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United Middle-Earth
01-11-2003, 23:18
Sir, in this world called the Net people basically go by "live and let live" had I even know of your region I probably would have joined myself, but taking from example of what I saw on the regional list the first 3 or four pages have names and zeros before and sometimes after the name of the region, so followed suit when creating the region you have so blatantly thought so horrible as to ask people "Not to Join". You call yourself civilized? Instead acting the child you could have easily have come to this region and asked myself or my neighbors if we didn't want to stay here anylonger can we move to you region, but instead of confrontation you took a cowards stance and put a warning on a forum. You don't know us or our region, and if you had the chance to read something you would see that our factbook entry is very cursory, non-specific and respectful to Tolkien's mythos. Why do I waste my time with explanation when this is probably a 12yr old pimple-faced child that wrote this. Surely an adult such as myself (24 yrs. old) could honor and respect other people favorite things and not dictate how they should manifest that. If we both like Tolkien in other words, how can one person say that they can or can't do something to show how much they like it.
01-11-2003, 23:24
I understand your concern in this matter. There is something you should know though. (I realize that you didn't) Most of the allainces with tons of 000s in front are n00bs who just want people to see them first, without respect to the game. You are right in the fact that FIVE CILILIZED NATIONS should not have done this.

Also, what's the name of your region? I love Tolkien. so I might make a puppet and move him there.