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Radical Cleric sentenced to death

North Star
08-11-2003, 07:25
Radical Cleric sentenced to death

The sultan climbed down the steps to the cell, sword in hand, accompanied by the Lord Judge Amero, he made his way through the guards and entered the silent bloodstained cell. Amero had seen judgement carried out in many a court but nothing like this. There was something eerie, barbaric about the waiting circle of me, the long line of kneeling prisoners, hands bound up above their heads.
The sultan seemed unaware of anything except the prisoners, he walked up and down ,staring at each of them. Now and again he used his sword to force a mans head back.
"The Cleric?" he Demanded as he looked down at one of the prisoners.
Judge Amero nodded, Sultan Omar put the tip of the sword beneath the clerics chin and forced him to lift his head. He was not so arrogant but gazed back with a mixture of defiance and fear.
"Cursed be you!" The Sultan shouted "cursed be you in your living and in your dying! Cursed be you in this life! Cursed be you for ever in the darkness beyond!"
A low moan broke out from the prisoners around the cleric, for the curse of a sultan was solemn and binding under God, in this world and the next. The Sultan Moved the sword and using the tip, forced the clerics head down, the man whined and groaned but the sultan dug deeper, not giving up until the clerics forehead touched the ground.
The sultan stepped back with some satisfaction.
"Listen now" The sultans voice carried clear and strong "Listen to the Sultans justice! You have ravished my family and committed heinous sacrilege against the royal line. I call on God and the power of our land to be my witness, I curse your lives! I curse your descendants! I curse you in death! I will pray that your souls know nothing but eternal night and everlasting torment!"
Moans and groans rose from the prisoners. Officers moved down the line beating with whips for silence.
"Let the earth and sky witness my justice and the vengeance of Sultan! You will die now! Your bones will litter the desert floor! Death will not be quick! Cursed are you and cursed you shall remain, let your ears and nose be shorn, let your eyes be gouged ! Let them be castrated! Dig them graves outside the city and bury them alive so their bodies can be left to scavengers and their souls go to the devourers! All this to do unto the cleric instead, except do not bury him but crucify him on the city walls as a message to all to never defy me! Cleric the vultures will eat your body and I will rejoice!"

By order of the majestic Sultan, any religious official, whom by act, deed, advocation or inclination should lead any citizen into violation of the majestic imperial laws of North Star, will from this day, find himself in a state of treason action against the Sultan, the people and God , and there after will be dealt with in the same way as any other traitor

ooc: background on their crime here (
Iesus Christi
08-11-2003, 09:48
By order of the majestic Sultan, any religious official, whom by act, deed, advocation or inclination should lead any citizen into violation of the majestic imperial laws of North Star, will from this day, find himself in a state of treason action against the Sultan, the people and God , and there after will be dealt with in the same way as any other traitor

I urge the Sultan....and generally the non-religious based government officals of North Star , to respect the unique rights and place of clerics inside North Star. Violence and autocratic leadership have no place in these times friend

President Matthew Iesus
08-11-2003, 09:58
Menelmacar congratulates the sultan on taking swift action to make clear that brutal murders - especially on religious grounds - are not acceptable conduct for any citizen of any nation. Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Regent of Lavenrunz, Chancellor of CENNA
"We have known freedom's price. We have shown freedom's power. We will see freedom's victory."
~US President George W. Bush
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister (
Iesus Christi
08-11-2003, 10:15
What more clean sign do you need of the ill advised actions of your government, the puppet master of the coward SATO alliance applauds you! Clearly you msut be on the wrong road when it is sign posted by SATO!
Respect the clerics, respect the unity of your people, and above all, respect the will of God.

Combined statement, President Matthew Iesus and Ayatollah Ruhollah Najaf to Comrade Friend Sultan Omar
Der Angst
08-11-2003, 16:16
The giant crows dominating the skies of DA were nowhere to see, in this night.

It was almost midnight, when Althenas minions came together at this sacret place... The manor where, so legend tells us, soldats was founded, long, long ago when the people were still facing oppression from foreign invaders...

Aside from Althena, one other woman and two men took part in this meeting, remarkable only by the fact that they seemed to be average in everything.

"This are... interesting developments in North Star. Although our informations aren`t exactly detailed, due to the Reich- security, our sources tell us that much."
"But not enough, i presume?"
"Indeed. We have only one agent in Iesus, who can give us very incomplete information. And our electronic surveillance can`t tell us anything. Anyway, it looks like the regime is changing."
"It`s not the first time this happens. All the previous times, the positive developments were ruined by other Reich- nations. And fairly quickly, if i may say that."
"Indeed." Althena looked out of the window, watching the barren landscape... far, far away from here, she could see the city... it´s dark, majestic shape ruling over anything. Below her, she could feel the eye, growing, expanding, controlling. "Anyway, we need better informations. We should have a few loyal Indiastani`s in soldats that could do the job, shouldn`t we?"
"Well... yes. It´s still a risk. Actually, i do not know how to get them there."
"Work on something, that is all. Ah, and no encouraging statements. SATO nations congratulating the sultan might actually weaken his position. Of course, private statements, if possible, are another thing."

The two men nodded, and left the room. The other woman still stood there.

"Are you sure this is... a good idea?"
"No. But we have to try."
Iesus Christi
09-11-2003, 12:27
Iesus Christi sports and culture commission
Max Amon couldn't help giggle at the was the most unique cover for the CLA activities ever, still as silly as it was, it worked well.
"From Iesus with love Brother" Max slapped his old friend on the shoulder and knelt and knocked open the box. Instead of it being full with anything sporting , it was full with Iesus made rocket launchers, Max picked one up and threw it to his long time comrade.
Mular Serif smiled and inspected the weapon.
"More will be coming..including HE ...." Amon Winked and again slapped Serif on the shoulder "tell Mular Omar more will be coming of course...and we of the CLA proudly will aid you in whatever way we can too..."
Serif nodded, the two men had been friends for years, both had received training togther in Iesus Christi, and during the ‘mild pressure' times shortly after Matthew had come to power, CLA forces in their majority had been escorted to UMB camps in North Star , now as Max saw it...not only were they repaying their friends, but aiding Gods cause in this foreign land.
North Star
10-11-2003, 06:58
He had just come from midday prayer, he could sill hear the call of the Muezzin in his head.
Today for the last time he had prayed in the El Aqia mosque
Salah Ghandour quietly offered himself to God and spoke the words God Promised in Surat al- Ma'idah in the Quran "surely the party of God are they that shall be triumphant"

Minutes latter, a explosion rocked the compound of the central government judicial ministry in the capital Al'Shazar, home of not only the central royal justice ministry but also representative of the clans joint control of justice throughout the land.

Following the ‘human bomb' assault on the ministry a statement from released to many , clan, government and media establishments, the statement read as follows-
Victory to God, the most high, the master of the day of doom
In the defense of our land and our people, in defense of our women and children, in comforting those who would defy God, today, Salah Mohammed Ghandour, was granted success by God over the enemy and followed the majestic example of martyrdom shown to us by Imam Hussein, the great Imam who taught all the free people how to avenge themselves on their oppressors. With glory, honor, pride and dignity in his chest he was the first to avenged his religion and strike for the oppressed poverty stricken of our nation. He died for the people, he died for God and inshaallah to God he has now returned.
We warn the Sultan, the Omari and all the great clans that we, the children of God will not surrender his will to the thieves, whores and criminals. A human tide of loves of Gods word will swarm forward if you do not turn away from sin and embrace the truth of the holy Quran.
We believe that our spiritual convictions and moral strength can triumph over any material and ‘scientific' advantage you can bring down upon us, God is with us, truth is with us.

Permission for warfare is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed and most surely God is well able to assist them
Surat Al-Hajj,39,The Holy Quran.

United Muslim Brotherhood
Islamic Peoples Clerics council
North Star
11-11-2003, 02:40
"Kill them , no one shall defy my will, no one, level all whom defy me"
The Sultan spat the words out, and the generals and clan heads nodded in agreement.
the E Aqia mosque well be reduced to rubble, not one stone upon another will remain
Iesus Christi
12-11-2003, 05:05
AGAIN I call for calm and a cool the name of the name of the name of the GOD I ask you to be moderate in your actions, I pray you listen to me in this time of trouble. Reactionary violence on your part will not resolve the issues but will further inflame the situation.
You must not become the enemy of the will of God, you must not depart from those who love God.
I ask you only to be calm and act in good conscience....
your friend always
Matthew Iesus
12-11-2003, 05:08
Violence and autocratic leadership have no place in these times friend

President Matthew Iesus

Consider who that's coming from:


God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
North Star
13-11-2003, 03:39
The Mosque was surrounded swiftly, armed troopers ran into the housing apartments around it occupying key windows and insuring the local populace understood the seriously nature of the situation , the streets leading to the mosque were cut off by Royal armor and over head buzzed ‘copters and ‘hala' Skiffs hovered near to the Mosque.
A ‘skiff' came in low over E Aqia the Mosque, its markings showing it was a ‘Royal emissary' , inside was Sheik Farsa, brother in law of the Sultan, commander of the ‘Red crescent' Royal assault squad. Farsa calmly surveyed the scene, the Mosque was cut off, isolated, now for formalities sake he must offer the occupants a chance to surrender. secretly he hoped they wouldn't, damn trouble makers needed to be eradicated quickly and now.
"The Quran abhors and strongly prohibits the killing of Muslims by fellow Muslims and warns of harsh punishments for those who commit such acts. We therefore offer you a chance to surrender and face the honorable sultans judgement in the matter of your connection to the assault on the peace of the Nation"
Farsa waited, he didn't expect a response, he simply waited till the honor time elapsed and then he would attack and end this insanity once and for all.
From the Mosques own speaking system came the reply
"Since we believe , that our moment of death is recorded and determined by God, it follows that whether one hides in shelter, is crossing the road or is fighting the enemy, he will die when his time arrives. Believing this, it follows we take no greater risk in jihad then we would face in surrender. If you truelly understood Islam, you would certainly understand this and why we are not afraid to die. Martyrdom is our way, we are all Husaini who die here today!"
Sheik Farsa nodded, it was the expected reply "Roast them"
The twin hellfire flamers from the ‘skiff ' opened up on the Mosque and the surrounding government troops opened up in unison with the command ‘Skiff'.
"Allahu Akbar!"
Iesus Christi
13-11-2003, 09:46
Bridgette shock her head as she read the reports
"shame really...."
Commander Robard looked over at her
"well..I so like the Sultan...or is that 'liked'? really....strange times..."
Robard gave her a strange look
"I just mean, normally the Sultan and clan issues wouldnt matter but now...I assume our friends in the Inquisition are moving with intent? hmmm damn those sand wandering backwards clans..."
Der Angst
13-11-2003, 11:47
[ooc: North Star, what is the chance of muslim immigrants to be accepted in North Star? I don´t care if they are brought to live in forced labour camps for the rest of their lifes, just that they ain`t shot the day of their arrival *cough*]
North Star
17-11-2003, 07:08
The sun was yet to rise and the sultan quietly eat some dry meat and water, preparing himself for the daylight fast. His ‘mija' wife Hatusu watched the Sultan slowly consume his food and suppressed her revulsion .
"You wish to worship, my lord?" Hatusu gently inquired.
The Sultan murmured in agreement, his age was showing this morning as he stumbled to wash and prepare himself for worship.
Hatusu laid a royal mat on the floor and she and the Sultan both knelt watching the glory of the rising sun and the horizon, where far beyond it lay the holy city Mecca.
"Allahu Akbar,Allahu Akbar As-Salatu khairun min an-naum, As- Salatu khairun min an-naum" The Sultan intoned the dawn prayer, pressed his forehead against the ground, Hatusi did likewise, but inwardly she secretly wondered if the Sultan believed the words or did he, like herself have doubts?
They had barely finished praying when the Sultans personal herald rushed in, quickly he knelt before the Sultan and handed him a datapadd.
Sultan Omar read over the report, his face a mixture of satisfaction and worry. Hatusu watched him closely eager to know what the news was.
"Well My love, it seems we had much success over those who defied my will, much glory indeed but"
Hatusu rose and stood close to her husband, running her hands down his aging body "but what my love?"
"But, The Mitanni, Inei nor the Hida clans have yet to make tribute to my son Prince Hussein , this is some concern my Love"
"Hush my Love, put it from your mind and think of the glory you achieved over those dissidents" Hatusu gently kissed her husbands check, but she knew what this lack of tribute meant politically, the clans had not accepted Hussein as heir to the throne. The Sultans clan the Omari was for the first time in 500 years looking like it would lose the throne, and with it would throw the nation maybe into the grip of civil war. Hatusu inwardly cursed the petty clans,the radical clerics and also her husbands constant meddling that had so upset the power balance of the land.

