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Military Alliance

09-11-2003, 05:52
Hello Humans and non-humans.

I am here to propose an idea. Not a new idea. Not something that has never been tried before. A Military Alliance. There shall be a region, but moving there will be option but I would prefer if you did come. We will protect each other, but also the world of NationStates from people who are out to ruin the fun of this game. So if you are interested, please reply or TG me. First on the list will be the election for the UN delegate.
09-11-2003, 06:01
great idea. but i dont really care. i know im completely off topic, but no one is looking at MY post, so:

I created a region several days ago. Currently, my nation is very small, and so is my region, with a population of just four countries. However, I am hoping they will both grow. My region is pretty cool because I have maps of the region on a website, along with stats and economies and all the more subtle things about our nations that tends to fail to provide. For this reason, any wars that we have in 'The Payse Basin Nations' will be WAY cool, because we will have diagrams and so forth on all of our threads showing the actual movement of troops & supplies. All the threads to do with us will be archived on the website ( and I might even put up animations of the spread of nations over time, and their growth and everything.

Anyways the point of this is to ask people if they want to join my region. You must be under 100 million populationwise and you must be willing to share some of the work that all this archiving and map-making involves. Post something if it appeals to you! Bye peoples.