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Seperatists vow to seperate Javert!!!(RP-open to everyone)

05-11-2003, 00:25
The group that has been causinmg troubles in Javert before by trying to get rid of minorities, are now trying to seperate the country. They kidnapped the President, to make a point, but police released him. They have started a Political Party to help seperate the country a peaceful way. So far they have 50% support in the north of the Country, and 75% in the south, of the places they want to seperate. President Stephane St-Hilaire, denounces these efforts, and made several speeches to try to destroy their support.
05-11-2003, 00:31
The President of Franco-Polska, comes visit the President, and offers to send troops, and Militias to regulate the tention in the nation.
05-11-2003, 00:32
President gladly accepts the offer. He waits for other leaders to step up to help...
05-11-2003, 00:41
don't be stupid we must seperate them at once, now, now, now!!!