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Confederacy of Unification for Better Future

09-11-2003, 03:35
May it be known, that today 0858003.M 3 IC, the five Sovereign States: The Sanctum Officium of Sinless, The Invinicible Realm of OWK, The Penal Colony of Ursland, The Gorzelnia of Bolsowo and The Corporation of NeuBauhaus determines, that they will sign a treaty, that will will united those states in work for development ,security and moral purity.
From now on every of signer of this treaty:
1) will defend together against any outside agresion
2) will liquidate any inter-merchant-taxes
3) will have a full free hand in creating it`s own domestic politic, however, the foreign politic will be coordinated through new created High Council.
The High Council consist, as enlisted:
a) High Military Advisor Prinz Kurt Steyer-Neumann (Neu Bauhaus)
b) High Politic Advisor Dawid Ryszka (Ursland)
c) High Trade and Economic Advisor Konrad J (Bolsowo)
d) High Spiritual Advisor Brother Andres Ghent Macharius (Sinless)
e) High Inventive Advisor TaSS van Burfoot (OWK)

For the knowledge of everyone together and all on their own.