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Diplomatic trip to Aelosia

02-11-2003, 00:34
*A small private jet comes in for a landing in an Aelosian airport.IT slowly comes to a stop near a building.The door opens as a stair case rolls up to greet the plane.An elf-angel named Sarek steps out to the staircase.He slowly decends the stairs.He looks around the airport for a greeter as his bags are unloaded.*
02-11-2003, 03:07
An Aelosian officer approached Sarek, his ShadowBolt rifle hanging on his back. "I suppose you're Duchess Celestrianna guest, please follow me, I will take you to the Foreigners villa".

((Aelosia is a craftworld, an artificial planet orbiting around. It usually orbits around Venus but right now is in the orbit of earth))
02-11-2003, 03:22
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ic::: *Sarek nods and follows the man.His bodyguard follows him closely.*

"So,will the dutchess be waiting there when I arrive?"
02-11-2003, 06:11
"Yes, of course, but we're now under martial law. We're at war right now, and the ShadowPrince is out of the country, so we'll taking just some precautions. That's why the heads of the Great Houses can't leave the palace. The Duchess is the leader of the Paelisi House, so she must wait for you there", says the officer.

"By the way, if you have brought any weapons you have to inform us. You can keep them, we just need to know it".
02-11-2003, 14:46
"My bodyguard has brought an M-16,and an automatic pistol with him.I have no weapons on me except a small knife."

*As he arrives at the guest area he tells his attendents to give his luggage to the butler.He stands next to the escort.*

"Do I have to settle in first or can I see the dutchess now?"
02-11-2003, 19:59
The Duchess appears in a blue dress with sapphires attached to the fabric, her face shining at the sight of Sarek. " came!", says the Duchess smiling at him, walking to where he's standing.
02-11-2003, 20:40
*Sarek smiles at her.*

"Of course I came.It took some convincing for me to go,but I am here.I just have to take some publicity pictures,but that is a little price to pay to be here."
02-11-2003, 21:34
"Come with me. The Royal personalities aren't in the country, but I will introduce you to the rest of the Heads of the Houses", says the Duchess, grabbing his hand.
02-11-2003, 22:37
*Sarek smiles and lets her pull him along.*

"So how many houses are there?"
02-11-2003, 23:43
"Noble Houses?, almost a hundred. But we have only ten great houses. The House of Hyral, who is now the Imperial House, the House of Phaelos, the House of Eöl, the House of Cúthalion, the House of D'nan, the House of D'Hyru, the House of Lórindel, the House of Mablung, the House of Daeron, and my own House, House Paelisi. The Great House gathering is about to start, and you're my personal guest in this one. Only a handful of foreigners have seen one of those meetings, so feel honored of being there" says the Duchess, almost in a jumpy state.
03-11-2003, 00:03
*sarek speeds up to be in step next to her.He grips her hand a little tighter*

"Sounds confusing.Whats this meeting about?"

*He whispers in her ear.*

"Don't be jumpy,relax."
03-11-2003, 00:05
"The meeting is about you!. They want to know you and begin a relationship with your country!, many of them are really interested inknowing that you are really an hybrid between an elf and an angel".

"I'm...I'm sorry, I'm just too excited about this matter", says the Duchess, lowering her head.
03-11-2003, 00:12
*He puts his hand under her chin and lifts it up*

"Keep your head high.After all,you know me the best.You'll have an advantage over the others."

*He smiels at her and opens his hand showing her to lead the way.*
03-11-2003, 00:15
As they enter the Imperial Palace, two hundreds honor guards raise their energy sabers, making a hallway of blades to the doors of the palace.

A minstrel appears and announces "The ArchDuchess Celestrianna Paelisi, master of the Great House Paelisi, Noble of the Realm, and her guest Sarek, the representative from the Elf-Angels had arrived to the blessed palace of Neo Menegroth. May Isha give them her blessing".

She enters the hallway of gleaming blades, dragging Sarek along with her. "The nobles are already awaiting us, let's hurry".
03-11-2003, 00:20
*Sarek follows her quickly.*

"So are they impatient?It would be bad to give them an impression that I am late to things."
03-11-2003, 00:23
"Well, you're not late, but to us, the nobles of this country, we always want to give the impression that we arrived early. Is just an old custom, that's all. Don't worry" she says, smiling.
03-11-2003, 00:26
*Sarek stares at one of the blades.He looks back at the dutchess.*

"I prefer actual steel,energy seems to artifical."

