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08-11-2003, 17:55
Semi OOC: Ok as I find that the Constitutional Monarchy is a boring thing I'm am going to restart RPING Perfect China as a Communist nation, so after Madame Mao's death I am going to RP that Nah Tan Mao, the daughter of Chairman Mao and Madame Mao takes control of the country.

IC: She had been waiting for this day her whole life, the day that she took control of Perfect China and directed the Communist Revolution to new heights. Nah Tan Mao stood on the Gates of Heavenly Peace, overlooking the renamed People's Square, the crowd thaat numbered over a million spectators waved banners that had her face on them and on the banners was the latest slogan For a Glorious Dawn into the Perfect Communist System! Nah then took her oath as President of Perfect China.

"My People! Today is a good day, even though my mother, Jiang Ching Mao has died the Mao family remains, I shall carry the banner of Revolution in the name of the People until my last breath until the entire world has been painted the glorious color red! We shall endure and grow stronger even though we have lost a star in the heaven of Communism we shall make a new star to be the beacon of hope and of revolution. Long live the Proletarian Dictatorship!

The cheers of the crowd were heard all across the old city of Beijing, the eternal sign that Communism was here to stay. The images of Nah's rise to power and of the speech were transmitted all across the earth.
President Nah Tan Mao
The United People’s States of Perfect China
08-11-2003, 18:05
"Do you think the transmitter still works Yuri?"
"Who knows it's been used a bazillion times already so it'll prolably work again...but you never know with that old scrapthing."
"You sayed it... okay, now how do i turn this sucker on?"
"Just hit it hard, Ivan. Like you always do with it."
"Okey dokey. *Hits transmitter*"

"This is the USSSK speaking. Greetings comrades! Warm greetings to you! *KGGGT* Communism is good, and you realize it! We'd like to open relations with you! *KGGGT* Until later!"

"I really think we should ask the government for more funding so we can get a new transmitter"

-Ivan&Yuri, our Diplomatic And Not-So-Diplomatic Affairs team :D