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Join us if you want to win!

08-11-2003, 13:45
The region of "a call to arms" wants you! This relatively new region needs new and experienced players alike in its quest to defend the righteous and invade the hostile. If you're interested in being a member of, what will soon be, the most powerful army in nationstates then telegram me or simply join "a call to arms"!
08-11-2003, 13:51
Fools you are, for in whose eyes are the "righteous" so? And in whose eyes the "hostile"? For, after all, in other eyes the "righteous" may be conquerors seeking to spread their truth by force, and the "hostile" merely defending themselves....
08-11-2003, 13:55
The "righteous" are the regions who are friendly to us and the "hostile" those who try and invade our allies or us.
08-11-2003, 13:56
win what exactly the goal is inner enlightenment of universal balance - life and death, creation and destruction mear destruction does not win you anything but hatred and remorse. yes you may win money, land....whores yet you will never better yourself and will eventually consume yourself.

Buidings are mearly buildings they can be burnt down but the truth and inner light is within the temples of our heart and soul.
08-11-2003, 14:00
But one cannot achieve inner enlightenment when under the threat of hostile nations can one? Firstly one must defend oneself, then when there is no longer any threat one can concentrate fully on enlightenment.
08-11-2003, 14:31
They were both silent for a measure of moments, and then Syme’s speech came with a rush, like the sudden foaming of champagne.
“Professor,” he cried, “it is intolerable. Are you afraid of this man?”
The Professor lifted his heavy lids, and gazed at Syme with large, wide-open, blue eyes of an almost ethereal honesty.
“Yes, I am,” he said mildly. “So are you.”
Syme was dumb for an instant. Then he rose to his feet erect, like an insulted man, and thrust the chair away from him.
“Yes,” he said in a voice indescribable, “you are right. I am afraid of him. Therefore I swear by God that I will seek out this man whom I fear until I find him, and strike him on the mouth. If heaven were his throne and the earth his footstool, I swear that I would pull him down.”
“How?” asked the staring Professor. “Why?”
“Because I am afraid of him,” said Syme; “and no man should leave in the universe anything of which he is afraid.”

-- G. K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday