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Quintaran Warriors for Hire...

Gladius iracundia
08-11-2003, 07:15
The large Quintar population in Gladius Iracundia has decided to put itself to good use, by killing people for money. before I elaborate I will give some statistics on the Quintar:

The Quintar are a very strange race in that there is no set form for them, unlike humans for instance, who are all bodily arranged the same. This is because Quintar reproduce with anyone but othert Quintar. When a Quintar has intercourse, it's partner is inpregnated by a small organism called a Martyrim, which exists in a symbiotic relationship with the Quintar. The Martyrim fertilizes the egg before the little Quintar can get to it and destroys it to make more Martyrim. So the 'little Quintar' make a month long journey to the brain of the host and takes them over. They begin to physicaly change in about a year to become stronger, faster, smarter, and more physicaly attractive (this helps them to find more hosts for their offspring), in two years they reach they full might and gain the abillity to see in 6 dimensions as oposed to the 3 that humans can see. Quintarans do not die of old age, but the rate at which they kill each other makes up for that.
Quintarans are very agressive, their entire society is based on a mix of violence and another emotion unkown to nonQuintars.

Well there is the 'summary' on the Quintar. 1000 are available for hire, most are humanoid in form (60%), 30% are 1 year old, and are changeing, the remaining 10% are fully matured.
They will sell their services to whoever makes the best offer (not nessarsarly money, weapons and the like will also be accepted)