*He follows her to the room where they ar waiting.......*
03-11-2003, 00:28
((I will post the huge post about descripting the nobles tomorrow, too late for me. Early college classes tomorrow))
03-11-2003, 21:59
The huge doors of the Hall of Thingol open, the Duchess showing Sarek the way inside.

The auditorium was full of Honor Guards, armed to the teeth, dressed with the different uniforms of the Noble Houses. In the center of the room the Imperial throne was standing, empty. Around it, were the ten seats of the Great Houses, all occupied except one.

The first seat was occupied by an elf covered by a hooded black cloak, only his delicate and pale hands were the only part of his body exposed. Over his throne, the magical shining elven runes reading "Great House of Phaelos. The House of the Hidden Power".

The second seat was occupied by a blonde male elf, tall and with a regal look, his silvery mithril armor gleaming in the dark room. In the top of the throne the runes reading "Great Imperial House of Hyral. The House of the Gleaming Sword".

The third seat was occupied by a man clad in golden full armor, with a sword lying in the floor in front of him. His black hair contrasted with his deep, wise blue eyes. The runes above his head reading "Great House of D'nan. The House of the Brave Warriors".

The Fourth seat was occupied by a dark looking elf woman, her complexion grey and her hair silver. She looks older than the rest of the nobles. She was dressed in a grey outfit, looking like a stain of mist compared with her bright neighbours. The runes in her throne reading "Great House of Eöl. The House of the Dark Elves".

The fifth seat was empty, the runes above the throne reading "Great House of Paelisi. The House of the Courtiers"

The sixth seat was occupied by an thin elf with glasses, dressed in a conservative manner, with what looks like a executive suit, or at least the elven version of it. The runes reading "Great House of Lórindel, The House of the Skilled Merchants".

The seventh seat was occupied by a maiden with a notebook and a pen in her hand, occupied in writing. She was slender and beautiful, but her dress was simple and not far from normal. The runes above her head reading "Great House of Cuthálion, The House of the Powerful Minds".

The eight seat was occupied by the bulkiest elf that Sarek could ever seen, clad in a black armor and with a serene looking. The runes above his head reading "Great House of Mablung, The House of the Steadfast Defenders".

The ninth seat was occupied by a beautiful elven maiden dressed with a colorful dress, of the colors of the rainbow, she was holding a fiddle in her hand, and was the only one smiling at Sarek. The runes above her head reading "Great House of Daeron, The House of the Wandering Minstrels".

The last one was occupied by a beautiful lady dressed in a complicated dress, with a serious look, staring at her neighbour with wrath in her eyes. The runes above her head reading "The Great House of D'Hyru, The House of the Everlasting Beauty".

In the middle of the circle a beautifully decorated chair was waiting for Sarek, with magical runes around it pointing his name. The Duchess points at the chair, then leaves him and take a seat in the throne of the Paelisi House.
03-11-2003, 22:13
*Sarek sits down at the seat,watching the dutchess,but admiring all those around him.His pale black clothes seem to dull down the whole room.He takes off his long cape and hangs it on the back of his chair.He stares at all of the people.He looks to the dutchess as if asking what to do next.*
03-11-2003, 22:17
"Who are you?", asks a cavernous voice from inside the hood of the leader of the Phaelos House "And what do you want from us?".

The Duchess turns to Sarek and nods, giving him the permission to speak.

"Are you an Avariel?", asks almost at the same time the leader of the Daeron House, "You look like just another winged elf".
03-11-2003, 22:31
*Sarek nods and in hales.*

"I am Sarek,Representative of the Allied States of Elf-Angels.We want noting material from you.We only want a good ally."

*He turns his head to the other questioner*

"I am an elf-angel.A hybrid between an angel and an elf.I have not met these winged elves before,but I can assure you that I am not one of them.We are a race that was almost hunted into extinction by the elves and angels of the past.We have many traits of elves and angels........We are a mutation to many eyes.Please though,look past this.We look only for a caring ally.So far,it seems that we have found one.Please prove me right."
03-11-2003, 23:56
"And what would be our responsabilities as your ally?", asks the leader of the House of Hyral "Nobody give nothing for nothing. You surely wants something of us. I would like to be your ally, and your friend, but I want to know your motives".

"A half-breed, with an angel. Looks tasty", says the dark elven woman, licking her lisps.
04-11-2003, 00:27
"At the most all we will want is someone to trade with and to ask for defense.We ask for no tributes."

