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Defacto Russia Unveils New JAMES Robot

02-11-2003, 09:34
JAMES Image (

Robot Joint Armed Military Engagement System (JAMES)
Height 2.0 Meters
Weight 1 Metric Ton
Land 46 kph
Water 10 kph
1 x Light Weight Cold Fusion Power Core
1 x Hammerfall Charged Particle Beam Weapon
1 x Crvena Armoury Rapid Fire 30mm Grenade Launcher
1 x Laser Target Designator
45 x 30mm HEDP Grenades
15 x 30mm Smoke Grenades
5 x 30mm Flare Grenades
Defensive Systems
Layered Ceramic/Adaptive Alloy Armour
Laser/Infrared/Microwave Threat Receptors
EMP-Hardened Command and Control Systems
Active Thermoptic Camouflage
Full-range Infrared to Ultraviolet Optics Package
Full Telescopic Magnification on Optics Package
Low-Probability of Intercept Multi-Function Radar
Full-range Ultrasonic to Subsonic Audio Sensors
Ultrasonic Active Mine Detection System
Trace Chemical Agent Sensor
Active Sonar Transducer
Encrypted Data Link System
Integral GPS Navigation Unit
Universal Adaptor Port for Wire Communications
Retransmit-Capable High-Frequency Encrypted Radio
Internal Satelite Communication System
Other Systems
Automated Diagnostic and Self-Repair System
Power Harpoon and Climbing Winch
Unit Cost $2.30M

Designed to be cheaper to manufacture than the JULIE, but just as capable in its intended field, the JAMES unit is designed primarily for infantry combat and urban operations. The JAMES unit is more heavily armoured than its sister robot, albiet slower and less well armed. Nonetheless, the single Hammerfall Charged Particle Beam Weapon packs more than enough punch for its intended application.

Heavier, bulkier, and far less sleek than the Thunderstroke CPBWs carried on the JULIE, the Hammerfall CPBW is designed for sheer brutal firepower. As versitile as the aforementioned weapon, low powered shots from a CPBW are actually more survivable than shots from a projectile rifle as the heat from the particle stream actually cauterizes wounds and prevents bleeding. High powered shots, however, tend to leave too little of a humanoid target intact to worry about bleeding. The enemy soldier is simply obliterated.

A similar effect is achieved when firing on armoured vehicles such as APCs and tanks, thus negating the need for the JAMES to carry and fire ATGM. Its primary weapon is more than capable of blowing a hole lengthwise through a main battle tank. Thanks to the JAMES unit's advanced targeting system, it is also able to swat helicopters and low-flying aircraft from the sky with its CPBW. A rapid fire thirty-millimeter grenade launcher is mounted atop the CPBW for area support, and the handling of smoke and flare grenades.

As with the JULIE unit, the JAMES is equipped with a thermoptic camouflage unit to hide it while standing still or moving slowly. JAMES units have been known to lie in wait using their thermoptic camouflage until their enemy comes into range and firing from ambush. It is a favoured tactic to employ in areas the enemy is known to frequent. So long as it doesn't make any sudden movements, the JAMES unit can remain hidden indefinately.

A pair of new sensors have been added to the JAMES unit to aid it in its assigned missions. First among these is an ultrasonic mine detection system. Effective up to a depth of four feet, the ultrasonic sensor is its primary anti-mine defense. The secondary system is often its first warning, however. The JAMES robot includes a Trace Chemical Agent Sensor designed to analyze the composition of the atmosphere in the JAMES robot's vicinity and detect threats. Prime amongst these are aerosol chemical agents and landmines.

The TCAS can detect landmines by literally sniffing out traces of explosive. Although not sensitive enough to detect the exact location of a mine, the TCAS is often the JAMES unit's first warning that it has strayed into a minefield, allowing it to deploy its ultrasonic sensor in time to save it from a disabling mine explosion. Also, further adding to the JAMES unit's survivability, it includes the same nanoscopic repair bots as the JULIE unit. As the JAMES is a more simple piece of equipment, it is easier for the nano bots to repair, but even so the repairs are not perfect. As with JULIE, though, the repairs can mean the difference between a functioning JAMES and a pile of scrap metal.
02-11-2003, 17:06
OOC: Hmmm...I would buy 50,000 of them but I just bought something rather expensive so I'm keeping my purchases down...

Guanyu will purchase 25,000 JAMES robots for $57.5 billion. *money wired*
02-11-2003, 20:05
Your order is confirmed. Shipping of the JAMES units is beginning as we speak. May they serve you well.
02-11-2003, 20:07
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