"Allahu Akbar!" The skiff crewed cheered as they flew low over the demolished mosque, below them national troops despatched the last of their enemies with bayonet and sword rather than rifle. A traditional sign of blood hatred in North Star.
During the brief fight, 2 skiffs had been downed by missile fire from the mosque, the fact that the occupants of the mosque had been well armed and somewhat prepared disturbed Shiek Farsa but it didn't matter now, they had won and shown any rebellious cleric the strength of the government.
The skiff came into land, its open top design giving its crew a wide field of vision and excellent lines of fire not only for the skiffs hell fire flamers and Pulseblasters but for the more lightly armed troopers onboard too. Farsa Jumped off the Skiff and looked through the ruins, his dead countrymen littered the ground, Farsa stood quietly and watched closely as a group of his men gave some wounded martyrs what they so desired , still something felt wrong in his heart, as he watched the dignity that his enemy faced their deaths, somehow he felt this wouldn't be the end of this radical movement, far from the end indeed.

Ooc: d/a we allow muslim and some other immigration[ie"coptic Christians] generally our policy on foreigners is wary but we do even allow tourism, of course being 80% of the country lives under a radical form of Shar'ia we dont get a lot of tourists.[areas that are not under radical shar'ia are generally directly clan controlled but of course still have a more moderate form of shar'ia/being the clan warlords are more fascist than religious]
Der Angst
17-11-2003, 11:11
[ooc: This is what i think is possible... if i do anything wrong/ impossible, inform me and i will edit]


The four men stepped out. They needed some sunlight.

Finally, something else than this stupid DA and it`s always grey or black sky...

Two of the men were Indiastani immigrants, muslims. Not exactly strict ones... but it was better than nothing.

Britmattia, that was the nation they arrived in. A young, tiny nation, but a good start. No relations to either WBO or SATO, no position for or against the elves. Perfectly... unknown, and irrelevant.

Their flight to North Star would start in four hours, they still had time to watch Britmattia... perhaps, it would be the last time they could enjoy freedom...

After a few hours, the sky was dark, and it had begun to rain, the four men finally took their seats in the plane. Now, the two other men in the group could be seen. Unlike the two other men, the Indiastanis, this two were white, their faces, their expressions looked somewhat... strange... As if they weren´t themselves... Nobody could actually see what they really were, their barcodings covered... for the moment.

Only a few hours more, and they would be in North Star.


A week earlier:

Memories. Mother, father. No... No... This is... this can`t be... Where are they? Who are they?

A laboratory.

Men in white coats.

Early memories, school, friends... the tests in the hospital...

They told them they were special , they told me... they said i`m special... an avenging angel...

The jabs, the... the pain...

He screams out, in pain... But then... the joy of it... the joy afterwards...

The run. He is in a foreign country. Enemies of god, they are.

He has to run.

Faster, faster. Just run, and you will kill the enemy...

Just run...

Again, the laboratory...

The liberators, they are...

Again, jabs... again, the joy...

They told him the truth, told him what he really is...

The feelings in his head, the pain...

The men in the dark uniforms, the badge...


And then, again, joy...

"And?" A man in a white coat stands in front of the 'patient'.
"He is ready. He will do what we want. It`s only fair. Now The Reich will get back what it sent to us." A women, standing near the man in the white coat. She is clothed in black. Entirely black. "Somehow, it`s amusing."


ooc: Send my people to Britmattia, as i presume you have no direct flights from or to SATO members. The two white men are actual Iesus citizens i acquired in my civil war. The two others, as i said, Indiastani immigrants.
North Star
18-11-2003, 09:34
ooc: that reads fine

immigrants/refugees to north star go through standard questioning , accessing skills, reason for desire to live in north star and background.checks and assuming everything is clear they are assigned government housing[ till being cleared they live in work camps] and added to the system [photo id, added to national data base etc] should they fail to find work on their own within 14 days they are either deported or added to government labor projects.
Also ignorance is no excuse in north star, [being some 80-90 % of the country lives under what most people would call strict sha'ria , this is a issue for most new arrivals]

ic: "Allahu Akbar welcome to North Star-may the peace of God be with you"
Der Angst
18-11-2003, 11:38
[ooc: Well, they will start out as tourists, considering that i changed my plan from four indiastanis to two indiastanis and two reprogrammed Iesus people...

