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The Awakening

08-11-2003, 08:18
The lone elf was near the end of his journey. After flying into Port Aurora from his home in Menlemacari Tulkas, he had rented a small civilian shuttle. That was an hour ago. He was currently above the mountain range that made up a large portion of Karmabaijan and Scolopendra, inside Suuntoian airspace. His destination was Suunto’s capital city of Valeria, set at the base of the mountain range. Far below, the occasional mining operation was visible, its workers laboring to supply the materials for the fleets in orbit, and the cities on, and underneath, Titan.

Look at them, spoiling the beautiful environment that they themselves helped to create! All for what? A new spaceship? More material goods? Almost as bad as those Karmabaijan Milespire abominations.

On the horizon, Valeria appeared. It lacked the normal vestiges of a major city: no skyscrapers, or visible industry, no network of roads or walkways. The only thing denoting its presence on the surface was a small spaceport and a sprawl of housing and small businesses. The majority of the city was below ground, in what was one of the first mines on Titan, and Suunto’s first Arcology, before the Terraforming.

There is no connection here; the life here feels as dead as a barren wasteland. Still, someone must protect what seeds of life have been planted, and maybe, beyond the lives of these mortals, those seeds can be nurtured…but not if they destroy them all first.

Suddenly, the radio blares to life, startling him out of his thoughts.

“Aircraft on the 080 radial, this is Valeria Control. You are entering our airspace and do not appear to have your transponder operational. Please identify yourself.”

Humans and their identification. So impatient all the time.

He reaches down and flips on the transponder, simultaneously keying the voicecomm.

“This is Sierra-2-Zulu, requesting approach vectors.”

“Sierra-2-Zulu, we have your flight plan. Activate your auto-approach and release the controls, we have you.”

“Roger, control turned over to automatic.”
08-11-2003, 08:22
08-11-2003, 08:50
Executive Offices of SuuN Corp, 200 meters below the spaceport

“Sir, he is here.”

Director of Mining Operations Zat Stolinyov looks up from the report he was reading as his assistant pauses at the door.


“Olassiëdil Tavásion, sir.” Receiving a confused look in return, he quickly adds, “Of, Ninquetasarë Tincolattar, Inc. The Menelmacari firm that wants to take a look at our operations.”

“Oh, him.” Zat places his hands, permanently dirty looking from years in the mines, on the desk, and stands. He throws on his suit jacket and follows the orderly to the lift. “Did you find out anthing about this guy?”

“Yes, sir. A few interesting tidbits as well. Turns out he is a Silvan, one of the especially tree-hugging tribes. Several published papers on the lack of a “life-connection,” or some nonsense, here on Titan.”

“What is he doing working for a mining company then?”

“Seems he is a specialist on environmental impact of mining operations. Apparently it is a big business for them.”

“Environmental impact? We never fully terraformed the land that our mines are on so we wouldn’t have to deal with that! Anything that has grown has done so on its own, and we spend millions on protecting the environment around the mines!”

“I know sir, but this deal is contingent on his findings, so I took the liberty of scheduling the inspection at the Innsbruck facility.”

“Good man.”

The lift reaches the surface, and the two step out, both inhaling the fresh, if thin, air. Tavásion’s craft is just pulling up to the terminal. They walk out, as a ground vehicle with the insignia of Suuntoian Customs on the side, pulls up. A man steps out, with low-level government official written all over him. Cheap suit, hands that looked as if they had never seen a tool, and of all things, a slight suntan. The man instantly recognizes Zat.

“Mr. Stolinyov, I apologize. Our office was not informed that this was official corporate business. I’ll be on my way.”

“Of course you will. Have a pleasant day.” The words roll off of his tongue dripping with contempt directed towards the amount of time he spends above ground.
08-11-2003, 09:24
08-11-2003, 09:34
The elf gets out of the aircraft, just in time to witness the exchange. He says nothing. Zat’s assistant bows deeply, “Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo, (A star shines on the hour of our meeting) Olassiëdil Tavásion. Please allow me to introduce Zat Stolinyov, Director of Operations for SuuN Corp.”

Tavásion returns a short bow. “A pleasure to meet you,” adding in his mind, “you rapist”. “I am anxious to begin my business here. Are you prepared to leave?”

“Of course.” A car pulls up on cue, and whisks the trio to a large hanger with the SuuN Corp logo plastered across the side. The door opens revealing a KCTS ExecJet corporate aircraft inside. A crewmember shows them into the well appointed cabin, and the craft is airborne in minutes, heading at high mach to the Innsbruck mining facility. Not a word is said between the passengers.

Disgusting humans. Force me to sit upon the dead hide of a slaughtered animal. For what? So that I can tell them that their token efforts at low impact mining are hardly acceptable? Seems like a grand waste of time, for them.

Far below, the mountains are left behind, giving way to a Steppe of naturally occurring Titan grasses, spotted occasionally with light forests. The pilot calls out that he is beginning his approach, and it is soon apparent as to the reasoning behind the choice of this facility for the tour. The plane came to land vertically upon a simple plascrete slab, much larger than the aircraft, but not overtly so, next to which sat a simple plascrete 3 story building. Stepping off of the aircraft, the first words since the greeting were exchanged.

“Mr. Tavásion, welcome to SuuN Corp’s Innsbruck mining facility, our highest output mine on Titan.”

Tavásion slowly looks around. The facility backs up to a light deciduous forest, the steppe common to the whole of the Suunto lowlands making up the rest of the view, but nary a piece of mining equipment was in sight. He looks to Zat with an obvious amount of confusion, and startles somewhat as the ground seems to dropout beneath his feet.
08-11-2003, 10:06
The once solid landing pad descends into the Titanian surface, bringing the ExecJet with it, to a cavernous underground hanger. The ExecJet is quickly towed off of the elevator as an CorporateCargoLoki moves into position and ascends under its own power to the surface.

“Welcome to the real Innsbruck. The hangar facility is capable of loading/servicing 6 Loki class cargo ships at a time. From here, materials destined for the fleets go to orbital processing facilities, while those destined for use on Titan go to our regional facilities. We are standing on top of the richest known deposit of raw material on Titan, with over 20 kilometers of tunnels extending over 2 kilometers deep. As you can see, surface impact is negligible.”

Zat couldn’t be sure, but the elf actually seemed impressed.

“Mr. Stolinyov, this…was unexpected. We had no idea that you had progressed so far.”

A tour ensues, Tavásion being shown the mining tunnels, sorting facilities and other general operations. He notices that the Suuntoians seem to enjoy the work. The group returns to the surface.

“I believe that I would like to have a look around the local area…alone if you do not mind.”

“Of course. When you are ready to return, just have the receptionist inside the office building page us.

Tavásion sets off without another word, heading into the forest.
08-11-2003, 10:20
Suunto Government Facility, Valeria

President Foreman sits in his briefing room, advisors gathered around. His Science Advisor, Doctor Zhukovshyn stands, and addresses the group.

“Mister President, we now have 17 confirmed cases. 11 births by normal Suunto citizens to what appears to be elven children, and 6 births of children that have abnormal bone structure, and an odd genetic sequence that seems to indicate that they will never reach normal height. Far from it in fact.”

“Do we know what is causing this? Is it some kind of epidemic?”

“We cannot determine the cause sir. The children have been taken to the Science Bureau’s labs and isolated. We are trying to determine a cause now.”

“Send your data out to the rest of the Triumvirate, but send it inconspicuously. Don’t give a reason, just make it a standard request for information. Maybe they will know something of it. We don’t exactly have the best data on other species. I want you to ensure that nothing of this discussion leaves this room, and that the doctors and nurses that delivered the children receive a ‘talking too.’ If it were to get out that citizens of this great nation were giving birth to Outsiders, there would be hell to pay.”
The Most Glorious Hack
08-11-2003, 10:24
09-11-2003, 00:56
Tavásion walks alone through the forest.

Remarkable. They have actual managed to protect the local environment and still have a mine of that output. It is quite an achievement. This area…it was never terraformed. All of this grew without the meddling of those damn Scolopendran engineers that think they can play with the natural order of things.

He stops, suddenly, startled.

What is that? Something is different here. Something I have never felt on this barren rock of a moon. This is impossible. How?

He sits down, falling quickly into a deep meditation.
Steel Butterfly
10-11-2003, 02:41
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Dread Lady Nathicana
10-11-2003, 04:06
"Well, that's damnably odd."

Leandro Pacci, Dominion Minister of Science, looked over the rather cryptic missive, brow furrowed. "Why would Suunto be interested in recent births and any related anomalies in the Dominion? What, a census? I'd never thought the Triumvirate a group overly obsessed with genetic purity levels."

His aide, shrugged noncommittaly, knowing only that it had been deemed just barely unusual enough to have brought to Ministro Pacci's attention.

"No notifications from Intel on any oddities going on there?" he asks, adjusting his glasses, then looking up over the top of the paper at the aide.

"No, sir. Not at present. Reports show them to be quite isolationist - much like ourselves until the Lady took over."

Pacci nodded. Such politics and the like didn't concern him. This, however ... he muttered aloud, as was his habit.

"The skeletal structrues noted here seem to be somewhat similar to Achondroplasia, but ... not. Stronger. Stockier. Lacking it seems, the inherent problems often associated with it. These genetic anomalies, however ... Get this down to our labs. Our geneticists I'm certain can make more of this than I. That never was my strong suit. And make me a copy for my files. I want to keep an eye on this."

As the aide left, he sat, pondering for a moment. Taking up the phone, he made a quick call to the office of Antonio Pellegrino, requesting intel on Suunto regarding the request, and any information they could get on out of the ordinary births, if any such existed there.
10-11-2003, 04:20
It was a fairly simple request to the Khenalian MedDatNet, formally known as the Medical Database Network. And it took the computer housed in the Capital Hospital in Khenala Prime but a few seconds to process the request for information and send a reply. No, there were no known cases of spontaneous transmutation in any age group, let alone that of children, and no, there were no known cases of births of elven children to human parents or anything even remarkably similar.

Had it been sentient, the MedDatNet might have questioned why such an odd request had come through, and what had caused Suunto, the isolationist Triumvirate member, to have requested it. As it was, MedDatNet only housed information, and so sent its reply of "No information available." to both requests and continued doing its job of distributing information.
10-11-2003, 04:27
<post forthcoming, but now, time for bed>
10-11-2003, 05:06
Suunto Government Facility, Valeria

“Any response to our information requests?”

“No, Mr. President.”

“And the count?”

“Up to one-hundred and ten abnormal births, sir.”

“Dammit. Containment is no longer and option is it?”

The situation officer holds up the morning DataMine.

“First file news. There was a semi-peaceful gathering at one of the hospitals that delivered some of the babies…local law enforcement was on the scene, and it dissipated without incident.”

The Secretary of Public Affairs speaks up.

“Our only course is to make a statement now sir. It is beyond hiding it from the public’s notice.”

“I know.”

We break from your regularly scheduled programming for a live report from DataMine reporter Vladimir Zulov.

“Good evening Suunto. This is Vladimir Zulov with breaking news from the office of President Foreman. Moments ago, he confirmed the rumors of recent abnormal births to normal Suunto citizens. Immediately following the announcement, the Miner’s Guilds passed a resolution to begin an investigation, invoking their right of domain over the federal government. Stay with DataMine for continuing developments in this story.”

Suunto Government Facility, Valeria

“Damn them. Get me the heads of the Guilds on the line immediately. This is only going to make things worse.”

“Yes, Mr. President.”
10-11-2003, 05:43

Post forthcoming.
10-11-2003, 07:27
"What is happening?" Speaker-to-Animals folds his brawny arms behind his back, looking out the window of his office over the buildings of topside Stonozka.

"I'm not exactly sure." Now-Science Advisor Hertzfeldt looks over his portcomp. "SciSection has been recieving reports of localized genetic anomalies along the Karmabaijani and Suunto borders. Children, newborns, and adolescents are suffering odd physical deformation... but, the odd thing is, it isn't harmful per se."


"They're just... different. They're all still very close to human genetically, but traits have been altered dramatically. Also, the sheer speed of the change..." He shakes his head. "It's odd."

Razak clears his throat. "I have Defense Corps and Military Services biowarfare teams scouring the area, but we aren't picking up anything out of the ordinary. It's not spreading like a biochem either; it doesn't follow any known vector. Either its some new bug that can get past our filters and our scanners that moves at random, or it's some vector we've never thought of before."

Speaker rubs his chin. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. If it were airborne, we'd have Ruiz and Al Hillah completely coated by now; by transmission all of Scolopendra should be coated. Still, we're only getting sporadic reports along Karmabaijan and Suunto, as Jon mentioned... nowhere near the ten-percent they've reported."

"Set up a limited quarantine anyway." Speaker grumbles softly. "Take no chances."

"Yes, sir."

"Jon," the K'zin barely tilts his head towards the other advisor, "hypothesis?"

"Well, Speaker," Hertzfeldt smirks with a shrug, "I've got our best pathologists on it and they're stumped. The genetic restructuring suggests a retrovirus, but there's no unidentified viruses in these people's bloodstream. We've basically discounted an aggressive weapon, because this is practically harmless. It's even more benign than aflatoxin. We don't have a source... it's practically out of the league of science."

Speaker raises an eyebrow and turns to the charcoal-uniformed to his Office of Psionic Operations director, locking his slitted golden eyes on the brown-haired man's brown ones, ignoring the text glittering past his monocle visor. "If it is past standard reality, let us try metareality. Your take, Agent?"

"The Home Directorate of OPO has been reporting... well..."--Agent Simmias scratches the back of his head--"...noise. I'm hearing it right now."

The K'zin's furred eyebrow lifts higher. "Noise?"

"It's not a concentrated reality-mod like any psionics we've seen before. It's a shift in pattern... hmmm..." Simmias holds his chin. "Imagine the ocean, the waves crashing against the beach. Every place has a psionic pattern, a sort of background noise. The noise here has changed, and it's gotten louder... imagine if those waves suddenly started crashing harder and faster. Same idea."

"Is there a connection?"

"Hell if I know, sir." Simmias smirks. "All I know is that it doesn't smack of coincidence to me. Call it a hunch."

"Analyze it as best you can." Speaker folds his arms. "If it is psionic, I want a counter yesterday."

"Understood, sir."

Speaker turns to his three advisors. "I want you to coordinate with your opposite numbers in all the other Titan governments. Keep up the quarantine... if it doesn't seem to work or be needed, take it down. Once we determine a vector, we can assist others and offer refuge. I do not want our hands tied forever."

The three humans nod their assent and make their way out of the small office, proceeding to their respective tasks. Taking his seat in a very large chair, utilitarian but comfortable, behind his desk, Speaker looks over to the local S.H.O.D.A.N. avatar--everpresent--lounging on the couch. "What are your thoughts?"

The avatar looks up, slitted pupils dilating slightly in green irises. "It is... curious. I tell you now, it is not a retrovirus. Even I could not make something so subtle."

"What do you think it is, then?"

S.H.O.D.A.N. scoffs. "Right now, my hypothesis is PFM."

Speaker-to-Animals nods. "So it may be."
The SLAGLands
10-11-2003, 08:03
Acting Prime Minister Bodyguard Barry sits silently in his office, his large executive chair leaning back on two wheels against the back wall of the Nonagonal Office. He seems unusually relaxed, a small smile on his face giving way to quick, short exhalations. The dim glow of the office desklamp is all that lights the room, highlighting the shadows that mark Barry's--as usual--darker features: the black suit jacket, the black tie, the black hair, the black sunglasses... as if Barry himself is indeed a shadow.

There is a single knock at the door, and moments later, before the acting prime minister can reply, the door swings open, filling the room with the yellow light of the hallway. A short, stocky woman in her mid fifties walks through the door, her auburn hair tied back in a bun, a clipboard in her right hand. She mumbles something as she unsuccessfully attempts to smooth the wrinkles out of her deep green blouse, not even looking up at Barry as she takes a seat in front of the desk. Barry returns the chair to all four legs, ignoring the woman's obvious lack of courtesy.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Dr. Finn," he says. "I apologize that I haven't given you much time to gather what..."

"Look, cut the crap, Barry," Minister of Science Tarrah Finn replies. "We're in a state of international crisis here. Whole goddamn Suunto's about to go under." Barry hesitates, pushing his dark sunglasses back on his face.

"That's... not a very scientific assertion, Dr. Finn," he says slowly. Dr. Finn, meanwhile, slams the clipboard on Barry's desk, pointing out several key points of data.

"Of course it's not scientific," she says. "You know why that is, Barry? Because we don't know what it is. That's just it. I've had all of the top biologists and geneticists in The SLAGLands looking over this information, and we ain't come up with a thing. Frankly, I think they've all got their heads so far up their asses, they wouldn't know a genetic anomaly from a hole in the ground, but that's just..."

"Dr. Finn, please," Barry interrupts, pulling the clipboard closer to him. He looks over the data carefully, scratching his brow. "So you mean to tell me that we've got nothing."

Dr. Finn nods. "Nothing resembling these sorts of anomalies, nope." Barry sighs, resting his forehead against the palm of his hand as he looks over the clipboard again.

"Dr. Finn, I want the Ministry of Science to assist the Suuntoian government and people in any way possible, in the event that this is truly urgent--and I suspect it is, given that we didn't even receive as much as a cough of welcome from Suunto upon our arrival into the Triumvirate of Yut. Let them know that they have our backing if they so desire it."

Dr. Finn nods to Prime Minister Barry. "You're the boss..."


I must unfortunately report back to the Most Honourable Science Advisor of Suunto that we are unable to find any data regarding the anomalies you are reporting.

If you require any assistance in this time of need, I am obliged by my superiors to help you in any way that I can. You have the full support of The SLAGLands and SLAGLand Titan in these unusual circumstances.
Tarrah Jean Finn
Minister of Science
The Emerald Heights of The SLAGLands
Titan Sakkra
10-11-2003, 08:51
House-Leader Stheet of the Parliamentary Government of the Colony sits at his plush office. Since being separated by distance from his homeland, and the Imperial Rule, his tastes have become .... odd.. for a Sakkran. But he has little time to reflect on his internal musings, for a trio of his fellow Parliamentary Leaders have arrived at his door for a meeting with him.

"Enter, and give me news. What is going on?"

House-Member Ghoouaa, in charge of Public Health, reports first. "Well, we've been receiving reports that the nation of Suunto, our direct neighbor, has been experiencing ....... anomolies in their birthlings."

"Anomolies? Explain."

The Public Health Official clears his throat a second. "It seems that changes in the genetic level have been occuring. They remain basically mammalian, but some have been reported as ..... different."

"Could this be an attack? Chemical? Biological?"

"Not from our findings thus far. Teams are investigating at the border as we speak."

"Hmmmm....House Member Chaahh. What about the Ministry of Intelligence? Any reports from them about this?"

"Intel confirms what House Member Ghoouaa has stated thus far. Definitely genetic changes. Possibly nano-technological in origin. Possibly an air-borne genetic weapon. However, no unusual traffic in theTitan region has been logged. We are not ruling out a subversive attack, though."

"Noted. And from the Ministry of Defense. House-Member Admiral Shaal. Any news from your people?"

The large Sakkran female steps forward, reddish scales glinting with a fresh oiling. "House-Leader, my people report that this is not an isolated event. The region of Karmabaijan is experiencing similar .... changes. genetic in appearance. It is entirely possible that it is not cosmetic, but a fundamental change. And that is not all."

The eyes of the House Leader focus on the Admiral. "Why? What else is there?"

Shaal's dewlap pulses, and slowly grows, showing red, then purple, then both at the same time. "It appears to be affecting our neonates as well."

Stheet's eyes grow wide. "What? What do you mean?"

Shaal blinks heavily, nictitating membranes sliding over her eyeballs. "Some of our recent cadets have reached their formative stage in development, when they prepare to become adults. In this time, about 3% begin to exhibit traits not natural to us. Some have shown accelerated growth. Their scales sprout small, bony protrusions. Others become slighter in their build. They thin and grow light, but do not lose their height."

"Are you certain of this? Do you have any theories?"

The Public Health Minister breaks in. "We are looking into several possibilities. One is the nation that was here before us. LeRhiannon, I think it was. They were all swallowed up, leaving not a trace. Perhaps there is some spatial anomoly here causing this. I have several teams taking readings and samples from various points in our region. It is a reach, but still a possibility."

"Good. Get back to me when you find something out. In the meantime, place all afflicted individuals into observation. If this thing is contagious, I want it contained. And KEEP QUIET about it. I don't want the homeland to know yet. If the Imperial family gets involved, they'll want to come and see for themselves, which means an investigation. And that is ONE THING I cannot have right now." Not when i'm so close. "Now go. I have to consider what the best course is."

All in unison, they reply "Yes, House Leader." Then turn and leave.

If the Emperor comes and investigates before i'm ready, then i'm sunk. And if I go, i'll take everyone I can with me.
10-11-2003, 17:38
A page rushes into Eadwacer's micel winhal and speaks breathlessly.

"Mine hlaford cyng, Freodes weard. Hwæhwugu strangbiþ in Suunto. Fela lytlings beoþ strang, ond ne man ne ides ne Adames cynn."

