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History of Diablo_NL

01-11-2003, 11:26
ooc: In this thread I'm going to write a backstory and history of my nation/empire. I know many things might be rip-off, but I don't care. Also a few errors here and there. More posts will follow.

ic: It wasn't going well with modern earth. Pollution was a major problem and on the rise. Violence was becoming morre frequent and violent. And wars were a daily affair. In an effort to safe humanity from destroying itself the United Nations started up a project. A grand project that was to be kept a secret. Even from world leaders.
The idea was to create a large space vessel, named Unity, and send it out of the solar system to Alpha Centauri. It's mission would be to carry a cargo of humans and set them down safely on a hospitable planet. Where they shall hopefully live and prosper.

The UN got the top minds of the world together to help construct the Unity. While they were debatting about how to build it, designit it, and building it. The UN started looking for people that would be of vallue to the mission. All the selected people got a letter from the UN asking for them to come to New York and have some talks with them.
Everyone that was chosen accepted to go on the mission. Among such people was Academician Prokhor Zhakarov. He was to be the ships science officer.

The faithfull day of the launch broke near and all was well. The Unity launched without annyone not involved ever knowing about it.
The ship slowly went through space on a course straight for the Alpha Centauri system. It's precious (it's preciousssss -ed) cargo of human life in suspended animation.
Somewhere along it's journey the ship went through some kind of space time distortion, or so is speculated by scientists of this day, wich send the ship in a bit of an alternate universe and millenia into the past. But this din't have effect on the ships mission, it still went slowly and gradually to Alpha Centauri.

Like all machines of ancient times. Wear and tear eventually broke it down. Luckilly for it's cargo, it had just entered the Alpha Centauri system. Rather then twart probabillity and have the entire crew die, it send all of it's crew down to the planet sepperatly. As the ship's crew were put into compartments for their use, economists, scientists, ecologists etc. So to did they drop down on the planets surface.

And this is where we follow the University faction, as they called themselfs. This faction when making planetfall emediatly realised that they had to survive, without help of the others. So Zhakarov the ships science officer, who already had command of the scientists, declared himself leader of them all. He emediatly orginised his people and got them to build a city in wich to live.
The city was quickly constructed and life went well. The first Centaurians were even quickly born. Seeing that living in just one city might not be the best of things to do Zhakarov ordered people to explore the planet and set up more city's on strategic locations.

It wasn't long untill contact with other factions was made. The first being the Peacekeepers, followed shortly by the Hive.
The Peacekeepers were a faction headed by Chief of Surgery Pravin Lal.
While the Hive faction was headed by Chief of Securit Sheng-ji Yang
The relationship the University faction had with these other two factions were well. Treaty's were quickly signed and trade boomed. But Sheng-ji Yang and Pravin Lal did not like the unethicall, but effective, ways of Prokhor Zhakarov.
This was to be a reason why the relationships never grew into something greater.

Soon the University gained contact with the capitalistic Morganites, headed by CEO Nwabudike Morgan.
Again treaty's were quickly signed and trade went well.
Because the Morganites din't care so much for ethics relationships with them went further. And a pact of Brotherhood was quickly signed. Combining scientific strength, with economic strength.
The University faction kept researching new technollogy's at an extremely fast pace, oppossed to those of other factions. And the Morganites kept getting more and more money. Hence the University faction often sold it's technollogy's to it's allies the Morganites.