They have no weapons, nor anything else that could be considered dangerous. Standard questioning = no torture/ drugs and stuff, i presume (Otherwise i can edit in a quite funny part ^_^). I also assume the tourists must report to where they go, and why. No idea if you specifically monitor them, but as this post does not include anything suspicious like aquiring weapons... (that will come later *cough*) So i assume they come through. As before, if anything is wrong, i will edit.

As for the sha'ria, i have to admit, my knowledge is somewhat... limited *cough*. I assume they simply know it. Let me know if i do anything wrong with that part.

Oh, yes... The sultan... possibilities to come near to him or his wife (celebrations in the public, palace security, etc.)?


"Allahu Akbar welcome to North Star-may the peace of God be with you"

The four men returned the greet, and left the airport.

They had predicated to stay in North Star for a month. Mostly in the capital, although some tours outside the capital would be possible, in which case they would of course inform the authorities.

The first thing hitting them was the sun. The heat, to be correct. Compared to the average 10°C in DA, it was like... a shock.

However, they hadn`t that much time, so they quickly headed to their assigned hotel... Presumably all- day checked by the national security, but well... it was the best they could get.

"Ok... where is the list of national monuments... ah, there... oh my god... To bad we wont have the time to see all of them..."
"Hey, first of all we should take care of them..." The second Indiastani pointed at the two Iesus citizens. "They have countless years of experience in destroying and building minds, and still their work has flaws..."
"Yah. Ok, come on. Can`t be far from here."
North Star
20-11-2003, 03:59
ooc:unless you give them reason to torture you, we dont just randomly torture tourists:we arnt iesus christi or haru
tourists are offered package deals of where/ what they can do. generally tourists are forced to hang around in groups-easy for us to monitor.
but unless you do something really weird you are unlikly to get picked up by the secret or religious police.
Der Angst
20-11-2003, 12:57
ooc: Damn, this is too easy *remembers what he has to do to stay in iesus with a single agents* J/K.

Ok... i assume i got a 'package' for the capital and the area around... say 100km radius? Should be enough to visit... and well... the four of them will always hang around together, so easy monitoring should be possible as well.

Oh, btw, i take the liberty to see some relatively famous palaces etc.. from past times... i assume it`s ok.




The four men stood near an old, quite impressive palace, together with a few other tourits. The officials seemingly preferred larger tourist groups. Well, nothing wrong with that, so far, they hadn´t done anything suspicious.

"A thousand years old... must have been a great time here..."
"Yeah. Well, everything has it´s ups and downs..."

Hours later, they finally returned to the hotel. A phone call followed minutes after it.

"Yes? Oh, it´s you... what? ... oh... oh... okok... but... our two friends wont like it... no, really... okok... yes, we will return tomorrow."

The Indiastani who took the call looked rather sad: "Well... mother died yesterday. I think i and... Habib need to return. However, i assume you two still want to stay here?" He looked at the two Iesus agents. Hopefully they will react as they have too...
"Well... yes, we think it´s for the best." The two Iesus agents looked at each other in a rather... funny way. "It´s truly unfortunate, but it can`t be changed. Farewell, friends."

Of course, they knew what was really expected from them... their conditioning...

Kill the sultan. The sultan is evil, he`s an enemy of god. Kill him, and heaven will await you. The people of North Star will remember your names, the names that liberated them from the sinner...

What the two reprogrammed Iesus citizens did not know, but the Indiastani remembered only too well, was that they were also conditioned and trained to fail...

[ooc: The phone call came from Britmattia *assumes that is possible when tourism is possible*, a normal apartment rented by soldats (my intelligence service).]
North Star
23-11-2003, 08:53
ooc i have to figure the reaction to tourism our emergency will cause, wondering how my shar'ia cops will handle it etc.
Der Angst
27-11-2003, 12:42
[ooc: I would assume you kick all the tourists out? Or detain them, at the very least. Meh, makes it harder for me... or not, depends.]


The two Indiastani arrived at the Airport, only to realise that something had changed.

Soldiers everywhere, and extensive controls.

"What the hell..."
"... is happening?"


Meanwhile, the two 'trojan horses' walked through the streets... they were quite surprised by the new 'emergency' situation as well... they had yet to see how it would work out.

[ooc: sorry for short post, but i`m not entirely sure what i _can_ do]
North Star
02-12-2003, 10:21
tourists are quietly asked to stay at there appointed housing allotments

ic: The streets are full of amred personal from regular government establishments, government facilities shut down with anyone approaching assumed to be dangerous

ooc; short post. follow up later