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New Russian Black Market Storefront

The New Russia
29-10-2003, 23:30
OOC: As this is the black market, all sales made here are NOT recognized by the New Russian Government, that being said, the prices are also higher, because unlike when you are buying from normal sources, you get the secret stuff that I only load onto my nations personal weaponry.


Syop-55 Superjet

Plans only.

Power Plant:
New Russia G-Manufactured pulsejet engine
New Russia G-Manufactured flyboy engin
24.5 meters
5.5 meters
17 m
10,153 kg
max. takeoff:
34,957 kg
Max. speed:
Mach 9.8

Unlike the export model, the Syop-55 sold here comes equipped with the high-atmosphere flyboy engine, capable of propelling the craft past the atmospheric ceiling in 48.1 seconds. The craft, being extremely modular can carry a vast payload of weapons, while the composite material frame keeps the craft comprably light.

$90,000,000 USD

Perfection Strain DNA (human cells):

The perfect genetically engineered DNA for breeding any soldier. The people born from this strand are eunuchs and possess no sex drive. They are bred to kill, and do so with no mercy. Soldiers possess enhanced night-vision, increased bone strength, tough skin, and a more efficient digestive system.


Artifical Womb/Maturation Chamber:

Plans only.

Perfect for breeding soldiers from the Perfection Strain DNA you may have just purchased. The chamber can support a child up to the age of 3 and can perfectly simulate the womb. The devices themselves come with an internal emergency power supply that can last up to 100 hours in a power outage. Once the child reaches a certain age, an internal muscle stimulant can be activated, encouraging muscle growth without any real excercise


Sonic disruption weapon:

Plans only.

One of the 3 weapons that made it on the the New Russian non-nuclear banned weapons list. This weapon emits a high-decible noise tuned to the resonance frequency of human flesh. Even an extremely limited exposure to the sound will lead to the liquification of flesh, extreme damage to internal organs, and possible deafness. There are two models, the SD mine and the SD directional cannon.

$90,000,000 each

Decimator Guass Cannon:

Plans only

One of the other banned weapons. This weapon, based on the standard guass cannon fires a stream of extremly small metal shards that can rip right through the flesh of any soldier, lodging tiny shrapnel inside his body. If the initial attack, the tiny filings will travel from the bloodstream into the heart and brain, causing extensive damage. While this weapon is a powerful anti-infantry measure, it is useless and has a somewhat high reload time (2 seconds). Very useful against soldiers who may be protected against sonic-disruption weaponry.

The New Russia
30-10-2003, 00:06
30-10-2003, 00:11
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The New Russia
30-10-2003, 00:38
I am at war,I can't move my navy to Vladivostok(the nation I'm at war with) fast enough,so I need to do something better,I will buy 4 sonic wepons.

~Vladimir Ivanovitch Alexander Romanova,Tsar of all Russia

Read carefully next time. This is the black market, do you think getting the actual weapons is that easy? these are only the plans for such weapons.
The New Russia
30-10-2003, 01:48
30-10-2003, 14:29
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30-10-2003, 14:35
How much DNA do you recieve per order, regardless I would like to place an order for one.
The New Russia
30-10-2003, 18:47
How much DNA do you recieve per order, regardless I would like to place an order for one.

You actually get 50,000 samples of clonable DNA, which is more than enough to begin self-sufficiency.
30-10-2003, 23:10
30-10-2003, 23:10
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02-11-2003, 15:14
Marvelous, the money has been sent, we trust everything is in order?