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10-10-2003, 19:23
The Dominion of Isolationist People

The Dominion of Isolationist People is a huge, socially progressive nation, renowned for its complete absence of social welfare. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The island of IP was originally founded away from the United States by a group of settlers who were unhappy at the way the government was heading. They viewed the government as too lax, letting ordinary people have power that otherwise should not have. They wanted their society based on order, even if it meant have someone with more of an iron fist. The success of their government spawned a movement of people to the main island and those around it. This new influx of people was a threat to the US, and the US government tried to push their control over the inhabitants. Fed up with outside interfearance, the islanders fought for their independence, and won it after the much-famed Battle of Seven Isles, in which the islanders defeated the US Battle Group 9 over three days. Thus, the Dominion of Isolationist People was founded on naval superiority, and continues to view naval superiority as key to their defense.

Current Status
Currently, the islands that make up the Dominion formed an alliance with many of the other local islands, and formed the Isolationist Empire in which Isolationist People is the ranking member and main provider of military might. The Empire has a few holdings throughout the world, most notably oilfields in the Artic Sea off of Norway. Diamonds were discovered a few years back on one of the islands in the alliance. While not an expansionist or imperialistic empire, the nation of Marcell was annexed when a coalition of nations put an end to its warmongering and theatening nature.

UN Category:Father Knows Best State
Civil Rights:Very Good
Policital Freedoms:Rare

Preator: B. Matzn
Heir in line for Preator: Brian "Gemini" Mantz
Chairman, Council of Defense: Dominus Mark
Chairman, Council of Isle Security: Thomas Payne
Chairwoman, Council of State Affairs: Kristin Smith
Chairman, Council of Foreign Affairs: Devin Haack
Chairwoman, Council of Trade: Tara James
Chairman, Council of Revenue: Jason Gomez

Major Cities of IP
Capitol: Metropolis Utopia
Seven Isles
New Agusta
Pearl Bay

Coming soon: Military stats and other demographic stuff
New Genoa
10-10-2003, 19:37
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