Shadows seem to fall upon Eadwacer's face.

"Awrit þis ærende Hlafordum Suunta:"

'Mine Freond, Hlafords Suunta. Many years ago, in the days of my forbears, and in the days prior to the great beast Grendel, destroyer of wine-halls, there was a time when children would be born that did not seem to be of Adam's sons. They were short and muscular, and born with fully devloped and adult sexual organs. These were magic people and they left us and lived deep in the mountains where they lived together, and at times we would go to them for answers, for they were very wise. We know not your situation, and we have not witnessed this, nor have any mention in our records of this for many millenia, however we can but caution you to be careful, for that which is not man is usually powerful, and dangerous, and that which is not known is the most deadly of all.'
Eadwacer, Mearclanda Þeoden
10-11-2003, 18:13
News reaches the C.D.C. head of office, Trenton.
"...Sir, I fear that any searches for such anomolies may be hindered."
Trenton's eyebrows peak. "Lemme guess, previous interspecies-breeding with elves."

The assistant nods, "Sir, it will be hard to identify anomolies in human-elves when we're still very new to them in the first place."

Trenton sighs, popping some painkillers for an already overwhelming headache. "Damnit, well, contact the president and send what we know to the upper eschelons of government."

Trenton looks at the group gathered around the table.
"Suunto is normally very tight lipped and isolationist, I suspect this is deeper than they are letting on."
11-11-2003, 04:52
Presidnet-General vonKarma jogs into the situation room, obviously coming from a workout, based on the gym shorts, t-shirt, and towel wrapped around his neck.

"Hideki. What's the situation?"

"Sir, we have multiple reports of isolated, non-connected cases of apparently random genetic mutations. We have yet to determine a vector, and neither have the Scolopendrans. Most of the cases appear to be starting in Suunto. The only pattern we can deduce is that they are near concentrations of the abnormal births that were first reported. We were able to isolate some of the victims, and have the first images of the effects of the...whatever it is causing this. Here is a before and after of Subject 06:

And, a post change shot:

That is the first version of the genetic modification. There appears to be one other. Here is a before and after.

As you can see, both subjects experienced rapid growth, in the case of subject 2, over a meter in 3 hours. The bony projections and elongated lower canine teeth are also characteristic. One of the Suunto doctors working the case has coined the term "Goblinization," for the process, calling the two versions 'orcs' and 'trolls' respectivley. Typical Suunto response. The anamolous births seem to add two more genetic mods, one appears extremely elf like, with pointed ears and long slender build. The last form, seems to be the elf's antithesis: short, stocky, and over muscled. Keeping with their name scheme, the Suuntoians have dubbed this form 'dwarfs.'"

"Any theroy as to the cause?"

"The only thing we have to work on is a vague description of an anomaly described by the OPO. Right now, it is the only angle we have."

"Initiate Security Protocol Omega. Full border shutdown and quarantine procedures. I want a full unit accounting immediatly, and make preparations to land the 1st Hellsing immediatley."

"Acting, sir. The full resourced of the KSPA are already in motion."
11-11-2003, 05:30
"Report." Speaker's tail flits back and forth, tapping idly against his desk as his massive hands fold together over the blotter.

"We've countered this 'noise change' along our borders." Agent Simmias adjusts his monocle. "It seems to be extending radially from Suunto, so we're working on containing it where it seems to be concentrated."

"That would be?" Speaker focuses his hunter's eyes on his agent's.

"Suunto, Karmabaijan, and Titan Sakkra. LaRhiannon has always been odd since the multiverse swallowed it, and we're leery to send agents in. The noise is unusually strong there... but, if we go with a simple border saturation, I think we can contain it."

The K'zin nods. "Do it. Is there any way to relieve our allies?"

"Not at the moment, sir. They're under lockdown and have advised our agents to, in the words of our point-of-contact in Suunto, 'stay the frag out.'"

"On the bounce."

The charcoal-clad agent nods, turns on his heel and walks out of the office, closing the door behind him. Speaker rests his shoulders on his desk and settles his chin on his folded hands, glaring intently at the strategic map on the opposite wall mapping the spread of the strange transformations, trying to make sense of the chaos.
11-11-2003, 05:44
"Genetic anomalies?" Sakura peered at the report. "Interesting. This looks very like--"

"Riaute. Yes," confirmed Alaric Morgannan, chief of the diplomatic corps. "The cause appears unknown."

Sakura made a face. "Magic."

"Perhaps not. We shouldn't jump to conclusions."

"No, you're right." She sighed. "Contact them. Let them know about Riaute and the relatively-recent changes there. Maybe it'll help them. I'm going to try to get Riaute to speak to them directly. They've been isolationist for a little while, but who knows... it sounds too similar to SURGE to be ignored."
Titan Sakkra
11-11-2003, 06:38
The Public Health Minister enters the House Leader's office, and it is a short time later than their first meeting on this ..... event. The House Leader eyes him suspiciously.

"Ghoouaa, I trust there have been developments." This is said as a statement, rather than a question.

"Yes, House Leader. There are developments. The neonate population that my subordinates have recorded has sent the percentage infected, afflicted or whatever may be the case from 3% to 5%. The citizens are becoming restless about this. Not only have the "alterations" mentioned in our last meeting become more severe, with toothy protrusions sprouting from the lower mandibles and bony growths jutting from the scales, but some have also seemed to gain .... abilities."

"Abilities? WHat manner of abilities?"

"Well....." The Public Health Minister seemed loathe to continue, as he placed his hand on the back of his skull and rolled his eyes skyward. "....there is someone here to talk with you about that. And I don't think it would be ...... wise to deny this person."

"What? I am House leader of this parliamentary government! Who here has greater authority than I?"

The door opened, and this time a massive Sakkran, cloaked from head to toe and wearing a hood covering his eyes enters. Brandishing a long-handled hammer, he probes it in front of him. From the tatoos covering the hand of this figure, one could discern that he is a High Orderman of the Order of Rraagg, an ancient and mysterious group.

"I do not recognize your authority, Stheet!" The mentioning of a name without preceeding with a title is a great offense in Sakkran culture. The Orderman's voice seemingly growls at every utterance. "You! Minister Ghoouaa. Leave us now." The Minister leaves in haste, and closes the door behind him.

"Greetings Orderman. What brings you..."


The mysterious Orderman cocks his head around, at different angles, as if listening to something. "Hrrrmmmm...yes. Yes." He picks up the bronze paperweight on the House Leader's desk, and feels the underside of it. Removing the felt with a long and gnarled claw, he pulls out a tiny disc shaped object, and crushes it in his fingers. He then walks about the room and approaches one of the House Leader's paintings. Seemingly staring at it for two seconds, he pokes a hole in it, and a tnk sound could be heard.

"That seems to take care of yor snooping devices, you wretch. And do not think I do not know of how you got to where you are, you perversion of life. But I am not here to discuss your flawed being. I am here to discuss the events happening in this land."

Even though Stheet knows the Ordermen of Rragg are blind, he mocks an expression of surprise. "Events? What do you mean?"

"Your tongue insults me with every foul utterance it makes. Be truthful for once in your waste of a life. You know quite well what I talk of."

Stheet sighs a bit, and lowers his head. "Yes, I suppose I know something. There are changes happening to the people here. It may have something to do with the disappearance of the people here before us. Our neonates are growing .... monstrous, and we can not pinpoint why, or when it will happen, or to who."

"Good. Good. There may be some hope for you yet. Salvation is not on my agenda today, though. I come to tell you that there is indeed a strange energy here. All of us in the Order can sense it. It has even affected some of us, but not in a physical sense."

"Not ... in a ... phys ....What?"

With that, the Orderman sighed, and walked to the other side of the room. He extended his hand to the bronze paperweight, and a soft blue glow began to emenate from it. After 1 second, the paperweight launched off the House Leader's desk and right into the Orderman's clawed hand.

Replacing the paperweight back on the desk, the Orderman resumes sitting. "It seems that some of us in the Order can control certain energies, but we are not certain why. And so I come to see if other areas on Titan have been affected in this manner."
13-11-2003, 05:15
Tavásion sits in the forest, deep in meditation.

This is impossible! How can there be a life force here? Such deep seeded mana concentrations…I MUST KNOW WHY! HOW?”

He focuses his meditation, zeroing in on the source of the largest concentration of mana, ignoring the magical energy flowing from pockets on the surface, geographically near the reports of mutations, along ley lines throughout Suunto, Sakkra, and Karmabaijan. Tavásion registers an anomalous blockage near the Scolopendran border, but he maintains focus on the source, deep within the core of Titan. He reaches out with a mental hand, extending a mental finger, and touches…

Tavásion world goes white, his metaphysical body consumed as the untapped energy flows through his mental link. His corporeal body slumps over, an empty shell of what it once was.

Nanoseconds later, the metaphysical energy completes its trip, erupting to the surface in an explosion felt by only a few, although it touches all.
13-11-2003, 07:09
"Ummm... yeah." Agent Simmias looks around with a distressed demeanor, his fingers tapping nervously on his folded arms.

Speaker-to-Animals blinks at the map of Titan, lines of something glowing out from somewhere in the middle of Suunto, spreading out in odd patterns that seem to follow some sort of logic... but not any form that he can identify. "Magic?"

Simmias nods, pulling up his left sleeve. The runic patterns, the strange cabbalistic signs and occult icons permanently and perfectly grafted to his skin in silver tracing, seem to match the patterns spreading from Suunto. "In layman's terms... basically, fully natural and chaotic psionics. No 'rhyme or reason,' as it were. We've conferred with HELLSING and they see about the same thing... which is good, 'cause they're trained to fight it."

"What are you doing?"

* - * - *

"The lay line will pass through here, Cleric." An assault-armored trooper, stomping about, points to a particular spot of ground between a tree and a lake. The Gunshin Heavy Gear, close behind, takes a giant stake coated in mystic bas-relief runes and serpentine patterns and drives it deep, pushing it into the soft soil before following up with some blows from a hammer, each resounding clang making the Cleric's massive Tetragrammaton Gear pistols clank against his Gear's armored sides.

The armored trooper "This stake will slow the course of the lay line until you can properly seal it, Agent."

The OPO agent nods. "Understood... and it should hold the psionic trace, acting as a permanent barrier?"

"Semi-permanent, at least."

"Good." The psion waves his arm over the stake with grim concentration, just as many others do all around the Office of Psionic Operations perimeter around the affected areas. It should hold.

Reploid Productions
13-11-2003, 08:09
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Moderate
Broadcast type: Scientific
To: Suunto
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Pirika Drakos - Arpean Thaumatology Institute

Our medical records show no anomalies similiar to what you have filed inquiries about. Our own research would indicate that strong concentrations of certain energies within a given area can force unusual, and at times, abrupt, changes in genetic code, as has recently been discovered in select situations in some of our northern territories. If it would be of any assistance, we can send a thaumatology team to investigate your circumstances further.

With regards,
~Pirika Drakos
~Head of the Arpean Thaumatology Institute
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions
<End transmission>
Dread Lady Nathicana
13-11-2003, 21:21
To our esteemed allies in Suunto:

The information given has yielded no clues in our albeit limited investigation. I'm afraid, even with our geneticists, this is something quite out of our realm of experiences. We find your problem an intriguing one however, and request a team of our own scientists be allowed to assist you in your studies. Perhaps together we can find a cause and solution to your dilema.


--Leandro Pacci, Dominion Minister of Science


"We're behind the times," Antonio Pellegrino, Dominion Minister of Intel, muttered as he walked down the hallway of the Dominion administrative offices. His companion, Leandro Pacci, looked no less pleased.

"She's shown far too much favoritism to our Triumvirate allies. Were we allowed a more firm hand there, I'm certain we'd have had more information sooner. Damn the woman, she's letting these 'friendships' of hers get in the way of common sense." His expression was dark, yet he kept his voice low, eyes flickering back and forth warrily as they walked, pausing slightly when anyone passed too closely.

"Quiet, Toni," Pacci said somewhat more sharply than he intended. "I may have been absent during that troubling time a while back, and given my office, I may be able to stay clear of most of the politics here, but I tell you true, if anything, all that has only made her more dangerous in some ways." His own eyes scanned the hallway, keeping up the brisk pace. "She's got her thumb on you, well enough. You don't have to like it, but you'd best keep it quiet, at least in public."

They both quieted as they reached the office at the end of the hall. The blonde secretary seated at a neatly organized desk motioned to the oak door.

"She's expecting you."

"Thanks, Else," Pacci says, giving her a nod. He opens the door, allowing Pellegrino to enter first, the both of them quickly reorganizing their papers.

"Well?" comes an expectant voice from across the room. "I trust you have more answers?"

Nathicana watched the two with the cool impassive gaze she often adopted while working to control her emotions. This time of course, it was simple anger and frustration.

Pacci cleared his throat, pushing his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose, and began his part of the explanation.

"There is no rational explanation for the changes happening, Nathicana. And they seem to be spreading like wildfire. We doubt very much this is the result of anything man, or machine, made." He gave her a brief glance at his reference to her non-organic contacts, then continued. "The changes have been not just physical, but genetic, as the initial request from Suunto hinted at. Though centered there, the anomalies have been popping up in Karmabaijan and Sakkra as well - all Titan based, you'll note. Nothing seems to originate outside the area." He coughed slightly, looking a touch uncomfortable.

"I ah ... I know you are familiar with the odd circumstances surrounding the last two digs I went on," he begins carefully, weighing his words. Nathicana simply nods, indicating he should continue.

"My Lady, this simply smacks of the supernatural." At his side, Pellegrino let out an irritated sigh of resignation. "Well, Toni, what else have you found to explain it?" Pacci snapped, obviously having gone over this before with the man. He turns back to Nathicana, his jaw set stubbornly. "All other avenues have been looked into, and none but this supply sufficient answers for the changes. Il dio, we have people becoming monstrous in form, growing taller, changing horrifically. A number of unexplained birth defects, none of which seem harmful as yet, have been popping up, as noted in the original missive. The terms being used thus far have been 'goblinization', if you will. The more monstrous targets, named 'orcs' and 'trolls', the willowy newborns, 'elves' due to uncanny resemblances, and the stocky babies 'dwarves'."

Nathicana gave him a flat look. "Leo, you have got to be kidding me. Granted, I realize such races exist, at least two of which I'm familiar with, though I'd always thought the latter to be a genetic condition that happened naturally. And I have never heard of any spontaneous births to such races by humans, nor of humans 'magically' changing races mid-life. Honestly now, this is a bit hard to swallow. And yes," she says, waving off his forthcoming protest, "I have looked through the reports. It seems more a flight of fancy than anything."

Pacci rubbed his fingertips across his brows, shaking his head. As he started to speak again, Pellegrino interrupted.

"My Lady, perhaps we should skip right to the meat of the matter. We've had an update. Something I think you should see for yourself. As you know, we've had a skeleton crew of operatives working in Karmabaijan, operating as our eyes and ears. Things there were tight before - they're even moreso now. What we do know is what Pacci has already stated, along with the fact that the Scolopendrans have been active along their borders with a branch we're less than familiar with. We've no idea what the hell they're up to." His expression clearly states his displeasure at the fact that their information isn't more, but he lets it lay.
"Two of our agents have recently been called home." He exchanged glances with Pacci. "If you would care to accompany us?"


The lab was as expected, antiseptically clean. Nathi wrinkled her nose at the smell. She'd never cared for places like this, and they always brought up unpleasant memories.

The three of them walked to a door, guarded by two soldati in their simple black uniforms, the only decoration being insiginas designating rank, and the Dominion flag displayed on their right shoulders. At a simple glance from her, they opened the door respectfully, holding it open for herself and the two ministers.

Inside, the room was abuzz with figures in white lab coats, still others in full hazmat suits. The far end of the room sported a row of large, thick-paned windows looking into another small room, where two figures lay strapped to cold metal examination tables.

As the three approached, one of the men in white scurried up to them, clipboard in hand. "Oh, oh you're here! Excellent! Doctor Venzini, at your service. This has been, quite frankly, incr--"

"Enough. Summary," Nathicana says, her eyes narrowing as she scans the two imobile forms.

That just can't be right ... must be some sort of trick. Extreme bioengineering? I've seen what Shodey can do. Perhaps designed and vat-grown ...

Well of course Shodey could, but how many others? And for what purpose? It just didn't seem to add up.

The little man blinked at her curt reply, stammering for a moment, then getting on with it. "Y-y-yess, of course. We have on file here the genetic code of both agents Giraldi and d'Armati here. As you can see from their file photos," here he flipped to the pages containing said pictures, displaying them one by one to the group, "they've ah, changed somewhat since last we saw." Clearing his throat, he indicated the figure on the left.

"Giraldi, Santos. Age twenty four. Dominion born and bred, no serious birth defects or oddities in family records. Previously two meters five, weighing in at around eighty six kilos. Now, at two hundred eleven kilos and measuring, not including the rather impressive horns he seems to be sporting, an equally impresive two meters forty four. Note the bony brow, rough texture of the skin, the knobbly plating and such - it seems to offer some measure of protection. Built-in light armor, as it were. The tusks are another anomaly, though other than blending in a way with the new form, we've not been able to attribute them to any particular advantages."

"Now, to Morella d'Amati here to the right. Also a native, and though traces of anemia show up on family records, it does nothing to explain the changes here. Note again the extreme changes in appearance, and measurements. Previously one meter seven, now one and eighty. Weight, from sixty one kilos to near ninety. Face and form notably monstrous, canines highly developed, extreme changes in skin texture, ears malformed, hair more coarse ... " he trailed off, brow furrowng. "The best we can figure from all this in comparing the sequences is a previously inactive latent gene seems to be responsible. Now, what could have possibly activated it is beyond our comprehension - we've yet to identify exactly what it does. Current efforts are being made to scan the databases for similar carriers, beginning with our field agents. It's going to take time."

Nathicana listened to it all quietly, studying the two agents intently, her brow furrowing. When the doctor finally finished, she nodded slowly.

"All official record of this is to disappear. Now. Continue your efforts. I want to hear of any, repeat, any new developments or findings as we go along. These two, and any others that turn, never existed. Bring any rogues in for testing and study as well." She tapped her lip thoughtfully, turning to Pellegrino.

"I want this kept quiet as possible among the agents, understood?"

He nodded. "I'll get to work calling them in," he began, only to be interrupted by Nathi.

"You'll do no such thing. That could cause a panic, and would both lose us what little foothold we have there, and the opportunity to study this phenomenon. This anomaly, as noted, is a rare one, or we'd have seen more of it already. Leave them, Toni. We'll see how this all pans out."

He nodded curtly, again, not pleased. "As you wish." Though I'll by damned keep an eye on these genetic scans to make sure none of my better people get sucked into this if I can avoid it. You go too far, woman.

Pacci quietly scowled at her statement, disapproving. While the opportunity for study was indeed tempting, he disliked doing it at the expense of his countrymen. He looked back to the two agents and shivered, wondering idly if what little bits he could toy with would have any effect, or if it would only make matters worse.

He decided to leave well enough alone.
Reploid Productions
14-11-2003, 08:36
ALTIMIT Broadcaster
Encryption: Medium
Broadcast type: Scientific
To: Karmabaijan
Return transmission band: Open
IDENT: Pirika Drakos - Arpean Thaumatology Institute

I'm certain you're aware of the situation with your neighbor, Suunto. We have sent them an inquiry regarding sending one of our research teams, however there has not been, nor are we expecting, a reply.

Within the past hour, thaumatoscales throughout the Shogunate and on board Tengoku station have recorded extreme energy spikes that appear to originate from Titan. Needless to say, given that such energies usually originate from lifeforms, such a massive spike (easily rivaling the reunion of Esmerelda's two selves on the Outset Islands) originating from space is extremely unexpected, and we would love direly to send a research team for further investigation.

Two members of our staff are victims of an extreme case of thaumaturgic physiological changes triggered by extended exposure to items of thaumaturgic origin- perhaps they can offer further insight to the situation that appears to be developing.

With regards,
~Pirika Drakos
~Head of the Arpean Thaumatology Institute
~Immortal Shogunate of Reploid Productions
<End transmission>
14-11-2003, 08:52
“Dammit, where did that tree-hugging elf go?” Zat Stolinyov paces across the lobby of the SuuNCorP mining operations center.

“Security team hasn’t found anything sir.” Zat’s assistant looks nervous, hoping not to be blamed.
“I can’t wait anymore. With the situation that’s going on, I need to be at Headquarters. Stay here and arrange transportation for that damned elf, and catch up with me at the offi…aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!”

Zat lets out a blood curling scream as he collapses to the floor. Throughout the building more screams can be heard. Zat’s assistant looks on in horror as his boss writhes and bucks along the floor. As he watches, Zat begins growing, sprouting small tusks and bony projections from his face. His skin becomes leathery and rough, his muscles and skeleton stretching to fit his full meter taller frame, tendon connections stretching, trying to rip themselves from their anchors. Zat’s misery is short lived, however. A guard outside, hearing the yelling, bursts inside, weapon drawn. He startles at the sight of a near 3 meter monstrosity spasming on the floor. The guard panics, points his weapon and pulls the trigger, continuing to do so well after the magazine is empty. The building is again quiet as the screams and gunfire echo to oblivion, only the sounds of sobbing and the *clickclickclick* of the empty pistol daring to break the silence.