*Sarek turns to the dark elf*

"By that I hope you mean something other than for eating."
04-11-2003, 00:46
"Tribute?. I hope you weren't thinking in that. We will never pay tribute to any nation. Not to you, not to anyone. We're allies of almost all elven countries, and will defend elvenkind against any threat, foreign or domestic. Of course, we need to know if you're an elf, in the first place", says the leader of the D'nan House, visibly upset by the word used by Sarek.

"Relax, Dux Admiral", says the soft, persuasive voice of the leader of the Lórindel House. "I heard the word trade, and of course my House is very interested. Tell me more about it, What is your nation's main export product?".

Meanwhile, the Dark Elf looked at Sarek with a face full of interest. "I didn't meant eat you. That could be a waste, and it's illegal in this country. You could be the receptacle of thousands of hours of fun and pleasure".

As the chief of the Eöl House says those words, the Duchess moves on her seat, visibly upset.
04-11-2003, 00:57
"Please please,I am not trying to upset you.Do all the tests you want,but all I ask is,if it turns out that I am half elf,you will consider agreeing to our proposal for an alliance."

*He turns to the second one who adressed him*

"One of our main exports is computer chips,which are carefully crafted in some of the most advanced factorys in our region."

*He glances at the dutchess.He mouths the words "Don't worry." He looks at the dark elf.*

"Well,aren't you a lively elf.Don't worry,there are plenty other elf-angels that you could meet."
04-11-2003, 01:08
"Computer chips, eh?. Maybe we're interested. The computer systems in our spaceships and vehicles are very sophisticated, but I'm sure that you can deal with it. Well, maybe", says the chief of the merchants.

"If you're a half-elf, you will be our ally too. We are close allies to the EOTED, the Empire of the Eternal Dawn, and their population is not elven-based. However, What's about your angels cousins?. Are you still enemies?, we don't want to mess with those powerful beings after all", says the Dux General of the Mablung House in a low, powerful voice.

"So, there's a lot of this...elf-angels", says the mysterious leader of the Phaelos House from beneath his hood. "How many are you, What's your population?"
04-11-2003, 01:09
"Computer chips, eh?. Maybe we're interested. The computer systems in our spaceships and vehicles are very sophisticated, but I'm sure that you can deal with it. Well, maybe", says the chief of the merchants.

"If you're a half-elf, you will be our ally too. We are close allies to the EOTED, the Empire of the Eternal Dawn, and their population is not elven-based. However, What's about your angels cousins?. Are you still enemies?, we don't want to mess with those powerful beings after all", says the Dux General of the Mablung House in a low, powerful voice.

"So, there's a lot of this...elf-angels", says the mysterious leader of the Phaelos House from beneath his hood. "How many are you, What's your population?"
04-11-2003, 01:15
"We have not had contact with the angels sinced the war ended.They refuse to speak.

I'm sure we could adapt to your tech.

There are roughly 600 million of us in our country."
04-11-2003, 01:56
"What's the status of your current armed forces?, Are you a space travelling nation?", says the Dux Admiral.

"600 millions?, that's a lot of hybrids. In my opinion, this is useless, they have nothing to share with us. As a matter of fact, this pitiful race should be erased from the face of the universe", says the leader of the Phaelos House.
04-11-2003, 03:38
"We have approximatly 1 million troops ready,and 500,000 in reserves.We have a couple of sattilites in orbit,and a space shuttle or two but that is it."

*Sarek stands up quickly at this last comment.His eyes burn into the one that said it.*

"Why must it benifit you!Why can't you help another nation!?"

*He walks close to the elf.His face angry and close to the others.*

"You seem like one of those elves that we had to kill in self-defense.Ones that are now afraid of us."

*He steps back and goes to his seat.After sitting down his face goes blank again*

"I am sorry.It is sometimes hard to control the anger that channels from my culture.I must at least give us a chance."
04-11-2003, 15:26
"Don't pay heed to the interests of the Phaelos House, Sire", says the brother of the Supreme ShadowPrince, the leader of the Hyral House "They're always opposed to foreigners. That's why they were deposed from power in the last civil war".

"And he's just trying to slander you, Sarek. Don't fall into his provocations", says the Duchess smiling at him Everything is allright, don't worry, Sarek could read in her eyes.

