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Altaranian Space Tech Forces

06-11-2003, 13:12
OOC: This is just for the stuff in space. I maintain a modern/near future Earth-based army.


GCU = General Contact Unit
ROU = Rapid Offensive Unit
GOU = General Offensive Unit
GSV = General Systems Vehicle

Effectors = Ion Cannons (are of varying standards according to vessel type)
Light Coilgun = 200mm Coilgun
Coilgun = 350mm Coilgun
Railgun = 500mm Railgun
Heavy Railgun = 750mm Railgun

Note: Coilguns and Railguns are in batteries, of varying guns in each battery according to the vessel type.

"Delinquent" Class GCU

The GCU is the workhorse vessel of the fleet. It is well-armed, with decent transport and basic production capabilities.
Could be likened to destroyers of other space fleets.


- 4 Effectors
- 4 Torpedo/Missile tubes, capable of firing several different types of warhead
- 4 Railguns
- 6 Light Coilguns


Between 2 and 5km in length, 350m - 750m in width, 100m - 350m in height

"Hooligan" Class GOU

The most used class of vessel, the GOU is a combat unit that is balanced, with significant armament and good speed.
Could be likened to frigates of other fleets.


- 4 Effectors
- 3 Torpedo/Missile tubes
- 2 Railguns
- 1 Heavy Railgun
- 4 Coilguns


Between 350m and 1km in length, 100m-350m in width, 35m - 250m in height

"Gangster" Class ROU

The ROU is a combat unit that makes use of high speeds, with reduction in armament and protection.
Could be likened to gunboats of other fleets.


- 2 Effectors
- 2 Torpedo/missile tubes
- 2 Railguns
- 2 Light Coilguns
- 1 Coilgun


Between 250m and 500m in length, 50m - 250m width, 25m - 150m height

"Desert" Class GSV

The GSV is the ultimate vessel of the fleet. It harnesses enormous firepower, is extremely large and maintains vast production capabilities.
Could be likened to large capital ships of other fleets.


- 8 Effectors
- 6 Torpedo/missile tubes
- 6 Heavy Railguns
- 4 Railguns
- 6 Coilguns
- 4 Light Coilguns


Between 5 and 15km in length, 1 - 4km in width, 1 - 5km in height

More weapons systems and new classes are being researched.

The main weapon that personnel carry onboard these vessels is the CREW - Compact Radiation Emitting Weapon.

It can be likened to 'laser beams' of other armies.

Updates as and when they are developed.

The Tendency Of Altaran
All Glory To The Soviet!
06-11-2003, 15:57
Five Civilized Nations
06-11-2003, 15:58
Put pics up!!!
06-11-2003, 16:08
I can't find any :(

And I'm not skilled in 3D modelling so the best I can do is basic DOGA stuff....which is crap and doesn't look anything like it should :(
Five Civilized Nations
06-11-2003, 17:58
oh well...
06-11-2003, 19:28
06-11-2003, 19:33
What kind of missiles and torpedeos do you use? when you messuer your Railguns and coil guns, are you messuring projectile size, and how do your ships compensate for recoil, do you have any fighters, bombers, or likewise sized small ships? I see the gunboat, however I'm tlaking more along the lines of anti-air interception craft.
06-11-2003, 20:33
The measurements are that of the projectile diameter, yes.
The launchers can make use of several different types of warheads - nuclear, conventional explosive, etc. All our torpedoes/missiles conform to the same standards, so they can launch pretty much anything of similar sizes.
Recoil is compensated for by a 'sliding' mechanism - once the gun has fired, the barrel slides backwards with the force of the recoil, dissipating the energy in that fashion, although new methods are being researched.
We currently do not have any fighters or bombers (OOC: and if I could use the proper vessels without people screaming godmod, there would be no need), although some are in development. The light guns are in turrets, and fast-tracking ones are being developed.