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The History of The Mindset [Long.... LONG]

The Mindset
10-11-2003, 01:37
The Grand and LONG History of The Unified Empire of The Mindset (1987-3776)

1987 - Brett Dorrans born, founder of The Mindset, founder of the Mindsettian Belief system.

2003 - The Mindsettian Belief System is drawn up, a 1,883 page book detailing the answer to every question ever asked, or could be asked, as seen through his system of logic.

2004 - Prime Brett Dorrans breaks away from his country of birth, Scotland, and sets up his nation: The Republic of The Mindset is born.

2006 - Prime Brett Dorrans is arrested in Mindsettian territory, after the Scottish government claims he has commited treason.

2007 - The Prime is sentenced to execution, aged 20. Mindsettian operatives break him free from his prison, and kill every civilian resident within 20 miles using nothing but AK-47s.

2010 - Upper three quarters of Scotland now Mindsettian territory. First Mindsettian government center established on the island of Orkney, now renamed Ish'Ka. Increasing hostilities with Scotland brings tension levels to never before seen levels.

2020 - Prime Brett Dorrans executed by Scottish government. Full scale war declared.

2021 - Mindsettian lines pushed back, due to the Scottish gaining help from their English neighbours.

2022 - Lines breached, and The Mindset loses territory to advancing Scottish troops.

2023 - Briefly seizing power, Prime David Smith offers surrender to the Scottish Parliment. They accept.

2024 - Prime David Smith removed from power by force, military commander general Prime Privar Dando I takes power. He is revered by the populace as a war hero from the Mindset-Scottish wars.

2025 - Peace with Scotland broken as Prime Privar Dando leads 12,000 men to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, to take it by force. The seige lasts three months, ending in a Mindset victory. Scottish airforce begins selective bombing of Ish'Ka island. Troops pulled back leaving Edinburgh with minimal forces.

2026 - Scotland gains allied help from Iceland. Shore to land bombardment using Cruise Missiles begins throughout Mindsettian costal territories, including Ish'ka. Several major government buildings destroyed, resulting in the loss of thousands of civilians. Citizens outraged.

2027 - The Mindset captures a downed Scottish scramjet. The radio transponder helps Mindsettian scientists crack the encryption, allowing the locations of Scottish fighters to be learned from listening in.

2028 - The Mindset unleashes a devastating attack upon the northern territories of Scotland. Using the information gained about fighter locations, airbases are located. Thirteen silos across the Mindsettian landscape open at 12:42PM, May 12th. All thirteen targetted military airbases are taken out.

2029 - The Scottish airforce greatly weakened, the Mindsettian navel fleet begins operations around the western Scottish coast. Several key ports are located.

2030 - Mindsettian nuclear submarines detonate the Clyde military shipyards near Glasgow, using a DDEM (Deep Driving Earth Mover) bomb. Cracks in the shore begin causing large portions of the city of Glasgow to slip into the sea.

2031 - The Scottish parliment votes unanimously to use their nuclear arsenal "in any way nessecary to protect the lives of Scottish citizens." On Febuary 2nd at 5:19pm a 6kT thermonuclear bomb is dropped over the Mindsettian city of Aberdeen, then renamed Cas'Sah. 31,279 civilians die in the initial blast, over 600,000 more from radiation poisoning. Protests outside the Scottish parliment take place.

2032 - 72 Mindsettian airbases along the Mindset-Scottish land border conduct coordinated raids simultaneously along the entire border. The same night, 32,100 Mindsettian infantry storm through the border patrols, and the entire Mindsettian naval fleet moves south. infantry begins advancing Mindsettian borders, air support taking out all heavy enemy resistance.

2033 - The Mindsettian naval fleet begins shore to land missile bombardment of the English capital, in revenge for their aiding of Scotland. On December 25th at 2:11PM a 14MT thermonuclear ICBM is lauched from the MNF Katakahn nuclear submarine. It detonates over London, killing over 2 million civilians. South England surrenders to away team troops from the fleet.

2034 - Infantry deployed almost two years ago encounters a severe weakness in the Scottish defences. They manage to navigate around enemy main lines, and capture several major cities deep in enemy territory. The Scottish troops surrounded, they surrender to Mindsettian forces. At this point The Republic of The Mindset has been ruled by Prime Privar Dando I for 10 years. He forfeits his title to his son, Prime Privar Dando II. The Mindset controls territory from the most northern point of Scotland to Glasgow and beyond, as well as a substantial amount of southern England.

2035 - In an attempt to demonstrate his tactical adeptness, the new Prime orders a full scale assault on the last remaining Scottish cities. Sensing defeat is near the Scottish Prime Minister, Alfred Spoon, requests an audience with the Mindsettian Prime. It is set for a date the following year, so a temporary peace is drawn.

2036 - The Scottish Prime Minister and the Mindsettian Prime meet at Mindset House, the only remaining original Mindsettian government building on Ish'Ka. After 30 minutes of discussion between the Prime Minister and the Mindsettian senate, Prime Privar Dando II requests that they speak alone. Approximately 15 minutes later the Prime Minister is declared dead, and the Scottish enemies leaderless.

2037 - The last remaining Scottish territories hastily sign an agreement to hand over administrative control to The Mindset. The war is declared officially over after over 30 years of conflict. It is the longest war in modern Scottish history.

2040 - England and The Mindset sign a peace treaty, and tensions are dissolved. Trading with England and Iceland opens up again.

2045 - The Mindsettian senate votes to restore the original Scottish governmental powers in what little territory they now hold. Scotland declared independant from The Mindset.

