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Revenia Commences Construction of Command Carrier

05-11-2003, 07:00
The Nexus Orbital Shipyards in orbit around the planet Nexus in the Nexus system have been given the go-ahead to commence construction of the new Revenian Flagship. This flagship symbolizes the movement of Revenia’s navy from a battle line to a carrier-based navy. The new flagship is a half again as big the current Fast Dreadnought flagship.

The Free Land of Revenia is proud to unveil: The RNS IAN STARK!
(…no pic…’cuz I suck I don’t gotst a good 3d prog…)

RNS Ian Stark
Class: Command Carrier
Designation: Philosopher class Command Carrier
Hull: Super Dreadnought
Size:1.5 km
Crew: 2500 (including pilots and flight crew)
Marines: None
Atmospheric Landing: No
Propulsion: Revenian High Drive
Armor: 1.5m Iridium 2.5m Ablative Composite
Shields: Revenian Vital
500 Multi-role Strike Craft (Victor)
200 Space Superiority Fighters (Sabre)
300 Fighter/Bombers (Valor)
50 Heavy Mass Drivers (in batteries of 5)
25 Missile Racks (in batteries of 3)
500 Point Defense Mass Drivers
10 Torpedo Tubes

~Stark OUT!
That is All.
12-11-2003, 23:03
OOC:'s done...-yay-...back to making ships that aren't 1.5km spheres...mmnhmm...happy day