Throughout Suunto, the scene is repeated over and over, as friends, family, and loved ones, fully 1 in 10, goblinize. In populated areas the public panic. Mass riots quickly flare out of control as the mobs try to “defend Suunto,” from the outside invaders. The casualties mount as the Awakened find each other and band together for protection, only playing into the mob’s delusions.

Government Offices, Valeria

Sounds of gunfire and explosions can be heard resonating throughout the arcology

“Mr. President! Police forces across the nation are reporting rioting! They have lost complete control and turned over public safety duties to the Guilds!”


“The guilds have taken over sir. SuuNCorp, Renraku, TitanTechnologies, Paxton, NorthCo and Fuchi, have all sent their Security forces into the streets, and sealed their compounds and facilities. They are moving through the areas surrounding their holdings and placing them under “Corporate Protection.”

President Foreman’s face falls, going from outrage to expressionless instantly.

“We have reports that the…the…ones who changed…are being rounded up. The guilds are placing them in holding areas and security facilities. It hasn’t stopped either sir. The changes are still happen…”

His report is cut short as a now all too familiar scream fills the room, the president’s once smallish figure replaced with what his aide would describe as a “monstrous visage.” The doors to the office fly open, riot armored troopers with the text “Renraku” emblazoned across the back, rushing into the office. They seem to hesitate for a second, seeing an orc in the President’s chair, but quickly carry out their orders, binding his hands with several sets of ferroplastic handcuffs. They get the dazed President Foreman to his feet and escort him down through the riot-wracked city, to SecurityFacility 11-F, still under emergency construction by a RenrakuEngineering crew.
14-11-2003, 19:08
Speaker squints slightly at the SIS footage of the interior of Suunto, his ears back, jaw tight. "Situation?"

Garbo folds his arms. "Well, they've been classified as an anarchy before... now they've hit it. Civil government has collapsed, and it looks like the major Suunto megacorps have taken control. We have confirmed reports of what appear to be internment camps being set up and corporate law being declared across large public sections of Suunto."

Razak folds his arms behind his back, watching grimly along with his friend and commanding officer. "The Scolopendran Military Services are on full alert status. I have the Defense Squadron in a recce orbit over Suunto, and they're giving us most of our orbital intel. The Mobile Infantry have been called up and are on duty stations, ready to deploy on orders. The Strategic Directorate is working on plans for extraction operations currently."

"The 'goblinization' is definitely a chaotic psionic effect," Agent Simmias adds, "and not transmissible by any physical means. Extraction operations should not pose a similar threat to us."

Speaker nods. "It is not time to send in the marines yet. I want all Suunto megacorp assets in Scolopendra frozen. We will unfreeze them once they account for themselves and state their intent. Maintain the SMS on high alert. Keep them at a ready but unaggressive."

He turns. "Julie, get that done. Janus, keep the intel flowing. Simmias, see what other options may turn up. If Titan is going magical, then I want us to capitalize on it. Bob, you know what to do."

Alshai nods. "I have a good teacher, Speaker."


~>Route: Automata AK1 - Titan InterComm - Suunto Guild HQ
{Due to recent events, the Federated Segments of Scolopendra has/i]}
{[i]found it neccessary to freeze your assets in its economy. We do this}
{because we do not fully understand your actions and thus cannot yet}
{implicitly sanction them with funds from continued business. We}
{request a full report of your actions and your intentions; if we find}
{them acceptable, then we shall return to normal trading relations as}
{friends do. If not, we may be forced to take other action as appropriate}
{to our ideals and interests.}

{Our concern is primarily for the internment camps being set up--surely}
{an emergency measure--and we would like to remind you that we are}
{always open to accept those that may not exactly fit into your society}
{due to... recent events.}

{We eagerly await your reports and hope that this situation will soon be}
{resolved as efficiently and calmly as possible.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Advisor Automata Alshai Kommetrez
International Relations Section
Federation of Scolopendra
17-11-2003, 06:00
The effects are similar throughout Karmabaijan. 8% will eventually turn to orcs and trolls, or be born as a dwarf or elf. The public response however, is much different.

President vonKarma's Office, Peace River, Karmabaijan

vonKarma sits at his desk, the holobriefing system active and displaying a map of Karmabaijan, Suunto and the surrounding areas. Color codes indicate density of reports of people changing. Agent Hideki of the KSPA sits in front of him.

"So, what is the current situation Hideki."

"Sir, we are approaching the 7 percent mark, isolated reports of minor violence, but so far the public seems to be trying to help those that change. As you can see on the map, their are definate areas of high concentration, mostly areas that saw the abnormal births earlier. The Medical Corps of the Militia are setting up local treatment centers and doing what they can to make the affected comfortable, but really, nothing can be done until the process is finished."

"What about after-effects?"

"Seemingly none, mental capacity, mobility, and dexterity all seem unaffected, taking into account differences in size. Strength shows marked increases in the "orcs," and "trolls," however. No medical problems that the doctors can find."

"So the cause?"

"Apparently purley Thaumatological. The psionic shielding that the Scolopendrans got up apparently stopped the effects wholly. One of the OPO/Hellsing troopers tried to explain it, and the best I got was that the Life Force of Titan had awakened, and caused recessed genetic traits to be activated, or some such. We are bringing in a Thaumatalogical team from Reploid Productions to help study the phenomenon."


vonKarma clasps his hands in front of his face, trying to comprehend the scope of the situation.

"An interseting note however, cyberware apparently reduces the chances of one changing. Explained by Hellsing as a disconnection from the Life Force of Titan, because of the loss of, quoute unquote, "Humanity."

"Who would have thought that a 300mph motorcycle crash would be a good thing."

"Excuse me sir?"

"Nothing. And what of Suunto?"

"Mass rioting in every citiy center. The police have been disbaned and the corporations are taking over their responsibilities. Their are essentially 5 nations within Suunto right now. All the "Awakened," as the Hellsing calls them," are being rounded up and placed into holding facilities, obstensily to protect them from the mobs, but we are hearing a different story from our assets in place."

"Dammit. The isolationist bastards. What about President Foreman?"

"No one can find him sir. Some reports say he changed, and was taken to the camps. Others say he is in hiding. That seems to be how the corps came to the position they hold right now."


vonKarma ponders for a moment before taking action.

"I want a staging area setup in Port Aurora. Land the First and Second Hellsing, and equip them with their riot gear. Assemble your best experts on the situation, including the Reploid Productions team, and await further orders. I want the KSPA to find Foreman, and I want it done YESTERDAY!

"Acting, Sir. We'll find him."

Hideki hustles out of the room to distribute the orders, while vonKarma sits at his desk and stews.
Reploid Productions
17-11-2003, 06:34
The Hamakaze 370 spacecraft arrives in Karmabaijan with the ATI team and their equipment, deployed as soon as the Arpean Thaumatological Institute got the go-ahead- largely strange looking devices, contraptions that look like some sort of whacked seismometer, and any manner of odd gizmos. The first two sentients to disembark are a pair of Drakos model reploid dragons- one with bright blue armor, the other in white. Tsunami and Pirika, respectively. A couple of humanoid reploids start unloading equipment, as the main attraction of the team gets off the craft.

The two people who are last to get off the craft are an unusual sight, and that's putting it mildly. The first, standing near six feet tall, is covered from his reptilian feet up to his upper torso in coppery scales, tail swishing easily behind him, matching wings furled tight against his back. He is devoid of any clothing, unless the sling across his back holding a large sword counts as clothing. His long hair is neatly tied into a topknot, highlighting the small horns and elongated fin-like ear structures. The other, clad in severely frayed jeans and a heavily modified t-shirt, is a little shorter, though similiar in build, her frame covered in bright red-orange scales. The two both look like some sort of impossible cross between human and dragon forms, and in a crowd, they stick out like a sore thumb.

"Kiara Alson, Tsunami Drakos, and... ah.. Oduh, from the ATI." The little white mechanical dragon introduces the team . "Kiara and Oduh have both undergone drastic physiological change from thaumaturgic exposure, so I figured they would be well suited to this investigation. By the way, I'm Pirika, head of the ATI. With something this major, I just had to come personally to participate in this."

"Ah... where... should we begin?" Oduh inquires of the team's hosts, his voice thick with an accent.
Titan Sakkra
17-11-2003, 06:51
*An excerpt from the life of one affected*

In Ssreet's room at the capitol of Pakaa, it was horrifying. For the past two days, she had felt a bit out of sorts. Her teeth were 'itching' so to speak. Her temperature was slightly higher than what it should be, and her skin felt dry and crusty. She bathed almost constantly in her oil bath, but this did little to alleviate the itchyness. Parasites? Psoriasis? WHat could it be?

Her subject was xeno-architecture, and she came to the Colony to learn amidst the amalgam of species here. But fate would have other plans for her.

Screaming could be heard through the building, and when her room-mates barged in, they saw the last thing they expected.

Whatever it was that stood in Ssreet's room had to crouch in order to fit in without smashing through the ceiling. Roaring and screaming issued forth from its mouth like the sound of rending metal. "What's happened to me? I'm a monster!! AAARRRRR!!!

A security detail rushes into the scene, armed with taser-rifles. They level the barrels of their weapons at the transformed female, and fire without making a single statement. Electricity coruscates over her body, and then ceases; she is still standing.

Her arms begin flailing about, smashing furniture and walls. One of the security members does not react fast enough to a massive arm sweep, and finds himself smashing through an exterior wall. The creature that was Ssreet leaps out through the hole, terrifying civilians below. She bolts south-ward screaming all the way, towards the closest border of the city. The security guards can only observe her direction and speed from the hole freshly made.

"Better call it in Khaad; we've got a Grendarl on the loose."
18-11-2003, 03:44
*knock knock*

"Who is it?" The sound of running water stops.
A few seconds later the door opens and Rel-Kitani emerges in a bathrobe, head wrapped in a towel. She looks at the tall Nekoite before her, her personal assistant, bodyguard, and friend. His skin is dark, and his eyes an almost glowing green.
"I know you just got back from touring the colony outskirts, but it's important."

~ * ~

Ryth sits at his desk looking over the information that's been bouncing back and forth between the Shogunate and neighboring nations. The papers are snatched from his hands.

"WHAT'S going on down on the surface, and WHY wasn't I told about it!?" Rel-Kitani snarls, still in her bathrobe and towel. Ydraik stands behind her, crossing his arms, a scowl on his face.

"You weren't here, and you've been so busy getting the colony running... It's not like there's really anything we can do anyway..." Ryth tries to explain. Rel-Kitani narrows her eyes.

"I don't care if I'm on the TOILET taking a crap, if something like this comes in, you tell me! Got it?" The green reploid nods and Kitani continues, "Now send a message out saying we'll take anybody that needs refuge, and send a request to Arpia for thaumatological monitoring equipment, because we don't have any." She turns to leave, but then stops and faces Ryth again.

"Yes?" The male reploid sits back down.

"I don't know how the hell you got elected, but do that again, and I'll make sure your political career is over." The governess snarls again.

"I'd love to know how YOU got elected." Ryth rolls his eyes. Rel-Kitani leans in his face.

"I was appointed by Queen Firefury herself."
20-11-2003, 05:54
Port Aurora, the capital of the Triumvirate of Yut. Nestled in the highest mountain valley in Titan, it marks the triple-point where Karmabaijan, Suunto, and Scolopendra--the original 'Tri' in 'Triumvirate'--meet.

There, with the First Triumvirate Expeditionary Force in orbit overhead, come the Lokis bearing their charges. Stubby landing legs hit pavement, ramps drop, and row after orderly row of assault-armored troopers and Gunshin Heavy Gear, coated in strange relics and mystic runes, stomp out, arraying themselves. Four divisions, two each of battlesuits and mecha.

The First and Second HELLSING Divisions.

Accompanying them are several shuttles from Scolopendra, with a few dozen OPO agents accompanying Advisor Razak, Scolopendran Foot-to-Ass Section. "Hope we haven't missed the party."
21-11-2003, 19:46
"Kiara Alson, Tsunami Drakos, and... ah.. Oduh, from the ATI." The little white mechanical dragon introduces the team . "Kiara and Oduh have both undergone drastic physiological change from thaumaturgic exposure, so I figured they would be well suited to this investigation. By the way, I'm Pirika, head of the ATI. With something this major, I just had to come personally to participate in this."

Standing before them is a average size/build woman, clad in the duty uniform of the Karmabaijan Special Projects Agency.

"Greetings. I am Command Agent Ropponmatsu, of the KSPA. It pleases us that you have experience with what we are dealing with. Our experience with magic to this point approaches zero. If you will follow me, a meeting is gathering to discuss our plan of action. Your input would be most appreciated."

She quickly turns on her heal and walks off toward a squat ferrocrete building on the edge of the landing pad.

As the spaceborn Hellsing divisions make their approach, the area goes from quiet, orderly chaos, to pandemonium. Light armored KSPA agents can be seen moving out to meet each unit and lead them to the staging areas set up within the KSPA exclusionary zone, so as not to disrupt the normal traffic of the busiest spaceport on Titan.

Razak's shuttle is directed to set down on one of the KSPA pads, outside of the main, above-ground, KSPA facility. Ropponmatsu leads the Reploids past the landing zone, and in to one of the KSPA hangers, as Ropponmatsu meets Razak at the bottom of the ramp.

"Advisor Razak. A pleasure to see you again, although I wish it could be under better circumstances. This way please, we are holding a general briefing in the hangar."

As they move to the hangar, several power armored troopers make their way inside, as an their company-level Heavy Gear counterparts dismount outside, and walk in. No less than 5 Ropponmatsus can be seen moving from commander to commander handing out briefing packets. A large mobile holobrief system is being set up by a KSPA technical team. The Ropponmatsu with the Reploids shows them to their seats, and then promptly walks out of the hangar. The Ropponmatsu with Razak leads him and the OPO agents to the front row of seats, and then assumes the briefer position, next to the holoprojector.
Command Agent Ropponmatsu
Lead Agent
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency Fleet
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut
22-11-2003, 08:49
"Ahhh..." Razak grins. "So that's how you manage to be everywhere at once. Tricky."
Reploid Productions
22-11-2003, 09:05
The ATI crew follows Ropponmatsu, Oduh taking in the sights like a kid in a candy store, murmuring in his native language. Tsunami and Pirika both perch on Kiara's shoulders, and the trio discuss the situation among themselves.

"Once we've got more information on the situation, maybe we can help peg down just what the hells is going on." Tsunami glances around.

"Isolated cases of thaumaturgic metamorphesis have been reported in the Shogunate before, but I can't think of anything ever happening on such a huge scale... there just isn't that much thaumaturgic energy released at any particular time to affect and entire population!" Pirika checks the readings on a compact thaumatometer.

On a whole other level, Kiara and Oduh discuss the situation, thoughts flying back and forth unheard to the others.

This is astounding! The Keepers are very sensitive to the pulse of the lifeflame of the world but this-! I have never felt anything like this, it is unheard of!

Well, Titan was uninhabited until people came and made it liveable... it wouldn't've had any sort of life force of its own. Obviously it seems to have a 'lifeflame' of its own now, but the question is, how?

Not even the Elder Najoedo is so old as to have witnessed the igniting of the earth's lifeflame. To think we would live to witness the igniting of another world-! Oduh flutters his large copper-colored dragonlike wings, excitement and a desire to take to the air and see the situation from high above barely kept in check.

Kiara rolls her eyes at Oduh, stretching slightly as she walks, careful not to hit anything with her own set of bright red-orange wings. Unlike the 2,000 year old Oduh, she was only newly changed, and still slowly adapting. Maybe, but we're here to try and figure out why it happened, and how.
Titan Sakkra
22-11-2003, 23:17
Meanwhile, in an observation facility in the capitol of Pakaa...

House Leader Stheet and the High Orderman of the Order of Rragg anter the secure facility, and are shown to an observation room, where they are met by a research team. The head of the team greets them, more than a litle put off by the presence of the High Orderman. The perfunctory traditions observed, the briefing begins.

"We have managed to capture the Grendarl a short way from the border of the capitol. It took several Horde Troopers in powered armor to subdue her. The other two came voluntarily." Three rooms could be seen via surveillance cameras. In one is the Grendarl, huge and armor plated, with bony protrusions everywhere. She seems sedated, notable by the lack of voluntary movement. Occasional twitches can be seen, however.

"Here we have the ones we have come to dub the Grass Walkers, as was their name shown in the Ancient Tomes from the Order...." The monitor shows a very lithe specimen. The scales are patterned in gold and silver; the tail seem inordinately long and thin and a frill appears around the neck. The eyes are a golden yellow color with bright green irises. The tympanum is noticeably small, and the nostrils are located frontally as opposed to being atop the skull.

".....And this one, who is dubbed the Deep Ones." On this monitor, a short and squat specimen is seen, although the stockyness is quite apparent. Large pads on the fingers and toes show their purpose as the Deep One scales along the walls and positions itself on the cieling of the observation room.

((More later))
23-11-2003, 21:54
23-11-2003, 21:59
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24-11-2003, 16:22
The sharp "WHIP-CRACK," is followed by the crackling of an electric discharge, and then by an antagonized growl of pain from the Haywire Whip's victim. Intended to disable vehicles with strong electric currents, someone had seemingly found another use for the device.

"I said GET BACK IN YOUR CELLS!" A guard was shouting at an orc, now lying on the ground, the taterd remains of what was once a nice suit clinging to his oversized frame. Reluctantly, the orcs and trolls made their way back to the mass holding cells, which a security system glitch had moments ago left unlocked. 2 other orcs came foward and dragged the supine figure in with them. The gate slammed shut, electronic locks clicking into place. Another brings the assaulted some water, from the one tap in the entire mass cell.

"Mr. President, I presume?"

Almost spitting up the water, President Foreman looks over to see one of his new "bretheren" with a smug look of satisfaction on his face. He recognizes him as one of the newer arrivals to the camp.

"How..did you know?"

The stranger produces a small device. "DNA analyzer. I am Agent Komura of the KSPA. We've been looking for you sir."

"And....and what now?"

"Be ready sir, I'll give you as much warning as possible, but it may not be much. You are getting out of here."


<<Diplomatic Release>>

The GuildCouncil condems the acts of the Scolopendran government in illegally freezing our respective corporation's assets within their country. We demand these assets be released immediatley. We are simply acting in the interests of public saftey and security, and can assure you that none of the "changed" is being harmed. Faced with the mass rioting and violence that was being perpetrated against them, we moved to protect both sides of this struggle, and have been very successful in doing so. Do not make us take further actions to recover what is rightfully ours.

<<End Release>>


"Anyone live here anymore?"

"Nah, guy who lived there changed and went crazy or sumptin'. Corp Johnsons hauled the guy off the other day."

"Oh yeah? Hmm, guess he won't be needing that new holo I see sitting in there then. Good thing bricks and windows go together so well."
25-11-2003, 01:10
That's the extent of it.

"Hrrr hrrr hrrr." Speaker folds his arms, chuckling softly to himself. "The corps threaten us? That is... foolish."

Alshai nods. As much as I'd like to tell them to bring it, I don't see that as a viable option.

Speaker nods. "They are a stabilizing influence. Kicking them over like the fools they are would be... unwise. Stall for time."

Heh. Kommetrez chuckles. I'll get right on it.

* - * - *

~>Route: Automata AK1 - Angelus Mainframe - Suunto
{Well, you see, that's a problem. If it was an illegal action, then we have}
{to go through the Legislative Section's Executive Investigations}
{Committee, which meets every week normally... however, the LU}
{is currently in recess, and it may take several days to gain enough}
{members of the LUEIC to create a quorum.}

{This, of course, requires us to contact both the Minority Leader and the}
{Majority Whip, both of whom are in different locations and apparently their}
{communicators are turned off... so we have to find them.}

{It may take some time.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Advisor Automata Alshai Kommetrez
International Relations Section
Federation of Scolopendra
01-12-2003, 04:14
Ropponmatsu begins the breifing.

"Thank you all for coming. If you do not know me, I am Ropponmatsu, of the KSPA. Here is the curent situation, as of 20 minutes ago.

The HoloBriefer fires up, displaying a regional map of Suunto and surrounding areas. The map is a spiderweb of glowing lines, dotted with small and large glowing areas.

These are the areas that have been principally affected by the Event. Statistcally, people were 300% more likely to change, if within one of the marked areas. You will notice that most of the Suuntoian Population centers are marked. This is where our main problem lies. The average Suuntoian is midly xenophobic at best, having never been exposed to other races, due to a life underground in the close-knit mining communities of Suunto. Apparently, this ingrained prejudice led to mass rioting as the Event took place, and "The Awakened" began to appear. As far as we can tell from HUMINT assets in-country, the local police forces lost control and collapsed, creating a power vacuum that the MegaCorps quickly moved to fill. The corp security forces, private armies in all but title, took over. Their soloution was to round up and intern all changed beings. This includes President Foreman, who KSPA agents have just identified at a Ranraku security camp. The power vacancy left in the public sector as a result of Foreman's arrest has yet to be filled. Currently, the corporations are cooperating under their loose GuildCouncil, however information suggests that we could be seeing power grabs at any time. We are currently planning an extraction op for President Foreman. That is the tactical situation. If they do not mind being put on the spot, we have some visitors from Reploid Productions that may be able to give us some insight on what exactly we are dealing with, in regards to the Event. Let me introduce Pirika of the Arpean Thaumatological Institue of Reploid Productions."

