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ATTN ALL: Cannabis Island Needs You!

06-11-2003, 02:25
Greetings all!
We are from the region of Cannabis island and are sending delegates all across the world to invite you to our glorius island.
Cannabis island is large and stunning, the oceans glitter blue and serene, the rolling fields are green, and the mountainous terrani is stunning. deserts stun onlookers with their majesty, and the scrublands awe you with their starkness.
but Cannabis Island isnt all about the terrain, oh no!
The Region's official mascot, the Giant Cannabian Marijuana plant grows freely wherever it wishes. while it is a weed in some regions, here it is a bounty as each country harvests and sells it for massive profits.
and what of the countries?
The 80 odd countries of the region all watch over eachother, providing aid where needed and generally having a good time!
the Cannabis Island Hockey League is now coming to an end, and everyone is beginning to look towards the next season, when new teams will be allowed to enter.

Fearing that this beautiful region will shun you because you are new? not so!
New countries arrive everyday and are greeted warmly and with open arms. gift baskets of Marijuana, Brandy and other exports are presented to each new government upon their arrival, showcasing all that the region has to offer on exports. a free trade market is in full swing, with a standardised currency being used between all countries for large orders.

And the region is not Inactive either. As we speak the governments of the Incorporated States of Katangara and the Alliance of Stoned Smurfs are engaged in a bitter war of revenge. most countries in the area have thrown in their lot, choosing a side. but due to some unorthodox tactics a third alliance threatens to spring up, unbeknowest to these two stalwart countries.

so come on down and take a look at our region, and ask yourself "am i truly happy where i am? or would i rather be on Cannabis Island?"

To Actively communicate with members of Cannabis island, head on over to:

Representative J. Rameshki
Speaking on behalf of Cannabis Island