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Lunatic Retard Robots
09-11-2003, 03:08
Is my fleet a decent size for a nation of my qualities?

Strike Class:

3,500 Various fighters (Super Acolyte Class, Sajuuk Class)
1,300 various corvettes (Scimitar class, Scythe Class)
1,500 Bombers (Various Types)
500 Arrow II Class scouts

Resource/Non-Combat Class:

200 Explorer/Science Frigates (Olof Palme Class)
4 Medical Frigates (Hippocrates Class, by Klonor)
900 Various Resourcing craft
200 Various Ore Processing/Transport Craft
500 remote sensor units

Frigate Class:

30 Demios Class
100 Flak Frigates
150 Torpedo Frigates
100 Patrol Frigates (Raider Class)

Capitol ship Class:

150 Revelation II Class Pocket Destroyers
10 Warhammer Class Destroyers (By Pedaphiliac)
5 Orion Class Destroyers (By Klonor)
30 Abraham Lincoln battlecruisers (Dreadnaughts)

Mothership/Battlecarrier Class:

4 Michael Strogoff Class Battlecarrier
1 Edmond Haley Class Super Dreadnaught (Under Construction)
1 Traveling Mothership (LRRSV Unnecessarily Large)
1 Harbor Ship (LRRSV Hugo)


The Terminal Restaurant/Bar
Deep Space #s 1, 2, 3, 45, 9, 7
Seneca Base on Mars (Possible)

Utility Class:

Ground Units:

200,000 Marines (Armed with plasma cannons, nuclear blasters)
1< Battlemechs
Various Other ground vehicles. Some main types are the Letzelle APC and Dunderhead Fast Scout tanks

Note: The Emancipator class and Denny Class are out of service, as are the James Audobon class and the Arrow class is being phased out.

Note: All capital and Mothership class vessels have science mission capability and medical capability. LRR possesses no weapons of mass destruction.
Lunatic Retard Robots
10-11-2003, 02:27
10-11-2003, 02:33
Seems good to me! As long as your not like some other nations with a bunch of 30 mile long planet killers, and you don't have 3 million fighters, thwen you're ok with me!

Here's my stats, I try to keep them low:

The following is the current Active Space fleet of the Capsule Corporation. These are ships that are not being sold, and we do not count our exporting stock in these numbers.

We are approaching a war, so we are increasing our military a little bit, but we have not activated all our assets still.

Capital Foldships:
1 Valiance-Class All-Purpose Flagship
1 Kryptonite Cruiser
12 Kryptonite-Class (Variated) Cruisers
22 Kolob-Class Carriers
24 Moroni-Class BattleCruisers
14 Patriarch-Class Super-Shuttles

Capital Hyperships:
92 Omni-Class Frigates
214 Tachyon-Class Corvettes
36 Cargo Shuttles
162 Reflex-Class Corvettes
46 Celestial-Class Farad Frigates

360 Mahonri-Moriancumers
592 CCF-16 StarFalcons
756 CCF-7 Senines
520 CCF-11 TrickFighters

637 Legolas-Class SkaterMecha
488 Samson-Class SkaterMecha

Active Military Personnel:
50,000 StarShip Crew
3,000 Mecha/Starfighter Pilots
1,932,000 Infantry
3500 Special Forces (

CC Technology:

Vehicles and Vessels (
Farad Technology (
Chlorophusion Technology (
LiquidMetal^2 Armor Technology (
Chloro-Borg Technology (
FTL Technologies (
Steel Butterfly
10-11-2003, 02:39
You can't own deep space 9 :wink:
Lunatic Retard Robots
10-11-2003, 21:52
You can't own deep space 9 :wink:

Youz right! Make that deepspace 8.9 repeating.