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(Shock horror..) BG Commonwealth to deploy new MBT

Beth Gellert
03-11-2003, 06:05
The infamous comrade Graeme Igo (hey, if you haven't heard of his exploits you're clearly not.. er..from Eastern Europe! Yeah! (no no, he's the father of the loon who ceased power, attacked Victoria and Salvador, destroyed the Iansislian advance fleet, and secretly interned POWs in re-education camps for years after the war)) stood on the classically grand balcony of the Commonwealth Final Senate building in Gibborim, capital of The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Professional Civil Servant was flanked by Commonwealth Defence Chief General (formerly Sir) Alan Barry-Igo (no close relation) to his right, and Field Marshal Brenni to his left. CCC Chivo was conspicuous by his absence at the unveiling of The Commonwealth’s new defensive aid- in prototype form, at least.

The square below, and the rugged foothills and fields visible through binoculars, showed off their new steel appendages- MT-3 Hotan battle tanks crawled about, flashing lasers, breathing smoke, and barking cannon fire.

Well Thought Igo They’re a bit bigger than the last lot.. They’ll look better on parade!

MT-3 “Hotan” Main Battle Tank

Named for comrade Secretary Hotan of the People’s Republic of Dra-pol, who lead that nation in the absence of its now late leader, and who slew three would-be assassins, despite being wounded several times. His absent leader was not so lucky, and even now The Commonwealth seeks to assist in bringing his killers to account.
The MT-3 follows, unsurprisingly, the MT-2, which was Beth Gellert’s first indigenous MBT.

Crew- 4
(Commander, driver, gunner, loader)

Weight- 50,120kg

Length- 7.6m (hull)

Width- 3.68m

Height- 2.4m (turret roof)

Engine-1,270hp diesel
(As drives the MT-2)

Power-to-Weight Ratio- 25.4hp/t

Road Speed- 65kph

Road Range- 475km
(600km+ with extra fuel tank)

Fording- 1.5m

Trench- 2.8m

Vertical Obstacle- 0.9m

Armour-Steel (welded), laminate, composite (front and turret), reactive and/or appliqué

Other Protective Measures-
NBC: system fitted as standard.
LWR: Laser warning receivers alert the crew to their vehicle’s illumination by enemy laser acquisition/ranging systems.
LS-DW: a laser self-defence weapon is employed once the vehicle’s LWR detects hostile activity. The turret rotates to face the threat, enabling the LS-DW to seek out the source optics with a low-power laser beam. Once the target is acquired the power of said laser-beam is rapidly and substantially increased, attacking sensitive optical equipment and/or human eyes at the source of the initial laser threat. This system is said to be effective up to at least five kilometres, and may be employed against helicopter as well as land-based threats.
A computerised grenade discharging system deploys an aerosol screen if the crew does not immediately react to a LWR alert (though of course this system may be manually over-ridden before hand).
IRJ: Infrared “jammer”
Smoke: 2x3 smoke-grenade launchers are typically fitted, and diesel fuel may be injected into the exhaust to create a further smoke screen.

Main Gun- smooth bore 125mm BG Mk III
(This weapon replaces the BG Mk II 125mm gun that typically fired older, shorter munitions inherent to its restrictive auto-loader. The Mk III narrowly out-performed the western 120mm guns against which it was tested, and far surpasses the old Russian-style 125mms previously favored in The Commonwealth. The gun may be replaced without removing the turret.)
Fume Extractor: Yes.
Thermal Sleeve: Optional.
Ammunition: APFSDS, HEAT-MP, smoke & practice rounds, and Totem-2 ATGM.
(Typical load includes 36 assorted APFSDS and HEAT-MP rounds and 5 Totem-2 ATGM. Totem-2 is a BG native weapon replacing MT-2’s Totem-1, which was born following BG deployment of the AT-11 system on the MT-1. Totem-2 is said to be more resistant to counter-measures, have a range above 5km, and deliver “ensured penetration” against most ERA)
Elevation: -6 to +18 degrees.
Fire Control: Laser range finder and automatic fire control computer, which may be manually over-ridden; wind gauge, and dual-axis stabilisation system.
Night Vision: Available to driver, gunner, and commander.
Secondary: 7.62mm co-axial machinegun (2,200rnds), 14.5mm AA machinegun operated by loader (240rnds), 5.45mm AKS-74 assault rifle (210rnds).

Service- 5,500 ordered by the Commonwealth People’s Army.

OOC: So, if you’ll allow me a few questions (since I don’t pretend to be an expert)-

Primarily I wonder if “you” think it feasible to have both the LS-DW and aerosol screen systems on the same tank. I mean, I can imagine the latter interfering rather with the former. I tried to get around that by stipulating that the screen is not usually deployed instantly, and that activation of the tank’s “seeking” low-power laser would disable that deployment. Perhaps this is over-complicated or impractical? I would like it to work, but..should I maybe pursue a more active defence system that actually engages incoming missiles? Could I then retain the LS-DW system?