Ropponmatsu steps down and motions of Pirika to come foward.
Reploid Productions
01-12-2003, 04:45
The little white-plated reploid dragon hops down from her perch to stand on the table. Most people would probably be quite surprised to find that a magitech research organization was led by a tiny mechanoid no more than two feet nose to tail.

"Yes, glad to be here for such a momentous event." The little reploid straightens to her full height. "Our research on Earth would indicate that it possesses a ambient energy- chi, ki, feng shui, magic, whatever you wish to call it. Preliminary reports from the equipment we have brought with us would indicate that Titan has very recently began to emit a similiar ambience."

At a nod from the little white reploid, Kiara forks over a data disc for the HoloBriefer, and brings up a wireframe image of Titan, showing the ley lines that have formed, as well as a silvery-white cloud hanging over Suunto and spreading over into neighboring areas. "Normally this ambient energy tends to follow established pathways- like water in a stream. However, since none of us were around when life first came to Earth, we had no idea how these ley lines formed. It is my theory, that with the terraforming of Titan, and the growing population, that the souls, or life force, or whatnot, of the people, animals, and plantlife living and dying here have contributed to generating a large stockpile of bottled up thaumaturgic energy." The display 'rewinds', indicating a large pocket of silvery-white beneath the ground in Suunto. "This is only an approximation, since we did not have equipment in place to determine the exact location of this stockpile, but it should suffice for my explanation. For reasons currently unknown, something penetrated this energy pocket- and like a ruptured pressure cooker, the energy erupted to the surface-"

As she speaks, the display indicates a small breach of the pocket, erupting to the surface of the wireframe model and spreading into the now-familiar lines seen on the surface. "-and began to establish pathways- the ley lines."

She motions for the blue reploid dragon still sitting on Kiara's shoulder to join her. "Tsunami here can better explain our theory regarding the unusual births and sudden transformations brought about by this event."

The little blue dragon hops down to join Pirika. "Um, yes. I think the changes are a direct result of unusually high thaumaturgic exposure- certain people who are more vulnerable to such energies- fortune tellers, psions, and the like, would be more likely to be changed by the sudden bombardment of energy. The unusual births probably result from a slower version of the same process- fetuses that are exposed to a slow, steady release of energy from the subsurface pocket while in the womb end up with more subtle changes that presently defy scientific explanation."

The holographic display brings up a photo of a young woman with golden-brown hair and blue eyes. "As for the more drastic changes, I would safely assume it's not far removed from what happened to my partner, Kiara. As you can see from the display of her 'before' picture, and how she appears now-" Tsunami glances over her shoulder at her partner, still recognizable as the person in the photo, aside from the delicate fin-like ear structures, horns, glowing eyes, scales, wings, tail, and drastically altered feet. "-she underwent something similiar to what seems to be happening to people here."

Kiara mutters something under her breath that it "Hurt like all bloody hell, too...", and fingers the hilt of the sword she's carrying.

"Excuse me for... interrupting." Oduh interrupts, English obviously not his native language. "But Kiara and I could very easily rescue this man... Foreman, correct? The Keepers can wield great powers- in the old days, a single Keeper could wipe out an entire Empire with little effort. And there are two of us here."

Oduh is blissfully unaware of the extremely dirty looks Kiara is shooting at his copper-scaled back.
05-12-2003, 06:52
KSPA Launch Facility, Port Aurora, Titan

A Ropponmatsu stands in a launch room as a small, unassuming looking operative pulls on the coveralls of Renraku Security.

"Do you understand your mission Souske?"

"Yes. Get Foreman out at all costs."

"All costs."


"Souske...Sagara, be careful."

Nothing but an emotionless stare returns her request, as the operative climbs into a dull grey KSPA Infiltrator-class insertion pod. Capable of holding two operatives and a small amount of equipment, the pod is based on the hull of the Ferret-class clandestine probe, its most notable equipment, a full visual, em, and gravimetric stealth system, capable of rendering it for all intents and purposes invisible. Agent Sagara Souske quickly seals the entry hatch and settles into the cramped cockpit. Running through the preflight quickly, the pod is electromagnetically launched from the facility. The troops gathered on the other side of the facility hear a sharp crack as the pod leaves the muzzle of the launch tube, and turning in the direction of the sound, see nothing.

30 minutes later, Souske is making a slow orbit over Valeria, Suunto. Surface dwellings are clustered around the main entry points of the underground arcology, and around the surface access to the immense mining facility located on the outskirts of the city.

Mine looks abandoned...guess they are all rounding up the changed.

He banks the pod and drops to the deck, entering the mineshaftat at a slow hover. He chances a quick pulse on the active gravitic sensors and gets a good look at the upper level mine geography.

Matches the information we were given...good.

He brings the pod deeper and deeper into the mine, traveling through miles of twisting tunnels. The pod comes to a stop in complete darkness. Flipping a switch, a light pierces out from the pod, and glinting in the artificial light, is a door, rusted heavily from disuse, set into an equally neglected metal plate, that if were removed from the ground would make up a small section of the outside wall of the arcology. The pod sets down and Souske hops out, removing a small backpack from the cockpit. The hatch slides shut and the pod vanishes. Flipping on a small tactical light, souske approches the door, EMERGENCY USE ONLY blazoned across a sign, now laying on the ground, partially covered in dirt.

He tries the large dog-handle on the door. It doesn't budge. He braces himself and tries again, the handle moving slowly and then releasing with a loud /CLANG!!/


The door squeals open, long neglected hinges protesting any movement.

Damn door.

He finds himself in a maintenance equipment room. Long forgotten equipment only remembered when it stops functioning thrums away at its unknown function.

Hope that covered the door.
Agent Sagara Souske
Operations Directorate
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut
06-12-2003, 11:15
Sub-level systems monitoring, Station Z-54, Valeria, Suunto

An indicator light begins blinking on the vast systems readout panel of the sublevel maintenance areas. A faded label above it reads "Emergency Mine Egress Hatch Sector 7-B." The technician on duty calls his supervisor over to see the readout, or rather he would, had the Station been manned. Long since drawn out into the chaos of the streets, the light blinks solmenly to an empty room.


Corporate Headquarters, Renraku Heavy Industries

"Sir, now is the chance we have been waiting for. We have the numbers and equipment to crush our competition and become the new de facto government of Suunto. It is foolproof!"

The scene repeats itself at all 5 major megacorps. Each with their own cunning plan, and each with the means to execute it.
15-12-2003, 09:36
Lower Level Sprawl, Renraku Sector, Valeria Arcology

Sticking to the shadows, Agent Sagara Souske made his way up the levels of the vast arcology, sticking to the shadows and avoiding Renraku Security patrols like the skilled operator he is. He finally reaches his destination, a rundown warehouse on the 3rd level. A small door set into a large vehicle door confronts him. He draws an electromagnetic needler from his backpack, and slowly turns the knob, swinging the door open on hinges that look like they would make an awful squeak, but glide open soundlessly. The vast interior is empty, save for a cargo container sitting 50 meters inside. He scans the rest of the interior, Mk4 Gamma-grade cybereyes looking beyond the normal human spectrum. Satisfied that the shadows are empty, he walks up to the container, and knocks once, twice, and once again. With a clunk, the door opens from the inside, and Souske walks in.

With a start, Sosuke levels the pistol at the person, a conservative definition, and says in a calm, emotionless voice, "Don't move. Down on your knees, and identify yourself."

The Troll complies, bringing his head down to level with Souske's. "The purple ferret flies at midnight. Good to see you again Souske."

Souske's encephalon begins moving data from headware storage to his optical interface, bringing up an image of Agent Koul'dn, an unassuming looking person, but obvioulsy of Suuntoian heritage. The picture definatly did not show a 3.1 meter troll, however.

"Don't move." He reaches foward and, using his fingernail, scratches through the thick skin of the troll, sensors in the cyberarm immediatly comparing the sample to a previous DNA sample. Taking into account the obvious genetic anamolies, it comes up a match. With a slight click, Sosuke safties his weapon and takes a step back.

"Koul'dn. I see you escaped the CorpSec Johnsons."

"Yeah, they only did a cursory sweep through the warehouse, and I have more spider holes and false walls in here than the mines do. Although some of them are a bit tighter of a fit then they were before. Anyway, 's all ready for you. Paint just finished drying."

Souske looks to the back of the container, where a Renraku HoverHauler sits in an ad-libbed paint booth, the stylized R and red/white paint of Renraku emblazoned across the sides. Koul'dn hands over a Corporate CredStick, and a set of authorization orders.

"'s all there, transfer order, roadblock authorization, credstick has about 5,000 Alts on a corporate spending account that Renraku doesn't know they have, so you should be good there."

"Good. Time to get this done then. You have a plan to get out?"

"Yup. I'm waiting for you to come back with your friends right here. Most of the ones who escaped the dragnets are thinking the same thing, 'so hurry your ass up."

"Affirmative." Souske sets his face, and climbs into the cab of the ugly, boxy, utilitarian cargo/people hauler, this particualr one set up as a prisoner transport. The engine hums to life, and the civilian grade GravLifter raises the transport off the ground. Koul'dn opens the door for Sosuke, and hits a remote, opening the warehouse door just enough for Souske to clear through. It immediatly closes behind him.

Souske moves the craft slowly down the trafficway to one of the vehicle lifts set into the wall of the arcology. The lift operator does a cursory check of his credentials, and brings him to level 6. He slowly makes his way to one of the internment camps, cooperating with the billigerent guards at the roadblocks at every intersection. He finally reaches his objective, pulls up to the gate and hops out of the cab, his backpack hidden underneath the bench seat.

"Afternoon. Got a transfer for you." The bored gate guard notices Souske for the first time, looking up from his terminal.

"Identification, orders, and clearance."

Souske slots his CredStick into the reader, an official looking Renraku Security Employee Profile appearing on the guards terminal. He hands over a DataStick, which the guard slots into an encrypted reader. He scans them briefly as Souske looks around.

Mounted weapons at the checkpoints. Full guard rotation outside, but they are bored and complacent. Standard small-arms. Keeping it internal, though, no LoneStar or contractors. Interesting.

"Your orders check out, Mr. Haart. Pull in to transfer dock 4. Someone will bring that monstrosity out."

"Thanks." Souske pulls the truck past the first gate into the entrapment area. As the first gate fully closes behind him, the inner gate opens, and Souske quickly locates Dock 4, backing the transport up into contact with the prisoner tunnel. He toggles the rear door open, and hops out, walking back to the guard standing on the dock.

"They'll have the brute right out Mr. Haart. This was one of our first customers. Say, where you takin' 'em anyway?"

Souske doesn't even stumble, matching the guard's street vernacular. "SecHQ wants him for testing. Dunno what for, just 'tha messenger, ya' know?"

"I hear that. Damn Johnsons never got their heads screwed on straight it seems." There is a slight rustling in the transfer tunnel, and the truck door closes with a click and lock confirmation beep. "All set Mr. Haart." He proffers a data tablet, and a stylus. "Initial here, here, and here. Sign here." Souske completes the requested tasks and returns the tablet. "All set Mr. Haart. Have a nice trip."

"Thanks for making this so easy. Nice to see some efficient people still work for this company."

"I hear that!"

Souske hops off the dock, and climbs back into the cab. Watching the guard quickly lose interest in the rearview display, Souske opens the door to the cargo compartment and walks back to the holding cell. The dejected metahuman is sitting slumped against the side of the internal cage. Reaching through the bars, he quickly scratches the prisoner, drawing only a muffled grunt for his trouble. Data appearing on his HUD, he returns to the cab satisfied, and gets the truck moving. Going back through the same roadblocks and lifts, they eventually come to arrive back at the warehouse. The door opens and Souske pulls in, Koul'dn nowhere to be seen. As the door closes, a CorpSec patrol vehicle rounds the corner.

"Target entering suspect warehouse. Moving to intercept."

The armored, wheeled vehicle revvs its engine and rams the vehicle door, sending it crashing off of its tracks. Making it into the building about 10 meters, the vehicle is surrounded by only the dim light entering the place in the wall where the door once was.

"Infrared scanning. Hold this position."

Koul'dn lies prone in the shadows, 30 meters to the left of the vehicle, behind a KCTS Anti-Gear Rifle, a rocket boosted 30mm cannon designed to allow infantry a defense against the prevalent 'Gears of Titan military forces, and long since replaced by more advanced weapons.

Just have to delay them long enough for Souske to clear datum.

He fires, the 30mm rocket shell igniting as it leaves the barrel. Not designed for the short engagement range, the rocket never reaches full velocity, impacting the armor of the vehicle with a reverberating ::CLANG!::


Koul'dn fires repeatedly, emptying the 10 round magazine into the car, to no effect. The rockets however do leave a trail, giving away his position. He reaches for one of the trap doors to his spider network as he feels the cold licks of drying RiotFoam around his legs.


Souske hears the unmistakeable scream of the AGR, and picks up the pace. They had climbed down 3 levels of tunnels back to the maintenance level. President Foreman, in less than good health, was puffing his way along behind him, running on pure adrenaline.

Sub-level systems monitoring, Station Z-54

The tech, tiring of the excitement of the round-ups, had returned to his station to close up for the night. He found the blinking light, still blinking, and immediatly thinks the worst, the brutes were trying to escape to the mines. He picks up his comm and notifies CorpSec.


Sosuke and Foreman finally arrive back at the equipment room that contains the access door. Souske pauses at the door. It was ajar. Switching over to thermal, he picks out the two CorpSec rapid response agents, and motions for Foreman to conceal himself amongst the equipment in the passage.

He opens the door just wide enough for him to slither through. Using the equipment for cover, Souske gets to within 10 meters of the agents, using flashlights to inspect the open door, and the mine beyond. He levels the needler and fires, the sound of a thousand angry spiders harkoning the arrival of a hundred ceramic darts.

The door opens and Souske motions for the president to follw him. Stepping around the mess of the former agents, they enter the mine, Souske decloaking the pod. Opening the hatch, he helps Foreman inside, his bulk carrying over to the second seat. He starts to close the hatch.

"Wait. How are you getting out?"

"That is none of your concern Mr. President. The pod is programmed to take you back to Karmabaijan automatically. Don't touch the controls."

"Thank you...I'll make sure your superiors know what your situation never got your name."

"It is Mr. Haart, Mr. President." The hatch shuts with a click, the pod powering up and thundering down the mine shaft, Zero-One Sec-2 dogbrain handling the piloting. Souske begins following it down the mine shaft, as 10 CorpSec agents burst through the emergency door, quickly surrounding Souske, and tackling him to the ground.
Agent Sagara Souske
Operations Directorate
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut
12-01-2004, 06:33
OOC: Just a quick post to see who is still interested in being involved in this thread.

Port Aurora, KSPA Facility

Agent Ropponmatsu makes a general announcement.

"Will all unit leaders/team leaders please report to the briefing facility. There has been a development in our situation."
Command Agent Ropponmatsu
Commander, First of the First Scorpions
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency Fleet
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut
12-01-2004, 06:41
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12-01-2004, 06:42
Razak grins. "Yo. I haven't moved an inch, and the OPO and HELLSING units are right behind me."
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-01-2004, 07:08
Jacobian nodded, hearing the announcement. They'd arrived quietly, without fanfare, looking somewhat stark in their working uniforms of unrelieved black. No insignias or identifying marks could be seen among the mixed group of four men and two women. Aside from their clothes, one wouldn't have had anything to link them.

They kept together, walking with a casually confident gait, eyes scanning their surroundings, making mental note of things and people.

"This is it, boys and girls," he said around his cigarette, a cloud of clove-scented smoke wafting out with his words. "Keep it sharp."
Jacobian Sanguinus -- Black Company Commander
Reploid Productions
12-01-2004, 07:13
Pirika tips her head in the dragon's equivilent of a raised eyebrow. "A development?"
14-01-2004, 05:51
House Leader Stheet spends the night at the observation facility, looking over notes he has taken, and those gleaned from the staff there. This could actually be very useful. I'll order the Border Patrol not to harm any of these changed beings. In fact, aan address would be prudent.

He leaves his quarters, and approaches one of the staff members on duty, monitoring bio-signs of the Grass-Walker specimen.

"I want to speak with this one. Name?"

"Sir, she doesn't seem capable of speech, but has written her name out. In fact, that's how she communicates with us. With writing." He lifts up a pad to the House Leader.

"Sserra Rasshou. Two names? That is .... peculiar."

"Yes, sir. Apparently, it's the name she felt compelled to adopt after the changing."

"Very interesting. Allow me entry."

The staff member comms a guard, who ushers the house leader into the antiseptic-looking room. A solitary figure is in residence here, standing an average Sakkran height, but looking quite lithe and fine-boned. A frill on the back of its head shone with silvery scales. The yellow eyes looked at Stheet coolly.

"Greetings. I am House Leader Stheet of the Parliament of T..."

*Why am I detained*

Stheet fell silent very abruptly. He did not hear' her as much as feel her words in his head. "How...."

*Why am I detained*

This time the slender Grass-Walker turned her head to fully face Stheet, both eyes fixed on him.

" see if the Change is a hazard to our people."

*It is not, and you know it*

", I don't know it. We only have guesses what caused it in the first place. We're trying to contain it."

*You have had no success. I can see it in the minds of the staff here, and the guards. No success*

Stheet rubs his tympanum, feeling a small ache beginning to set in.

"You are right. No success so far. So, you can see into the mind?"

*Yes. My vocal chords are capable only of utterances now, but my mental power compensates for that*

16-01-2004, 19:06
20-01-2004, 08:37
Ropponmatsu addresses the assembled representatives. The HoloMap shows Valeria, known camps highlighted.

"We have successfully extracted President Foreman. No, I cannot go into details as to how, but I can tell you that one of our best operatives was taken into custody to accomplish this feat. President Foreman has painted us a grim picture of what is going on inside Suunto. The camps, obstensily set up to protect the awakened, are little more than internment camps with horrendous conditions. The corporations seem to be ready to strike at each other in a bid for supreme power. Which brings me to the point of this meeting. The corporations are calling in all the Runners that they can, shoring their ranks with contractors to distance themselves from the pointy end of the dirty business they have started. This gives us an opportunity to infiltrate several teams in country, without having to worry about obtaining weapons. The Corps will see that border regulations are convieniently forgotten to get high-caliber Runners. In that regard, we have formed several teams from within the ranks of the Hellsing/OPO/SIS and will be drawing another from DLN for the Valeria mission. Other arcologies will see similar activity on our part. The teams will be provided with cover stories and matching "street cred." Each team will accept a contract with a different corporation, inside Valeria. Hopefully, once given their assignments, the teams will be left to their own devices. This is the key. As soon as possible, the teams will try and exfiltrate as many Awakened prisoners as possible. We will have a transport network in place to smuggle prisoners out, once they are out of the Arcology."

She pauses, as the map zooms out to show all of Suunto.

"Valeria is the key. With Valeria goes Suunto. The outer cities have seen less violence, and in fact local Awakened governments have sprung up and begun declaring independance. Our goal is to unite them, which will be TYCS' mission, once we know that as many civilians as possible are clear of Valeria, out of potential barganing position for the Corps."

She turns to address the Reploids.

"I would like you to continue working with our medical teams in determining the exact cause and extent of the Awakening. We need all the information we can get to help our teams in country, and any possible exploits of the conditions. In other words, how can we use the energies to our advantage?"

She looks around the room again, as a KSPA agent starts handing out briefing folders.

"Any questions?"
Command Agent Ropponmatsu
Commander, First of the First Scorpions
Karmabaijani Special Projects Agency Fleet
Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Triumvirate of Yut
Reploid Productions
20-01-2004, 09:56
Tsunami nods. "The most obvious benefit is that thaumaturgic weaponry ought to work at a far greater effectiveness now, with a local power source."

Pirika jumps up. "The capacitors! We have equipment that could help the Awakened strengthen their own position, easily! I would imagine the Awakened have a heightened rating on the thaumaturgic scale, and with some luck, they could be taught to wield that!"

Oduh nods solemnly, rustling his coppery wings in agitation. "If it is all right, I would like to go with the soldiers. This new lifeflame is very strong, and I could direct it to further upset these minor Lords."

Kiara shifts awkwardly. "I think what Oduh is saying is that psykers can wield this energy against the Corporations, and use it to change their leaders, even if they weren't changed originally. And that in some cases, teams may not even need weapons, if they can use the so-called Arts."
Dread Lady Nathicana
20-01-2004, 23:46
Jas nodded, taking a long drag as he looked over the folder. "Shouldn't have too much trouble tweakin' our files if it comes to that," he says dryly, exhaling without removing the cigarette from his lips. "Merc operation here, after all, though I doubt anyone this far out's heard of us. Job's been funded already on our end. Everything else is just gravy."

