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Dark Outcasts
06-11-2003, 21:08
(As someone requested it here it is)

Please post about the inhabitants of your nation whether they are human, jelly-babies, flying pigs or talking flowers. Give the details listed below and anyother info you feel is relevant. Multiple posts are acceptable as long as each organism is different. Also feel free to add a picture.

Name of Organism:
Life-span (yrs):
Appearance (inc av. height,weight etc):
Attack and Defence Mechanisms:
Description of its' insides (where relevant):
Any other Information:
Santa Barbara
06-11-2003, 21:24

Name of Organism: Red Panda
Life-span (yrs): 12-16 expected, 34 max
Appearance (inc av. height,weight etc): The Red Panda has a round head, stocky body, and short tail. The shoulder height is 65-70 cm. It is well-known for its distinctive black, red and white markings. The limbs, eyes, ears, and shoulders are all red and the rest of the body is white with black stripes (male) or spots (female). In some areas the black actually has a chesnut-red tinge. The dark red markings around the eyes give the animal an unusual, threatening appearance.
Attack and Defence Mechanisms: It can defend itself, like any bear, using its powerful forearms and bite.
Description of its' insides (where relevant): The liver is exceptionally tasty.
Foods eaten: Fruits of plant matter like kiwi, small mammals, fish, insects.
Habitat: The Red Panda is native to the Santa Barbara mainland, Muy Vista and Isla Vista, and as such has adapted to generally more semi-arid conditions than its asian relatives. It currently exists only in zoos and red panda ranches.
Dark Outcasts
06-11-2003, 21:29
hehe glad i pleased ya.
06-11-2003, 21:34
Name of organism: Irradiated Bacteria

Lifespan: Varies according to species and radiation levels. Anywhere from several hours to several years.

Appearance: The Irradiated Bacteria as a group are primitive unicellular organisms, with little to commend them bar extremely good radiation tolerance.

Attack and Defence mechanisms: None. The Irradiated Bacterium is entirely helpless, with only it's extremely hostile environment to protect it.

Habitat: The Irradiated Bacteria live in the Obsidian Wastes, a large flat area of highly radioactive "blast glass" (Obsidian) formed by some form of thermonuclear attack. While it is not immediately obvious, it can be found in most areas of the Wastes, and is the only organism which can survive the high radiation levels.