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Explaining certain Changes (Roania I'd Look)

Tor Yvresse
05-11-2003, 17:06
OOC This is an OOC explanation on the whole much however Roania will get IC soon.

The Mon-Keigh Intellagence Services on Tor Yvresse Mars has been absorbed into this Body, forming the core of the organisation.

It has two Branches an External wing and an Internal Wing, Need I explain the two services roles? Internal Security is based on Mars and has the largest single group from the Mon-Keigh Services their Loyalty to the Council and to Tor Yvresse has been assured via Farseer Investigation. Barring unusual situations they can be depended on.

The Internal Branch answers directly to the Council and not to local governments, this is important because one of the roles of this organisation is to keep a close watch on Roania, as my Protectorate state, they have been catching the Council by surprise rather a lot recently, the last time led to war on Mars, the Council has deceided this cannot happen again.

((Soon they will start to uncover 'Plots' within the Roania Military if the time table is uninterupted, of course they will step in and remove the Plotters if the people that replace them are more Loyal to the Council oh shock, but thats for later))

Anyway the External Security force is stage two of their plans this has been handed over to the Roania Branch as the main area to deal with, and has in fact a chain of command that will go through the Roanian Government. (A Certain Eldar in his Cabinet to be exact) this is partly to increase the power of this Eldar and through him their own and partly to improve relations with Roania.

Oh and the name is finalised at Coalnial Protectorate Intelagence Services.

(CPIS) For the Entire organisation and Branch names replacing Intelagence. (CPIS again and CPES)