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ADK Enters an Era of Depression

Abu-Dhabi Khristatata
08-11-2003, 06:33
'Today, Quin Izumi announced that after long discussion and debate with Omzian officals, the Omzian government has decided to cancel the mining deal with the Khristian government. All around the solar system, Khristian shipbuilding has ground to a halt. We will now go to Thomas Vezzintetti who is on the scene at Shipyard XXII. Thomas...'

'I'm here in Shipyard XXII, Monica, and behind me you can see the uncmpleted hulk of the Lambada CCCXXXIII. There are twenty more vessels of different classes here who have been stopped in different stages of construction. The scene is the same In 59 other shipyards like this one. Our biggest shipyard, Quin Izumi has some 78 capital ships and 3483 fighters being in construction there. 600 Million people are expected to be without work.'

'Thank you Tom. All over ADK, shops and buisnesses are closing, rushes on government banks are being made, and all orbital flights have been cancelled. The value of the Indulgence has decreased by 3000% and is expected to drop more. Emporer Adnedhel I has responded by saying this:'

'The Khristian people have endured greater times of struggle and strife. I will do my best to resume the contract with the Omzian Republic, and ensure that freedom remains with the people.'

'Rumors have it that the Millitary will be cut heavily and all space vessels put into drydock. Weapons and munitions the government has been stockpiling for centuries are expected to be dismantled and melted down. We will have further news after the break.'

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