Less pressing is my want for a good estimate on rate of fire for the main gun. You’ll note that we have done away with the auto-loader (which was present on the MT-2) in favor of longer and more effective munitions. The tank was always going to be larger due to the more angular shape of its turret, heavier armour, and extra countermeasures, so I thought what the heck, we don’t need the autoloader any longer.

If there’s any really silly contradictions or omissions I’ve yet to notice, feel free to give me a hint.

Why should you? Yeah, I dunno either, heh.

Beth Gellert
03-11-2003, 07:04
Limited export of production MT-3s is currently being negotiated with the PR Dra-pol. Further exports, should the design prove servicable, are likely to be available to Beth Gellen allies, and other states deemed "progressive" (various socialist, communist, and such states).
03-11-2003, 07:24
OOC: I remember you. A few months ago a bunch of nations tried to stomp you. I even made a thread complaining about it.
Beth Gellert
03-11-2003, 07:34
ooc:Hmm, was that way back in ..late April/early May-ish terrorist types? Dirty bomb threats and stuff.
It was quite fun having a cr*p economy, now that I think about it..
Samustan! That's it..and The North Krindel. Now who's economy is twice the size of the other's? Bwahah!
Beth Gellert
04-11-2003, 01:06
Efforts to off-load MT-2s on the PR Dra-pol were not going terribly well. The auto-loader was a sticking point on which they would apparently not be budged. Limited export of the MT-3 seemed likely.

Comrade Igo was beginning, it seemed to many, ever more seriously to view The people's socialist Commonwealth as something of a latter day Soviet Union, who's responsibility it was to provide for the defence of younger or otherwise weaker or less secure bastions of the revolution.

ooc:No one inclined to comment on those earlier stated ooc concerns? You may (briefly) share a battlefield with them some day!
Santa Barbara
04-11-2003, 03:02
OOC: Ya know, I'm sure the Trostian reds would love to get their hands on a few of these. Who knows, maybe they could hold off the military for long enough for... er.... other powers to take control of it!
Beth Gellert
04-11-2003, 05:31
Trostian, eh?

*puts on Finland-based (as opposed to Indian Ocean-based) face and strokes the attached chin*

*Wonders how many people that confused*
Santa Barbara
04-11-2003, 06:38
That confused me... you're not in Finland, Nordenheim and Michalevallia are! Everyone knows that.

No but seriously. Arm those rebels or Kassos refined military will re-establish the power of the westernized capitalist government and crush any hopes for revolution in the Crimea! ...even if Kassos IS captured and being tortured mercilessly.... er, I fear I have said too much.
Beth Gellert
04-11-2003, 08:03
(Is your jovial confusion to be assumed the reason for you mistaking Sweden for Finland?)

Now.. how would an extream Finnish socialism go about transporting heavy arms to the Crimea without ..ticking anyone off?

Although.. with the level of new teeny tiny nations in the region.. maybe I really don't care who does and does not want Marathon aircraft flying tanks over them.. hmm.

(And have Serbonia's maps completely kerploded, or is that just my PC to-night? *hits things*)

..So far I note that no one sees any major problems with the MT-3's defensive measures. That's nice.
Beth Gellert
05-11-2003, 03:51
Iskra!: MT-3 cleared for production!

After some re-tooling post-prototype production, the first finished MT-3 Hotan main battle tanks this evening heaved themselves out of the Titovo Arsenal State Factory.

Full production of the MT-2's eventual replacement is set to begin over night, with a view to delivering into service over five hundred Hotans inside eight months. The military's total order stands at 5,500 battle tanks, to be delivered over the next two to three years, with "breathing room" available to increase production with a view to exporting the MT-3 to friendly or progressive states.

The MT-2 is likely to continue in low-rate production for some months in order to fill the gradual trickle of export orders forthcoming on that competent fighting vehicle. It has been suggested that many ex-service MT-2 battle tanks may eventually be converted to fill auxillery support roles. No clear plans have yet been laid out.
Early production MT-3 "Hotan"
05-11-2003, 04:04
Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense of Al Anbar would like to know if it possible to purchase this new 'MT-3 Hotan' and how much each model would cost if the tank is for sale.
Beth Gellert
05-11-2003, 04:22
There is some provision for export- a number of the tanks are already on their way over Pakistan and China aboard Marathon transports- but precise costs are as yet undefined.

The tanks under export thus far are being delivered as "aid" rather than sales goods, and are destined for a hard line socialist state under threat.

There is now in session a Final Senate/CPCS debate on Al Anbar, and the possibility of exporting the MT-3 to said state.

On the one hand, many "old guard" socialists view much of the basic structures of the Al Anbari government in a possitive light- to them private entireprise is the root of all evil, and its prevention is the most important pillar of any modern society. On the other hand Al Anbar is said to have less than brilliant relations with several states held in high regard in The Commonwealth- Western Asia, Hrstrovokia, and Lusaka come to mind.

