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30-10-2003, 06:55
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The Allied States of Adilow

Adilow is a small, obscure archipelago in the vast East Pacific. It is a relatively new nation. The nation began when several small island states banded together for the common good. Though they are allied, the alliance is loose. The states have not yet become fully accustomed to being a whole nation. Hopefully, that will change with time.

As said before, Adilow is an archipelago. The land is rocky, with many mountains. There are a few active volcanoes, but there are no human settlements around them. The climate is humid all year round, with cool winters, and very hot summers.

The government of Adilow is (currently) a very capitalist one. Large corporations have a very large amount of influence in the senate. It is not uncommon to see a few CEO's as senators. This keeps the power in the hands of the corporations.
The people do have rights. They enjoy free elections (though they don't do much good), public schools and universities, and various other government-run programs.

There is not much to speak of regarding Adilow's military. All branches, except the navy, are separated into two sections: the Capital Garrison, and National Defense. The severely outdated (as in WWII technology) military consists of:
Capital Garrison:
150,000 troops
17 artillery/support pieces pieces
32 tanks/other armored vehicles
National Defense:
approx. 500,000 troops
(other vehicles, such as tanks, etc. for the National Defense are drawn from the military stockpile as needed.)

5 large dreadnoughts
2 aircraft carriers
10 destroyers
20 other small vessels

Capital Squadron:
40 fighter planes
10 bombers
National Defense:
150 fighter planes
50 bombers

Uranium is present deep within Adilow's mines, but Adilow lacks the technology to make nuclear weapons.

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30-10-2003, 06:58
sounds like a pretty cool country.