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New substance discovered on Starpa Secundus...RP/Sale

Mercs and Arms
30-10-2003, 19:09
A lone guard stands watch over a small dig site... ++++++++&widthvar=800

From the dig site, as we look in it, emits a red glow. Then,the substance appears. It is in a small red pool at the bottom of the hole. It is thick to the touch, and strangely shimmery.

But now,let us leave...

3 days later...

On a terrorist market on Earth, the red substance,now dubbed the "Firestorm Drug" appears in almost 200 vials.

It enhances the senses,sharpens the mind, and strengthens the muscles...

OOC:I will RP the non-government sponsored terrorists, buyers, each vial is 150 creds.
30-10-2003, 19:48
A Patroll* of armed men with full body suits and the Pablicostan Flag printed on their "sleeve" march speedily through the hustle and bustle of the crowd, examining each stall, and aloowing the built in camera in their headset to snap a picture and info of the stall.
Then they come to a stall with a larger than ordinary crowd arround it.
The troops couldn't get a decent picture for analyzing so they pushed through the large crowd to the front, where they were confronted by arrund 200 vials of glowing red liquid, which shimmered in the mid day light.
The troops recognised the substance from their brief earlier in the day, and analyzed it immediatly.

The troop leading the group spoke through the small hole in the head of the suit.

"This is it"

In moments, the 15 man patrol had gathered right arround the right hand side of the stall and had drawn their weapons.
The large guns were MX-16s, a heavily enhanced version of an M-16. they had a lot more weight to them, but were only used by the Special Forces in areas like this.
Tightly packed allies required laser sighting, which the MX-16 provides, without alerting the target.
The Troops were dressed for exactly this situation, full metal body suit with a partially built in MX-16s. (Partially-it is attached to the arm, but is usually left detacthed, locked into the suit on the leg).

But now the men were holding the weapons, aimed right at the men behind the stall.
Again, the leader spoke-

"One move, and your goin' down. All of you! Now you"Looking accross at the crowd"Get clear, get out of here now!"
"And you" Turning back to the sellers, "get on the floor, hands on the back of your head and toss anyw eapons you have along the floor AWAY from yourself. NOW!"
Mercs and Arms
31-10-2003, 13:09
OOC: Sorry for the delay.

The sellers obeyed,and slowly got down on the ground,but once they were on their knees,one of them, with lightning-quick speed(He had taken the Firestorm drug) reached under his shirt and pressed. And everything within a 10 foot radius of the stall was vaporized...
31-10-2003, 14:27
OOC:- This is crazy me and my pals were discussing this one night after the town, imagine what kind of substances could be found and taken on other planets, the buzz would be of this world. I cant wait, damn i'll probably be dead, 'REINCARNATION' 'REINCARNATION'
01-11-2003, 22:47
OOC:- This is crazy me and my pals were discussing this one night after the town, imagine what kind of substances could be found and taken on other planets, the buzz would be of this world. I cant wait, damn i'll probably be dead, 'REINCARNATION' 'REINCARNATION'

OOC-Depends, the Russians are gonna have colonies on mars by 2050, so if your still hanging arround then, you might be able to bag yourself some rock from the blackpool of Mars?


The troopers fly back as a result of the explosion, their protective gear degraded the blast's effects on them. They did however fly a good 30ft, most of them slamming into an old wall, taking bricks from it.
No sooner had they hit the cold ground, they had an old brown breifcase lieing open ahead of them.
From the opening came a distinct red glow.
The men approached with caution, obsevring the case and the flaming remains of the counter, then movement form behind the stall.
"This guy must have survived, right in the focus of the explosion, all arroudn gone, but us and the man right in the center still alive. Amazing huh?....TAKE HIM DOWN!"
Immediatly a hail of gas shells fird off from the troops weapons, filling the area with a green gas.
"Get him to the truck, he should wake up in about half an hour, the rest of you-get the case and destroy the remains of this traidfest"

Helmets nodded all arround, as the men inside struglled to clean the visor of the gas, which turns a litle sticky on impact.
---->15 Minutes---->

Four men walk up to the rear of the heavy duty truck, a full 25 wheel monster, painted n black and outfitted with radar servailance and other gadgetry.
The man was placed on the hard metal floor, just at the rear of the truck, which then rose up with a mechanical buzz, openeing the huge metal doors as it went, and sliding him to the back of the truck. He was followed by the four men, who were greated by the other 6 men who now sat inside the truck examining the breifcase and its contents.
"lets move, back to base-and get him cuffed and caged"
"yes sir!"
Just after the engine started up, the men began handcuffing the captured mans hands and ankles, and attacthing a thick metal chain to his ankles, linking him with the wall, a cage would be fitted later for offloading.