"Extractions shouldn't be a problem. Ran similar for a client not too long back under extreme conditions. Realize we're dealing with some odd shit here, but then, seems like s' pretty new for all of us." He took another long pull at his smoke, then exhaled slowly.

"As for the setup, s' no problem. We've run the double-agent shtick before and know the play." He and the others grin at that. "Just need to know some guidelines - how far can we take it, and do you have limitations for us on actions against these bastards?"
22-01-2004, 06:47
Ropponmatsu turns to the Reploids.

"I agree that learning how to weild these energies is important, however, I hesitate to send you with the infiltration teams. As you can tell, the Suuntoians are decidedly Xenophobic. Perhaps you can move out with the main units, refine your theories and methods and be prepared to teach those that are liberated?"

As for your question Jas; we would prefer that you exercise some discretion in your application of force. However, we are not stupid, and realize what is necessary to get the job done. Final authority once you deploy will be in your hands, although, if you do not mind, I would like to add one member to your group. I assure you, he will not slow you down. In fact, I think that you will find him quite useful."

She nods to a lone figure dressed in all black standing at the back of the room. He begins walking to the front of the room, his movements precise, seeming to have planned each step in intricate detail.

"May I introduce Master Cleric Sean Preston, of the Hellsing Division's Tetragrammaton Corps."

Preston steps foward to Jas, bows, and offers his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you."
Cleric Sean Preston
Master Grammaton Cleric
Tetragrammaton Corps
Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services 1st Hellsing Division
22-01-2004, 07:27
Valeria, Renraku Heavy Industries, Corporate Headquarters Compound.

Miles Lanier was a powerful man. He sat deep within the Renraku empire, an empire he had built nearly from the ground up. Well, almost. He smirks to himself. Gephardt had done most of the groundwork...up until his "accident." Now, an opportunity was presenting itself, one of great magntude, an opportunity that was not even in the furthest reaches of his scheming mind a week ago.

All of Suunto, under Renraku control. Well, it would happen eventually. But this bumps up the timetable significantly.

A soft beep is heard. A light flashes on a console set into the massive desk.

Lanier reaches down and toggles the comm.

"What is it?"

"Mr. Lanier? This is Tasker down in intelligence."

Tasker was his head of corporate intelligence/espionage. A man extremely good at his chosen profession.

"Go ahead."

"Have reports from some of our urchins. Seen a massive increase in loose contracts floating around. SuuNCorp, TitanTechnologies, Paxton, NorthCo and Fuchi are snapping up all the Runners they can. Apparently, we weren't the only to realize the opportunities that this situation presented. They appear to be getting ready to make a move."

The "situation." Goblinization. He had watched his personal assistant change into a monstrous brute, and had him taken off to the camps.

"Offer twice the highest bid. We can't have all these damn foriegners running around without our control. It could be hazardous."

"My thoughts exactly, sir. I'll see to it immediatly."

5 competitors. Nothing like the corp war of '27. This will be fun.

Little did Lanier know, things would soon take a decidedly sour turn.
Dread Lady Nathicana
24-01-2004, 13:26
Jas nods as she speaks, exhaling slowly. "Understood, and no complaints," he says with a clipped nod. "This is your show, boss." He watches the newcomer quietly as he walks over, taking note of the man's demeanor, the way he moves.

"Master Preston," he says, shaking the dark-clad man's hand, bowing politely in return, then gesturing to the rest of the crew s he names them in turn. "Angelico, Reihana, that there's Mazar, Zhou and o' course, Sullivan. Look forward to workin' with you." Taking a quick drag on his cigarette, he tilts his chin up slighlty, then exhales, directing the smoke up in a thin stream, eyes narrowing briefly in thought.

"Now if you wouldn't mind explainin' exaxtly what all it is you do? Somethin' tells me it ain't about 'last rites'."
26-01-2004, 19:08
The interviews concluded at the holding and observation facility on Titan Sakkra, Sstheet heads back to his offices to unwind. As he steps into his office, he finds the Ancient Orderman sitting in a chair, seemingly meditating.

Sstheet tip-toes as quietly as possible around his desk, and sits in his chair.

"No need to be so quiet. I can still hear all while in my meditations."

Sstheet is stratled slightly by the Orderman's voice, but regains his composure swiftly. He swivels his chair a bit in a back-and-forth motion.

"So what brings you here? You have news?"

The Orderman lifts his cowled head, and sniffs the air. "Yes. Since our last meeting, I and my fellow Ordermen have been meditating long. It seems that the re-appearance of the Grass-Walkers has prompted changes. Changes that could turn our cities on Titan on their ears."

Sstheet leans forward on his desk, intently listening. "Changes? What manner of changes?"

"Well, in the Tomes, there are tellings of each of the Ancient Ancestors holding certain ... .ablilities. As time passed, and all the gene-pools intermingled to the point that they have today, these abilities were lost. The Burrowers could make superior weaponry, and imbue them with mystic properties. The Grendarl, or Deep Ones as they were once called, could summon extraordinary physical power. And the Grass-Walkers could summon manifestations of the Ancient Dieties."

"It appears, from our meditations, that a cosmic ripple is taking effect. The Ancient Deities are about to make an appearance here on Titan."

Sstheet shoots up out of his chair. "WHAT! NO!! We must contact the other governments here. This could be the Judgement! We must be ready!"
General TYCS communication
Dest: All TofY government branches

The thaumaturgic events here on Titan have had a variety of effects on the different societies, from what we have gleaned of the reports coming and going all over Titan. Here, the events may have a disastrous consequence. The meditations of the Ordermen of Rragg have shown that, not only are ancient genetic codes being unlocked, but so too are an ancient power.

One of the Pantheon of the Ancient Deities is consolidating its power as we speak. We fear that an appearance may be made soon, and we fear the consequences. We seek aid from those sensitive to the cosmic ripplings to advise us as to actions to take. Please respond A.S.A.P.

House Leader Sstheet
27-01-2004, 07:38
"What do they mean by an 'ancient deity?'" Speaker-to-Animals twitches his bat-wing ears and furrows his brow, looking at the two humans on the other side of his desk. One is the ever-present Agent Simmias, information tracing over the inside of his monocular display. The other is a strong-built female in brown fatigues, the three-color shield on her shoulder and the various shamanic devices draped over her person identifying her as HELLSING.

"Actually," Agent Simmias frowns, "I believe Colonel-Mystic Keetia has more information on that."

The woman nods and pulls open a belt on her chest, releasing the dictionary-sized leather-bound book held there. Holding out in front of her, she immediately opens it to a particular page--no flipping--and reads from it in a way that suggests that she's working more from memory than the words on the page.

"Summoning, Psionic, Deities: The summoning of 'ancient daemons' and 'gods' in the multiverse often comes from several sources, depending on the previous history of the multiversal summoner. Sometimes they are ethereal beings of the warp, an alternate universe; other times they are simply more powerful forms of elementals, the very form of the universe warping to the will of the summoner by his sheer faith.

Defense against these beings is simplest during the summoning. Standard warding runes--specialties dependent on the elements involved or chaos if of the warp--will at least slow the summoning, and if the summoners are removed then their summoning shall fail. If lethal force is inadvisable, psionic nullification spells, chaos runes (if the force is of a natural element), or symbols of Divine Order (if the force is of chaos) should disrupt any summoning long enough that the summoners can be restrained."

The kzin leans back into his chair, folding his arms in front of him. "Suggestions?"

"We're keeping what's left of the OPO not already on active assignment in reserve. Until the Sakkrans can give us more information about whatever this Deity is, we don't know how to allocate resources." Agent Simmias sighs.

"HELLSING is ready, sir." Keetia sets her jaw with a determined air. "We can have a division of Gears and M.I. in Sakkra, and we are well trained to deal with any such summonings." She returns her book to her belt with a smooth economy of motion. "As you well know, sir, HELLSING was formed to battle the demons and dark magicks of Arda. I believe we will be able to stop the dabblings of Sakkra."

"All right." Speaker frowns. "Do what it takes to stop threats, but understand diplomacy is key. If they understand that summoning helps no one, then they will not summon out of 'good intentions.'"

The Colonel-Mystic nods. "Leaving only those who will summon out of spite and hatred."

"Those can be dealt with in whatever way necessary."

* - * - *

--<Transmission Type: Encrypted Triumvirate Communication>--
-<Sender: Agent Simmias, OPO, FSS>-
-<Destination: House Leader Sstheet, Titan Sakkra>-
--<Subject: Re: URGENT!>--

Understood. HELLSING is ready to deploy at your command, given information from your intelligence services to stop any such summonings. Your Order of Rragg will be extremely useful in such a regard. The Office of Psionic Operations requires additional information before we allocate our already stretched resources; hopefully our experience over the Outsets will help us in this endeavor. Simmias
Office of Psionic Operations
Federated Segments of Scolopendra

--<End Transmission>--

* - * - *

"So... who's on the teams?" Agent Simmias looks down at Advisor Garbo, head of the Intelligence Section. "I know I allocated Agents Phaedo and Cebes to the operation."

"Well, there's two TYCS teams, one OPO and two SIS agents to each. The rest are HELLSING, TYSS, and Special Forces." Garbo glances back up at the charcoal-uniformed psion as he calls up the dossiers. "HELLSING is sending Grammaton Clerics for the massive hurt, OPO covers active psionics, TYSS are our real spooks, and Special Forces despense the hurt. SIS, on the other hand, will perform the relatively mundane tasks of electronic intelligence, and B-n'-E.

"Team Alpha, with Agent Cebes, contains SIS Field Agents Lev Wolozsyn and Molo Smbege while Team Bravo, with Agent Phaedo, contains Field Agents Peter Jaimeson and Lisa Hampton. All four are trained in electronic data recovery, money laundering, lockpicking, breaking and entering, safe-cracking, the like. They're also making sure that the teams know their legends forwards and backwards."

"Good, good. You mentioned TYSS and Special Forces?"

"The Special Forces are multilateral, but there are two troopers per team who are trained in guerrila warfare, demolitions, and training. Oldschool Green Beret stuff. Special Services... they're our cards in the hole. They've definitely improved; these in-for-lifers aren't chromed except for a skillwire set and a bunch of bioaug memory that just looks like denser gray matter. There's rumors of other bioaugs, but apparently my clearance isn't high enough. Neither Shodey nor Coranth are telling me anything."
27-01-2004, 08:39
"This meeting is called to order."

Andrew let out a long, deep sigh, glancing out over the table splayed in front of him. Each of his department heads had a seat, and a look of grave concern on each face, to a varying degree.

"What is our current situation?"

Theseus Prime, the Foreign Minister, looks out over the table. "Today we received an urgent message from House Leader Sstheet on Sakkra's Titan colony. Apparently the Thaumaturgic situation is escalating.

"The message was somewhat vague, but may have origins in ancient Sakkran history. We are all aware of the drastic changes the Thaumaturgic energy is having on Titan-bound citizens, and of the situation there. While it has put a hamper somewhat on trade and travel with the nations on Titan-proper, it hasn't damaged business to any level of concern. That may change soon."

James Seal interrupted. "What was the message from the Sakkrans? Why was it urgent?"

"The message warned of the energy unlocking 'ancient power' in certain individuals on Titan. We have discerned that in ancient Sakkran history, one of the tribes was rumored to possess the ability to communicate to what the Sakkrans believed were deities. Indeed, they had the ability to summon these deities, though for what purpose we are unsure. They are seeking aid from other Triumvirate organizations specializing in the Thaumaturgic energy. The Scolopendran OPO is involved, as well as KSPA and a Thaumaturgic Specialist team from Reploid Productions. As our scientists have little experience with this phenomenon, and traditional medicine seems to have no effect, our involvement has been light. However, today we have found that two Khenalians in Sakkra Titan have been affected."

Andrew grimaced. It certainly was not news he was wanting to hear. "What are their symptoms?"

Theseus paused, pressing a few buttons on his DataPad so that two images came into view on a screen at the end of the room.

"The two individuals are both there on Government business. One is the Military Attaché to Hreer Weapon Works facilities on Titan Sakkra. The other one is a member of the diplomatic staff attached to the embassy. These are the before pictures. One male, one female. All in perfect health. No known conditions. The transformation was rather quick."

With another touch of the button, the pictures changed. One of the males and the female both now had grotesque figures, they had grown to enormous proportions, had severely darkened skin and large bone protrusions resembling horns.

"We have no choice.", spoke Artemis Prime, rising from her seat. "We must quarantine Khenala. Stop all inbound and outbound traffic to Titan-proper."

James gave an audible scoff. "Don't be absurd. That will due multitudes of damage to our economy and business. 95% of our trade is with Triumvirate nations, and we cannot merely cease contact with Triumvirate nations on Titan. It's implausible."

Artemis took on an angry expression. "Would you prefer that this disease spread to the rest of the population?! There will be a public panic! Prime Minister, we cannot allow this to happen to any other Khenalians. It is your responsibility!"

Andrew gave her a sharp look, speaking with authority. "I will thank you not to tell me my responsibilities, Artemis. I assure you I am quite aware of my duties."

Artemis did not respond, merely keeping an angry expression on her face.

"James is right. We cannot cease trade with Titan-bound nations. The damage to our business will be irreparable, and to my understanding, the effects are neither contagious and seem to be exclusive to those living on Titan itself. This isn't a virus or some type of disease, it is an effect of the mysterious energy permeating Titan itself."

"Artemis is right, in some manner, brother.", James responded. "We have to do something. It appears that public rioting and corporate control of government occurred in Suunto after 'the Awakening', as they are calling it, but I do not believe the same will happen here."

"I do not plan on doing nothing. Selythe, please communicate to the media these developments, and let them know that we are initiating a plan to correct the matter. Inform the populace that at this time there are no restrictions on travel to Titan and business is to proceed as normal."

Selythe nodded. "I will do so."

"James, contact the Scolopendrans and the Karmabaijani. Assemble a team of our top scientists and inform them that we will assist them with their investigation into the Thaumaturgic energy release. Offer to take in any of the 'Awakened'. Get our medical specialists to see if there is any way to reverse the changes and report back to me daily on any developments. If there is no way to reverse the changes, then we must be prepared to accept them into our society. Keep the media informed of developments. If we appear to be hiding anything, it will cause a panic and the people will lose trust. I refuse to allow that, so we will not hide our knowledge. The people must be prepared to accept the fact that these changes may be permanent, and that it may affect more than it has."


Andrew turned to address the table once more. "We cannot allow ourselves to be frightened into extreme actions by these changes. We must logically study them and address them. We will overcome this matter. It is only a matter of time. Dismissed."
27-01-2004, 16:07
Deep in the lower antechambers of the Order of Rragg, in the theological stronghold of Rrooazaa, the Scholars pore over the Tomes in the library. Dust is blown off of text after text as pages are turned delicately with a single claw and gnarled fingers feel over the slightly raised surfaces of the Sakkran cuniform language. Shuffling and quiet murmuring is the only sound heard in these hallowed halls.

One of the Acolytes comes up to Scholar Rraas, clutching a particularly large and cumbersome book; fully half his total body length. Huffing and wheezing, the young neonate approaches the Scholar and speaks in a hushed tone.

*whoof whoof* "Scholar Rraas, I think I found it." The ancient Scholar extends a hand, and feels the dusty cover of the book. "Ah, yes. Yes, I think this is it. 'The First of the Order'. Very good Acolyte. As a reward, you may now meditate in your chambers. I will call you when I am done."

The Acolyte bows and prostrates before the Scholar. "Thank you Esteemed One. thank you!" Rraas waves a dismissive hand, and the Acolyte scuttles off.

Three days of pouring over this book has produced some information. Rraas summons his Acolyte, and has him copy down the notes from the tome the the Scholar has made. This is then sent to the TYCS Hellsing division.

To: TYCS Hellsing Division
From: Ancient Order of Rragg
Subj: Scholarly findings; notes on the Deity

Greetings to you,

We have been seeking the information you requested on this particular deity, and have produced positive results. May this aid you in your duties. It is attached and heavily encrypted to prevent 'spying eyes' from using this information to our detriment. If you wish, I will permit you to send a team here to pour over some of the Tomes I have collected here myself. But keep in mind that the vow of secrecy will have to be put in effect. There is much here that is forbidden knowledge to those outside of the Order.
May the Light of the Spirits show you the way.

Scholar Rraas

The attached files, when decrypted, would read as follows...

Of Ssareeazaar Guanaar:

This deity is credited with being responsible for teaching the ancient Tribe Chieftan Rragg of the Sight. The Sight being that of the ability to see beyond the physical and into the spiritual realm. Ssareeazaar Guanaar is also known as the Body of the Spirit of the Ancestors; Tender of the Dead; Lord of the Pits; Armsman of the Pantheon. There are numerous other honorifics attached to the nature of this deity.

When taking a physical manifestation in the Ancient Times, its form could come in any variety of shapes, sizes or sex. Common forms were of a flame-encircled titan, a svelte female or a young neonate. However, hollow eye-sockets and a steam-like emanation are always in presence, distinguishing this deity from the others in the pantheon. In ancient times, this particular deity was the most popular among the tribes since it was in charge of keeping the Ancestor's Spirits busy in the afterlife to prevent meddling in the affairs of the living.

Offerings normally made involved fine-crafted weaponry and silks, as well as smoked and cured meats coated in Paroo juice. What the Spirit does with these offerings is still unknown, but they were usually accepted.

The Grass-Walkers were able to summon a physical manifestation of the Deity's power, and this was normally done for the purposes of gaining guidance and wisdom for the near future. When the races intermingled over the millenia, the Grass-Walkers, as well as the other varieties of Sakkran species were bred out of existence. When the Grass-Walkers disappeared, so to did the influence of Ssareeazaar. It is theorized that they had a very direct connection to one another, as the Grass-Walkers were a very spiritual peoples. Many believed they were the line-in-the-sand between the spirit world and the living world.

Prophecy foretells that the Ancient Ones will return, and so too will the Pantheon. As this comes to pass, judgement will be cast upon the world of the living by the Keepers of the Ancients. What this entails, we are not quite certain.

Now that the Awakening of the ancient genes has caused them to resurface, High Ordermen of Rragg, and the Grass-Walkers themselves, have been reporting ripplings in the cosmic fabric that separates the Living Realms from the Spiritual Realms, which seem to be weakening on several Ley Lines here on the Sakkran holdings of Titan, especially here in the city of Rrooazaa.

Also, it is unkown if the Judgement is to be cast on the Sakkran peoples, or on all living things. I hope that these notes will be helpful.
28-01-2004, 07:46
Jas nods as she speaks, exhaling slowly. "Understood, and no complaints," he says with a clipped nod. "This is your show, boss." He watches the newcomer quietly as he walks over, taking note of the man's demeanor, the way he moves.

"Master Preston," he says, shaking the dark-clad man's hand, bowing politely in return, then gesturing to the rest of the crew s he names them in turn. "Angelico, Reihana, that there's Mazar, Zhou and o' course, Sullivan. Look forward to workin' with you." Taking a quick drag on his cigarette, he tilts his chin up slighlty, then exhales, directing the smoke up in a thin stream, eyes narrowing briefly in thought.

"Now if you wouldn't mind explainin' exaxtly what all it is you do? Somethin' tells me it ain't about 'last rites'."

"A pleasure to meet you all. And please, Cleric will do just fine. As to what I do...The Grammaton clerics are a special part of the TYCS, originally developed to...handle ToY problems that demand a high degree of discretion and deniability. The Clerics train from childhood in all forms of martial arts, weapons, field/tradecraft, etcetera."

He pauses, and then poses a question to Jas. "Did you ever hear about the bombing aboard The Glory of Titan cruiseliner a few years ago?"

He gets a blank look from Jas, marked by the release of another stream of smoke. "Can't say I did. Thought tha cruiseliners had a spotless record."

"What about the hostage incident in the Karmabaijani governmental offices?"

A mystified look, and a slight headshake. "Nope. Never happened. Tha' woulda' been on tha' Link."

The Cleric gives him a cold stare in return. "Exactly."
Cleric Sean Preston
Master Grammaton Cleric
Tetragrammaton Corps
Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services
Dread Lady Nathicana
06-02-2004, 09:25
Jas ponders that quietly, taking a good long drag on his cigarette. He tilts up his chin, and blows it out slowly as he thinks.

"Well then ...", he begins, nodding quietly to the cleric. "Welcome aboard, Cleric. Damned impressive record there ... or not, as the case is." He chuckles softly at that. "This what we've got to work with, or have we got some more showin' up?"
11-02-2004, 03:35
Roppinmatsu smiles.

"Good. It is settled. Your transport leaves at 0446 tomorrow morning. If you have any last minute gear or equipment needs, see the Quartermaster on sublevel 2. He will get you squared away."
11-02-2004, 04:18
*A bit of backstory*

In Titan Sakkra, the camps where the Awakened were held were not called internment camps, concentration camps or anything of the like. They were known as 'Adjustment Camps', and there was one in every city. They're run by the Brotherhood of Rragg, who plumb the Tomes for knowledge of the once-extinct races that have now come forth in force. With this knowledge, they seek to make the Awakened aware of what their new forms can do, and how best to use these new abilities.

