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Pacifist Mindset gone; Elections Take Place.

The Mindset
11-11-2003, 01:10
Crowds stretch as far as the eye can see, blurring the horizon in all directions. Elections were once again occuring within The Mindset.

50 years between elections is a lifetime for some - especially Pr'Varia Dancos, current Prime - for over 300 years on and off. Between terms he had been chryogenically frozen to preserve his leadership skills. Under him, The Mindset was a pacifist utopia - there had been no war under his rule.

The crowds become silent as the hovering loudspeakers crackle and distort.

"Election #8,411 - Year of 3776. Senate vote results as follows:

echo01;, Artificial Intelligence Party : 5%
Julma Hunrik, War Party : 11%
Lin'Dah Kahn, National Socialist : 23%
Pr'Varia Dancos, Science and Pacifism Party : 61%

Senate votes count for 5% of overall votes. Senate votes for Pr'Varia."

The crowd cheers louder. It seems like yet another sure victory for the Pacifist party.

"People vote result as follows:

echo01;, Artificial Intelligence Party : 17%
Julma Hunrik, War Party : 82%
Lin'Dah Kahn, National Socialist : 0.5%
Pr'Varia Dancos, Science and Pacifism Party : 0.5%

People vote counts for 95% of overall votes. People vote for Julma."

The crowd becomes silent - a deathly, hollow silence.

"The new Prime is Prime Julma Hunrik of the War Party. Please cheer for your new leader!"

The loudspeakers crackle again. The crowd is silent. Pacifism in The Mindset is over.

~Prime Julma Hunrik,
The Unified Empire of The Mindset.

11-11-2003, 01:16
"WHOA, NOT BAD!!!" Jimathon yelled at the computer. It had been a long couple of years, an a freakish yet attractive leader was just what he needed, as well as an ally...