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The Delaz Fleet (Open RP)

08-11-2003, 02:57
November 11, 5003. About 8:30 at night.

I was standing around in the main hallway, trying to mooch some gum off of one of my bodyguards. Everyone at the mansion was preparing for the holidays, and everyone was unusually happy. After finally threatening to shoot him, I scored some Orbit off of my financial director. I walked back into my office and reviewed the plans for a new moble armor codenamed 'Neue-Zeta'. I was really exited about its completion, considering that it was basically just an upgrade of my Neue-Ziel. Just then, I got a call from the eastern wing of the mansion. I heard the words 'Sir, we-' followed by gunshots. I was very startled. I grabbed my Colt and ran for the place where the transmission came from. As I ran, I started to realize that I was being followed. I ran a little bit faster. Upon entering the east wing, I found a dead guy and my injured bodyguard. 'He said something about Delaz... the Zeta...'. I was puzzled at first, until I realized what he ment. 'The Delaz Fleet was an extremist group dedicated to world domination.' I thought. 'And the Zeta must be the new moble armor...' I ran twords the construction bay as fast as I could. I knew what I would find there, but... i was still shocked. The Neue-Zeta- along with all my mobile suits were... Gone... The only one left was my Sazabi. I jumped in the cockpit, and followed their ion trail.
Someone was gonna pay...