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11-11-2003, 02:17

Is an organization which spreads common laws throughout it’s member nations.

Introduction to the Similarism ideology:

Most of the conflicts throughout history occurred due to differences. The religion of one nation was contrary to the religion of another nation and the conflict was born. Racism developed because people of differences dwelled together. Differences in language, culture, skin color and ideology, all aroused conflicts. Thus we establish that source of a conflict is difference between people.

Threat to Europe:
As we all are well aware, European nations have a great history of culture and traditions. They are all connected with each other, yet all are unique and independent. Mixing of nations is a threat to those traditions and cultures. Mixed offspring’s grow without any sense of patriotism, cultural pride and etc. due to a plain fact that they lack a solid fatherland.

If this continues, only names of once great countries will be all that’s remaining.

Initial laws:
1.) Foreigners may not permanently reside within a nation in question. They must be accompanied and financially supported to ensure their quick and safe departure to their homeland nation.
2.) If 50% of a persons blood is that of native origin then that is enough to qualify for permanent residence. Which means that anybody who has less than 50% of native blood in their veins is considered a foreigner.
3.) Those who are caught “mixing” after Similarism was established in a given country will be sentenced to five years of forced labor; thus providing force to build-up infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, roads and S-prisons.
- Similarism Prisons: contain criminals that violated Similarism laws. These are low-security level, relatively comfortable containment locations.
Chairman conducts polls within organization on new laws. To prevent this organization (Similarism) from being looked upon as an attempt of the founder country to gain some sort of power or influence, it is now a RULE that the founder nation (The Great Ukraine) may not gain a Chairman’s seat. This will exclude all falsified illusions.

This is rather radical or even reactionary proposition, but the only one that can keep Europe – European. I doubt that this organization will have many if any followers/members. That’s why I post this just to see if anybody would consider joining it in the future when it’s fully developed. Right now, it’s just a general draft of the real thing.
11-11-2003, 04:31
just moving it up, for further (negative probably) voting
11-11-2003, 04:33
"ism" would denote a philosophy independant of an organization rather than an international organization.

And no, I have no interest in joining a white supremacist organization.
11-11-2003, 04:40
It is not a white supermacist organization. It can as equally protect, for example, an african nation from white interventions.