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Vampire Meeting(RP)

27-10-2003, 21:10
OOC::: Note that this RP is invite only, you can most likely pick up a invitation in the following thread:

IC::: A meeting between the Vampire nations has been arranged. The Free Land of Lunoris is hosting the meeting. They are asking all Vampire nations to attend. Of course all other interested also can show up. If so allowed by The Free Land of Lunoris. This has been done for the safety of the Vampires. We know that some nations despise us, and we do not wish to be harmed.

The spokesmen of Lunoris is awaiting his guests in the ball room of the Palace. The ball room has been decorated in black and red. And in the corner a band softly plays some numbers. On the opposite side of the entrance the wall is lined with tables. Upon those tables are beverages. Some of them have a red substance in them. On every table is a little card. Next to the tables with drinks, some with food can be seen. On the other side of the beverages table a card can be seen. Quite some lines seem to have been noted down on this.

The whole room is decorated with wall paintings. They resemble pieces out of Cainite history. One of the paintings clearly shows the beautiful city of Carthage. The painting next to it shows a city totally in ruins. If one was to look closely there are a great number of similarities between the two paintings.