"No. But what are we going to do when the Angels come to our door accusing us of helping these cross-breeds?. And we have a hard policy regarding half-elves. Why he should be the exception?", says the leader of the Phaelos House, removing his hood to show a pale face with sharp fangs and black eyes without pupils "Aelosia is not the friend of everybody, wretch. And self defense?, it looks like you attacked those elves because you were angered. A second ago you almost attacked me just because I didn't agree in helping you. Which are our options then?, protect you or be the next target of your hatred?".
04-11-2003, 22:38
"I almost let my hatred show itself to you because you said we should be wiped from the universe.What happens to us when our population who dislikes elves and angels knock on OUR door.When THEY complain to US about how we are trying to extened an olive branch to the elves.

Unlike you,we actually try to extened peace to other races.We actually try to better our world.If all the decisions were made by you,I am sure that many races would be dead by now."
04-11-2003, 23:17
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04-11-2003, 23:19
"We know that you were provoked. Don't worry, The Great Imperial House of Hyral wants to be your friend, and the other nobles will follow our example, they like it, or not", says the Hyral leader, marking the last words, glancing at the Phaelos representative. "We will vote now, to accept these race as a friendly nation. I propose to sign a treaty of mutual defense, trade and friendship. The House of Hyral approves, of course".

After the statement of the leader of the council, the rest of the nobles start to vote, raising their hands in order to approve o dissapprove the motion.

"The House of Phaelos don't approve that stupid motion, we will keep our position. That race should be erased from the face of the universe before it is too late", says the strange elf in a cavernous voice, without standing from his throne.

"The House of D'nan approves. We have enough enemies, it's time to look for new friends". The brave warrior stands, his fist raised in the air.

"The House of Eöl appro...", the dark elf mistress looks at the Phaelos representative and suddenly changes of opinion, "...dissaproves...we just...dissaprove".

"Of course I approve, and the House of Paelisi with me". The Duchess smiles at Sarek, trying to help him to regain his self confidence.

"The House of Lórindel approves, this could be an interesting economic asset and a huge monetary gain", says the elf with glasses, smiling, his gaze fixed in Sarek.

"The House of Cúthalion dissaproves, we have not enough proofs that these beings are related to our kin". The elven maiden doesn't raise her eyes from the notebook, still writing something on it.

"The House of Mablung approves, he looks like a sincere and honest person, and I will judge his race by his deeds". The bulky elf raises too, his arms crossed over his huge chest.

"The House of Daeron approves, evil is never beautiful, and the clear celestial aura of this being spoke for itself". The Minstrel Queen smiles at Sarek too, with eyes full of unspoken promises.

"The House of D'Hyru approves. All elves, no matter of what kind, must stand together to defend themselves", says the last lady, seeing at the Phaelos noble with hate in her eyes.
04-11-2003, 23:35
*Sarek stands up,facing the dutchess.He bows before each of the leaders.*

"Thank you all for your votes.I respect your decisions.And thank you for bringing me here."

*He stops at the dark elf*

"What happened might I ask?And are you still interested in meeting some elf-angels?"

*He continues till he is done then faces back to her.*
04-11-2003, 23:48
"Ye...yes, but...", says the elf, suddenly interrumpted by the Phaelos representative "She don't want to know any of your kin. Not even you. She was just kidding, but Dark Elves aren't interesting in dealing with your kin".
04-11-2003, 23:57
05-11-2003, 00:01
*Using one hard boot to spin himself around,Sarek turns to face the elf.He walks slowly over to him.He pulls out a sword and sits on the table in front of him.He places the long shining steel blade on his lap.*

"Do you know what this is?I ask you this partially because due to your sladerish talk,you come off as one that is how can I say this..........stupid.And you know,elf-angels learned to use these very well when your kin were killing us by the many.I'll put this very simple.You can either stop threatening my race,and start accepting that we only wish to do good now.Or,you can start replacing body parts.We both seem to be a warrior class.It would be interesting to recreate how the elf-angels drove back the weaker elves,wouldn't you agree?"

*He sheathes the sword and walks over to the dutchess.*

"Oh,and tell your guards I forgot to mention my sword.Its a part of my soul,I forgot that it was there."

*He leans in and whispers in her ear*

"Are we done here?I wish to explore some of these houses.Its also getting late,I might need to sleep soon."
05-11-2003, 00:20
"Whenever, wherever you want, stupid half blood. I'm not a warrior, I'm a sorcerer, and can destroy you with just one word, so be careful as how you speak. Is not a good custom to spit in the eye of the owner of the house that you're visiting", says the Phaelos representative to Sarek's back.

