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Relatively peaceful expansion of the Empire

08-11-2003, 02:37
***Empire News Report***

Metropolis Utopia, Isolationist People- In an announcement to the citizens of the Empire, spokeswoman Samantha Jones gave this prepared statement at the weekly press conference:

"After much debate by the full Council of the Empire, in accordance to the rules and laws that govern such a body and this Empire, it has been decided that new land and islands will be sought out for the expansion of our nation. The rate of growth for the Empire has long been on the minds of the Council members, and as such they have carefully looked at and studied many options in how to rememdy this situation.

It is therefore the decision of the Council, along with approval of the Preator, that several new islands in the surrounding areas will be located, studied and detailed as to possible annexation and expansion of the Isolationist Empire. Ideally, the islands would be devoid of indiginious people, able to sustain growing populations, with many natural resources. However, if natives are encountered on any subject islands, they too will be studied and possibly suggested to join the Empire.

As a first step, the Council created a list of possible areas of expansion. The first on the list are the outlying Hawaiian Island chain. It is well known that there are dozens of islands in that chain and that only a few are currently habited. These are the first one's to be studied. A scientific research team is being readied at this moment, as is the 43rd Infantry Recon Division with attached aerial recon, the 25th Signals Corp, the 113th Engineers Battalion, the 6th Naval Transport Unit, and the 2nd Naval Defense Squad. These units will be based at the Mobile Offshore Base of Operations (MOBO) currently being readied to be dispatched to the region."

***End of Report***

OOC: just so everyone knows, this is just to chronicle my annexation of some local islands to keep up with my nation's population growth. It would be appreciated the nobody else post here, unless I stumble upon an island or place that is already claimed that I don't know about. If I do, TG me about it and I'll change it.
09-11-2003, 01:42
Sunday Jan. 13, 2009

Fort Bandit, Isolationist People- It was a little warm for 5 am in the barracks, but the soldiers occupying them didn't complain. They would be targets for the jokes soldiers played if they did, since it was only the weather. Most of the squad of 11 men in the barracks were cleaning their weapons, checking them over carefully. Barely 30 seconds after 5, Captain Sammy "Boots" Coldsmith burst into the room, yelling at the quickly assembling men. His nickname "Boots" came after a couple of privates saw him kick the ass of a sergeant while he was drunk, or so the story went.

"Listen up, you half-assed bastards! We're moving out in an hour. You'll be briefed enroute. Take what you need for three days, but pack light. Supplies will be brought up at a latter time. So you shitheads can stop worrying if your damn letters for your sweethearts will find you. That's all!" And he stormed back out of the barracks. A few of the men looked at each other with knowing smirkes, but most went back to cleaning their weapons.

***6:30 am***

"Alright, here's the mission," barked out "Boots" as the men strained to listen in the Pave Low. They had left before other units of this 'scientific research' team, in order to scout out the ground. "We're 5 clicks out from the LZ....which are the Hawaiian Islands, case none of you ladies know about the change of policy of your glorious leaders," he said with sarcasm. "Our job is to scout the area, locate a suitable onsite base, and basically search the whole damn island for anything 'of interest.' Don't shoot at first glance, cuz we have two other teams such as yourselves scouting the other parts of the island. So hook up, and I'll see you on the ground."

***7:00 am***

"Boots" had the squad formed up on him, with Pvt. James as lead scout. They were moving slowly along the southwestern section of the island, checking to see where a base camp could be set up. There rest of the division would be coming up later in the day, along with the other troops tasked with this mission. He looked at his map. The island they were on was called Nihoa, roughly 150 miles from the main Hawaiian Islands. It was a perfect staging point, especially after the Empire had recently completed its big naval project of the MOBO's. These moveable naval bases could house a complete Infantry Brigade, plus tanks and mechanized infantry, along with several air squadrons. Putting the MOBO here put all the Hawaiian Islands within its reach. He put his map away and moved his squad out, searching to see if there were any natives present that would need to be moved out.
09-11-2003, 03:58
***10:30 am***

The naval convoy of supply ships slowly started to leave the harbors throughout Isolationist People. The convoy consisted of about 16 ships of various sizes with supplies and, in some cases, ground troops and science equipment. They formed up 20 miles out to sea to begin their trek to the island of Nihoa, roughly 200 miles away. It would take them around 5 hours to make the trip.

With the supply convoy went the modules of the MOBO, powering themselves along at the same speeds of the ships. These were closely guarded by several frigates and destroyers. There were 25 modules, enough to make a modest-sized base to conduct operations in the area. If needed, more modules could be sent to expand the size of the base, as well as the troops and aircraft it could hold.

***Back on the island***

Strike/Scout Team Bravo had found a good site for the base camp. Located about 500 yards inland from the shore, it was a clearing of about 2000 square feet. Relatively flat, it would suite the needs of the research team and the troops along with them. Bravo radioed this all in to the command ship offshore, which then relayed it to the other teams on the island, as well as the high command.

As of yet, no human life had been yet found, though the tropical forests were teeming with birds that constantly screamed out their foreign calls to other birds. One scout, not paying attention to his surroundings, stumbled upon a nest of nursing panther cubs. Startling the mother, the man was severly mauled and was saved only after one of his mates heard the noise of his screams. His troop, while hoping that he lived, had a good helping of panther meat that night to feed on instead of the horrible meal rations every army has.