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Valonians take to the waves

31-10-2003, 12:53


Good evening, this is VNN and this is what's in the headlines today.

Valonians took a bold step in to the unknown today. With the completion of the first circle of submerged cities around it's island, 12 million Valonians can now look forward to a life on the ocean floor. Prime Minister Canaris, who has been one of the greatest proponents for the new "domes", has been critisized for the enormoust costs of the project.

Each dome costs 33 Billion DA credits (200 Billion VBP) and the total costs of the first step of the project has now reached 1 Trillion DA credits.
The astronomical sums involved in the project has made opposition leaders speak out against Prime Minister Canaris and demand his resignation.

Canaris has refused and insisted that this was a tough decision, but that there were no alternatives to solve the overcrowding of the Valonian Islands. At the inaguration of the final dome, named "Rezonia" after one of the chief engineers on the project, Prime Minister Canaris took a thinly veiled jab at his opponents.

Canaris is seen walking up to the podium, behind him is a clear plexiglass like substance,and behind that, the sea is visible.

Fellow Valonians, representatives of DA. It's not often one finds himself in a truly historic moment, a moment where bold decisions were needed and where the courage of a few sculpts the future of millions. This is such a moment. Valonia has been faced with the scourge of overpopulation for decades but today, with the help of the brilliant DA entrepreneurs, we can finaly see an end to what has been labeled "The one black spot on Valonia's reputation" Today, the final dome of the first circle was finished.

12 million lucky Valonians have been selected at random to move to the new facilities below the waves. These pioneers will be the first to live out their entire lives below the sea and reap the unique benefits of such. All transport inside the domes is electrical and pollution free, high speed mag-lev trains connect the 30 domes with each other and the main island of Valonia.

There are shops and businesses, schools and hospitals, spectacular parks and Sub-Pens for a new generation of explorers.
There should be no reason to ever leave the domes, but of course anyone is welcome to do so at any time.

So many were interested in the move that we had to make a random lottery based on social security numbers. But rest assured in time there will be a home for everyone in the domes. And I now give the word to DA represenatives Aramaki Clark, who will explain the future of the dome projects.

Canaris steps down from the podium and shakes the hand of the DA representative as he passes him
Der Angst
31-10-2003, 13:26
Aramaki steps onto the podium and watches the people in front of him.

His appearance, the pale white of his skin and his red eyes, must look 'funny' to the masses in front of him. However, he is used to it.

"Valonians. I am here, today, to see the great our two nations have done together. This domes..." He hesitates for a moment. "This domes are the future. Valonias future. The last resort, and, i might add, a quite excellent, too.

This domes are evidence that nothing is impossible, and we should celebrate it. For it is worth it.

Men have returned to their home, the sea.

You are pioneers, the first ones to settle here, in this new, unknown world, to withstand it`s dangers, to enjoy it`s beauty.

You will never be forgotten.

And i might add that this project, that our teamwork, that, i might selfishly add, our compassion and cooperativeness regarding this matter, not caring about the 'profits', but about the people, have shown the world a primary example of peaceful understanding, and of what peace can do, if the people just allow it to happen.

For friendship in the time of need is the greatest quality of men."

He bows, and steps down from the podium.