"Stop it right now!. The council have voted, and the motion passed. Please, Lord Phaelos, stop this flagrant provocation of violence in side the council's walls, or I will stop it with the edge of my blade. Is that clear?", says the leader of the Hyral, reaching the hilt of his sword.

The dark noble leaves the hall, behind him the guards of the Phaelos House. "Remember, half angel. Whenever, wherever you want", he says before leaving.

"Please, let him be. He's a miserable man, who have lost everything, the last thing he have is his rage and hatred to the foreigners, don't pay heed to his words", whispers the Duchess to Sarek. "Please, come with me to visit the beauty of the Paelisi palaces".
05-11-2003, 00:23
*Sarek opens the door for her and nods to the elves in the room.*

"Thank you all.And please,when it is time,visit us."

*He turns back to the Dutchess*

"After you."
05-11-2003, 18:09
The Duchess leaves the room, taking Sarek's hand. "We will take a holotrain to my palace. You will meet my brother and my mother there"
05-11-2003, 23:37
*He grins and follows her.*

"Meeting the family already eh?"

*He laughs*
06-11-2003, 07:23
"Hey, I didn't mean that. My mother still holds a lot of influence in the Imperial Court. And my brother is the Dux Admiral of the Fifth Wrath Fleet, they're interesting by another reasons that just being my family", she says the words with confidence in her words, but a sudden blush betrays her. "Oh, ok, I also want you to meet them because they're my family"...
06-11-2003, 22:52
*Sarek takes her hand as they walk.*

"Well I can't wait.It'll be fun"

*He smiles at her brightly and looks into her eyes.*

"So what was up with those two dark elves.They seem to have something against me."
07-11-2003, 00:32
"They hate all strangers. I think they even hate us the Sindarin. I don't know, they're too sinister, and treat with them is often deadly. I just maintain a good distance", says the Duchess to Sarek, reaching the train station. "Here's is my personal train, It will take us to my palace in just fifteen minutes".
07-11-2003, 02:50
*He boards the train after her and sits down in a seat.*

"She sure confused me.First saying we looked delicious,then saying she wanted nothing to do with us."

*He takes her hand*

"I would gladly give a million of her for you."
07-11-2003, 14:31
"Oh, thank you. She's not an evil woman, but she's usually manipulated by Fhilantras Phaelos. You know how to behave like a gentleman, no?", says the Duches, smiling and taking his arm again.
07-11-2003, 21:17
*He smiles as the scenery blurs by*

"Why of course.I am a gentleman warrior.I was raised to be vicious,but I taught my self manners.You have to have them if you want to be a diplomat."

*He looks around at the empty car.*

"Well,looks like we are all alone for now."
08-11-2003, 20:11
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09-11-2003, 01:06
"Yes, Is something in your mind?, you don't look comfortable, I mean, I know that the words of several of the nobles were unnerving to you, but...", says the Duchess, placing her hand in his hair.
09-11-2003, 01:22
*He smiles and wraps his arm around her shoulder.*

"I don't know,I just feel a little unnerved.I'll feel safe in your house."

*At the touch of her hand on his body his eyes close.He leans back his head with contempment.Almost perfect.*
09-11-2003, 01:24
The automatic voice announces "We have arrived, please be welcomeed to the Paelisi palaces".

The Duchess stands quickly, blushing. "That was fast. Come with me!, you will see the more wonderful palaces in all Aelosia!".
09-11-2003, 01:34
*Sarek stands up quickly next to her.He laughs*

"Almost a bullet train.He takes her hand as she leads him out of the train.*
10-11-2003, 05:34
Outside the small train station lies one of the greatest palaces of the Craftworld. The huge walls of grey marble contrating with the metallic environment of the rest of the streets, ascending to the empty sky two towers, with bright mithril capitols. The garden was amazing, flowers, plants and trees from all the universe were gathered in just one place. Glowing runes were inscripted in the walls, made of pure golden energy.

The guards at the huge iron gates nods and salute to the Duchess and Sarek. The doors opens, showing the magnificency of a wonderful lobby. "Please be welcomed to my House, the Great Palace of the Paelisi House", says the Duchess, smiling at Sarek.
10-11-2003, 22:32
*Sarek follows her through the gates.*

"wow,much larger then my diplomat house.Maybe you can let me stay here."

*he laughs and follows her into the large house.*
11-11-2003, 00:48
"Of course you will stay, your my guest of honor now", she says, walking through the hall.