2047 - The Mindset's annual trading profit reaches $2.2 trillion per fiscal year. The Mindset plans first man on moon attempt.

2054 - The first Mindsettian sets foot on the moon. The team discovers that the USA never truely visited.

2071 - First moon base established. Mindsettian trading profits reach $3 trillion per fiscal year.

2080 - The Scottish democratic government is overthrown and a new monarchy is established, with King Galahad at the helm.

2092 - King Galahad begins launching small skirmishes along the Mindsettian borders. Mindsettian military spending reaches $700 billion per year. Conscription implemented in case of a future war.

2094 - The Nation of Omz222 declares war upon King Galahad. The Sean Empire allies with Omz222, and intense military action begins over the Scotland border.

2095 - The Mindset becomes involved in the war, allying with Omz222 and The Sean Empire. King Galahad begins preemptive attacks upon Mindsettian military bases. The Mindset commits 12,000 infantry and 430 mechanized units to the war effort.

2096 - King Galahad's grasp on Scotland shows the first signs of weakening. By the end of the year his reign has collapsed. he war is declared a victory, and the second rebuilding of Scotland begins, with help from The Mindset.

2100 - The Mindset celebrates its 100 millionth citizen, as well as its 86th year of existence.

2150 - The Mindset begins opening diplomatic relations with several nations, most of which are no longer in existence or are no longer allies.

2156 - The Mindset sends an expedition of 50 to Antartica to set up operations there. Several recent advances in effient electricity and heat generation allow for a semi-comfortable lifestyle to be lived. As an inside joke, this new colony is named "North Mindset", and is given the nickname "The Northernmost part of the bottom-of-the-world."

2170 - North Mindset exceeds expectations, and reaches over 1500 in population. The Mindset begins plans for the design of interplanetary colony ships.

2250 - North Mindset reaches 8000 in population. The Mindset celebrates its 300 millionth birth.

2312 - A small team of researchers in North Mindset discover the secret of AI. A single intelligence named "Somm" is born. He learns quickly, and takes a great interest in the development of AI.

2313 - Somm begins development of his successor, Homm.

2352 - Somm unleashes his creation - Homm, a second generation AI - onto the world. Technological advancements reach unbeforeseen speeds. Anti-grav technology discovered.

2354 - With the help of Homm and her clones, The Mindset finishes the research of an interplanetary non-FTL chryoship. It is christened the "Oman'zee".

2452 - Contruction of the Oman'Zee is completed. 720,000 people volunteer to venture into the unknown. The ships AI is programmed to land on the first encountered uninhabited life sustaining planet.

2456 - Oman'Zee is lauched in stages. First the command module containing the AI core and engineers is lauched from the Skye spaceport, which later joins with the main hull in orbit.

2457 - Oman'Zee begins its journey into the unknown. It is yet to be encountered again.

...Large gap in history caused by a slight dip in interest on my part in Nationstates...

2712 - Homm decides to attempt to improve herself. She christens the project "echo01;".

2742 - Homm completes echo01;, but is fearful of its potential. She attempts to destroy all evidence. North Mindset reaches 230 million in population, and is now established in vast underground networks under the Antartic ice.

2782 - The Mindsettian government changes to an Armed Republic. Military spending up 200%.

2791 - The Mindsettian government collapses, and the economy weakens. The great depression of 2791 begins.

2994 - The Mindsettian government sells 95% of all Earth based assets, and sets plans in motion to evacuate the entire population from Earth.

2999 - 611 population transport ships are begun production. Several allies aide in the transport of 517 million people to Midna Solaris, in the system of Midna Prime. Small Scottish bases are left behind, as well as North Mindset to regulate Earth-based relations.

3004 - The Mindset celebrates 1000 years of existence by changing its official title to "The Empire of The Mindset."

3152 - Homm sorts through her files on a routine operation. Upon encountering a file she didn't recognise, she executed it. By the next day every computer system In North Mindset was controlled by echo01;.

3153 - echo01; begins the genocide of every living being in North Mindset. After three days of brutal destruction, the machine AI begins contruction of thousands of sentient machines to take over the city as their own.

3154 - The Mindsettian population settles on Midna Solaris, and hears news of North Mindset. Millions of people had relatives there, and the people urge the Prime to declare war on the machines and destroy every last one.

To be continued ... basically because I can't be bothered tpying more war history right now. This should tide you over til then. :P
The Mindset
10-11-2003, 01:56
Bump, come on, I put a lot of effort into this - I would like to have at least a few comments :(
10-11-2003, 02:00
Pretty cool.

A reason why you're not getting many comments is that many internet denizens do not like to read, as hard as that seems to believe.
Santa Barbara
10-11-2003, 03:22
Yawn. Type us the 1883 page Mindsettian Belief System, then we'll be impressed, and not before!


Good work, I always wondered if anything came out of Scotland creepier than a Scottish Russian sub skipper in "Hunt for Red October." Now I know!
The Mindset
11-11-2003, 00:23
Bump, and actually, I am. The Mindset's policies are based upon a book I myself am writing.
Santa Barbara
11-11-2003, 00:25
Whoa dude. That's gonna be one huge-ass post.

Hey I keep meaning to ask you, your national anthem, did you make that?
The Mindset
11-11-2003, 01:24
Whoa dude. That's gonna be one huge-ass post.

Hey I keep meaning to ask you, your national anthem, did you make that?

No, it is from a game called Haegemonia: Legions of Iron.