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Info on Neo-Mishakal

07-11-2003, 01:42

Nation Name:
Offical- The New Galactic Empire of Neo-Mishakal
Short Version- Neo-Mishakal
Nationallity- Mishakalite

Population: 5 million

Largest Corporation: The Combine Trade Spacing Guild (CTSG)

Largest Religious Organization: Narvanischa Christos

Largest City: Arista (home ofthe current Emperor)


Currency: Solari

Trade Exports: whale fur, exotic furs, rare animals and fish, grains, fruits, plaz glass, hydro-plastics, hagal crystal, blue zerog crystal, criz pearls, rubies, soostones, advanced computer technology, advanced space technology, melange, and pundi rice.

Trade Imports: Unknown


Type of Goverment: Monarchy/Feudal

Current Head of State (and ruler of the capital planet Arluna): Emperor Eli Markus Corrino XI

Head of House Venette (Mezo, moon of Arluna): Grand Dame Camie Tendaius Venette

Head of House Sor (planet Parso): Viscount Javus Corbo Sor

Head of House Fazeel (Nerus, moon of Arluna): Duke Virgyl De' Lioncour Fazeel

Head of House Vermilion (Planet Zee): Baron Barry Indo Vermilion

*Information subject to change, this is the current basics, I'll add more later.