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Iuthia Mobilises Army

07-11-2003, 13:34
Today the international community watches everything and everyone, spy technology is prevalent and it is almost impossible to do anything without anyone taking note of it.

Now scenes of tanks manoeuvring into formation, large numbers of infantry gearing up on to trucks and assorted transportation and a shift in the places where planes are been kept. Slowly with time, a large force moves to some plains near the Theodron borders…
No press releases have been issued and the local media has not said a word, embassies have not heard anything from the Iuthian people and no information beyond satellite and maybe the odd illegitimate recon plane is available, it is even suggested that the ground level of the military do not know what is going on, that this is just a training exercise.

Camp is set and temporary bases are formed, it is estimated that 100’000 troops have been moved over several days, large numbers of tanks (est.900 various) and aerial patrols from nearby airfield, the closest city being Dorma where a couple military based are.

Currently they have been camped there for several days with more and more arrivals coming in every day as the world watches in wonder…!8nDqJ6yWdZX*TCIMZGPC8ViWHgbQuKh2scJ Vo!KdIF8zAAAArXJTAg/Iuthia%202.bmp?dc=4675443635120409680

OOC: Here is another map (, zoomed out a little in to see all the near by nations to Iuthia… (Warning, big picture)
The Imperial Navy
07-11-2003, 13:44

in concern of this incident a Spy sattalite has been deployed to watch and make sure that International law is not broken.
07-11-2003, 14:10
A number of Rotovian PayTV (Spy) Sattilittes have been reassigned to monitor the situation, discreetly.
07-11-2003, 14:41
OOC: We have international laws? When did I agree to that? *ahem* not that it matters, I’m going to have to continue this line of action some time to see what I can make of it.

And please note that I am not part of the United Nations or any other international organisation like it… though oddly enough I am leader of NAIA at the moment.
The Imperial Navy
07-11-2003, 14:43
For some reason people have begun an adaption of International Laws-Things like you can't attack somone if they are evil-because it's their nation and an internal matter.

I.E If people attack you for a foolish reason, I can help you.