally was reported missing during an exhibition tour of our lovely nation. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

--Sultan Prime