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How do you get money and weapons?

03-11-2003, 13:56
I don't see how and where you guys are getting money and the weapons. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!? I could really use some once my nation gets bigger...
03-11-2003, 14:05
The bigger your nation and military budget, the more you can spend on weapons. It's a role play, so a 5 million population country cannot have nukes while say 1 billion one can.
03-11-2003, 14:06
OOC: you pretend your nation has like a budget from the economy. It's just pretend but don't make it to enormous. Go to the nationstates forum and read the first five announcements and stickies. Just tell someone you need wepons and pretend your giving them the money like this *wires the money to Whomever*
Hope I helped :)
The Imperial Navy
03-11-2003, 14:06
Don't worry, you'll be a super power some day-once my economy recovers, so shall I...
03-11-2003, 14:39
to Jeruselem that NWA idea ou had was wrong. You can have nuclear weapons at a young age but only if they were givin to you. Check my history. You can have them
04-11-2003, 03:13
Okay, I have 7 million people and a thriving economy. About how much should I be raking in?