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Camdean the 9500 th biggest Nation in the world

06-11-2003, 17:13
Camdean is ranked 3rd in the region and 9,500th in the world for Largest Nations.

Thats right folks im actualy bigger than i thought
06-11-2003, 17:24
Angelus is 1st in the region and 861st in the world for largest nations.

*smile* yay for size, and sans the pop bug!
06-11-2003, 17:27
OOC: 13,069th. Bigger than I thought
Santa Barbara
06-11-2003, 17:30
The Corporate State is 1464th. Of course that's just about half the mainland.
Wombat News
06-11-2003, 17:36
28,997th :cry:

But we are THE BIGGEST Wombat News agency on NationStates :lol:

Sigma Octavus
06-11-2003, 17:38
4th in region and 8,644th in the world. But still more powerful than thousands. Hahaha!
06-11-2003, 17:56
OOC: 7,252nd in the world, and first in the region, hey, I am bigger than a nation I still have not taken off of the IGNORE list. (Yes Camdean I still IC IGNORE you because of the bubble popping incident)