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The Return

27-10-2003, 08:11
The hospital room was stark white and sterile. A single bed sat in the center, and a single man lay on the bed. Tubes pumped life into his body. He had lain in this bed, unmoving, for five years. He never changed position, simply lay flat, the machines monitoring his movement. His never came to see him, for they believed him dead. He had died in a car wreck five years ago, the body charred in the fire. But car wrecks didn't leave a man riddled with bullets. The operation files on him were locked almost as soon as they were written, and he was simply John Doe, a nameless man from a battle that never happened.

As every day, a Nurse came in to change his sheets and equipment. She pressed a button to raise his inert form, yawned as the body was lifted from the plain bed. He was held in the air and she flipped the old sheets off, drew the new ones (still white) across, and triggered the lower button. The man was settled back into position, and she turned the light off again, walking from the room. Behind her, a heartbeat monitor sped up, and cool eyes opened to a light they hadn't seen in years. The man gasped, his mind returning to his body.
27-10-2003, 08:18
The man tried to open his mouth, to call for assistance. Why am I here? What's going on? Who am I? But he couldn't move his tongue, his voice wouldn't respond. He gagged weakly, his body refusing to respond. He tried to sit, but he couldn't even raise his torso an inch, his muscles atrophied too far. He released the tension, relaxed again. It's hot in here. This is a hospital. Why am I in a hosp- His thought was interupted by a flaring memory. Gunfire tore past him, shots cracked the air. A burning sensation punctured his chest, then another. He was falling from a catwalk, there was blood everywhere... his blood.[/i] He tried to scream, and a slightly louder gasp emerged. He jolted barely, but enough to bump an IV drip, which smashed into the ground, ripping the needle from his hand. He grimaced but did not speak, somehow used to pain, and the alarm rang as the stand crashed. At least someone will come, now.

OOC: This is leading to an eventual RP.
27-10-2003, 08:24
The nurse came running back in, followed by a doctor. "What happened?" the doctor demanded.

"How should I know?" she snapped. "I wasn't there!"

The doctor grunted indignantly and opened the door to the room. The IV fluid was running across the floor, and the man had moved slightly. "Nurse, we'll need this cleaned up and a new IV." He walked over to the patient. He leaned over, and he saw the man's eyes. The patient moved his eyes, tried to form a word.

The doctor staggered back. "Nurse! Bring the staff! He's come around!" he turned back to the patient. "I'm Dr. Brinks. Welcome back."