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Empire of Capiche

09-10-2003, 23:45
The Empire of Capiche
World Factbook Entry


Climate: Temperate/Tropical. Average year-round temperature is 73*

Major Natural Resources: Iron, Bauxite, Marble/Limestone, Uranium, Cotton, Marijuana

Land Use: 32% arable land, 67% woodland, less than 1% inhabited


Population: 14,573,216 (at time of post)

Age Structure:
Under 18: 24%
18-65: 57%
Over 65: 19%

Life Expectancy at birth:
Male: 86
Female: 92
Average: 89

Capichaean: 73%
Russian: 24%
Chinese: 3%

Ethnic Groups:
Caucasian: 43%
Afro-Capichaean: 31%
Hispanic: 23%
Asian: 3%

Monotheistic: 46%
Emperor Worship: 26%
Atheist/Agnostic: 17%
Polytheistic: 11%

Mandarin Chinese

Literacy Rate:
Male: 90%
Female: 96%
Overall: 93%


Conventional long form: The Empire of Capiche
Conventional short form: Capiche
Abbreviation: EC

Government Type: Civil Rights Lovefest

Capital: Syrma

Administrative Divisions: Emperor Capiche and advisors

Independence: September 20, 1984

Constitution: December 3, 1984

Suffrage: age of 18

Executive Branch: Commands military, enacts laws, communicates with other nations

Legislative Branch: Proposes and creates laws

Political Parties:


Overview: The large, corrupt government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Defense, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 20%. A substantial private sector is led by the Gambling industry, followed by Uranium Mining and Information Technology.

GDP per capita: **I’ll figure it out later**

GDP: **I’ll figure it out later**

Population Below Poverty Line: 13%

Major Exports: Uranium, Marijuana, Marble

Major Imports: Oil, Leather, Graphite (the children must have pencils)

Currency: Bone

Currency Code: b

Legal Ages

Voting: 18

Driving: 16

Alcohol: 14

Smoking: 18


Christmas (for tradition) - December 25
Winter’s Day – January 11
Emperor’s Day – February 3
Spring’s day - March 19
Summer’s Day- June 29
Emperor’s Day- August 15
Day of Victory – September 20
Fall’s Day – October 17
All Saints- November 1
Freedom Day – December 3

Military Branches

Imperial Land Defense Force
Imperial Aquatic Defense Force
Imperial Sky Defense Force
Dyelli Beybi
10-10-2003, 00:00
Here's a little on Dyelli Beybi

GDP per Capita: $480,000

GDP: $513,600,000,000,000

Average Income Tax Rate: 100%

Population Below Poverty Line: 98%

We are interested by the Empire, but somewhat disturbed by their left-wing tendencies.
New Genoa
15-10-2003, 19:47
Added to NS Factbook.