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Barbarosea Armed Forces

11-11-2003, 01:16
Notes: Army deployed to -Chaos
-9th-15th Fleets deployed to SC-Omz222 conflict
-UVC's 1-6 deployed to water outside Omz222
-J-MOB Deployed to water outside Omz222

Air Force
36 UVC's
10,000 Tek-2’s
7500 Z-1b's
5000 Z-4’s
4000 F-14's
2000 YF-23’s
2000 Z-8’s
1000 Z-2’s
1000 ORCA Fighters
500 ORCA Bombers
500 Sea Kings
500 B-2's
500 F-117's
500 Iceblades
500 Z-3’s
50 Anarchrist1’s
20 J-2's

18,940,000 total army
12,000,000 active, 6,940,000 defenders (reserves)
10,000,000 troops armed with Type-1 Battledresses (All active) and LIR-1 rifles
2,000,000 troops armed with Type-3b Battledresses (All active) and MPR rifles
50,000 Hawk Class APC’s
20,000 H.A.L.O's
10,000 Jeeps
5000 Hummers, B2 design
5000 Motorcycles
5000 M1-A2G's
5000 Behemoths MBT
1000 Mk_II battltalons
50 bombardment cannons

Barbarosean Regular Fleets:
1 Titan Class Carrier
3 Ticonderoga Missile Cruisers
3 Arleigh Burke Missile Destroyers
4 Oliver Hazard Perry All Purpose Frigates
3 Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines
3 PT-B boats
2 Skiving Class AEGIS Destroyers
2 Iowa Class Battleship
1 Sea Shadow
1 Pegasus Patrol Boat
1 Arsenal Ship
1 Helicopter Assault Ship
Total: 26 ships

Barbarosean Secondary Fleet:
1 Crimmond class super carrier
3 Steel class cruiser
1 Ohio class missile sub
1 Virginia class attack sub
3 D-036
Total: 9 ships

Head Fleet:
1 Command Ship
1 Joint-Mobile Offshore Base
1 Escort Carrier
2 Hospital Ships
10 Seahorse class subs
10 Uchern Attack Subs
26 Escort Frigates
10 Escort Destroyers
Total: 65 ships

Special Ops
500,000 ghosts (regular specOps men)
200,000 rainbows (elite specOps men)
200,000 black cells (elite single Ops men)
100,000 Jagg's (assassins, elitists)

48 Elite Jagg crossovers.

This will be updated regulary
12-11-2003, 00:33
comments welcome
12-11-2003, 00:38
OOC: Wow! I would have thought you would have had a much bigger navy. 1 million special ops?? Egad!
12-11-2003, 00:42
OOC: Egad?

My navy is....482 ships, I think it's big enough.
12-11-2003, 00:42
Just have to say that SpecOps is generally less than 1% of whatever force they come from.

What force percentage are you using? Ie, what % pop is in the military. And, whats your support setup? I think some of your Army numbers are nearing the decimal point off mark.... :wink:

And that is an awfully small Navy.

Ok, I think I'm done picking on you.
12-11-2003, 00:49
My SpecOps is enlarged, but they come from the army, and my army is 12 mil, + the defenders which i can't deploy, and they're reservests, so i think it's pretty reasonible
12-11-2003, 00:55
OOC: Egad?

My navy is....482 ships, I think it's big enough.

OOC: I could have swore things were changed since the time I posted until now. But more than likely I missed the x15 and x3. Ah well.

And the "egad" remark was directed at the amount of special ops you have.

What idoes MAAD and AAAS stand for?

*reminds self to one day post military for criticism*

12-11-2003, 00:58
MAAD-Massive Anti-Air Destroyer

AAAS-All-purpose Anti-Air Ship

for stats, and a decripition, and pics (not really), go to
12-11-2003, 00:59
TM, Barbarosea.
12-11-2003, 01:02
MAAD-Massive Anti-Air Destroyer

AAAS-All-purpose Anti-Air Ship

for stats, and a decripition, and pics (not really), go to

OOC: Thank you for the explanation. Shall I put that link in my shameless TDP advertisement?
12-11-2003, 01:05
sure, if you want to...
12-11-2003, 01:06
You know the "Y" in YF-23 means "prototype", right? :P
12-11-2003, 01:15
Yes, but I like the YF-23 better then the F-22, it just seemed better to me, so we made it combat ready.
12-11-2003, 01:20