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Power Vacuum in Zeronia (Part I)

08-11-2003, 00:25
[Interception from Zeronian radio address...]

Citizens! Be wary of the rumours of the acting Premier's death. She has simply stepped down, and now I, the rightful Premier of Zeronia have taken control over the operations of the People's Republic. Similar rumours of my brother, Damien Kazzero, stepping down as Deputy Premier are also false. These rumours, or allegations are false in every sense of the word. This is simply the work of Nazi terrorists trying to dupe the fine citizenry of our great Republic! The High Ministry and myself are working hard to eradicate such treacherous behaviour, rest assured.

This message is going out to all citizens of the People's Republic of Zeronia. I would especially hope that the disgruntled citizens of the Maharin plains see the invalidity of these good-for-nothing traitors' rumours.

Thank you, and have a good week.

[Transmission cut.]
08-11-2003, 20:24
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