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Freedom of Humor/Organ Donation

05-11-2003, 18:32
The issue in the UN is about "Freedom of Humor". The senate talked a bit about this today after is was proposed by the UN. The senate clearly agreed that this is a non-sense topic, a rediculous topic that shouldn't have been part of the UN resolutions in the first place.

It's a generalized matter, and besides rejecting it completely, the senate decided to just remain undecided. It's thought that some nations might take a radical approach if passed, so remaining undecided is the key here.

On another issue today, the senate were discussing a bill passed from the Tribune that has to do with mandatory organ donation.

The arguement was that it's not right to "snatch" organs for other peoples bodies after dying, that's just not right!

It was a big feud, but the bill was passed three(3) to two(2). Organ donation will be extracted from every (or most) of the dead people. :!: