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NZ's First lagre ground force exercise... [pic warning]

Ness ziona
11-10-2003, 00:28
News report by Rick Bannex, NNN (Nessic National News):

Today, NAF (Nessic Armed Forces) completed its first full-scale ground force exercise.
Starting with the special operatios Mortara unit, ending with the Geshem paratrooper unit,
about 76,000 troops participated this long 5-day exercise, that was ment for:
First, demonstrating NAF's power to defend our nation.
Second, accustoming the troops to fight extended battles, in case of war.
Third, deterring all terrorist groups operating in NZ and in Rasmossen (Rasmossen is a territory taken by NAF as a respone for terrorist attacks).

General-in-chief Sahar Hufboard, said it had nothing to do with an upcoming war,
and that such an exercise will be held every half a year or so.
He also said it was one of the best opportunities to see the NAF in its full glory,
and that it was a great exercise, "10 out of 10".
Asked why didn't any armored, air or navy units took part in it,
he replied that these kind of exercises will take too long, and will cost much more money.

During the exercise, the NAF also presented us with NMI's (Nessic Manufacturing Industries) latest developments, such as:
The long, light, and highly accurate Icy-7.62mm sniper rifle, used by many NAF snipers;
The new Boomer artillery cannon, already in use against guerilla forces in Rasmossen;
And the improved Givaty-III assault rifle, NAF's new standart issue.
These products are not for sale yet, for security measures.

Whether bombing an exact target, by a small artillery cannon 50km away from it,
taking control of a skyscraper held by terrorists and trapped with bombs,
or taking over a large bunker highly secured and guarded by many armed men,
The boys seem to do it, perfectly.

Some pictures from the exercise:
Going with dawn, "Mortara" unit.
Before taking over, "Tyckon" unit.
A sniper of "Golny" unit.
Famous "skies" paratrooper unit.
parachute-less "Geshem" paratrooper unit.
Raging troops of the "Spear" anti-terror unit.
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Ness ziona
11-10-2003, 00:37
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