At the end of the hall, a tall, blonde handsome elf was waiting for them, clad in a golden armor with exquisite decoration and a floating red cloak. "So, sister, you have returned, I should suppose that this man is your companion?".
11-11-2003, 16:25
*Sarek stops in front of the elf*

"Yes,I am the diplomat Sarek from the Allied States of Elf-Angels."

*He looks to the dutchess*

11-11-2003, 16:30
"Nael Paelisi, my brother", says the Duchess, "You come back early. He's Sarek, the elf angel, as he just said".

The other elf raise his hand to Sarek "So, Why are you here in the Aelosia Craftworld?", he says, trying to examine Sarek's eyes.
11-11-2003, 19:06
"I am here at the request of your sister.This is a diplomatic trip to encourage strong bonds between our nations"

*He stares at the brother,looking strong*
11-11-2003, 20:19
"Bonds?. We will look at it. Don't worry, Celestrianna is in charge of the political affairs of the House, and I think that you have her support already. Sister, Can I take him away for a moment?. I have something that I want to show to Sarek.", says Nael, with a strange smile.
11-11-2003, 20:56
*Sarek shrugs at the dutchess,and follows the brother.*

"What is it you want to show me?"
11-11-2003, 21:00
The face of the elf hardens, as he spoke in his traditional soft and musical tone "Listen to me, Sorek, Zarek, whatever you name is. I have no problem with you or your race. As a matter of fact I agree with the alliance of our peoples. But, I don't know if I approve your relationship with my sister. What are your true intentions?. She's not a barmaid, she's the chief of one of the Great Houses, and you should treat her like the noble and important woman she is. Almost half of the city are already talking about you both, and I don't like to see my sister in the mouth of the gossip's seeker."
11-11-2003, 21:10
*Sarek's chin rises.*

"I love your sister to say the truth.And to how the town knows is a good question to me.I just arrived here with her."
11-11-2003, 23:52
"Guards, cameras, gossip. elves can be very perceptive. But I think love is not enpough. You need to do something about forming a relationship. I could say that marrying is a word too powerful, but at least making your feelings a little bit more serious", says Nael, smiling.
12-11-2003, 01:49
*Sarek walks back to the dutchess.He nods to her*

"Your brother has some very interesting views as to the future."
12-11-2003, 18:54
"He's too serious, thanks to his military training. I'm more casual. I try to live the moment. Anyway I have an eternity in front of me. Are your race inmortal like us?", says the Duchess to Sarek.
13-11-2003, 03:24
*sarek laughs*

"well,I have yet to meet your mother.Can we go meet her?"
13-11-2003, 06:44
"Yes please follow me, she's very old, and she's always resting. She was in the sack of Doriath by the Noldor, that's why she's a little...picky about strangers".
13-11-2003, 12:56
*Follows behind,glancing over his shoulder to see if the other elf is going to come.He turns back to the dutchess*

"Do I need to watch my words with her?"
13-11-2003, 18:20
"You should, but usually she's just a nice old lady. The only problem is that she often talk too much. She can speak for hours without a pause", said Celestrianna, making a joke.
14-11-2003, 22:50
*laughs and follows*

"sounds like a mom out of my own heart.Kind and talkative."

*Leans in closer to her ear*

"We must talk about where our relationship is going soon"
14-11-2003, 22:57
"Yes, yes we should. What do you think of me?. Am I a diversion?, An affair?, you just tell me, I can be whatever you want me to be", said the Duchess, kissing his cheek..
15-11-2003, 00:41
*Sarek turns to her.*

"You are not an affair or a diversion.You are someone who I want to be closer to."

*He moves closer and hugs her*
15-11-2003, 01:24
"Oh, you're so nice", says the Duchess, hugging him tightly. "You are very close to me, you have a place inside my heart".
15-11-2003, 23:19
*Sarek smiles and grasps her hand.He holds it by his side.He leans in and whispers to her*

"And you in mine."

*He kisses her cheek and leans back*
17-11-2003, 03:47
A huge door opened, the door of the Throne room of the palace, a red carpet leading the way to the inside. A throne was inside, an old elven woman sitted on it.