*End of backstory*



The massive Grendarls, or Deep Ones as they have come to be known, hold titanium mauls in their hands, which resemble lobster claws with a pair of fingers. Two of them have a mock duel as Armsmaster Rreesa 'looks' on. Several Grass-Walkers and Burrowers look on.

"Remeber not to hold your grip of the Mauu-Gaa (name for the ceremonial dueling weapons) too close. Spread your grip a bit for better control. The head is not the only part that can be used as a weapon, after all. Now continue."

The two Deep Ones go back to their starting positions, and face each other, eyes peering out from beneath armored eyelids. When they speak, there is a grinding sound as the armored lips gnash against each other. "Ghoouua, you will taste defeat's bitter meal."

"Boasting does not win the duel, Mmeeraa." The crimson-plated Deep One shifts stance a bit. "Make your approach."

The deep-blue plated Mmeeraa adjusts her grip on her Mauu-Gaa, and side-steps slowly forward, twirling her weapon slowly and precisely. She brings the blade end high in an over-hand strike, which is parried with a loud CLONG! by the head of Ghoouua's weapon.

This is swiftly followed by a an under-hand strike of the handle, which knocks Mmeeraa's weapon from one hand. As Ghoouua swings her Mauu-Gaa back to get in a crushing blow on what she thinks is her now-weaponless foe, the hand Mmeeraa still has a hold on the weapon with uses the momentum given it by the under-hand strike to get in a fast pin-wheeled motion over the head. As the Mauu-Gaa circles to Mmeeraa's side and up, the crimson Deep One releases it in a toss at Ghoouua.

The weapon's head acts as a centrifugal weight while the handle spins swiftly, and catches Ghoouua on the chin as it swings upward. The blue Deep One is stunned by the blow, and drops her weapon.

"Enough." The Armsmaster holds up a clawed hand, and the two combatants cease all actions. He then approaches them, and holds their claws.

"You are both excellent combatants. Skill and inventiveness were shown here. Also, you have conquered your instincts, which is a difficult feat indeed. I will allow you to continue your training in earnest, but it will not be with me. Apparently the TYCS has a group called Hellsing. You may continue your training with them. If found worthy, I hope you will not embarass your people."

The pair of Deep Ones stand tall, the deep-blue one at 3.2 meters, and the crimson one at 3.5 meters. "We vow by the bones of our Ancestors that we will carry the honour of our clans and our people everywhere we go!"

"Excellent. You may now go and rest, and prepare. Now then, Ssaalaraa Kkeegh and Mossawo Hhweer, the Grass-Walkers. You are next for the review."
12-02-2004, 19:41
Iosif stirred in his sleep for it was a troubled sleep.
The corridors of Stonozka were alit with fire. The university a shattered image of its former glory. Iosif stumbled about, half-dazed, stumbling over the remains of former classmates.

He tripped, falling headlong into a corridor junction. Claws. Claws and scales. He rolled away, bringing his feet under him and standing to meet this thing. A dragon, a great beast with a hooded rider. Iosif looked down at his hands, covered in blood and fire. The dragon moved and...

Knocking. Pounding rather. Iosif bolted up. Someone was damn near breaking the door down. He stumbled to the door, cracking it open. A groggy "what?"

"Quit making so much racket, sounds like your tearing the place down."

Iosif shut the door, perplexed how he'd made such a racket, then he saw it. His desk and tables were overturned. His vidscreen lay on its side, on the wrong side of the room, and his computer was at risk being crushed by the overturned sofa.

"What the hell!" Iosif sighed and went to work cleaning up. "Some sleep walking."
Reploid Productions
12-02-2004, 20:35
While the SpecOps are being gathered and sent off, Pirika's crew go about setting up assorted contraptions for monitoring thaumaturgic energies. The little white reploid dragon skims over the reports coming in to the assembled researchers, stopping at the one concerning ancient Sakkran deities. "Oh dear..."

"Huh? What is it, Piri?" Kiara peers down over the reploid's shoulder and bites back a piece of particularly corrosive commentary. "Great! That's the LAST thing we need- some sort of ancient god types showing up! As if Najoedo wasn't more than enough for one lifetime!"

"Kiara, please do not use such tones when talking about the Elder." Oduh fixes the red-scaled Keeper with a stern look to make up for his clipped and imperfect English. "He is very wise and knows many things."

She fixes the copper-scaled Keeper with a look that could probably take the paint off a Shogunate class ship at a distance of 5 AU. "Yeah, well, all the things he does know won't help us with what he doesn't know, and I somehow doubt he knows diddly about Sakkran deities!"

The 2,000 year old Keeper withers under the young woman's glare. "Ah.... it could not hurt to... ask him? Maybe?" Oduh fidgets with a nervous wing flutter. "The speech of souls can easily span such a vast distance... I think."

((OOC: Ah, irony ^_~))
15-02-2004, 05:20
*Deep in the tall grasses of Titan Sakkra*

Several Grass-Walkers manage to slip out of one of the Adjustment Camps to homestead and strike out on their own. Perhaps farming the land, hunting and other methods of subsistence living.

For a time, the 10 members of the communal-living group get along quite nicely. Food, while not plentiful, is available in sufficient amounts, and the prey of their hunting and fishing expeditions are felled using the psi-attacks the Grass-Walkers have been practicing using.

Then an over-whelming urge overtakes them. The group begins gathering items that have yet to be of discernable use. Bits of twigs, several varieties of semi-precious stones and metals. Carcasses that have yet to be picked clean of their meat. Old skin sheddings that would be used as paper.

The twigs are shaved of their bark, and glyph-like writings carved upon them. With these, several concentric circles are drawn, and then cross-hatched. The various collected items are then brought to these circles, 16 in total, and laid out upon the cross-hatched areas. A massive, central circle is then drawn in the middle of all the smaller circles. All the while, the Grass-Walkers humm and sing in their sing-song verbal language.

The whole process takes several days.

OOC: Anyone capable of sensing psi-energy or space-time displacements should be feeling something awry happening over the period of the several days this is occuring. Too subtle for mechanical devices to pick up on.
Reploid Productions
15-02-2004, 06:26
As the Arpean Thaumatology Institute crew set up and continue research and study of the 'Awakening' phenomenon over the span of several days, the two Keepers in the group find themselves constantly distracted and plagued with a nagging feeling of some sort.

Kiara frowns over a report she's reading over, before sighing with frustration, looking around for Oduh, and failing to find the copper-scaled Keeper. With a muttered curse, she hestitantly reaches out telepathically. Damnit, Oduh, what the hell is going on? It's driving me nuts, it's not showing on any of the equipment, and I'm sick of it!

The response carries with it a tinge of amusement. The energies of this world are growing and expanding, youngling. Mechanical things are not as sensitive to the lifeflame of the world as we are. I am sure we could follow 'it' to the source, and see what exactly is causing such alertness in the Keepers.

Kiara mutters something under her breath about being called a 'youngling' by a guy who looks younger than she is, earning her a quizzical look from Tsunami.
16-02-2004, 04:12
In the Titan holdings of the Empire of Sakkra, the people there begin to feel an overwhelming urge. Not one of feeding, or mating or any of the normal urges that govern survival, but an urge to migrate. To travel.

In all the Sakkran Embassies in all Titan, meetings and appointments are canceled. Ambassadors plan treks on foot to the coordinates of 95 longitude by 18 latitude. If asked for a reason or explanation, none are offered.

In the Adjustment Camps, all the Awakened pack and prepare themselves for the journey. Ordermen of Rragg seem a bit absent-minded as they give the Awakened leave. Even the government leaders, minor officers, everyone. No Sakkran is spared from this urge. From the newest hatchling to the Eldest person. Massive throngs march in neat rows, not a word spoken amongst them.

And at those coordinates, the ten Grass-Walkers continue their sing-song chanting as they draw lines in the dirt, which begin to glow with a soft luminescence. They seem unaware of the growing masses coming to their lands. If they are aware of them, they give no sign of it.
16-02-2004, 05:19
On the Ring, there have yet to be any troubles caused by the awakening. This is in part due to the ancient wards of the Imperial Union, set nearly fifteen hundred years ago and reinforced with the effort and energy of countless generations, and in part due to the fact that those who could be 'awakened' already use their latent Talents. Only the Archmage and a few Adepts, who are his chief enforcers/researchers/general-purpose uberminions pay attention to the occurences in Sakkra; as does, for that matter, a very displeased and cranky Emperor Gregor, who's psionic link to every person in the Imperial Union, especially those with psionic abilities, has created the most incredible migraine in his life.

<Elaborate tag of watchfulness.>
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-02-2004, 00:52
“Grand,” Jas says around his cigarette, lips twisting up in a roguish grin. “You heard her, boys and girls – lets get this show on the road.” Nodding to Roppinmatsu, he slung his bag up over his shoulder and gestured to the rest of the team, Cleric included. “You,” he says to the man, “can make sure we don’t take ourselves a wrong turn, an’ show us where we’ll be bunkin’ down.”

The rest of the group follow suit, talking amongst themselves quietly and taking note of their surroundings, the people they pass.

“What d’yer suppose we can scam off the corps?” Sullivan ponders out loud, his voice and bearing reminiscent of New England longshoreman. “Whatever we can, as always,” Angelico says, lips turning up in what could be interpreted as a smile if it were half pleasant. Clearly a Dominion native to those who were familiar.

“T’isn’t all about the toys, Maz,” Zhou says in her soft British accent, shooting her teammate a sly grin.

“The hell, you say!” the tech replies, his middle-eastern features taking on a wounded look before he winks and flashes the diminutive woman a mischievous smile. “What fun is it without the toys?”

Reihana doesn’t join in the banter, quietly bringing up the rear, nothing more than mild irritation crossing her delicate features. Jas himself is a mix of mannerisms and inflections, seeming to borrow from several places and cultures to create an image all his own. Two constants remain; his generally gruff demeanor, and his ever-present clove cigarettes. He leads the way with a steady pace, walking surprisingly light in his heavy boots.

Upon reaching the quartermaster, Jas leans over a bit, nods curtly, and runs off a list in a no-nonsense sort of voice. “We was told to see you for supplies. Here’s what we’re lookin’ for. Aware y’all are a bit more advanced than what we’re used to dealin’ with here an’ there, so we’ll be lookin’ for some upgrades. Medtech – quick fixes of any sort if you’ve got ‘em especially. Subdual measures – we’ve got our own stun rounds, but if there’s any non-lethal chem bits you can fix us up with for group situations, or any other measures you could see clear partin’ with, I’d be much obliged. Our boy Mazar here could use with any bits you could spare to aid his electronic infiltration efforts. ‘Course if any o’ this is outside yer capabilities, s’ no problem. Didn’t expect the offer, not expectin’ you to shell out,” he finishes with a grin, his entire dialogue delivered without removing the cigarette from his lips.
11-03-2004, 07:37
The Valeria arcology shook.

Miles Lanier remained asleep, his vast shock isolated bed absorbing the shock. It did not however, stop the low rumble of the window vibrating, nor the sound of his belongings bouncing around on their respective shelves.

He awoke with a start.
What the hell?

Miles climbs out of bed and pads over to the window. His jaw drops as the scene unfolds.

Across the vast underground arcology, a massive building, the Corporate Headquarters of NorthCo Heavy Industries, had been replaced by a haze of smoke and the lick of flame.

Tasker bursts into the room. "Mr. Lanier! NorthCo has been..." He stops, seeing Lanier at the window. "...bombed."

"Do we know who?"

"First guess is one of the runner teams brought in by one of the other corps. It wasn't one of ours."

"I don't pay you for guesses Tasker." The words dripped off of his tounge with more spite than usual.

"Of course sir. My department is on it. Security is being reinforced as we spe...."

Another explosion rocks the arcology. Tasker rushes to the window.

"Sir, that is Fuchi CyberSystems!"

They watched, as the Fuchi building collapsed in on itself.

"I want to know who is responsible, and then I want them working for us. Understand Mr. Tasker?"

"Of course sir. I'll keep you appraised."

Lanier stands at the window a few more minutes, before climbing back into bed.
22-03-2004, 07:45
Upon reaching the quartermaster, Jas leans over a bit, nods curtly, and runs off a list in a no-nonsense sort of voice. “We was told to see you for supplies. Here’s what we’re lookin’ for. Aware y’all are a bit more advanced than what we’re used to dealin’ with here an’ there, so we’ll be lookin’ for some upgrades. Medtech – quick fixes of any sort if you’ve got ‘em especially. Subdual measures – we’ve got our own stun rounds, but if there’s any non-lethal chem bits you can fix us up with for group situations, or any other measures you could see clear partin’ with, I’d be much obliged. Our boy Mazar here could use with any bits you could spare to aid his electronic infiltration efforts. ‘Course if any o’ this is outside yer capabilities, s’ no problem. Didn’t expect the offer, not expectin’ you to shell out,” he finishes with a grin, his entire dialogue delivered without removing the cigarette from his lips.

The Quartermaster looks up from the stack of paperwork he is working on. He eyes Jas up and down, appearing to take invintory of what is visible about him.

"Where is your authorization?"

Preston steps out from behind Jas.

"They are authorized, Quartermaster. Please see to their needs."

The Q stumbles over his words. " Cleric. I did not see you there. I'll go have a look in tha cages and see what I can find. Should only be a minute."

"Outstanding. And Quartermaster...the good stuff."

"Of course, Cleric. I...wouldn't dare to issue second line equipment."

The big Q is gone for about ten minutes, disappearing into the cages and stacks and racks of equipment. He comes back with a large box on a hover cart.

"3 Standard KSPA MediDerm kits, a case each of electronic FlashPaks and NeuralInhibitor grenades, 1 Enhanced KCTS 'SliceAndDice' electronics infiltration kit with Suunto mission adapters. I have also included a KSPA AirFlecther flichette pistol with both standard ammo and a selection of mission specialized darts, tracer, nerve agent, high explosive. One spool of nanowire, twenty meters, and Suunto entrance visas courtesy of Renraku. He points to Jas, "I need a signature here, here, initials here, and signature here, in triplicate."

Preston nods to the Quartermaster, and shrugs out of his loose-fitting white service coat. He hands it through the cage. Jas notices two of the meanest looking pistols on an extension mechanism strapped to the Cleric's arms.

"I will require clothing that does not mark me as a member of the Tetragrammaton, and my blade."

"Ah, I have just the thing." He almost runs back into the cages and comes back with a set of clothing for Preston, including a jacket with loose cut sleeves, obviously tailored to allow the weapon-extension system to function. He also hands across a long sword, no-dachi in style, in a plain black scabbard. Preston draws the sword, the satin black blade ::sniking:: out.

"Most excellent Quartermaster, the balance is perfect."
Dread Lady Nathicana
22-03-2004, 22:44
Well damn. It’s good to be the Cleric, Jas muses, watching the man carefully once again. He’s not the only one. Reihana, as usual, the quiet one, observes while not seeming to, as she had off an on along the way here. The others for the most part, busy themselves with going over the new equipment, murmuring enthusiastically amongst themselves, divvying up the supplies according to need and profession.

Sullivan takes up the medkits, Mazar snags the electronics bits, grinning mischievously, Reihana takes up the pistol and darts, looking over them with a professional eye, the visas are distributed in sort order, and the wire is taken up by Zhou, all while Jas signs the name, Jacobian Sanguinus or a bold ‘JS’ where indicated, never batting an eye. “We’ll take care of the rest of that after we get set up. Much obliged, Sir,” he says to the Quartermaster, nodding as well to Preston.

“Damn fine lookin’ blade you’ve got there,” the scarred man comments in a quiet voice, leaning back up from the signing and exhaling contentedly. “Not to mention the two pretties ya got strapped an’ ready. You boys really don’t fuck around.”

Zhou notes both the man and the blade with pursed lips in the form of a silent ‘oooh’, the right corner of her mouth turning up in a crooked grin. For his part, Angelico watches impassively, shifting his gear so that he can pick up one of the cases when the time comes. What he’s thinking is anyone’s guess.
11-04-2004, 04:53
The irisdescent-scaled Grass-Walkers continue with the drawing of glyphs on the ground, which thrumm and throb with a rhythmic pulse now. The entirey of the Sakkran presence on Titan has assembled on these grounds, numbering well into the 1 billion mark. Shelters had been constructed and the area seems to resemble a gold-rush town, except that all here seem to wander about in a sort of somnambulistic haze. Sleep-walking, as it were.

All the Awakened humm and chant lowly to themselves as they half-mindedly go about their business. The sky overhead takes on a deep tone, with the wind whipping about in miniature tornadoes, kicking up dirt and leaves. Members of the Order of Rragg form a full circle around the gathered grass-Walkers, and lend their voices in chant to the sing-song language of the Grass-Walkers.

One week later, the Ordermen begin tamping their heavy staffs on the ground, and the glyphs on their robes give off a pale, low light. The Grass-Walkers have since ceased with their drawing of glyphs and symbols on the ground, and now undulate their tales and do a slow dance in a full circle. Their arms are held aloft, and their shrill calls raise up into the sky. The Deep Ones beat on their chests and gnash their mouth-plates together with a grinding sound. The Burrowers clash metallic poles together in rhythm with the rest of the groups around them.

Over the gathering, the clouds begin to whorl about. A white flame ignites in the largest central circle drawn on the ground, and grows until it reaches a height of 10 stories. The flame burns high and steady, and emits the sound of souls in mourning. After a short time, the flame dies down to a low lick, and spreads out for 500 feet around. In the middle of it is an inky void, where light seems to disappear in total.

A monstrous hand appears, bearing two thumbs and two fingers. it spans the legth of 10 sakkrans laying flat out, tail-tip to snout, and meets the ground with a resounding THOOM. The claws glow a bright red, and then the rest of the arm is shown, massively muscled and scaled. Steam pours off of the form, as it continues to raise up from the void. After the entire body is produced, a resounding bellow is made which shakes the ground for hundreds of miles in all directions. Eye-holes without eyes look about, steam and smoke eminating from their pits. The neck-crest glows a low and steady red while the black and red scaled body heaves with mighty breath.

In the Sakkran tongue, all assembled bellow the name of the being before them. Ssareeazaar Guanaar! Body of the Spirit of the Ancestors! Tender of the Dead! Lord of the Pits! Armsman of the Pantheon! Your people welcome you!
Reploid Productions
12-04-2004, 07:10
The tremor through the ground awakens most of the ATI team from lounging or napping or checking readings.

Except the two Keepers, who had gone bolt upright several seconds before, sixth and seventh senses tweaking like a set of air raid sirens.

"Good Goddess Shimeki-!" Kiara breathes. "What in all the hells is THAT?!"

"What is wha-" Tsunami starts to ask before the thaumatometer she was checking shatters, bits of metal and crystal flying. "What the HELL!?"

"Something very powerful." Oduh states, gleaming eyes the size of dinner plates. We can ask the Elder about this, but a feeling is not enough information. We need to seek out what is causing this.

"Okay, and how do you propose we do that?" Kiara retorts aloud, still not accustomed to the mindspeak of the Keepers.

A pulse of the lifeflame of the world this brilliant ought to stand out like a beacon fire on a clear night. Oduh hops nimbly to his feet, slinging his blade into it's shoulder strap, and takes off out the door.

"H-hey! Oduh, hold you're horses!" Kiara jumps to her feet and tears off after him. You bloody idiot, how do you intend to get there?!

By riding the winds, of course! Is there any other way?

By now the entire ATI team is in an uproar, equipment readings either going off the scale, or the equipment breaking from various overloads. Tsunami flies out after the two Keepers, muttering a range of colorful phrases.

Kiara catches Oduh outside the building, leaping into the air, wings beating rapidly to get airborne. Unfortunately for the copper-scaled Keeper, he doesn't appear to make much progress.

Strange, it is hard to take flight here.

Kiara crosses her arms and shoots the 2,000 year old Oduh a dirty look. Titan's atmosphere is a lot thinner than on Earth- trying to fly like that is going to take much more work- like trying to fly at a really high altitude.

Oduh drops back to the ground sheepishly. We must find out what is happening- the Elder will surely wish to know, and I cannot sit idle while such powers are being loosed!

"Yeah, yeah. C'mon, we'll use one of the ATI's trucks. Slower than flying, maybe, but a lot less work." Kiara flashes a key for one of the aforementioned trucks. "I'll drive, you point me in the direction of... whatever it is."

"Hold your horses, both of you!" Tsunami comes zipping out of the building, quickly landing on Kiara's shoulder. "I'm comin' too. I've been around you guys long enough to know when you folks freak out, there's got to be a damned good reason!"

"Alright, then let's go already!" Kiara climbs into the open-roofed flatbed, revving the engine while Oduh and Tsunami get aboard.

"It feels like it is coming from that direction." Oduh concentrates for a moment before pointing in the direction of Sakkra's Titan holdings.

"Then hold onto yer shorts, let's boogie!" Kiara floors the gas and the truck leaps into motion.
12-04-2004, 14:20
The manifestation points a clawed finger towards the whorling clouds overhead, and the claw glows brightly. The assembled Awakened continue chanting loud and strong, and Ssareeazaar Guanaar begins making whirling motions with his hand as his finger penetrates the clouds.

