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TGRM Requests Help In Trade Transportation

31-10-2003, 20:02
OOC: As always, if you hold a grudge for fantasy nations (who I happen to be a member of), then please, refrain from four-lettered words and instead use the 'Back' button in the upper left corner (or 'Edellinen' if you happen to be Finnish). Thank you.

IC: Greetings, fellow insanely-more-advanced-than-us nations! This is the foreign minister/odd one of The Golbin Rights Move. For those who do not happen to know (roughly 97% of all nations), TGRM is near the brink of beginning mass manufacture of kamikaze squigs. The squigs are lumps of toothed flesh basically, and our alchemists have spent many a day building sticks of dynamite to strap on our squigs. I myself have had the (mis)fortune of test-driving one of these babies and can say that they're awesome power is... awesome.
We will soon begin to sell them to other nations, who wish for a cheaper explosive, but we have one 'stone between our toes'. We lack the means of transporting kamikaze squigs. You know, those motorized inanimate objects that make loud noises, how do you call them, 'automobiles'.
The head goblins have thought over a week's time to fix this, and after a failed automobile prototype (the dynamite powering it blew up), have decided, much to warlord Snottynoze's dismay, to request foreign aid.
We ask that someone would be willing to transport our squigs to nations demanding them with their own automobiles. In return we will give out a share of the profits, and a discount if you would like to purchase squigs yourself. We might also elevate your nation above 'humiez' on our 'equality list'. Any help will already be thanked now in advance.

OOC: If any of you feel like helping out a tiny n00b country trying to be part of the gang in RPing, please do! As you've probably assumed, I'm not just looking for fantasy nations, but any nations with motorized vehicles. Thanks!
31-10-2003, 20:42

Wazzu can't ICly do this due to policies against open arms sales and weapons proliferation. However, it is rare that we find good humor and RP among newer players, so I hope someone will help out.

And also...

31-10-2003, 21:27
just to get this above the spam BUMP
01-11-2003, 18:38
OOC: Sorry I didn't respond to you guys yesterday, I had to go to bed (damn timezones across the planet), but now I'll say thanks to both of you. I understand if you can't help out, Wazzu, but thanks for your OOC support. I've seriously thouht of calling it quits, but it's people like you who really help out n00bs who are seriously trying to join in with your positive comments. So three BUMPs to that, and let's hope my hopelessly inadvanced nation has better luck today! :wink:

BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! (hmm, maybe I should have saved some of those BUMPs for the future, with the lack of Verbal Mobilizer Production in my nation and everything)