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Detachment of Kamikaze Squigs Escape From TGRM

06-11-2003, 19:27
Earlier today, the pen of TGRM's special kamikaze squigswas blown open, and a large amount of squigs escaped into the wilderness. At first, eco-terrorism was suspected, but after finding bits of blown squig (and the fact that all eco-terrorists have been eaten), the thinkers have deduced that the squigs somehow were able to combust one of their sticks of dynamite tied to them.
"I told warlord Snottynoze not to tie the damn dynamite on until on the battlefield," the foreign minister was reported to have said.
The escaped squigs are being hunted down by night goblin netters, but during the elapsed time from the escape, the squigs could have already escaped into other nations. If you are to hear a horrid explosion, or discover a rabid toothed fleshy lump, it could be a kamikaze squig (note: the squigs might have lost their explosives during their escape).
This catastrophe has set back the foreign trade of the kamikaze squigs, due to begin in only a few days. The trade will have to be moved further until the escaped specimens are caught. However, pre-ordering is allowed: $200 per squig, dynamite included!

OOC: Hah, shocking catastrophe AND blatant advertisement! Top that!