The Pantheon comes, and the Influence will spread to all our peoples.

The place where the finger penetrates seems to disperse, and is replaced with an inky blackness. His other hand raises up and penetrates, and then the hands separate, creating a gaping hole of nothingness in the sky. Ssareeazaar Guanaar begins yelling into the hole.

Hrarf ghroouu sshrraarl hurr ghaar Daktyluus, Rraaptoos, Hheerzaa, Kkoodeerah. Hrarf hurr sseeramm!

This is repeated twice, and the hole begins turning to a gray tone. The clawed feet of four beings come through the hole, and after a short time they touch ground.

The Pantheon has come. Let the lands of the Sakkra know this.
The four new figures plunge their hands into the ground, and rippling waves of energy pulse outwards. One figure that seems to have a body made completely of stones and boulders, coruscates his energy towards the hills and mountains.Daktyluus Kkytonn. I awaken the land!

The second body which seems to be a Sakkran female, plunges her flame-enveloped claws into the ground, sends her energy pulsing towards the volcanoes and underground magma flows.Rraaptoos Ssalaan. I awaken the flames!

The third, who's body seems to be made of wisps of wind and smoke, raises her hands skyward, and sends her energy throughout the skies. Hheerazaa Dhaanu. I awaken the winds!

The fourth, whos body seems composed of water and sea plants, plunges his hand into the ground, and his energy flows into the waters. Kkoodeerah Hhesleer. I awaken the waters!

The rift in the sky closes, and Ssareeazaar Guanaar then raises up his to the sky, and his energy races throughout space. Ssareeazaar Guanaar. I awaken the Void!
13-04-2004, 04:51
Somewhere in Menelmacari Tulkas
Titan, Sol VI

"Ah, nothing like a nice day under the sun - or solar lamps, as the case may be," says Aral Naismith to himself, hiking through a forest on Titan's surface. "No work, no reports, no worries at - " Nais breaks off as shockwaves pass through the overworld, followed moments later by tremors in the earth. Naismith barely has time to yelp as his he looses his balance and rolling down a hill.

Groaning slightly, he reaches into his backpack and rummages inside. "What the hell was that? Eventually he pulls out a book, then frowns as it becomes apparent that it was not the slim volume he was expecting. Growling, he quickly pages through it until he comes to a section marked 'Directory' and skims to the 'N' division.

Naismith, Aral Carson
Address: 5436 N 200 E, Kalaton County, Jekelin Dist., IUoCeta, Ring, Sol VI (Temp. Loc: Menel. Tulkas, Titan, Sol VI)
Contact: naismith586::adept.piad.impgov.cetaganda.yut (146.343.7746.9010)
Age: 28.8 adjusted
Rank: Senior
Power Rating: 45.7 +/- 1.2
Specialties: GD, RT, IDT, JS
Status: On Special Assignment

That last entry had, sometime in the last few hours, been changed from 'On Vacation - Emergency Consultations Only.' "On assignment, my arse. What the hell ever happened to letting someone have time off? Don't even have my gun or any octocellulose with me, what could I possibly need do..." Flipping to the end, he prepared to fire off a complaint to his supervisor when he notices a message already waiting for him.

Aral, something big happening in Titan Sakkra. You're the only one on planet at the moment. His Highness wants it checked out. Perhaps next time you should vacation somewhere that other adepts could cover for you. Details have been sent. Have fun. - Renyard

Naismith sighs and flips through his newly expanded manual, looking at chapter titles. "Summoning For Dummies. How Not To Get Eaten By Elder Gods. Tentacles and You. The Lone Power: or, Why We're All Gonna Die. What the hell is all this, and why do I need it to go chat with some leezards?"

Mumbling to himself, Naismith grabs a stick and draws a circle into the ground around him, and then scratches characters around it before standing again. He stands begins to read aloud from the book in his hand and the world seems to grow still, as if waiting for something. "This is a Class Three Spacio-Temporal claudication for personal transport, with a fixed planetary reference centered on..." One moment, Naismith is standing in a forest, and the ne-

Titan Sakkra
Titan, Sol VI

-xt, he appears with a pop of displaced air at approximately 95 degrees longitude by 18 degrees latitude, on top of a low ridge, unoccupied ridge overlooking a plain full of giant lizards. A very, very large number of giant lizards. Quickly dropping to the ground, he takes out a pair of binoculars and observes the goings-on in the center of the gathering with interest.
Reploid Productions
13-04-2004, 05:20
The truck with the two Keepers and Tsunami is tearing across the Titan overworld at speeds best described as "absolutely neck-breaking reckless" when the next series of thaumaturgic shockwaves hit.

"Holy SH--!" Kiara yelps, her focus on her driving being shattered and putting the vehicle into a nice squealing-tires Initial D style braking drift, thankfully missing anything that would have made the skid a lot more messy. "NOW what in all the bloody hells is going on!?"

"Nxuk ad kxo weet Wettojj Jxamoba'j dumo aj weadw ed?!" Oduh shouts in surprise in the ancient language that is his native tongue.

"WAUGH!" Tsunami clings to the headrest of the driver's seat to keep from being flung from the vehicle. "What in the hell's got you guys so worked UP!?"

"Whatever got us worked up before just got.... eh, my extremely scientific estimate says... about a gajillion times worse."

"... Oh friggin' HELL." Tsunami rustles her wings. "Then stop idling and start dri- HOLY SH-- WHAT THE F---?!?!" The little reploid dragon interrupts herself, pointing at the horizon, notably at the impressive pyrotechnics display visible in the distance.

"Oh good Goddess Shimeki, what are you thinking?" Kiara gawks, stepping on the gas and getting the truck moving again.

"Nxuk ad kxo dumo ev ucc mo udsojkehj udt kxo Veih Scudj udt Jxo Nxe Jooj Ucc aj weadw ed...?" Oduh murmurs, eyes fixed on the whorling vortex.

About twenty minutes and a lot of very reckless high speed driving later, the truck screeches to a halt on a rise of the road overlooking the impressive scene set by the Sakkrans.

"Holy bloody hell..." Tsunami scientifically comments on the scene as Kiara and Oduh climb out of the truck.

I don't think even the Elder knows how to deal with elder spirits being summoned from the astral plane all at once... Oduh telepathically sends to Kiara, shock and slack-jawed amazement evident even in his mindvoice.
13-04-2004, 07:20
A Ropponmatsu observes the Reploids tearing off across the country at Plaid Velocity. She looks over to Mystic-Colonel Keetia. "Something up Colonel?"

"Something big going down in Sakkra. Thaumatalogical detectors across Titan are literally exploding, and we have lost several satellites in orbit over the situation zone."

"I'd say it calls for a closer look."

5 minutes later, the two are strapped in to the cockpit of two fresh-off-the-assembly-line Scion Land-Air 'Gears. The Colonel's includes the runes standard on all Hellsing equipment, which happen to be glowing in the rich thaumatalogical atmosphere. Each gear takes 5 running steps out of the hangar before firing the powerful engines in their legs, and quickly converting to aerospace mode, speeding off after the Reploids. A few minutes later, a standard Hellsing cargo shuttle lifts off and heads in the same direction.

The Scions convert back to battloid mode seconds before touching down next to the Reploids. Hopping out of the cockpit, Ropponmatsu approches Oduh, and looks out at the unfolding scene.

"Care to hazard a guess as to what the hell is going on down there?"


Back at Port Aurora, Ropponmatsu catches up with Jas and the crew.

"Your transportation is ready. I trust everything you are as well? Once you are in-country and established one of our operatives will contact you with instructions on how to complete your objective. Please forgive me for not giving you the details now, but we want to be sure that you make it in first."

She leads the way to a medium-sized transport outside, near the staging area. The Hellsing is out in full force, preparing equipment as a group of 20 Grammaton Clerics move through a series of katas that seem to feature firearms as an integral part. Ropponmatsu climbs aboard the transport with the team as it departs for the commercial sector of the spaceport.

"Any final questions?"
Reploid Productions
14-04-2004, 06:34
Oduh shifts uneasily, wings rustling in agitation. "I... am not sure." He says after a long moment. (Obviously the Keeper still has some trouble translating to and from modern english.) "If the Elder was here, he might know, but he is too far away to come."

Kiara paces, her red-orange scaled frame tense from all the excitement. "This is way beyond the ATI, that's for sure. Closest thing I'd call it is some kinda summoning. I don't think we can just waltz down there and ask 'em what the hell is going on though."

Tsunami eyes the Gears and then the gathering again. "... Y'know, if I recall my ancient mythology right, early in the Journeys of the Far-searcher, the Far-searcher visits a strange land populated by lizard-people, and after they rescue him, he uses his power to help them, and also speaks to their Elder God and receives some kinda blessing from 'im." The blue reploid dragon pauses in thought. "You don't suppose... is it possible that was a reference to ancient Sakkra?"

"Bloody hell..." Kiara slaps her forehead. "How fast could we get Najoedo over here to Titan, anyhow?"

"Not fast enough." Tsunami points out. "He'd have to head from the Valley of Dragons to the Space Taxi, catch a shuttle up to Tengoku or Makai, and then catch a ride to Titan... this is going to go down within the next hour, if that long."

"Standing here will not make anyone wiser." Oduh gauges the distance from the rise to the center of the gathering. "Why do we not go and have speech with them?"

Kiara and Tsunami both stare at the copper-scaled Keeper like he'd grown a second head and another pair of wings. "Are you NUTS?!"

Dosei airspace - The Ring

"What in the good Goddess's name is going on?!" Amatsu fleet flightleader Ryken-Ynti Lyna paces on the bridge of the Shogunate class Pegasii's Vengence.

"Flightleader, we've had to shut down all thaumaturgic systems throughout the fleet to prevent them from overloading. The last reading we got before the shutdown was an ambient thaumaturgic energy reading clocking in at over 10,000 TUs." The head of the ship's engineering section notes. "Readings from when the entire fiasco on Titan are comprable, but lower."

Ryken gapes for nearly a full minute before remembering to shut his jaw. "What is going on down there? Somebody get on the horn to TYCS command and let them know we're at half-capacity for active response due to the thaumaturgic system problems."

"Ryoukai, sir, transmitting now."
Dread Lady Nathicana
14-04-2004, 06:35
“No ma’am,” Jas says, crushing the butt of his cigarette beneath his heavy boot. “As you said, pending arrival. Understood.”

The others began loading on their gear, no few eyes straying to the impressive sight of the Clerics going through their katas. Zhou went so far as to let out a very quiet low whistle of appreciation.

Reihana on the other hand, seems more aloof than earlier. Her brow creases in what was something more than concern, and she often looks out towards the same point, focused on nothing, staring for a moment wordlessly. Then seeming to shake herself from some private reverie, she continues with her work. Angelico whispers a quiet question to her, but she waves him off with clear irritation. He and Sullivan exchange puzzled looks, then go back to loading up.

Jas, in the meantime, looks Ropponmatsu over again, his face thoughtful.

“On second thought ma’am, I do have a question.”

He pauses, hand automatically going for his cigarettes, though he stops, hooking his thumb in his front pocket. “Just who, or better, ‘what’ are you? I doubt very much the answer is a quintuplet or some such.”
14-04-2004, 07:03
Iosif was sitting in Introductory to Aerospace Flight and Performance when he felt it.

The teacher was the kind you loved to hate. Tales of his classes past were told like horror stories and there was even an informal "survivor club", with T-shirts and all.

Iosif didn't care, he'd tuned him out weeks ago, and besides, the lecture was the same one he gave a week ago. So Iosif thumbed through and E-zine, stopping to stare at a Zipcraft he's saved up for. I hope the prof. gets done, I need to head down to the shop and pick mine up
None of the popular brand stuff, Iosif ordered a custom job, and full intended to customize it more when he got it back. Ach! I need to get my damn parking/landing pass too. Damnit

That's when he felt it. It started as a chill, Iosif looked about for the source of this draft, but it only got worse, to the point of freezing. *Brrr*, and as this happend the world shrunk. Light faded to black and Iosif sat up, perplexed at the loss of sight.

He looked up to see the prof. staring at him, vision restored, chill gone.
"What is Cdp of the airfoil?"
What the hell was that?
14-04-2004, 15:02
The assembled throngs continue humming and chanting lowly as one, eyes seemingly glazed over. The Deities finish their display of Influence after a time, and stand stock still, perhaps looking at the assembled group, perhaps not. It's difficult to tell as they have no discernable pupils.

Ssareeazaar Guanaar speaks, and the voice is one of rolling thunder. "We have Awakened the lands of our charges. In all the lands of Sakkra, we will be present. Here will be the nexus of our Influence. We will now join with the lands, but here will be the Scions, each a representative of us, five in total. It is through them that you will be able to reach us." The hand of Ssareeazaar Guanaar extends then, and the other deities follow suit.

"We will now meld with the elements. You will all remember what has happened here today, and the word will be spread. As we once were joined with you, so we are again. The Ancient Error will be rectified, however. All those Awakened in these lands will be able to continue their line, rather than being combined into one being. In this way, your peoples will not disappear, and our !nfluence will not wane." Pulses of energy then stretch outward from the feet of the Pantheon, and envelope each Sakkran there. The eyes, crests, dewlaps, teeth and claws of each one affected glows briefly, then dissapates.

"It is done. Let it be known that this is not the Judgement, but the Observation. We will see for ourselves how you all have progressed." At this point, the outstretched hands return to the sides of each of the Pantheon. Then the Deities seemingly melt into the ground, or raise up into the air. In their place, a tall tower stands, with five flames surrounding it, each a different color. Red, blue, white, green and even a black flame. These subside, and in their place stands five very tall Sakkrans; scalation reflecting the flame that they once represented.

The assembled masses of Awakened Sakkrans shake their heads, as if awakening from a fog. Mumbling and half-conscious shambling would be witnessed as the groups allow the realization of what happened to sink in.
Reploid Productions
15-04-2004, 06:57
"Uh..." Kiara gawks.

"Wow." Tsunami intelligently comments.

"Now can we go speak with them?" Oduh shifts from one foot to the other excitedly.

"Um... guys, whatcha think-?" Kiara turns to address the others. The loud, rapid fanning of wings catches her attention. By the time she spins around, however, Oduh is already in the air and heading for the center of the gathering. "Oduh, you idiot-! Get back here!" Kiara takes off running after the Keeper.

"Oh hell, just what we need." Tsunami slaps a paw over her snout. "An overenthusiastic Keeper blindly diving in headfirst and bungling everything up." She watches the chase. "Oh, damnit, Kiara, you're not gonna catch him running! Fly, you moron!"

Kiara spits a curse, largely because she knows Tsunami's right, and hestitantly spreads her red wings wide and makes a running leap from the rise, yelping in some surprise when she doesn't fall. (Obviously the newbie Keeper is not a terribly experianced or skilled flyer yet.) "Oduh, curse you, get your copper-scaled ass back here!" Are you TRYING to screw things up you idiot?! Don't you know better than to blindly charge into a situation, especially where magic is involved?!

Do you not know that when observation fails, first-hand accounts are the best source of knowledge? Oduh replies, mindvoice amused and slightly smug.
15-04-2004, 20:04
Occaisonally peeking over the ridge at the Pantheon, Naismith makes an inventory of his possession. While spacial claudications make it much easier to fit things in backpacks and pockets, he hadn't been expecting any serious problems on a nice, peaceful hike through a forest. Thus, he finds himself without many spell components and other useful items - there is a distinct lack of high explosives - although he has plenty of snack food, including the ever-popular Granny Slag Tapioca Pudding. Noticing the rather spectacular exit of the Pantheon, he decides to stroll on down and have a chat with the five Scions.

Naismith picks himself up, brushes off his clothes, and begins to stoll towards the five giant Sakkrans, with salvaged radio antenna from an aircar in his right hand. Listening to music on his headphones* and occaisionally skipping a bit, he manages to make it much of the way through the dazed and confused Sakkran with before he spots a rapidly-growing flying speck on the horizon. Raising his binoculars while still walking, the speck becomes a dragonish creature, followed by another one and a third that looks robotic.

"Hmmm. A Reploid, which means those most be Keepers. Excellent." Naismith picks up his pace, hoping to time his arrival at the Scions with that of those from the Shogunate.

* The FLCL soundtracks, for those wondering.
15-04-2004, 22:26
15-04-2004, 22:27
At the tall obsidian tower, the approach of several different beings does not go unnoticed. The Void Scion turns her coal-black head and eyeballs all that happens below. The milling crowd of Sakkrans begins talking amongst themselves, attempting to make sense of recent events.

<<There approaches the emmissars of the One Blessed by the Void.>> The Air Scion raises his azure-colored head in the direction of the Keepers. <<They are not hostile, but caution will be the course.>>

<<Another approaches as well. They will arrive at the same time it seems. Has the Tower been consecrated?>> The Flame Scion raises his bright red and yellow head a bit, angled to look at the tower.

<<It has. The Pantheon performed the consecration before they melded with the Lands. I feel their Influence strongly.>> The Earth Scion cocks his stone-grey head at the crowd. <<They will clear their minds soon. The questions will begin shortly afterwards, i'm certain.>
Reploid Productions
16-04-2004, 03:48
Kiara chases after Oduh, unaware of the attention of the Scions, and yelling/telepathing some acidic commentary about the copper-scaled Keeper. So, obviously, when Oduh swerves off to one side, she misses the reason and flies smack through the downdraft Oduh had manuvered the avoid.

"Aaack-!" She yelps as her flight path gets knocked out of her amatuer control. The red-orange scaled newbie Keeper wobbles erratically through the air, eventually tumbling to a considerably less-than-graceful landing at the feet of the Air Scion. "Ooow..."

Kiara, you really do need to learn how to properly ride the Winds. Oduh comments as he backwings to a substantially better landing, glancing in the direction of Naismith as the Cetagandan also finishes closing the distance. After a moment to make sure Kiara didn't do any more damage than some scrapes and bruises to herself, the copper scaled Keeper turns to face the Scions, neatly bowing at the waist and slightly spreading his wings. "I am sorry for our entrance, Kiara is not well-versed in flight yet. We saw things from in the distance-" He points in the direction of the Gears. "-and are very curious as to what has happened. My name is Oduh, one of the Boofohj ev kxo Wettojj Rcutoj, under the guidance of our Elder Najoedo."

Tsunami, lacking the wingspan of the Keepers, is still trying to catch up, and soundly cursing how much slower she flies.
16-04-2004, 04:31
As the reploid gestures to the gears, they both begin striding foward, unhurridly,picking their way through the assembled until they approach the gathering of Scions.
16-04-2004, 06:19
THe Air Scion, also known as the Wind Scion, which might be more appropo, lifts a translucent smokey arm with the hand tilted downward towards the Reploid who came crashing down in such a non-graceful manner. The voice that is 'sent' into all their minds is as a wind through the rushes.

<<No apologies are needed, young one. The recklessness and zeal of youth is tempered only with age and experience, when that which was once exciting and new ceases to be so.>> Small whorls of air gather around the Keepers, which then separate and slowly make their way through the crowd, who have stopped milling about and seem to listen in.

<<What has happened is this. The energy that caused the Change in these lands has awakened an ancient life in the bodies of these Sakkrans. When that life came forth, the connection between them and the Deities, which has been weak for some millenia, gained strength. The barriers between the place where the Pantheon rested and watched weakened, and so our lords, the Deities, came to the conclusion that a resurgence of their Influence would be timely. They did so, and that is what you saw.>>

The Earth Scion turns his head a bit, his eyes made up of precious stones. When he 'sends', it is with the sound of stone grinding on stone. <<But the Deities would not keep their Manifestations, as that would be too distracting. That is where our task is. We are emissars of the Pantheon, each tasked to oversee our area of interest, relay messages to and fro, and carry out their wishes.>>
Reploid Productions
16-04-2004, 08:52
((OOC: Quick terminological note, Sakkra- reploids are a type of sentient machine prevelant in the Shogunate, "Arpean" is the actual term for somebody from the Shogunate =p ("R.P."- "Ar-Pee", hence, Arpean =p).))

Kiara picks herself up off the dirt, already far too accustomed to Really Weird Things, having come face to face with the Slaglandic Brethren of Shade, Il Adib, Esmerelda, both before and after her reunification, her own change from human to half-dragon Keeper, and Najoedo and Xefo. In short, the appearance of the Scions doesn't much faze her. "Oof... Flying isn't exciting- and I suck at it."

Oduh 'listens' intently to the description of events, quite enthralled with the knowledge. Messengers of this Pantheon... amazing! Our Elder will certainly wish to have speech with you, as will many others, I am certain! The copper-scaled Keeper's mindvoice sounds much like a kid in a candy store.

"This... is certainly gonna throw a gigantic monkey wrench into the Sakkran government." Kiara shakes her wings out, looking up and noticing the considerable height difference between, well, the Scions and everybody else. The red-orange scaled young woman finds herself feeling even shorter than usual. "... Why is it all these immortal deity types are so bloody big? Ur... Forgot my manners." Kiara manages a somewhat less coordinated variation of Oduh's wingspread bow. "Eh... the name's Kiara Alson, member of the Arpean Thaumatology Institute, Shogunate of Reploid Productions... one of the Sakkran's allies... uh... pleased to meetcha?" She guesses. Dealing with messengers of assorted deities was not part of her job training.

