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Building Up.

06-11-2003, 05:13
OOC: OK, just so yuo can't scream "Godmodder!!!" for any real reason, look at this LIST ( to see proof I am capable of buying what I say I'm buying in IC, and feel free to comment.

IC: The Armed Forces of the D.R.S. have proven themselves to be infantry-heavy, this is obvious as they're all Infantry thus far, we have decided to make some changes to increase the abilities of our Armed Forces, for starters, we shall be building 250 F-15Es, which shall be divided into Squadrons of 25, after ouf Defense Budgets has recouperated from that, we shall build ourselves 13,337,622 M-16s, this will easily keep us supplied with M-16s that are in good condition for a while to come, after that, we shall build further, that is all for now, thank you.