"Greeting, our guest, please come in and delight this old woman with your fabled appearance", said the old lady with a calmed and peaceful voice.
18-11-2003, 21:23
*Sarek walks in slowly.He bows to the old elf,showing his respect for the elder.He looks around the lavish room.His dark clothes seem to absorb light.He looks back up to the elf.*

"Greetings elder elf.I am Sarek,diplomat from the Allied States of Elf-Angels.I here at the request of your own house.A very special member invited me.I had a meeting with the house leaders,and came have a lovely house."

*Sarek smiles and nods*
19-11-2003, 00:54
"Why the Dark Clothes?. That destroys your nice appearance", said the elven matron as she raised her hand in a salute.
19-11-2003, 00:58
"They are merely a way to hide the black inside of me fair elder.Not to say that I am evil,but to say that I am not the nicest species in the world."

*He grins a little*

"Warriors are we,but we are pulling ourselves out of that ugly rut."
19-11-2003, 01:07
"The path of the warrior is a grim one indeed, the path of the courtier is noble and regal", said the matron smiling at Sarek. "So...What's up with my daughter?, Do you want something from her?".
19-11-2003, 23:42
*Sarek looks up at the elder.He smiles some*

"I want her love......"

*He looks over to the dutchess and smiles at her.*
20-11-2003, 01:39
Celestrianna just blushed...

the matron looked again at Sarek, a smile full of wisdom and intelligence in her lips. "So, I'm just wondering. Do you know what a man needs to dream about loving an Aelosian Duchess?, who is also my daughter, I should say".
20-11-2003, 23:37
*Sarek looks strongly back to the elder.*

"I will do anything it takes to be with her...................I love her"
21-11-2003, 01:08
"Anything...Once upon a time a human prince said the same word to an Elven King in exchange for the love of his daughter. He sent him to retrieve one of the Silmarils of the crown of Melkor. I'm just wondering if you would be capable of the same thing", said the matron, looking at Sarek.

" is a big word, but the important thing is not the word, but the connection that implies the word. That connection exists?", she continued.
21-11-2003, 01:08
"Anything...Once upon a time a human prince said the same word to an Elven King in exchange for the love of his daughter. He sent him to retrieve one of the Silmarils of the crown of Melkor. I'm just wondering if you would be capable of the same thing", said the matron, looking at Sarek.

" is a big word, but the important thing is not the word, but the connection that implies the word. That connection exists?", she continued.
21-11-2003, 02:08
"Love,yes.The connection exists for at least the I for her.I do not know of her feelings for me."

*He glances over to the dutchess,smiling.He looks back to the elder.*

"ma'm,I WILL od anything.I would.....die for her."
21-11-2003, 15:05
The matron looked at her daughter with a face full of amazement. "It's not my duty to decide if you need to do anything. You have my permission if you want to court her, I see in your eyes that your intentions are true. But I should remember to the both of you that the ShadowPrince personally supervises all the relations between Aelosians and foreigners, and maybe he could ask something from you", she said to Sarek. When the Duchess (she was smiling to Sarek at that time), listened the last words, she trembled as affected from a sudden chill.
22-11-2003, 04:02
*sarek nods to the elder.He then walks over to the dutchess.He places a hand on he back.*

"Whats wrong?"
22-11-2003, 20:54
"Well, after the Pantocratorian affair, the ShadowPrince has condemned the interracial couples. He has banned many of them, I'm afraid he could forbid our...feelings", says the Countess to Sarek.
23-11-2003, 00:36
*Sarek holds her close.His chin rests on her shoulder.*

"Don't worry,nothing a man says will take away these feelings I have for you."

*He runs his figners through her hair,lovingly.*
23-11-2003, 01:47
"He's not He's the owner of the fates of all Aelosian people, including mine. And I must respect his words, no matter what", she said, hiding her face inside his shoulder.
23-11-2003, 15:14
*Sarek runs his hand under her chin,making her look into his eyes.He just stares at her for a while*

"I'll do anything for him to accept me."
27-11-2003, 15:48
"Anything?, Don't tempt fate, my dear", said the Countess hugging him close.
27-11-2003, 15:53
*Sarek stands up strongly.He takes the dutchesses hand and lifts her up too.He looks at the elder elf.*

"Where will we find this prince?"
27-11-2003, 16:02
"Well...the prince is now discussing the matter of banning or not the humans from our country. Hey!, maybe he's interested in your opinion about that. Follow me, I'll take you to the throne room", said the Countess, grabbing Sarek's hand.
28-11-2003, 01:39
*Sarek waves to the elder as he is dragegd out of the room*

"Wish us luck!"

*He follows her quickly to the courthouse*