Oduh is busier sizing up the tower, all googlyeyed about all this neato magicy STUFF!

Tsunami finally catches up, perching in her usual spot on Kiara's shoulder. "Geeze, flying distance is a pain in the- whoa!" The little blue reploid dragon gapes at the Scions and the Tower. "Um... hi?"
16-04-2004, 17:32
"And my name is Aral Naismith," says Naismith as he arrives, short of breath. "I am on errantry, and I greet you. And you as well, noble Arpeans. I'm from Cetaganda, another ally of Sakkra. I must say, that was an impressive show. I'm glad this hasn't turned out to be another 'Tentacled Horror Eating Brains,' the last time I encountered one of those everything got far to slimy for my tastes, especially when..." Naismith stops, then shakes his head. 'Diplomacy. Musn't imply that they're tentacled horrors,' he thinks to himself.

"Anyways...its a pleasure to meet you all. I'm sure you've got questions, I know I certainly do. Its not every day you get to meet the avatars of Greater Powers, especially not benevolent ones."

17-04-2004, 03:58
Now the Void Scion turns his attention towards the group. When he 'speaks', it is with a mental voice that sounds as if there are whisperings barely audible behind each statement. The eyes of the Void Scion are flat black, and seem to consume all light. No pupils are visible save for several small yellow and red spots dotting the surface of the eye.

<<Arpean Designate Kiara Alson. If our stature is troubling, it can be adjusted.>> At this a thin vapor twists around the Scion, and the form that results is that of a hatchling, coming eye-level to a normal human.

<<If this is more suiting, it will remain. Designate Tsunami, you are welcomed. If your Elder desires an audience, we will be here. Or we can appear before your Elder, if that is proper.>>

The Void Scion turns his head to the Cetagandan before him. <<And greetings to you, Designate Aral Naismith. If you refer to the Nemesis, C'thulhu, as the brain-eating tentacled horror, our Lords have tangled with that one before. Now that they have returned, odds are so will the Nemesis. As for questions, we have none. All that the Pantheon knows, we know. And they know all that transpires in the Lands. However, questions will be answered. For one, the Pantheon is neither benevolent nor malicious. They are, and that is all.>>

The Flame Scion turns her attention towards Kiara, and 'sends'. Her eyes resemble burning embers on a fire, and the voice is one sharp and wild, with the sound of crackling behind it. <<You say the return of the Pantheon will upset the Sakkran government. This is good. The government is becoming inefficient, and does not always serve its charges as it should. Complacency and sluggishness run rampant. Corruption and underhandedness are taking seed. If it does not change, then it will be wrested out.>>
17-04-2004, 06:04
Overflying the area and seeing it... curiously stable, Mystic-Colonel Keetia banks her Scion variable Heavy Gear and brings it in low, neurohelmet signals converting it from aerospace fighter to mecha with a thought. The elegant craft folds up, transforming itself into a thin and agile Heavy Gear, slinging its centerline cannon over its shoulder, muzzle down towards the ground.

The six-meter mecha walks up carefully, hands open and palms out. Inside its armored torso, the HELLSING officer toggles the external loudspeakers. "Glad to see everything appears to be under control." The serendipitously named Scion bows shortly, arcane runes glowing. "Mystic-Colonel Keetia, Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services HELLSING, tasked with paranormal defense. We are honored to meet you."
18-04-2004, 04:43
"Not only non-tentacled, but anti-Bureaucracy as well. Excellent. Well, one question that comes to mind is if -" At the sound of the Heavy Gear, Naismith breaks off, pauses a moment, and turns around.

"Ah. A variable Gear, and of Hellsing issue. Hullo." Naismith then turns back and continues, "I suppose this sweep of the government is part of the Judgement the Pantheon spoke of? Also, have the Pantheon's powers already extended back to the Sakkran homeland?"
Reploid Productions
18-04-2004, 05:45
Kiara pauses, trying to wrap her head around events. "Ah... wow..."

Oduh finds his wits a bit faster and bows again. We will have to speak with the Elder. I do not know if he would wish to come here, or receive you in the Vale of Rest. It is a long distance to travel, and the Elder changes size with much more difficulty than in his youth. The copper-scaled Keeper sounds distinctly amused at that.

"Ur... cripes, I'm glad I'm in ATI and not RPDC right now." Is about all Tsunami can manage. "First the Outsets, then the Valley, then the disaster on board the Zeroel, then this... is some kinda uber-magicky chain of events being set off or something?"
18-04-2004, 05:49
"Ur... cripes, I'm glad I'm in ATI and not RPDC right now." Is about all Tsunami can manage. "First the Outsets, then the Valley, then the disaster on board the Zeroel, then this... is some kinda uber-magicky chain of events being set off or something?"

Naismith shrugs. "Wouldn't surprise me. There are no accidents when it comes to this sort of thing. No doubt someone Upstairs forgot to pass along the memo."
18-04-2004, 06:09
The Void Scion lifts his head, and cocks it towards the HELLSING mecha. <<Designate Mystic-Colonel Keetia, you are welcomed. All here is as it always has been. Your device is interesting. I am certain the Pantheon would take interest in it. Now I will address the questions in the order they have been received.>>

Turning to Naismith, the Scion speaks. <<What the Flame Scion has described is not part of the Judgement, although it could well be. She is the Scion to the Enforcer of the Pantheon, and her lord reflects himself through her. The wresting of a faulty government, if that is the case, would be a part of the observation, and would be carried out by it's charges, the beings of Sakkra.>> The Void Scion then raises a clawed hand, and the air shimmers before him a bit to show an orbital view of Earth.

<<Your second question is answered. The Influence has not spread to full strength in the Lands of Sol and Sslaa, nor on the minor installations surrounding them. This will change in time, as the people realize the events unfolding, and welcome them. However, this is not to say the Influence does not exist there. It has taken seed, and grows in strength with each passing moment.>>

The air shimmer stops, and the image fades. <<Designate Oduh, then it will be one of ours who will travel to see your Elder. For some, it is a lengthy voyage, while for others it is a matter of 'perception'.>>
18-04-2004, 08:41
"That is good," the Mystic-Colonel announces quietly over the loudspeakers, "because your presence has certainly worried quite a few people. The standard response to the unexpected is fear, or at least unease. At least now we can allay that."
20-04-2004, 03:39
"Not yet on Earth, good. That mean we'll have time to acclimate the population to the idea. A panic is almost always worse than the actual disaster."

Naismith hesitates a moment, then asks, "There is something else that needs asked. What if the people of Sakkra decide that they don't like the idea of their old gods once more having power over them? A large number of them, not just some fringe group of crazies."
22-04-2004, 05:35
“No ma’am,” Jas says, crushing the butt of his cigarette beneath his heavy boot. “As you said, pending arrival. Understood.”

The others began loading on their gear, no few eyes straying to the impressive sight of the Clerics going through their katas. Zhou went so far as to let out a very quiet low whistle of appreciation.

Reihana on the other hand, seems more aloof than earlier. Her brow creases in what was something more than concern, and she often looks out towards the same point, focused on nothing, staring for a moment wordlessly. Then seeming to shake herself from some private reverie, she continues with her work. Angelico whispers a quiet question to her, but she waves him off with clear irritation. He and Sullivan exchange puzzled looks, then go back to loading up.

Jas, in the meantime, looks Ropponmatsu over again, his face thoughtful.

“On second thought ma’am, I do have a question.”

He pauses, hand automatically going for his cigarettes, though he stops, hooking his thumb in his front pocket. “Just who, or better, ‘what’ are you? I doubt very much the answer is a quintuplet or some such.”

Ropponmatsu chuckles. "Surprisingly, Jas, you are the first outside of the KSPA to ask me that. I assume you are familiar with SHODAN? Well, let's just say that a joint project between 'Her Quantumness' and the KSPA has enabled me to be in many places at once."

The van pulls up to a KCTS Solstream transport aircraft undergoing final ground checks. The doors on the ground transport slide open and crewmen begin loading the equipment bins on the aircraft.

"This will take you to a transfer station on the ring, where you will pick up the transport Renraku has arranged. The contract ensured that your equipment would have no trouble getting into the country, so we should be fine there. Cleric, you know what you have to do, yes?"

"Yes Ma'am. I am fully aware of the situation."

"Good. Then I wish you all luck on our endeavor."

The pilot walks up and ushers the team aboard, where a well appointed cabin and selection of food is found. Within minutes, the powerful engines of the Solstream press the team into their acceleration couches as the ship clears the thin atmosphere of Titan.
22-04-2004, 06:00
...required to be in their homes by 2100hrs Titan Standard Time. No private vehicles are permitted at this time. Corporate shuttle will be on their regularly scheduled routes to retrieve you for work in the mornings. Missing the shuttle is not a valid excuse for missing work, and is grounds for dismissal.

The message repeats over the Arcology's public address system, similar messages playing in the other corporate zones. Rescue workers are decidedly absent from the bombed buildings, replaced instead by scavengers looking for bits of technology to sell to the highest bidder.

A Renraku patrol vehicle cruises past an unassuming building, a clone of the other buildings in the commercial/industrial sprawl of the local zone. A lone light shines from one of the uppermost windows. A face appears briefly in the window, but quickly turns away.

"So where were we Mr. Haart....ah yes, who do you work for?"

Souske is strapped to a metal chair, lone in the middle of the surprisingly clean room.

"Haart, Cherubim."

Sagara takes a discreet look around the room. 3 of them, armed, complacent.

The man asking the questions walks over to Souske.

"We know that is a false name! It doesn't exist in any record! What is your name, and who do you work for?"

Souske looks him directly in the eyes.
"Haart, Cherubim."

Interrogator draws back his hand and punches Souske in the jaw. A dull thud is heard simultaneously with a sharp crack and the interrogator yelping in pain.

"MY HAND! He broke my goddamn hand!"

Souske smiles.
30-04-2004, 05:55
"Not yet on Earth, good. That mean we'll have time to acclimate the population to the idea. A panic is almost always worse than the actual disaster."

Naismith hesitates a moment, then asks, "There is something else that needs asked. What if the people of Sakkra decide that they don't like the idea of their old gods once more having power over them? A large number of them, not just some fringe group of crazies."

The Water Scion takes the question, eyes seemingly appearing to be a clear pool of water, with shells as the pupils. Aquatic life seems to swim within it. "We are aware of this possibility. Whether our charges desire our lords having power over them or not, our presence here is indicative of a need for us, not so much as a want. The people will recognize this fact. If they decide to show this by force, it will avail them nothing, for as long as the five primal elements exist, so too shall we."

The Void Scion holds up a hand. "Now we have tasks before us, and this audience is at an end for now." The five Scions turn towards the ebon tower, and seemingly walk through the solid wall.

The assembled mass of Sakkrans, Awakened or otherwise, begin to disperse, muttering to themselves lowly. It is as if they have awakened from a dream.
30-04-2004, 19:56
After the Scions disappear, Naismith says, "Hrm. So, who gets to tell Emperor Gorm about his new friends?"
Reploid Productions
01-05-2004, 19:58
Kiara rustles her wings as she shrugs. "I'm just insanely happy to be ATI personel and not RPDC- like Tsu said. I'd much rather stick to the confronting the unusual with measuring equipment than trying to soothe an irate political bigwig."

Oduh appears to be lost in deep concentration- no doubt contacting the Elder of the Keepers back on Earth to apprise him of events on Titan.

"Ur....I vote we pass the memo to the diplomatic sorts of our respective nations, and let them tell the Emperor." Tsunami offers from her perch on Kiara's shoulder. "Right now, there's data to be collected, and eye-witness accounts to be recorded!" The little reploid gestures at the dispersing crowd of Sakkrans.
Dread Lady Nathicana
02-05-2004, 07:10
"I've a passing aquaintance, aye, though we've never met." He flashes her a rogueish grin, and makes a motion as if tipping a hat to her. "And seein' as your tone suggests that's all I'm gonna get from ya, I'll confirm understandin' of the transfer, and bid y'all farewell. My thanks again for the equipment an' all. Be seein' ya, ma'am."

Jas boards along with the others, the group settling themselves in comfortably amidst a good bit of the usual quiet chatter about the upcoming job. He watches Preston from behind his dark glasses, studying the way the cleric moves, his demeanor. The others enjoy the view, all but Reihana grinning broadly at the takeoff.

"A'ight, boys and girls," Jas says, looking around at his team and smiling crookedly. "This is it."
14-05-2004, 08:01
The Solstream quickly clears the atmosphere, and transits Innerspace without incident. Approaching one of the main Spaceports built into the Ring, the craft recieves clearance to land and does so with a slight jolt. The passenger hatch pops open and a customs official climbs aboard, clipboard in hand.

"Welcome to the Ring Ladies and Gents, if you have anything to declare, please fill out one of these forms and present the item for inspection."

Preston looks at the man. "We have nothing to declare, please be on your way."

"'fraid I cant do that sir. Procedure and all."

"Oscar-Whiskey-November-Three-Delta." The cleric speaks the words as if it were natural to converse in phonetics.

The official does not miss a beat. "Your documents appear to be in order. Enjoy your stay Ringside!" He dissapears out the hatch.

Preston turns to the team. "Grab your equipment, ground transport is waiting for us. From this point on, we are working for Renraku, understood?" He shoulders some of the equipment and moves down the boarding stairs, and begins loading a cargo hover.

Once loaded and all aboard, the hover moves off on a 20 minute ride to the other side of the port, seemingly moving at random. Convinced that they have not been tailed, the driver pulls along side a corporate craft emblazoned with the stylized "R" of Renraku. Equipment is loaded, and the craft departs back for Titan.
Dread Lady Nathicana
25-05-2004, 19:37
For their parts, the team watches impassively as Preston handles the customs officer, occasional silent looks flickering between them. Not their business after all – though it certainly catches their attention. They all voice their acknowledgement at his question.

Money says that code’s changed within minutes, Jas observes wryly as they gather their gear, each one knowing their tasks. Reihana still seems mildly distracted, though she covers it for the most part.

They handle the evasion and shifts in ride with the air of practiced professionals, quickly and without the banter from earlier, their minds clearly on the task at hand, though several faces show undisguised anticipation.

“Additional information forthcomin'?” Jas asks casually, lighting up a fresh cigarette and keeping it between his lips as he smokes contentedly. The others relax around them after getting a feel for their new ride, looking to Preston expectantly.
28-05-2004, 19:30
"We have a meeting scheduled with a Mr. Tasker upon arrival. He seems to be head of Renraku CorpIntel, and in charge of their less than public operations. Two days ago, two of the megacorp's headquarters were destroyed in bombings, no doubt the work of other teams like ourselves. Our contract is for "Security Operations," which could mean anything."

The Cleric pauses.

"Just be prepared to follow my lead."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2004, 21:46
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2004, 21:51
"You heard the man, keep it sharp, stick to your idents," Jas growls from around his cigarette, game face on in full.

The rest acknowledge, Reihana and Sullivan taking up the front positions behind Preston and Jas, Mazar and Zhou coming next, Angelico bringing up the rear.

"And no smartass shit, Maz. You keep yer wit to yerself til we have a better feel of the place, if not longer. Reihana," he says more sharply.


Jas looks her over closely. "You got it together?"

"We're green, Jas," she replies smoothly. "Zero problems."

The scarred man looks her over thoughtfully, then nods, turning back to the Cleric.

"Lead on - we're good to go."
19-06-2004, 16:42
20-06-2004, 10:40
Renraku Boardroom, Valeria Arcology, Suunto

Lanier enters the boardroom, high atop the Renraku building in Valeria. He casually takes a seat at the head of the table, looking each of his advisors in the eye as he does so.


Tasker smiles as he opens a folder. "Our people inside SuuNCorP tell us a full breakdown is in progress. They are out of the game."

Another advisor speaks up. "Their assets?"

"We are siezing anything that the employees, ex-employees, have not taken. By force if necessary."

Lanier nods his head. He motions with a finger to the orderly at the door. Two men walk in.

"Gentelman, meet Mr. Stoldt and Mrs. Vernier of TitanTech and Paxton, respectively. They came to me earlier today with a proposition that I believe you should hear."

He nods, and Vernier stands.

"Gentelmen, if we continue to fight each other like we have been since those horrific beasts emerged from our loved ones, there will soon be nothing left. Of the original 6, only 3 remain, and soon, if we continue on this path, all three of our great companies will eventually fall. Earlier today, Mr. Stoldt and I signed an agreement, to begin working together under an improved Guild Committee system, for the good of the people of Suunto, and of course, to expand both of our respective markets." She grins. "TitanTech and Paxton Arms have come to terms with our situation, and know that further fighting solves nothing. We would like to extend an invite to Renraku to join this new alliance, and help to begin putting our society back on track, without the help of any of our so-called allies in the Triumvirate that have so kindly frozen our assets." She passes around folders of information containing the specifics of the new deal.

Lanier takes his. "Thank you Mrs. Vernier, if you and Mr. Stoldt wouldn't mind stepping outside, we will notify you when we are prepared to make a decision."

The Valeria Spaceport

The Renraku jet touches down. The team is shown off by the flight crew as their baggage is removed from the hold. A man in Renraku corporate uniform approaches.

"Ahh, you must be the team from The Dominion. You come highly recommended. Please, I have transport waiting to take you to meet Mr. Tasker. Your equipment will be taken care of."

Preston touches a small stud remote, produced from a pocket. The equipment cases start beeping softly.

"If they are tampered with, you will have quite a mess to clean up. Do I make myself clear?"

The Johnson stares wide-eyed at the cases, looking quickly to Preston and then to the faces of the rest of the team.
"Perfectly sir. We...uh...would never dare to tamper with anything of yours." He recovers his composure quickly. "Please, I'll collect your documents, and we can be on our way."

The Wharehouse

Souske sits strapped to a chair again. A large computer display is being studied by several Renraku security personnel.

"See the blending and workmanship here and here? And the miniturization here? Hell, non of this hardware even registers on a magnetometer. We are looking at Delta-grade plus here, and that can only mean one thing."

The man with a cast on his right hand walks over to Souske.

"KSPA has taken an interest have they. When are they gonna learn to stay out of our fuckin' business?"

Souske just looks up at him and smiles.

The Boardroom

Stoldt and and Vernier are showen back in. Lanier speaks.

"We have come to a decision. We will join our new venture, but only under these conditions. One: A head committee member will be chosen by this board. Two: All security services outside of our physical corporations will be handled by Renraku. And finally 3: All of your interned monsters will be turned over to us. The rest of the contract is acceptable to us pending these revisions. What say you?"

Stoldt and Vernier look at each other. This was not unexpected. The truth of the matter was Renraku could take whatever they wanted too, with the decreased strength of their Corps. They nod to each other.

Stoldt speaks. "Your terms are acceptable Mr. Lanier. We welcome you to this new chapter in cooperation. Will your board now vote on your representative?"

Lanier smiles. "We already have. It will be a pleasure to be working with you personally. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a communication to send.

<<Transmission>Triumvirate of Yut Council>>
This is Miles Lanier, official Representative of the newly reformed, and much slimmer," he grins, "Guild Council. We demand that all foriegn agents, especially those of Karmabaijani origin, be withdrawn from Suunto immediatly. We also demand that all assets, illegally frozen in ou countries be released at once. Failure to comply with our demands will result in an unfortunate scenario for many among us. You have 7 standard Titan days to accomplish these tasks.
<<Transmission End>>
21-06-2004, 06:01
-<Transmission Type: Diplomatic Communique>-
-<Destination: Miles Lanier, Guild Council of Suunto ; CC: Council of Yut>-
-<Subject: Release of Frozen Assets>-

Until such time as we can be assured as to the health, well-being, and safety of the "Awakened", as they are being called, all Suuntonian assets in the Imperial Commonwealth will remain frozen. We grow increasingly concerned about sentient-life abuses going on within your nation and, as previously stated by Advisor Kommetrez of Scolopendra, cannot condone or sanction those actions with revenues collected in the Imperial Commonwealth.

Until we are satisfied that the Awakened are being treated with the rights accorded them by the Triumvirate Charter, we will not accede to your "demands", as they were.
James Seal
Foreign Minister and Personal Advisor to the Prime Minister
On Behalf of Prime Minister Andrew Seal
Imperial Commonwealth of Khenala

-<End Transmission>-
Dread Lady Nathicana
16-07-2004, 04:48
The team take the little incident in stride, and if there are brief glances between members now and then, that is all that indicates any sort of commentary on the subject.

"I think you'll find it all in order," Jas says, tilting his chin up slightly to exhale a cloud of clove-scented smoke away from the Renraku suit, handing over the requested information. (and if it is not centralized, the rest of the team follows suit)

"Appreciate the vote o' confidence and the help with the bags, sir," he says casually, without a trace of mockery. "When you've satisfied yourself, I b'lieve we're set to go and meet your Mr. Tasker."

While the Renraku man is perusing the documents, Jas grins around his cigarette. "Nice touch, Preston," he says simply in a quiet aside to the Cleric.