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Urgent notice

07-11-2003, 12:49
the deprived states of nonexistentcitygrad invite any one who feels the need to, to join our great and powerfuly disputed region
Command and Conquerors.
The Imperial Navy
07-11-2003, 12:50
You made me think somthing serious has happened there.

You stole 2 minutes of my life... I want them back!

oh, I'd just waste them anyway....
07-11-2003, 13:03
ha ha my devious ploy is working, now to take over the world...

...or not.

time is not refundable. DCSN does not accept any responsibility for stupid time wasting.
07-11-2003, 13:33
See now this just pisses me off. People who make titles that promise big than don't deliver. Like when they use titles such as "9,000,000 Catpeople hunted for fun", you expect this sadistic storyline and an immediate war with Slagtunger, but alas they are just avestising a new joke website. This has got to stop, my sanity can't stand much more of this.