The debate goes on.
Beth Gellert
12-11-2003, 17:34
Iskra! reports on MT-3 exports to Dra-pol!
(Further export to leftist regimes thought likely)

Iskra! Television News this morning leaked into the public domain information concerning the MT-3.

Along with basic specifications of The Peoples' Commonwealth's latest armament came confirmation of the export begining over two weeks ago of a total 185 production examples.

The destination of these formidable tanks was, as suspected, The Choson Peoples' Republic of Dra-pol.

A contravesial isolationist state in what many know as North Korea, Dra-pol has since its return to the world stage nearly two years ago been in part occupied by a coalition of Christian capitalist powers, known to the Drapoel and now to the Beth Gellen media as "The Crusader Coalition".

The Final Senate decision to arm Dra-pol was a contraversial one, as the dark, withdrawn nation is said to have a questionable human rights record. However, it is well known that the nation -by virtue of, if nothing else, its isolationist nature- has never posed a threat to other countries. That, coupled with the fact that reportedly up to almost two million of its people have died at the hands of the "Crusaders" solidified Beth Gellert's resolve that assistance must be lent.

The naval blockade in place around Dra-pol thwarted an earlier attempt to deliver assistance, as Bonstockian missile strikes drove back a Beth Gellen expeditionary force, unwilling to suffer serious casualties.

In the end, major expense has been incurred in flying long routes from the Parmis archipelago near the British Indian Ocean Territory through Drapoel-friendly China, via Chinese-friendly Pakistan, as well as transporting goods by sea and land over the same route. The government of Dra-pol has, so said Iskra!, made arrangements with Beijing to compensate their nation for rights of transit and so forth. Beth Gellert too looks forwards to profitable fair trade with Dra-pol once the occupation is finally over.

It was already known that Beth Gellert had provided Dra-pol with expensive CS-400 surface to air missile systems for the defence of their nation- this after Dra-pol's capital was bombed into oblivion by the "crusading Christians". Suspicion that if The Peoples' Commonwealth would go this far it might go further lead to investigation by Iskra!, resulting in confirmation that Igla-S shoulder-launched SAMs employed to some effect by the Drapoel did indeed originate here at the State Arsenal in Titovo. Further, and most surprisingly in some Beth Gellen minds, it was reported that elite Gellert Sentinel units had crossed the Chinese border into Kanggye, a Drapoel strong-hold.

It is thus far assumed that the GS units are engaged in training elite Red Bamboo soldiers rather than engaging in combat roles themselves. Involvement with the infamous Banat is likewise unconfirmed.
13-11-2003, 01:34
And what has happened during the debates about selling several tanks to Al Anbar?
13-11-2003, 01:45
(no no, he's the father of the loon who ceased power, attacked Victoria and Salvador, destroyed the Iansislian advance fleet, and secretly interned POWs in re-education camps for years after the war))

A pub deep in the Industrial Sector of Ianapalis

"It's really too-" *hic!* "-bad that wuzz-is-face, eh, Soppowhich!, isn't still about!" ranted one inebriated patron, swinging his ale about belligerently.

"Aye! Jus' like tha' Spotavich to chicken out! 'E knew ol' Ian wouldn't be long teachin' 'im a thing or three!" agreed an equally drunken comrade, before falling off his stool.
Beth Gellert
13-11-2003, 19:30
(No one really knows where comrade Sopworth ended-up, you know. He could be lurking anywhere...watching

In light, it is suspected, of Al Anbar's round-about opposition to BG's long-time enemy Andaman and Nicobar (through that nation's inclusion in the United Emirates alliance), the CPCS eventually decided to allow export negotiation to commence.

Encoded transmission to Al Anbar-

The Peoples' Commonwealth is willing to negotiate export of the MT-3 to Al Anbar. We are in no desperate need to win large export orders, and as such our initial price is $6.8million per unit.

The Commonwealth is not prepared to put its ships or aircraft in the line of fire should Al Anbar be under concerted attack at this time, and so we await a reply regarding your interest.

(For whatever reason, I am prompted by a member of the defence staff to make repeated note of the superiority of the BGMKIII 125mm gun when compared not only to most auto-loaded 125mm guns, but also to typical western 120mms- apparently this is seen by the military as one of the vehicles key features.)
Beth Gellert
26-04-2004, 07:32
Iskra!: State Arsenals faces Local Senate pressure to resume Drapoel exports!

The restart of the Korean War has prompted a new wave of pressure on the CPCS and SA to attempt new exports to the needy -some say sham- communist regime of Dra-pol as it faces multinational military opposition to its attempt at forcible unification of the Korean peninsula. This comes inspite of the blockade of that country, with one nameless comrade stating that, "They" (the anti-Drapoel forces) "would never dare fire on Commonwealth ships, anyway. They have enough trouble fighting one and a half billion screaming Koreans, let alone two billion wealthy Beth Gellens."

Such notions have been widely dismissed, but pressure continues to build on Portmeirion to return to negotion with Beijing with a view to restarting over-land trade with the CPRD, centred on MT-3MBT and CS-500 SAM systems.